Don’t Go Breaking My Heart: The Essentials You Need To Know About The Backstreet Boys Single Right Now

After 5 years of waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting, the Backstreet Boys finally released a single and IT. IS. A. BANGER. If we didn’t think so, we wouldn’t be posting about it, fans or not.

Because everything has been rolling in so quickly (and we weren’t even over the cruise), we haven’t had a chance to make formal posts. Also because everything is happening so quickly, we wanted to make a post with the “essentials” that people have been asking, that you might have missed on our social media, and a few interviews that have been our particular favorites this cycle (so far).

The Lyrics


Some of you asked for these and these are the 100% correct lyrics. Enjoy your sing-a-long!

The Music Video

We have NO words for how much we love this video! We’re out of the grass, guys!!! We are moving forward, little by little. In less than 12 hours, the “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” had one million views on YouTube and, at the time of this post, is creeping up on 7 million. Do yourself a favor and give it a watch (or 30).

The Mural


The Backstreet Boys represented in a wall mural? Just what our little hearts have always desired! Well, since instagram has become a thing at least — this is the perfect backdrop for our fangirl loving hearts.

If you are going to be on the west coast in the Los Angeles area in the next TWO WEEKS (until around June 1st), stop by and snap a photo! If you do, send it our way. We definitely want to see your beautiful faces. Don’t forget to hashtag #DontGoBreakingMyHeart with your post and tag your location, which will be Ogden and Melrose.

Need the exact address? 7765 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA — Tell your friends!

Oh, and the Backstreet Boys have upped the ante. Anyone who posts a picture at the mural is now entered for a pair of BSB Vegas VIP Meet and Greets for a show of your choice. The winner will be randomly chosen on May 31st.

Where can I purchase / stream the single?


The link in this post will direct you to wherever it is available in your country. Please force it on your share it with all of your coolest friends (and even the uncool ones that you because they need happiness too).

The Interviews


Obviously, there have been more than a few interviews since Thursday and per usual, there’s a lot of repetitive answers. In an effort to get the best directly in front of your face, here are a few of our favorites.




The First Performance


16 Backstreet Boys Cruise 2018 Selfie Fails

Let’s take a break from talking about the new Backstreet single, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” (even though you better be listening to it while reading this post), to take a step back to the epic 2018 Backstreet Boys cruise.

While we’re still going to post a small review at some point (if you guys want to read it), it was apparent shortly after we returned home that some of the best parts of the cruise were the hilarious photos taken on board. Obviously, we wanted to memorialize them in a post.

When we asked you guys to send in your funny photos, most of them were selfie fails and those are our FAVORITES! If you haven’t seen our last selfie fail post, you can check it out here.

So, here they are. A new batch of the good stuff. If you have any more hilarious photos (or stories — we love funny stories) that you’d like to share, inbox us! Email, Twitter DM, or Facebook message and we’ll add to this post.

(P.S. The Howie stories / selfies we’ve seen from this cruise are life changing.)


“My roommates and I got a grand suite, and we were lucky enough to have front and center seats in the Fantasia Lounge. On the last night, 2 of my roommates were picked for one of the events in Mr. and Mrs. Littrell’s gameshow, so I had an open seat on either side. During the lip sync game, Brian suddenly jumped down and pretended to be a fan. Leighanne played the part and pushed him away, so he sat down RIGHT NEXT TO ME. The whole time, I had been recording with my smart phone.

Without warning – and I don’t think he exactly asked, he just gracefully took my phone out of my hands – Brian reached over and took my phone. He ran back to the edge of the stage and pretended to reach for “AJ” as s/he sang. Leighanne came out and pushed Brian away, so he sat back down.

Meanwhile, I’d been watching this in disbelief. Did Brian really just grab my phone while I was recording? He’s holding the phone up towards the stage, then he turns it around towards us. My first thought was, “why is he showing them what he’s recording?”. Then it hit me: he’s recording us together!

