FACT OR FICTION: #BSBVegas Backstreet Boys VIP Meet & Greet Edition

The summer of BSB Vegas may be over, but the Backstreet Boys are only getting started! The shows have proven to be ACTUALLY larger than life – sequins, silver boots, 50 shades-ish wardobe and all.

But let’s get down to what you’re here for – Backstreet Boys VIP Meet And Greet.

As with every BSB event / appearance / situation / day they’re alive, there are questions, there is excitement, and there are rumors. We’re here to debunk what we can! We’ll start with rumors we’ve heard and we encourage you to send in anything you need to know if it’s FACT OR FICTION.

If you haven’t already, please read our posts about all things BSB Vegas here, including FAQ, VIP vs Afterparty, and our personal review from Vegas VIP + Show.

“You can purchase VIP Meet and Greet on backstreetboys.com and once they’re sold out, they’re gone.”


While the safest place to buy Backstreet Boys VIP meet and greet has ALWAYS been at their official website, we can officially confirm that if VIP is sold out, there will NOT be more added at the door. So, GET YOURS EARLY!

Bonus: If you’re a fan club member, you get first dibs on VIP. Join here!

“I heard there’s a VIP Meet and Greet with added perks like backstage tour and soundcheck….and it’s cheaper!”


Several people have asked about this one. The saying, “if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is” is the only thing true here.

I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did…. you’re not getting backstage unless you know the Boys or their family personally (and by personally, I don’t mean via social media). As for soundcheck, no one is allowed in during the Vegas run except for the Boys, their team, and their family. 

What IS included is a sweet VIP lounge where you can sometimes hear the Boys running through soundcheck, grab some snacks (THIS IS MONUMENTAL – THE BOYS HAVE NEVER FED US!), and take some fun pics with friends while you wait.

If you’re concerned that you have purchased an invalid VIP meet and greet, please verify with Wonderful Union or shoot us an email. You can also always ask the person you purchased from to send you a confirmation from WU.

“VIP is rushed and not worth it.”


This is really a personal opinion and if you don’t want to purchase VIP, you 1000% don’t have to. However, you M I G H T experience FOMO.

Personally, while we both went the first week and there were kinks to be worked out, we believe that it is the best VIP experience yet. It’s clear that the team listened to us (within reason) and tried to make the overall atmosphere VIP, which we really appreciated.

The time with the actual Backstreet Boys is what you make it. I, for one, have never been cut off when I’m saying something that I want to say. It is quick, but obviously so…they’ve got 100 more people to get through. HOWEVER, I think you could spend 15 minutes with the Backstreet Boys and still feel like it was a blink because, let’s face it, sometimes we black out. In our opinion, VIP is just long enough not to be awkward and say something stupid 🙂

Plus, if you said everything the first time, what would you say the next time? Because you know you can’t just do it once.

“The Backstreet Boys give the best hugs ever!”


Anyone who has been to VIP can tell you that this IS the reason they want to keep going back. You think electric blankets are great? Wait until you have a Howie, Nick, Brian, Kevin or AJ wrapped around you! Unfortunately, you can’t buy those at WalMart.

“We’re NEVERRRR getting the VIP posters, are we?” 


Backstreet time. No one involved in the poster-mailing process wants anyone to wait. No need to get angry – you WILL get it. Having to nail down five men to sign posters when they’re not in a bus or venue all day to force a Sharpie into their hands can be hard work. Consider it a holiday gift!

Have another question / rumor regarding BSB Vegas VIP? Email (whothebackstreet@gmail.com) or Tweet Us!

What’s Happening On The Backstreet: August 1-7, 2017

We asked on Twitter if you’d want weekly update posts to help you keep up with what is literally happening on the Backstreet — because these five are BUSY!

You said yes and here we are. These posts will come weekly – usually on the weekend – and will not contain new content, but will try to include everything you might have missed from the previous week from the world of BSB (and our posts for the week).

Here are the highlights from August 1st-7th:

Backstreet Boys Cancun: Fan Club Presale

CMT Crossroads Taping: BSB + FGL (Post coming closer to air date – 8/30)

Boy Band: Break Up Week + Semi Final Details

Spotlight Story: Why Do You Love Being A Nick Carter Fan? (Nick FC Exclusive)

Thank You, Kevin Richardson

Nick Carter Offers Words of Encouragement To The ‘Boy Band’ Final Nine

Have A Story About A Backstreet Wife? Send Them Our Way!

