6 Tips For Landing A Selfie With The Backstreet Boys

This year is shaping up to be a good (and busy) one for the Backstreet Boys and fans alike. As times have evolved, the goals we have with the Boys have changed.

In the 90s, we just wanted to be close to them.

In the early 2000s, we wanted to meet them.

In the mid-2000s, we wanted social media interaction.

Today, there is the art of the selfie.

Many of us have been able to score a selfie with Brian, AJ, Nick, Kevin or Howie. Some of us have one and we’re satisfied, some have many and are satisfied, some will never have enough and some are still chasing “the dream”.

With the cruise lurking ahead and other events on the horizon, we thought to share some of the best tips (and etiquette) for the moments of selfie-ism that you might find yourself in, as agreed on by many fans throughout the years.

1. Don’t Stress About Getting A Selfie!


First and foremost (and seemingly most obvious), not getting a selfie with a Backstreet Boy is not the end of the world. There are so many fans all over the world that will confirm that some of the best experiences with Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ or Nick were when no photos were involved. Trust us when we say that a story to tell is far better than a blurry selfie with a peeved looking Boy.

Second, there is a lot of truth in the best things being worth the wait, patience being a virtue, and things happening when you least expect it. A selfie (or multiple selfies) does not define your “level” of being a fan. In fact, a few selfies with half of Kevin’s face and your eyeball will only define your level of crazy. While it may not feel fair in the moment that those at particular events get their selfies by pushing, trust the universe that it’ll all work out for you in the end. It is far better to not make a fool of yourself in front of a Backstreet Boy and fellow fans than to get a selfie with no interaction.

2. Have Your Phone Ready.


Whether your moment with a Backstreet Boy happens leisurely or in a blip, chances are that they’re not going to have much time for you to fumble through your apps to open your camera, delete photos to make space, text your mom and then open your camera.


If you even smell a Backstreet Boy in your midst and a selfie is on your list, open that camera, folks.

3. Hand It Over.


FYI, Kevin and Nick specifically are made with selfie sticks for arms so hand them your phone to take the selfie. All of the BSB take hundreds of selfies and know their (and yours, probably) best angles. It’s best to let them take control.

(We do love this selfies-gone-wrong post though)

4. Remember Your Manners.


If you ARE lucky enough to be in the position to take a selfie, don’t be a part of BSB Fans Gone Wild. Don’t rip out anyone’s weave to get ahead, don’t accuse others, be patient, be kind, and wait your turn. ASK for a selfie – don’t just slap your phone in one’s face and expect them to smile.

It may not seem like it, but the Boys do take these things into account and no one wants to be called out by one of them or be the reason that they stop the selfies. They’re like five Santas who know if you’re naughty or nice. Don’t think they don’t.

5. Don’t Be Greedy.


TAKE YOUR SELFIE AND MOVE OUT OF THE WAY. We say that in the nicest way possible. Obviously, situations vary case by case, but be aware of your surroundings and read the crowd or the Backstreet Boy.

6. Help Out.


I once watched a fan hold turn on the light on her phone and hold it for other fans to be able to get a great selfie because it was dark outside. I will never forget that moment or the fact that Kevin took the time to ask someone to “repay the favor” and hold the light for her. THIS IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS, PEOPLE! Fans helping fans will always 1000% be the answer to getting further. We dig it.


Celebrate #BSB25 With Us On The Cruise!

There are a few things we know for sure about 2018:

  • We’re stoked about all the Backstreet adventures ahead.
  • We’re excited to celebrate the Boys’ 25th anniversary together in ANY possible way all year long.
  • We’re still waiting for AJ’s solo album and a BSB single.
  • This cruise is going to be the best one yet!
  • We’re going to do everything we can to give back to Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick this year. Let’s bring it in together, you guys!

Where are we going with this? We’re glad you asked.

Since this cruise is so close to the Backstreet Boys’ anniversary, we were racking our brains thinking WHAT CAN WE DO to mark the special occasion that wouldn’t require an extra suitcase, a load of money and special permission? Thousands of us popping out of a cake didn’t seem feasible.


THEN… we thought of it!


It’s simple.