And the rest is history. And a wonderful memory!” – @lauramariefu


“This was from the sail away party. He ran around the top deck and he wasn’t stopping for selfies. I literally threw myself in his path, clicked the button and prayed it wasn’t blurry. I’m very proud of this picture. He looked like how we all ended up feeling by the end of the cruise.” – Lisa Chan


“Ran into Howie on the way to supper.  You’ll have to take my word for it unfortunately as my flash didn’t go off, and in a flash, he was gone haha  OO well, there is always next time!!” – Candace Porter


“Howie was a little over-served and invited everyone around me into my selfie with him lol. But first he accidentally turned it to the AR emoji screen and said what’s this shit?!” – Ashley Bigham


“My favorite selfie of me with Nick. This was right before Millennium night. It would have been a great picture but my flash was delayed and he was too fast.” – Monica


“Here’s my failed selfie. It was Howie as Geri. I tried the light for the selfie on my phone but it took to long and Howie moved away. I said “no wait!!” And thats when the picture was taken ahahha.” – Joannie T


“Any Howie selfie I get is always blurry…. I think that’s how his eyes see.” – Sarah Addison


“Selfie Fail.” – Vanessa


“We asked Howie to take my phone and take a group pic of us.” – Marissa

“This fail was my fault since I left my camera on timer. Lesson learned.” – Kane

– Nicole




7 Things Backstreet Boys Fans Are Doing Before New Music Drops



Ok. Only 5ish years since we’ve gotten a new Backstreet Boys single, but it feels like 84.

But THURSDAY, MAY 17TH, that changes. On Thursday of THIS WEEK, we will have a new Backstreet Boys single (and music video if Kevin is to be believed). On Thursday, we will have a recharged fan feeling – the one we thrive off of, the feeling we’re addicted to, fuel in our tanks, if you will!

We could not be more excited to be fans in 2018 because DAMN, it’s a good time. What’s so great about it? There are thousands of us all over the world feeling the exact same things at this very moment. Don’t believe us? Well..let us prove you wrong.

1. We’re Freaking Out! 


Like we said, we’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting a while for this single. The only new music we’ve gotten from the Backstreet Boys since IAWLT has been with Florida Georgia Line and while it was a good time, nothing can replace the smooth vocals of our fave five. They are, of course, what has kept us sticking around (while they’re acting like clowns….Bigger, anyone).

In all seriousness, every social media post in the past few weeks has sent us into an absolute tailspin and we can only imagine what the actual music (or the music video uiheiuhftwoiwo) will do to us. We’re basically 14 again…but also over 21 because we need a drink to calm ourselves.

2. Gathering All The Details. 


Ever since Kevin started the countdown to the new single release, we’ve been targeting a date, we’ve been gathering together anything we can do, and we’ve been telling ALL of our friends.

If you haven’t gathered the details, here’s what we know:

  • The name of the single is “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”
  • It will be available at 12AM EST on May 17th. This means 11PM CST / 9PM PST on May 16th.
  • We are not sure of every outlet it will be available on, but it will be available on iTunes and Spotify.
  • According to Kevin, the music video will also be dropping on Thursday (Time Unknown). It is a 90s throwback.
  • The single WILL be hitting airwaves and played on radio. While a tweet to your LOCAL stations are cool to hype the single, we don’t encourage bombarding ANY radio station. If a station isn’t playing the single, don’t get mad — we can push for spins on Spotify, plays on YouTube, downloads on iTunes, etc. Let things happen naturally. We have high hopes that the song will be SO good that people can’t ignore it. The Boys know what they’re doing.
  • We will be trending the hashtag #DontGoBreakingMyHeart ALL day on Thursday. Help us out!