Send A Video Message For Howie D.’s Birthday

Oh, and Kevin took his family to his holy grail…



August 12th – Backstreet Boys Last ‘Smooth Tour’ Stadium Date in Chicago (SOLD OUT)

Return of #BSBVegas is 3 months away!


Have A Story About A Backstreet Wife? Send Them Our Way!

We love writing posts about our Boys and love any chance we get for fans to share their stories and experiences. Every now and then though, we love to open it up for appreciation of the people that surround them.

A few months ago, we asked you to share your love, appreciation and stories for the Backstreet Boys Security team and now we’re asking you to share again.

If you’ve met and have a story about or have had some kind of interaction with Kristin, Leigh, Rochelle, Leighanne or Lauren that you’d like to share — send it our way! If you simply want to express your appreciation, that’s cool too. We’ll post what we can.

NOTE: Do NOT send us any negativity. You’re wasting your time and ours. Thank you!

Thank You, Kevin Richardson

First and foremost, let me say that it is important to What Happens On The Backstreet that we are fair and honest with our posts about the Backstreet Boys. We are 1000% appreciative of all five of these men and will show up for them over and over. For that reason, we spread the love for them individually when we can as we have for Nick, Brian, and AJ so far during different times.

This one, though, goes out to Kevin. Promise to keep it short and sweet.

While I usually shy away from posting personal experiences here, what struck me with Kevin this past Tuesday night embodies what I think a lot of us have all spoken about before and the appreciation is so real that I can’t not write about it publicly – before I even write anything about the taping of CMT Crossroads.

On Tuesday, August 1st, the Backstreet Boys joined Florida Georgia Line in Nashville, TN to record an upcoming episode of CMT Crossroads (airing August 30th – don’t miss it!). As Backstreet fans do, there were about 20 or so people waiting for the Boys to leave after the show, hoping to catch a glance, sneak in a word or two, or capture a highly coveted selfie.

It’s completely understandable that the guys had been working all day – they were tired and ready to go. Everyone would have understood if they didn’t come over to greet fans. As crew and artists left, fans watched, a few pleading with a boy or two to come over.

Then Kevin came out.

Kevin didn’t act like the fans weren’t there and he didn’t act like he didn’t hear anyone calling his name. He didn’t book it straight toward his wife and two young sons who were waiting for him. He stopped, waved, and when someone requested a photo, he said “Yes, I’ll be back. Let me change out of these sweaty clothes!”

And that simple statement meant the world to the majority standing there. It meant that he saw us. It meant that he respected us enough to answer. It meant that we were all humans on the same level. And everyone believed him – because if it comes from Kevin, it’s a promise. That’s the level of credibility he’s built with fans and we can’t thank him enough for it.

NOTE: This is not to say that the other Boys blew us off. Eventually, all of them made their way over and were as kind and as giving of their time as ever. This specific post is just an example of a moment where Kevin has shown the type of person he is and we feel like it’s time he gets the outward appreciation he deserves for the little things.

We watched as Kevin came out to help his wife with the kids, announcing to fans and keeping everyone updated by holding up a booster seat and saying he had to get his boys in the car first.

Then, he kept his promise, saying “I told y’all I would come over” and proceeded to take his time taking a selfie with every person that was waiting. At one point, he realized a fan who had been holding her phone as a light for everyone’s selfie (because it was dark), hadn’t gotten one herself and kindly asked her friend to hold the light for her so she could get one as well.

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference. A friend who had never seen the Backstreet Boys before that night was blown away by how kind they are. I, for one, am so proud that that is something we can count on as fans – the kindness of these five.

Back to Kevin, I watched a man go from onstage popstar and friend to husband and father and back in a matter of 30 minutes — all while remaining incredibly humble, insanely down-to-earth and very obviously grateful. How lucky are we that this man is a part of our favorite band?

There’s many reasons to admire Mr. Richardson, but for me, it will always be his ability to reach people, his honesty, his passion, his sense of humor and his endless gratitude.

Kevin, if you’re reading this, thank you for continuously restoring faith in humanity. Thank you for coming back. Thank you for keeping it real. Thank you for being you.


(For those of you waiting for more teasers and a post about CMT Crossroads – keep your eyes peeled. It will be posted closer to the air date!)



7 Tips Backstreet Boys Fans Have For The Next Generation of Fangirls (And Boys)

For most girls (and some boys), having a band win you over is a rite of passage in life. The posters, the magazines, the TV appearances, the concerts – it’s a part of our lives that we never forget and, if we’re lucky, get to relive over and over into our later years (at least the concert part).