During the Sail Away party (the first time we’re all together on the cruise), we want you to bring the shape of your heart.


NO. WAIT. Not the shape of your ACTUAL heart.

More like this…


Here’s what we’re thinking:

  • Make a heart shaped paper (preferably one you can hold with one hand that won’t block anyone’s view too terribly – think legal size paper)
  • Put 25 on the heart is BOLD LETTERS
  • Decorate the heart to represent where you’re from – be creative and snazzy (or don’t)
  • Our thought is to hold them up as soon as they’re on stage for the Sail Away party, but this might change — we’ll keep you posted. That’s the plan for now.
  • SHARE WITH ANYONE YOU KNOW GOING ON THE CRUISE!! It’d be wonderful to have the most participation possible. Imagine Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick coming out to a sea of colored ’25’ themed hearts ❤ ❤ ❤ This is another chance for us to come together to do something great for the Boys who have given us the best parts of their lives and made up some of the best parts of ours.

We can’t wait to see everyone and your hearts!


We’re so excited about your overwhelming response about wanting to do this! As someone said, “a sea of hearts” – I love that visual. Again, the more people doing it, the better so keep spreading the word.

We have a few updates since we first posted.

  • There have been some people that have been volunteering to bring extra hearts for fans that don’t know about it to pass out beforehand to increase participants. We LOVE this idea! There is absolutely no obligation, but we wanted to post about it just in case others wanted to as well — whether they been plain hearts or decorated.
  • So many non-cruisers were hoping to get involved as well so… here’s what we’ll do. In addition to tweeting #BSB25 on April 20th and #BSB25Project on April 21st when the Billboard ad is published, fans who are not cruising will be tweeting #BSB25Hearts on sail away day (May 3) with photos of their own decorated hearts with a 25 on it, so whether you’re on the cruise or not – we’re coming together to flood with love. After we return from the cruise, if the movement is successful (we have high hopes), we’ll do a post about it. Sound good?

We’re still taking suggestions, ideas, and anything else you think we’re missing or could add to the fun. Just tweet, message, email or comment!


To Our Backstreet Fan-mily…

Fan-mily (n.): Fans who have become friends who have become family

When What Happens On The Backstreet began 3 years ago, we jokingly referred to all of us as one big fan-mily. The joke stuck and perhaps that’s because it wasn’t a joke at all.

Every single one of us who has been a Backstreet Boys fan for any length of time has a story about someone you have met because you’re a fan or someone you were already friends with and have grown up being fans together. There’s something special about those relationships, just as there is something special about being a fan of a 25 year old band in itself.

We’re only in the third month of 2018, but we’re already getting the vibe that it’s going to be a special year. And we can’t enjoy that year without each other. Just like the Boys need us, we need each other.

Here’s the thing – no one understands being a fan unless you are a fan. No one understands being part of the Backstreet fan-mily like a Backstreet fan, no matter how long you’ve been a part of it. It’s been years of memories, concerts, events, music, and more. While we wouldn’t have had these things without Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick, but we wouldn’t have had these things without each other either.

Here’s the thing…

There are fans all over the world.

Every one of us looks different.

Every one of us has different backgrounds.

Every one of us has different relationship statuses.

Every one of us has different dreams, goals, jobs, etc.

All of this is OKAY…

But none of that has to do with being a Backstreet Boys fan.

Despite all of our differences, we’ve come together for these five…BECAUSE of these five… and we have come to know just as much about each other as we have the Backstreet Boys themselves. This is a fan-mily.

For some of us, being a fan is a hobby and a pastime. For some of us, being a fan gives us an excuse to go on a girls trip or drag our significant others into something new. For some of us, the music has saved us. For some of us, it’s one Boy that made the difference and the rest is just a perk.

Whatever it is that put you here, remember it and don’t EVER let someone who doesn’t understand it make you feel bad for it. Don’t let anyone shame you for things that are irrelevant to you being a Backstreet Boys supporter. Don’t let someone take away your happy. You weren’t a fan this long to give it up because of something someone else said or something someone else did. You were never a fan because someone told you to be so why would you stop because someone told you you were wrong? Please. You didn’t come this far to start missing out now.