3. Sharing Opinions Before Anything Even Drops. 


We’ve analyzed every bit of information we’ve been given. We’re THRILLED the Boys are dancing in the music video. We’re curious what tempo the song is and we’re praying it’s something we can all dance to. We all have our opinions of who we want singing and what we hope they accomplish, but mostly…we’re just proud. 25 years after the Backstreet Boys became the Backstreet Boys, they’re releasing a new single. How many artists can say that?? (But we’ll have more opinions after the drop. Opinions are a BSB fan’s favorite thing to share.)

4. We’re A Little Scared? 


We are absolutely THRILLED to hear new music from Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick, but there’s always a little fear with a new release about who we’re going to have to take out. We can have our opinions but how DARE anyone else say something! We will blast the new single in your ear until you have something nice to say.

Let’s be real too, we’re always a little scared of not liking a new song, but in the end, it always grows on us. What a rollercoaster of emotions though, am I right??



Everything aside, it is worth mentioning again…. OMGWECANTHANDLEIT. IS THIS EVEN REAL? IS IT REALLY HAPPENING?

6. As We Do, We’re Trying To Figure Everything Out Before The Release.


“Ummm, is this a cover of the Elton John song?”

“Brian’s shoes are white so obvvvviiiiiously he’s the lead singer on it.”

“They’re dancing so it must be up tempo.”

“It has the word heart in it so it’ll be like everything else probs.”

We know the producers, directors, choreographers, photographers, stylists, caterers, dog sitters, janitors, etc. that worked on the music video and we’ve been vigorously stalking since the shoot for more clues.

For some reason, we have no patience with anything ever. But it’s all out of love, of course!

7. We’re Ready. 






Let’s do this, Backstreet. We can’t wait to have your (Backstreet’s) back!

Stay tuned to our social media for immediate updates, new posts, and more as things roll out! We can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks and more.

Thanks For Sailing With Us, Backstreet Boys

“This is the best cruise EVER!”

That’s the phrase we heard over and over again in many places on the Carnival Sensation during the Backstreet Boys 2018 cruise and online in the week since we’ve returned. (It’s already been a week?!)

As the cruise came to a close, we’ve spent a week thinking about how to sum up everything that happened. So. much. HAPPENED! How do you put all of the greatest moments into words when you haven’t even had time to process it yourself? We don’t even have time to be over the cruise before we get a new single (and music video) from the Boys next week!

So, we’re starting where we’ve started before — by thanking each of the Boys for the little things… because it seems like the best place to start and something that we can all agree upon.



As always, he gets it. From his commitment to theme costumes to his calm nature that permeates to anyone around him, his sincerity, humility, and zest made every encounter a fun one. He really took the time to make every interaction a good one – never rushed and genuinely concerned about the time you were having and thanking everyone in the meet and greet for being there.

There was honestly no one better to preview the songs we may or may not hear on the upcoming Backstreet Boys album (and Group B really appreciated “3 words…” five times). One of our favorite things about Kevin has always been his storytelling and his attention to detail and he did not disappoint on this cruise.

Did we mention that he went down hallways signing door decorations and knocking on some lucky fans’ doors in his free time? Did we also mention that spent time behind the bar on Millennium night making drinks for fans for hours and that everyone who met Kevin on the cruise left with a little extra love?

It’s not just the other Boys who are so grateful for Kevin’s return.



Was there anyone more FUN than Howard Dorough on this year’s BSB Cruise? Not quite.

While selfie lines weren’t really his thing (and that’s okay!), he was more than willing to take a photo if you caught him and 100% down for a good time the WHOLE time. We can’t imagine someone not being entertained by his Cinco De Howie antics or his smooth moves as Howie Z., dressed as Zorro, dancing the night away during We Got It Goin’ Con night. Even Nick admitted that Howie was the star that night!

Entertainment aside, it was clear that Howie wanted everyone in on the party and that he was going to be the one to keep it going, even stopping to do a selfie line on his way out on Saturday night. This cruise wouldn’t have been half as great without Sweet D!



This man went hard.