Most of you reading this have been 20+ year fans of the Backstreet Boys and hopefully some of you are fresh fans, looking for a little guidance. Let me state now, we are in no way claiming to know everything that works or lording over a younger generation. In all actuality, with the rise of social media, we are impressed by how quickly and hardcore you guys can be about promoting your bands.

However, having been fans for 20-ish years, we have been where you are and there are things that we have learned that we wish we would have known a while ago. Actually, there are some of us that haven’t learned either — this post is a reminder for these fans as well as the next generation.

1. Stay Loyal.


Without you showing up to shows, buying merch, watching appearances, waiting in lines for hours to see them, and more, your favorite band is nothing. The majority of us have spent countless hours traveling, watching and (endlessly) waiting for the Backstreet Boys in our years as fans. Those times we’ve spent have made for some of the best memories though.

There will be times that they are the highest of highs, with radio airplay, large events and their faces on every magazine, but there are also all of the lows. There are times when your boys aren’t going to have anyone backing them but the most loyal of fans and you’ll definitely want to be there. If you’re there for the best, be there to make sure that they remember that they’re still the best. Be a ride or die.

2. Don’t Talk Badly About Your Boys.


Between the band and your fan-friends, everyone becomes a family. Everyone knows you talk about your siblings, but you don’t let anyone else talk about them… and that’s exactly how it should be with your favorite band. Inevitably, you will probably have a favorite (and if you say you don’t, you’re lying). You will also probably have one you care for the least. If you feel like you must say something about them, do so in private conversations. A united front is important and 9 times out of 10, words will be used against you if you’re not careful.

It’s really just in bad taste. Don’t do it.

You also never know who is lurking.

3. Come Together.


In the end, it doesn’t matter what Megan said about you at a concert 3 years ago or what Emily tweeted about you or your favorite. When it comes time to support your band, you HAVE to stick together for the greater good. There’s strength in numbers and there’s something to be said for coming together. That’s how things get done!

4. Grow A Thick Skin Now.


Not everyone is going to be a fan of your boys. Get used to it now. The longer they stay a band, the harsher people (including the industry) will become. The music industry is tough and everyone in it knows that. Don’t waste your time taking people down because you THINK they offended your favorite band members. In fact, if you have to say anything, be informative in a smart way. Don’t come at people in a personal way – stick to the facts.

And always, always, always promote your band more than you look to take down others who don’t. Be productive with your love.

5. …But Realize That Your Boys Aren’t Flawless.


This one is learned with years of experience. It’s easy to think that your faves are perfect and you will do anything to make others think the same.

….but slow your roll.

No one is perfect and you will realize that, while you love them despite their flaws, others may not and that’s okay. Everyone has their preferences. At least that means you have to share with less people. The quicker you learn that they’re not flawless though, the more crazed you look and the more people can take you seriously.

ALSO – Do not come for former girlfriends, family members, etc. that have less than savory things to say about them or aren’t saying anything at all. That’s not your fight and it’s not your business. It’s more trouble than it’s worth. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

6. Respect Those That Have Come Before Them (And Those That Try To Help Them).


DO NOT COME FOR OTHER ARTISTS WHO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR BAND. Unless it’s completely despicable and inaccurate, most times what other artists say about other artists has been lost in translation, is actually true, or is not intentionally “coming for them”. Fans berating other artists on social media is probably the #1 way to embarrass your idols, actually. Please don’t. More than anyone, the older artists know what it takes to stay in the industry and are only offering their help.

7. Have The Time Of Your Life!


Most of us would agree that the time that you relinquish yourself to a life of fangirling (or fanboying) begins some of the best (and most memorable) times of your life. Buy the concert ticket, bug your parents to let you go with your friends, wait in line to buy an album (if people do that anymore – we’re old), share photos, share memories, and don’t take everything so seriously. A relationship with a band will change you forever – make it for the best!

And please remember — it’s not just about selfies, follows and hashtags. Soak it all in.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

5 Translations For What The Backstreet Boys Really Mean

It seems like since the Backstreet Boys have been hot and heavy back on the scene (with media, nostalgia fans, and others), some things they have said has been taken out of context and run with. There are other things that have been said that have sent regular fans into a spiral of crazy.