And whenever you feel yourself forgetting these things, re-read this post. Find a fan-mily member to remind you of the good times and all the fun, all the moments, and the love that is left to be shared. We’ll be here and there are thousands more as well, waiting to protect each other, waiting to scream together, waiting to be adults who support some amazingly talented dudes.

The Backstreet Boys may have 25 years under their belt but they’re only getting started….and so are we. Be there for each other. Share these things together.

You’re not going to want to miss this. ❤

What You Need To Know About AJ McLean’s Solo Ventures: 2018 Updates

We all know AJ McLean.

We all love AJ McLean.

We’ve all been eager to support any solo work AJ McLean has done, from vape juice to his “Live Together” project.

We’ve been waiting for forever for AJ McLean to release his entire solo album and now, it sounds like we might be a little bit closer…. but it’s not what you thought.

WHOTB kept you updated along the way as AJ was posting updates on his solo album in the last two years — BUT FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNOW because 2018 is all about new beginnings and bigger and better things.

So, once again, we will keep you updated here because we’re so excited for what AJ has in store and we don’t want anyone to miss a thing.

August 2017: AJ mentioned staying in Nashville to work on solo music after the taping of CMT Crossroads with Florida Georgia Line, picking up on some country flavor.

End of 2017: AJ spent time in both Nashville and Branson City, MO, which is also known for their country music vibes.

I know all of you have been so beyond patient with me since basically 2005 when I released my first ever solo album which sadly never touched American soil or anywhere else for that matter yet you still found a way to support me and through the magic that is the internet learned the words and picked your favorites! That in it self speaks volumes to me as an artist and as a person knowing how truly amazing and loyal my fans our. I say my because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt how above and beyond loyal bsb fans are and continue to be for 25 years but I’m speaking to my fans that believed in me than until now and I know will continue to for many years to come! I’ve been promising a solo album since then and believe me when I tell you I have written and recorded enough music since then for three full albums but something was always not right. Be it timing or the music itself or the climate of the industry but I kept working hard and long hours away from my family if needed to make the best body of work anyone has ever heard bsb fan or not! Finally now everything has fallen into place and so organically and not forced or trying to just fit into the moment of where music is right now. Instead I followed my heart and my gut and got back together with the best manager I’ve ever known and have the best team in my corner routing me on and when I say the wait is almost over and I swear to all of you it’ll be worth the wait we finally got it right. This picture is of a guest bedroom at my rental house in Las Vegas that my dear friend and amazing producer flew out two days ago and than made a make shift studio in his bedroom to record one of the many I believe smash hit songs I’ve compiled for my what I’m calling my true debut album to be released all over the world very soon this shows my dedication to me and my project that we made this happen in a bedroom and to top it all off I recorded the song immediately after our show last night here in Vegas. He just left for the airport two hours ago and that’s when I went to bed. Going back to sleep now but wanted to share this and tell you all the album is coming soon and to say and show my deepest most honest appreciation!

A post shared by AJ McLean (@aj_mclean) on

February 10, 2018: AJ posts an Instagram photo outlining his new solo plan, which included information about why he has not yet released an album. “I’ve been promising a solo album since then and believe me when I tell you I have written and recorded enough music since then for three full albums but something was always not right,” he posted. “Finally, now everything has fallen into place and so organically and not forced or trying to just fit into the moment of where music is right now. Instead, I followed my heart and my gut and got back together with the best manager I’ve ever known and have the best team in my corner rooting me on and when I say the wait is almost over and I swear to all of you it’ll be worth the wait we finally got it right.”

February 16, 2018: AJ reveals that he is coming back to Nashville to work on more solo projects.



February 28, 2018 / March 2. 2018: AJ signed to become a member of the Country Music Association in Nashville, TN. To learn more about the association, click here. [Editor’s Note: As a Nashvillian, this thrills me. Can’t wait for more details.]

In the statement announcing this membership on 3/2, AJ stated that he’s a “chameleon” and hinted at the country vibes in his upcoming solo work.

AJ then thanked everyone involved on his instagram page (see below).