Prior to this cruise, there were many people who said that Brian is the hardest to nail down and he’s the first to retire for the night. Let us be the first to tell you… that was not the case this year. On the first night deck party, Brian came in in his basketball uniform, removed his jacket, and immediately laid down on the stage to take selfies with fans. Every night after would be a similar story because every night, he was reaching out to fans on every side of the stage, whether it be to sign something, take pics, or just shake a hand. We think many people probably missed the fact that he did a selfie line in the hall near his cabin too.

Can we also talk about his vocals?? He. Sounded. So. Good. Again, tears were brought to our eyes with every note he killed during the Storytellers concert.

Like the other guys, Brian was present and wanting fans involved. His Game Night event with family and friends was definitely the most inclusive for all fans present and as he stated, he wanted to give as many fans as possible a chance to play. That was definitely a theme for him throughout the cruise and for sure something to be admired about him.

Oh, and Sporty Spice never looked so good.






AJ is a constant entertainer and such a kind soul. Much like Kevin, his gift of conversation puts everyone at ease and the cruise was no exception. The minute he came on stage at the Sail Away party, he was in the middle of the crowd, giving fans further back an opportunity to get in on the action and made the announcement that he would be in the same spot on the last night to do a selfie line.

…And take selfies he did. This man stood outside until 5am to take selfies with any fan who wanted one. If that isn’t commitment and follow through, we don’t know what is. It is SO appreciated by so many of us. We also love that he was all over the place! In the pool, in the halls taking photos, at the DJ table, on the stage… AJ is, as always, where the people are. He even had an extra event – playing in a Black Jack tournament with a few lucky fans.

We’re also so excited for more of his solo album, simply based on what we heard at his event. Fingers crossed he’s finally moving toward a solo release!



You know what the most striking thing about Nick was on this cruise? The fact that he was everyone’s biggest cheerleader. While his performances were stellar as usual and his Baby Spice impersonation was on point, the thing we loved most was the fact that he was such a fan of the other Boys. From cheering Brian on for nailing a note to getting sentimental about how much the Boys missed Kevin to encouraging Howie to take on his Zorro dance moves, he seemed genuinely refreshed and happy to be onstage with the other four.

It wasn’t just for the other Boys either though. From the moment he walked on the ship, Nick was ready and willing to hang with fans. While everyone’s wifi was still working, he played a game of hide and seek with everyone via Twitter (in which everyone found him because Backstreet fans can sniff out a BSB from miles away – even if he is wearing a Rose Tours staff shirt with a mustache). Then, in the middle of Saturday evening, Nick stood in the cafeteria for hours taking selfies with any fan that lined up for the opportunity, only taking quick bathroom breaks. What a gem, right?

There was also that pool situation on Into The Millennium night. Fans jumped into the pool after Nick and he just played along with them, relishing in the good times with, truly, not a care in the world. We loved the time spent with him on this cruise as we’re pretty sure everyone else did too.

Thank you, Backstreet Boys (and their team) for making the 2018 cruise a wonderful, unforgettable one. Each of you had such a huge contribution to it’s success and we can’t imagine it without any single one of you. It was absolutely the perfect kick off to what is sure to be an incredible year for you guys and for us! Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover it. See you soon?

(We will be doing a post with specific cruise moments, photos, and videos, but for now, you can find them on our YouTube channel and all photos are uploaded into albums on our Facebook page. You can also check out some sweet professional photos from the cruise here.

We’re also interested in seeing your funny cruise pics and your selfie fails! DM us on Twitter or email us at

#BSB25Project: To The Backstreet Boys On Their 25th Anniversary

“As long as there’ll be music, we’ll be coming back again.”

The line from an extended version of the Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” has evolved from a lyric in a song to make fans scream as teenagers to something that, as adults, we’ve come to believe as more of a promise.

Today, April 20, 2018, the Backstreet Boys are celebrating their 25th anniversary together. You can see 25 as a quarter of a century or as only the beginning of a long road ahead, but one thing is for sure – it’s a remarkable accomplishment for any band, especially in recent years.