As always, we’re here to help and, in this case, translate. We’re just clarifying things that have been said. We have all the faith in the Backstreet Boys and while we know that they are notorious for Backstreet Time, they have also been working hard and coming through for 24 years.

1. “We’re Working On A New Album. We Hope To Have A Single Out By End Of Year.”

What The Backstreet Boys Really Mean: The Boys are working on a new album as they have been for the past year. They have recently signed a deal with RCA record which changes the game – in a good way. They are recording in Las Vegas and LA in their down time.

What The Backstreet Boys Do Not Mean: 

– “We’re not working on a new album.”

– “We’re telling you this because it’s what you want to hear.”

– “We’ve been lying everytime we tell you about a new album with full knowledge that we’re not going to stay on the same timeline.”

2. “We’re Doing A World Tour Next Year.”

What The Backstreet Boys Really Mean:  They’re going on a WORLD TOUR next year with Vegas dates sprinkled in between.

What The Backstreet Boys DO NOT Mean:

– “We’re staying in Vegas and telling you we’re doing a world so you’ll leave us alone.”

– “We’re saying world tour, but we really mean a few places in the US only.”

3. “We Have Signed On For 53 New Vegas Dates.”

What The Backstreet Boys Really Mean: They have 53 new Vegas dates coming up, including November, January, and February (presumably). The Boys have been 1000% transparent about the fact that they will be doing Vegas IN BETWEEN tour dates.

What The Backstreet Boys Do Not Mean:

– “We’re ignoring the rest of the world and staying in Vegas.”

– “We’re lying about the WORLD tour.”

– “We’re putting off the tour until we finish Vegas.”

4. “A Tour With The Spice Girls Would Be Cool.”

What The Backstreet Boys Really Mean: Nick architect-ing with Emma Bunton aka Baby Spice on Boy Band has obviously dredged up the years old idea that the BSB and Spice Girls would collaborate on a tour together. THERE IS NO SOLID TRUTH TO THIS. Nick was asked, Nick answered honestly that it would be cool, media ran with it. If they did in the future, great. If they don’t, cool.

What The Backstreet Boys DO NOT Mean:

– “We’re never going to tour by ourselves again.”

– “We would 100% do a tour with the Spice Girls just to piss everyone off – specifically everyone who is begging us not to.”

– “Again, we’re lying.”

5. “We Love Our Fans.”

What The Backstreet Boys Really Mean: They love their fans. They love us enough to put up with screaming in their faces, uncontrollable crying, a little bit of stalking, incessant demands, unwarranted opinions, and a whole lot of things that would scare off any normal people. They get us. We get them. They’re listening, they’re working, and we are loving it!

What The Backstreet Boys Do Not Mean:

– “We’re saying this so you keep coming.”

– “We’re ignoring a bunch of you because we hate you actually.”

This post comes on the heels of a lot of things that have hit our Twitter in the past week. We love Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick and we believe in them. We are no strangers to Backstreet Time and, as working adults, we understand that things change beyond anyone’s control sometimes.

We’re asking you to please trust the process. Please trust our Boys and support them. Don’t miss out on enjoying everything they’re doing right now (it’s so much!!) worrying about what’s next. We completely understand how badly everyone wants to see the Backstreet Boys up close and personal and we have every bit of faith that they’re trying to get to everyone they can.

Be patient. Our Boys aren’t going anywhere and we can’t WAIT to celebrate 25 years with them.

2017 is only the beginning!


FAN #BSBVegas FAQ: You Asked, We Answered

We’ve done a few posts about what to expect during the Backstreet Boys Las Vegas run, but we’ve since received messages, DMs, and the like asking more specific questions that we may not have addressed before.

So, in an effort to put everything in one place, we’re taking your questions via Email, Facebook and Twitter and putting our answers here. We will be taking them until the end of time and updating this post so if you have any questions (or tips that you wish you would have known), sent them our way!

—- FAQ —-

“Are they gonna have programs of the show?”

Right now, no. The woman working at the Axis store informed us that JLo JUST got a program and she’s been there for a while. Perhaps if / when the Boys are there past the summer, programs will be available. That was her guess.

“Are you allowed to bring anything for the boys (gifts, props, stuff to sign, etc.) at the show or the AP?”

Autographs are not permitted during VIP Meet And Greet before the show, but props are allowed for photos. You must leave your belongings on a table behind the VIP photo backdrop, so bringing a gift is risky. Personally, we wouldn’t advise it.