So first off I should be asleep but sadly I either got a hopefully 24 hour bug or possibly food poising so that’s why I’m still awake right now and have to be up in 7 hours! Anyways that being said I have to just say thank you to a few people! First off I have to say thank you to my amazing team behind me and my new journey I’m about to embark on stepping into the world of country music! From my amazing manger mr Johnny Wright to my equally amazing social team slash co managers Cassie and jade and all the ladies at crowd surf. Also I have to thank more than anyone my partner in crime and the man pushing me to my limits me Brandon Mashburn thanks bro for seeing my vision and for never giving up on me. Also my boys and now family and most amazingly talented writers Brett Tyler and Clint Lagerberg for taking a chance on me and making a dream come true. Last and most certainly not least I have to thank the country music association for taking me under your wings and welcoming me to the country world! All I can say is this, I’m a fan of all music and I know my fans are the best most loyal in the world and no matter what kind of music I do they will support my vision. You guys are all in for a treat and I couldn’t be more proud of the music I’m doing and that a little dream is now becoming reality! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I wanna make great music and make people happy and be the first solo country artist to shake things up!

A post shared by AJ McLean (@aj_mclean) on


March 21, 2018: AJ posts on social media that he’s back in the studio working on his “country vibe” with Jordan Omley, AJ’s friend, songwriter, and one half of production company The Jam, who has had a hand in his previous projects as well.


 Stay tuned to this post for more updates as they come in (and our tweets tagged #AJMcLean2018)!


PAST CRUISERS! What Do You Wish You Would Have Known About The Backstreet Boys Cruise?

We’re three months away from setting sail on the 7th Backstreet Boys cruise from Miami to Grand Turk. It’s getting real!

As it gets more real, there are obviously more and more questions, especially from those fans who haven’t cruised before. As always, we want to help everyone out and that’s the reason we’re writing this.

If you have been on a Backstreet Boys cruise and there is something you wish you would have known before you got on the boat or you have some really good advice, find the category it fits in below and let us know for an upcoming post!


Packing and Traveling To The Cruise Advice

Room Advice (What You Should Bring, What You Should Have, Etc.)

Food and Drink (Suggestions, Drink Packages, etc.)

Event Advice (What To Do, What Not To Do, etc.)

General Advice


#BSB25Project : The Why

If you’ve followed WHOTB in the past few months, you’ve most likely seen tweets and posts #BSB25Project since last August. If you have somehow missed it or you’re new here, check it out ASAP!

We’re so close to the goal, guys. As I write this, we’re nearly $4000 into a $5900 goal! The end is in sight!

Since the beginning of this project, we’ve gotten a few people asking WHY? Fans who want to know why they should donate to / share a project to celebrate the Boys’ 25th anniversary when we’re not “getting anything out of it”. Non-fans who think the idea of raising $5900 for an ad in a magazine is insane.

So we’re writing this to explain a few things. Not so much explain logically as explain why this is such a heart project for us and for so many fans.


We’re doing this for every minute our family members and friends told us we were wasting our time loving a band growing up.

We’re doing this for every article since 1993 that said the Backstreet Boys wouldn’t last another year — and here they are at 25.

We’re doing it for every song – every lyric – that ever got us through something, that ever created a memory, that ever gave us escape. 

We’re doing it to show the Backstreet Boys themselves that they do have a literal army of fans who back them… in return for 25 years of the best times have had and many more in the future. How often do WE get to do something for THEM?

In a time where it seems easy to divide, this is one thing we can all agree one. Maybe part of it is proving that we CAN come together.


It might be just an ad in a magazine, but it’s Billboard magazine, meaning it will be seen industry wide. And we will make sure — do our very best — to make sure the Boys see it. Even so, this is a chance to prove to ourselves that we can come together.

Brian25 (1)

We’re doing it for Kevin, who taught us the importance of taking a break. 

We’re doing it for Kevin, who takes a minute to thank any fan he can get to for showing up to see the Backstreet Boys. 

We’re doing it for Kevin, who seemingly always makes sure we get the best quality of Backstreet that can be given.

We’re doing it for Howie, who quietly contributes to things we don’t even find out about Howie25until after he’s done them.

We’re doing it for Howie, who makes sure that everyone is always having a great time.

We’re doing it for Howie, who shows up for us all of the time.