And here they are. Kevin Richardson, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean and Nick Carter keep coming back for more, keep giving us more to look forward to, keep making music together and stay the family they always told us they were. These five men have spent more than half of each of their lives together – through the highest highs and the lowest lows, weddings, babies, triumph and tragedy – and they’ve done it all in the public eye.

And through it all, they’ve never turned their back on us, the fans.

They’ve made music… for us.

They’ve toured endlessly… for us.

They’ve spent days on cruise ships… for us.

They’ve reached out to ask our opinions so that they could keep it fresh… for us.

They’ve missed birthdays, anniversaries, and family moments… for us.

They’ve been open and honest every step of the way… for us.

They’ve remained a family so that we could all stay together as fans, making these memories, traveling the earth, making our own families in more ways than one…

And on this 25th anniversary of the Backstreet Boys being together, we wanted to do something… for them.

Late last year, we began the #BSB25Project…

Hundreds of fans came together from ALL OVER THE WORLD to donate enough money to take out an ad in Billboard magazine to celebrate our Boys’ anniversary together.

From $1 to $100 to sharing posts to donating merch pieces to auction off, we came together in a big way and exceeded the goal within a few months! No one can say that the love for the Backstreet Boys is any less than it was in the 90s. In fact, it has only grown.

So, in the April 21st issue of Billboard Magazine, there is a full page color ad (designed by fellow fan, Michelle) congratulating Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick on 25 years together and thanking them for everything they’ve done for us and everything they continue to do.

It’s the very least we could do.


With the extra $800 donated to the campaign, we donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, who specialize in treating children with cancer, so that they may have a chance to live a long life and love a band + make as many memories as we have with the Backstreet Boys.


Congratulations on 25 years, Backstreet Boys. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything that you’ve done and will do in the future. You’ve changed our lives, you’ve given us life, and you have meant more to us than you will ever know. It has been an absolute honor and privilege to be a BSB fan because of you five gentlemen.

From now until forever.

Love, The Backstreet Army

Celebrate #BSB25 Week With Us!

For the past three years, we have had special posts to celebrate the Backstreet Boys’ anniversaries. We’ve poured our hearts out, talked out everything we’ve learned from the Boys, asked you to contribute and more. So, what about the huge 25th year??

It’s been no secret that #BSB25Project is our big project this year and has been very successful thanks to the help of a few thousand fans! We’re so thrilled with the way all of it has turned out and can’t wait for you all to see the final ad in the 4/21 issue of Billboard Magazine.

But that is not going to stop us from celebrating this anniversary ALL WEEK LONG!

So here’s the deal… we want you guys to get involved.

Each day of the week, starting Monday, we want to celebrate different BSB “eras”. Here’s the deal…

The Deal

  • Tweet your favorite photos, videos, memories from whatever era corresponds with the day (see below).
  • Use #BSB25 in your tweets so we can find them and retweet.
  • The only day we’ll use a different hashtag is Saturday, when we’ll use #BSB25Project

Monday: The Beginning (Backstreet Boys / Backstreet’s Back era)

Tuesday: The Middle (Millennium / Black and Blue / Never Gone era)

Wednesday:  The Foursome (Unbreakable / This Is Us / NKOTBSB era)

Thursday: The Now (IAWLT / Present)

Friday: THE ANNIVERSARY (All The Times)

Saturday: The Ad Release (This is the day that the #BSB25Project will be released. We are asking you to keep sending your kind words and sweet wishes to all of the Boys + your photos of the ad as you get your copy of the magazine. The hashtag will be included on the ad.)

We can not WAIT to celebrate our Boys the whole week with you guys! Ready for it?

The Basics: Cruising With The Backstreet Boys

A lot of you have asked us about the basics of events. What can I expect? What do I need to know? How does this work? So, we’re putting these posts together as a “bare bones” reference to get you started. If you can’t find the answers to what you’re looking for in these posts, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email or social media!