The afterparty is really up to you and how lucky you get. Again, we wouldn’t suggest a gift unless, perhaps, it can go in a pocket. The crowd is such that it would end up getting lost and, really, it’d be an inconvenience to carry around. That being said, the AP is a more lax scene where autographs are allowed — but BYOS (bring your own sharpie).

“Is there soundcheck or an opening number for the show?”

No. There’s no fan-allowed soundcheck and no opening act. There is, however, a 12-minute BSB mix that opens the show that EVERYONE is obsessed with.

“What’s the dress code?”

There’s not one. People wear everything from dresses to jeans.

“Are cameras allowed?”

Yes. NO DETACHABLE LENSES THOUGH. Cameras with detachable lenses will be taken and you will have to pick them up at the end of the show.

“Will Backstreet Boys keep their residency in Vegas for a long time?”

Every one of the Boys has said that they will most likely hit Vegas with shows in between shows on a world tour next year. That being said, we know nothing for certain and nothing past 2018.

“Are you able to get close to the boys at all if you do an after party and you’re in GA?”

It really depends on the night, the crowd, etc. Is it possible? 100%.

Most people that have had luck getting close to the Boys at an AP with a GA ticket have left the concert early and booked it to Chateau to get a spot up close to their section. We will say that the Boys try their hardest to get to everyone who is trying to get to them. It can’t hurt.

“Does anyone know why the PIT tickets have seat numbers on them?”

Strictly for ticketing purposes. Normally the number is for the venue to keep up with number of people in the pit. There ARE NO SEATS in the pit. It is general admission, standing room only.

“What time should I get there? We have pit tickets but not VIP… VIP gets first entrance into the pit correct?”

Those with Beat The Line GA tickets get in first. VIP and GA have generally been allowed to line up at the same time.

Check out our GA “When Should I Line Up?” timeline below. This is strictly our informed opinion and for PIT ONLY. If you have seats, don’t worry about lining up until doors open.


“Where should I go to get the most action from [insert Backstreet Boy]?”

To the concert and to the afterparty. 🙂

The honest answer is that the Boys really try to divide themselves up evenly. There’s obviously the AIHTG spots in the 200s (covered in another FAQ post) and the VIP tables that are optimum spots for face-touching, hand-holding, and sweat, but as far as picking sides for pit — it’s pretty even.

If you HAVE to have an answer, we’d say Brian and Howie on the left and Nick and AJ on the right. Kevin is more centered and catwalk action, but Kevin being Kevin…he’ll try to reach whoever he can.


Seating: “If you can afford the good seats (table, pit, close rows, etc), go for it! The way the Axis is setup, it can be hard to see if you’re short and buy seats far back. There are screens, but they do different things during the show (not sure if this is a spoiler) and won’t always be showing the boys. So it can be hard to see if you’re like me and in row X at 4’11”

HOWEVER whether you are up close and personal or viewing tiny versions of the boys, the entire show is spectacular and can truly be enjoyed from any seat. I personally just wished I knew what my view would’ve been beforehand as I would’ve shelled out for a closer spot.”

Getting Around: “If you are going to be spending any amount of time in Vegas and on the strip. I suggest a buspass. My friend and I got the RTC app on our phones and paid 20 bucks for a three day pass that will get you on any bus going up and down the strip. You can even get to the Fremont Street Experience that way as well.”

Concert Prep: “The part about eating is very important. I haven’t seen the Boys in Vegas yet, but the venue I saw Nick at for All American was GA only and we made sure to take turns holding each other’s places in line so we could eat. Cause there isn’t much seating and in the pit there was zero seating.

Edit: Also, wear comfy shoes. It’ll make all the difference when you’re halfway through the show after standing for hours.”

General Admission: “Note to those of you who cannot stand 8+ hours. They will NOT let you sit down in line. (OK maybe if you are the first ones in the 12pm-2pm hours for a bit). Once more people arrive and there is a line formed, they will NOT let you sit down. There is a little bar in the middle of the waiting area with stools, but if you go there, you will be out of line. About an hour before they let you in, you will get wristbands (different colours for each side). Then you go through metal detectors and get your tickets scanned. Then they try to make you take pics with your friends and a backdrop. Then there is another barricade. Then VIP and GA people are let in (sometimes at the same time). Then you line up against a wall for another half an hour or so, then you go in. (Hoping that no one tries to rush past you on the stairs) However that being said, the pit areas are very roomy and you can pretty much see from anywhere.”