So you’re going on the Backstreet Boys Cruise…

Must-Know Information


Online Check-in:

Check into Carnival online using the confirmation number that will be provided to you when your itinerary is emailed (about 2 weeks before). We recommend you check in as early as possible to ensure things run smoothly. The absolute latest you can do so is midnight prior to the cruise.



The boat doesn’t leave until 4:00PM, but we recommend you get onto the boat AT LEAST 2 hours before that, especially if you want to eat lunch on board. All guests must be on board the ship no later than 60 minutes prior to the published sailing time (printed in the cruise documents). There are multiple ways of getting to the terminal (Drive, Uber/Lyft, taxi, shuttle, Carnival airport transportation). More information about transportation here .



When you arrive at the terminal, you can check your bags with a porter (up until 2:00PM) and carry on what you will need until your stateroom is ready (around 1:00PM or later. PS you may or may not be able to get into your stateroom before the sail away party at 4:00). Guests arriving after 2:00PM will be responsible for taking all of their bags on board.  Each checked suit case and carry-on suit case should not weigh more than 50 pounds, and when lying flat, bags must not exceed 16 inches high by 24 inches wide (the length of the bag is not a factor). For security screening purposes, all luggage should be unlocked. Personalized luggage tags are included in the guest’s Electronic Documents, through Carnival’s web portal, It is not necessary to print the tags in color. Carnival luggage tags must be affixed to your baggage prior to arriving at the terminal.  Additional tags can be obtained at curbside from the porter. Porters will re-tag any luggage tag with a TBA cabin assignment. Curbside porters are customarily provided a $1 tip per bag.



At check-in, you must personally carry on and present your all of your travel documents, including your boarding pass, picture ID, citizenship documents (including any necessary visas) and completed Health Questionnaire. You also must carry-on any valuables or medications and items which require special handling. After you board the ship, you can eat lunch in the buffet or wander around the ship enjoying all it has to offer. There will be a muster drill around 3:45PM which all passengers must attend, and then head straight to the Lido Deck for the Sail Away party at 4:00PM!


Money / Budget:

Shore Excursions/Tours: $40-$300 per person. You will be able to view these on the Carnival website once you check in. If you want to get an idea of which shore excursions *may* be offered, you can search on the Carnival website under shore excursions for “Grand Turk”. Please keep in mind, these may be different or limited on our cruise since it is a charter cruise.

Spa services: $30+. Sometimes there are spa specials, especially on the day we’re in port.

Merch/Souveniers: There will be a store off the lobby with cruise-specific merch. It has been known in the past to sell out relatively quickly, so if you see something you like, don’t wait!

Soda/Alcoholic Beverages/Specialty coffee/Drink package:

Gambling: There is a casino onboard, which you pay for using your Sign & Sail Card.

Personal Items: There is a gift shop with Carnival merch, over the counter medicine, snacks, alcohol, etc.

Sail & Sign is Carnival’s cashless on board credit program, which allows guests to charge onboard purchases. The Sail & Sign Card must be utilized for all money transactions on board as cash will not be an accepted form of payment. More information can be found here.

You can also purchase Cruise Cash (similar to a gift card) on Carnival’s website prior to boarding. Guest Services can provide guests with a balance update at any time throughout the cruise. In addition, guests can view their balance update at a Sail & Sign Kiosk .   This can be set up beforehand or upon check-in.


Days at Sea

Be on the lookout for your cruise itinerary, which will include all of the events on board. All of the events are optional, but of course we think you should go to all of them, since they are guaranteed to be amazing. When there are no events, there will be downtime for you to do things on board (e.g. pool, spa, activities).

At Port

When we dock at the port of Grand Turk, you can get off the boat as early as you want (don’t forget your Sail & Sign card, which is the only thing you will 100% need). You shouldn’t need your passport, but feel free to bring it if you feel more comfortable. You will need cash or credit card if you would like to purchase anything on the island of Grand Turk. If you are not going on an excursion, there is plenty to do in the port of Grand Turk, such as a beach, large pool, Margaritaville, and shopping. Once the itinerary comes out, we will know if BSB have any events planned for us while at port or if we are free to explore.



Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. You can find information here regarding how to go about getting off the ship. How to battle PCD (Post-Cruise Depression not included).

If you have other questions, feel free to contact us, visit our Cruise page, or visit the official BSB Cruise page!

All The Updates On The Latest Backstreet Boys Single + Music Video / Photo Shoot

The majority of the Backstreet Boys have been pretty quiet since their last Las Vegas run of shows in February and the majority of us have been waiting very  sort of patiently for the new single.

Then new show announcements started trickling out.

Then April came, the month of the Boys’ 25th anniversary, and things started picking pace. Perhaps the biggest announcement came this past weekend, when Nick told the crowd during his interview at Heroes and Villains FanFest in Chicago that the Boys would be filming the music video for their new single THIS WEEK…. and it would involve dancing. [No fields!! As we suggested…]

Then the week began and the work began. First Kevin posted, the Brian, then AJ, then Nick, then Howie…and well, IT’S REALLY OVERWHELMING. Not only were they working on a music video, but a photo shoot as well.

So, until we have a new single, we’ll be updating this post with ALL the things so your panic about missing anything can subside. We got you!





Who are Rich + Tone?

They are dancers, choreographers, and creative directors. They’ve worked with Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Madonna, Pink, Jennifer Lopez and many more. You can read they’re impressive resume here.

Who is Alex Chung?

Uhh, we’re not sure. The only Alex Chung we know is the CEO of GIPHY and if he is involved, then hot damn, we’re intrigued.





Magic happening that way ⬅️⬅️⬅️

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6 Tips For Landing A Selfie With The Backstreet Boys

This year is shaping up to be a good (and busy) one for the Backstreet Boys and fans alike. As times have evolved, the goals we have with the Boys have changed.

In the 90s, we just wanted to be close to them.

In the early 2000s, we wanted to meet them.

In the mid-2000s, we wanted social media interaction.

Today, there is the art of the selfie.

Many of us have been able to score a selfie with Brian, AJ, Nick, Kevin or Howie. Some of us have one and we’re satisfied, some have many and are satisfied, some will never have enough and some are still chasing “the dream”.

With the cruise lurking ahead and other events on the horizon, we thought to share some of the best tips (and etiquette) for the moments of selfie-ism that you might find yourself in, as agreed on by many fans throughout the years.

1. Don’t Stress About Getting A Selfie!


First and foremost (and seemingly most obvious), not getting a selfie with a Backstreet Boy is not the end of the world. There are so many fans all over the world that will confirm that some of the best experiences with Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ or Nick were when no photos were involved. Trust us when we say that a story to tell is far better than a blurry selfie with a peeved looking Boy.

Second, there is a lot of truth in the best things being worth the wait, patience being a virtue, and things happening when you least expect it. A selfie (or multiple selfies) does not define your “level” of being a fan. In fact, a few selfies with half of Kevin’s face and your eyeball will only define your level of crazy. While it may not feel fair in the moment that those at particular events get their selfies by pushing, trust the universe that it’ll all work out for you in the end. It is far better to not make a fool of yourself in front of a Backstreet Boy and fellow fans than to get a selfie with no interaction.

2. Have Your Phone Ready.


Whether your moment with a Backstreet Boy happens leisurely or in a blip, chances are that they’re not going to have much time for you to fumble through your apps to open your camera, delete photos to make space, text your mom and then open your camera.


If you even smell a Backstreet Boy in your midst and a selfie is on your list, open that camera, folks.

3. Hand It Over.


FYI, Kevin and Nick specifically are made with selfie sticks for arms so hand them your phone to take the selfie. All of the BSB take hundreds of selfies and know their (and yours, probably) best angles. It’s best to let them take control.

(We do love this selfies-gone-wrong post though)

4. Remember Your Manners.


If you ARE lucky enough to be in the position to take a selfie, don’t be a part of BSB Fans Gone Wild. Don’t rip out anyone’s weave to get ahead, don’t accuse others, be patient, be kind, and wait your turn. ASK for a selfie – don’t just slap your phone in one’s face and expect them to smile.

It may not seem like it, but the Boys do take these things into account and no one wants to be called out by one of them or be the reason that they stop the selfies. They’re like five Santas who know if you’re naughty or nice. Don’t think they don’t.

5. Don’t Be Greedy.


TAKE YOUR SELFIE AND MOVE OUT OF THE WAY. We say that in the nicest way possible. Obviously, situations vary case by case, but be aware of your surroundings and read the crowd or the Backstreet Boy.

6. Help Out.


I once watched a fan hold turn on the light on her phone and hold it for other fans to be able to get a great selfie because it was dark outside. I will never forget that moment or the fact that Kevin took the time to ask someone to “repay the favor” and hold the light for her. THIS IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS, PEOPLE! Fans helping fans will always 1000% be the answer to getting further. We dig it.

Celebrate #BSB25 With Us On The Cruise!

There are a few things we know for sure about 2018:

  • We’re stoked about all the Backstreet adventures ahead.
  • We’re excited to celebrate the Boys’ 25th anniversary together in ANY possible way all year long.
  • We’re still waiting for AJ’s solo album and a BSB single.
  • This cruise is going to be the best one yet!
  • We’re going to do everything we can to give back to Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick this year. Let’s bring it in together, you guys!

Where are we going with this? We’re glad you asked.

Since this cruise is so close to the Backstreet Boys’ anniversary, we were racking our brains thinking WHAT CAN WE DO to mark the special occasion that wouldn’t require an extra suitcase, a load of money and special permission? Thousands of us popping out of a cake didn’t seem feasible.


THEN… we thought of it!


It’s simple.

During the Sail Away party (the first time we’re all together on the cruise), we want you to bring the shape of your heart.


NO. WAIT. Not the shape of your ACTUAL heart.

More like this…


Here’s what we’re thinking:

  • Make a heart shaped paper (preferably one you can hold with one hand that won’t block anyone’s view too terribly – think legal size paper)
  • Put 25 on the heart is BOLD LETTERS
  • Decorate the heart to represent where you’re from – be creative and snazzy (or don’t)
  • Our thought is to hold them up as soon as they’re on stage for the Sail Away party, but this might change — we’ll keep you posted. That’s the plan for now.
  • SHARE WITH ANYONE YOU KNOW GOING ON THE CRUISE!! It’d be wonderful to have the most participation possible. Imagine Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick coming out to a sea of colored ’25’ themed hearts ❤ ❤ ❤ This is another chance for us to come together to do something great for the Boys who have given us the best parts of their lives and made up some of the best parts of ours.

We can’t wait to see everyone and your hearts!


We’re so excited about your overwhelming response about wanting to do this! As someone said, “a sea of hearts” – I love that visual. Again, the more people doing it, the better so keep spreading the word.

We have a few updates since we first posted.

  • There have been some people that have been volunteering to bring extra hearts for fans that don’t know about it to pass out beforehand to increase participants. We LOVE this idea! There is absolutely no obligation, but we wanted to post about it just in case others wanted to as well — whether they been plain hearts or decorated.
  • So many non-cruisers were hoping to get involved as well so… here’s what we’ll do. In addition to tweeting #BSB25 on April 20th and #BSB25Project on April 21st when the Billboard ad is published, fans who are not cruising will be tweeting #BSB25Hearts on sail away day (May 3) with photos of their own decorated hearts with a 25 on it, so whether you’re on the cruise or not – we’re coming together to flood with love. After we return from the cruise, if the movement is successful (we have high hopes), we’ll do a post about it. Sound good?

We’re still taking suggestions, ideas, and anything else you think we’re missing or could add to the fun. Just tweet, message, email or comment!