Brian25We’re doing it for Brian, who risked his life in 1998 to keep doing shows for fans.

We’re doing it for Brian, who shows up with a smile and a hug to every meet and greet.

We’re doing it for Brian, who never quits.



We’re doing it for AJ, who has always been open and willing to talk to fans about AJ25anything under the sun.

We’re doing it for AJ, who has never hidden the fact that he has struggled and has inspired some of us to get help as well.

We’re doing it for AJ, who gives 100% everytime he’s onstage. 



We’re doing it for Nick, who has been a Backstreet Boy for the majority of his life.Nick25

We’re doing it for Nick, who really has made fans into family.

We’re doing it for Nick, who works hard and almost never takes a break.




So if anyone asks why it’s important for us, as fans, to celebrate the Backstreet Boys’ 25th anniversary in a big way — this is it. They’ve spent so much of their time proving themselves in the industry, gaining respect, going to all ends of the earth and it’s time that WE do something to say thank you in a public way.

If you haven’t yet, please share the GoFundMe link via social media, text messages, whatever you can. Let’s do this for Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick. Let’s do this for us.

All The Things You Need To See From AJ’s 40th Prom Birthday

Last Tuesday, AJ McLean turned 40, joining 4/5 of the Backstreet Boys in the Forty Club.

Friday, he changed his Instagram handle in preparation for coming solo projects and excitedly told everyone that his wife and best friend have been working hard on a surprise party for him.

Saturday…OUR MINDS WERE BLOWN. Rochelle had put together a 80s prom birthday party to remember for her husband who had never had a prom of his own to go to.

Photo after photo, instagram story and instagram story, and video after video flooded in as the party continued on through late Saturday night. With celebrities (Jeff Timmons, Carrie Keegan, Erik-Michael Estrada, and Lance Bass to name a few) and familiar faces (A LOT of the Backstreet team, Nick, Brian, Lauren, Leighanne, Madonna Mark and Tom, Denise Solis, JoJo Wright, etc.) in attendance, it seemed to be the party of the year… so far.

With that being said, we didn’t want everyone to miss out on anything and we’ve done a sweep on social media for the best photos and videos that you might have missed from AJ’s 40th birthday party (NOTE: Not our photos). That includes the sweet speeches from Brian and Nick and the birthday boy himself!

WARNING: You’re definitely going to want Rochelle McLean to plan your party after you see these photos. I mean, there was Taco Bell AND In N Out Burger…



 The Speeches

We LOVE seeing AJ so happy and so celebrated! We hope that this year is an amazing one for you, Mr. McLean. 

REQUEST: What Historical Backstreet Location Have You Been To? Let Other Fans Know!

In the past, we’ve asked you guys to contribute to different posts here and there. Now, we’ve decided to put all current posts that we’re asking for your help with on one section of the site entitled “WHOTB: We Need Your Help”.

Recently, a suggestion was made that we have a post where other fans share places they’ve been that are “historical” Backstreet lesser-known landmarks. These places include:

  • Music Video Locations
  • Photo Shoot Locations From Long Ago
  • The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star
  • Random Places That Might Be of Interest In Visiting

Shoot us an email at whothebackstreet@gmail.com explaining the location you visited and photos if you like. Be sure to include WHERE the place is so that other fans may have a chance to visit as well. 

I’m sure this goes without saying, but don’t get creepy. We will not be posting residential places or anything of the sort.

This will be an ongoing post so there is no deadline. Once we get enough, we’ll start the post! Send away.


3 Years Of What Happens On The Backstreet

Together we’ve been through…

One World Tour.

A Vegas Residency Announcement.

The Beginning of a Fastest Selling Vegas Residency.

Con Appearances.

Nick’s Solo Album + Tour.

100 AJ Projects.

Kevin In An Indie Flick.

Brian’s Journey.

Dancing With The Stars.

Boy Band.

Two Cruises (+ One Future Sold Out Cruise).

Multiple TV Appearances.

A Documentary.

A Movie Starring Three Of Them.

Two Backstreet Babies.

One Backstreet Teenager.

The Recording Of An Album.

A Million New Memories + Victories + Celebrations.

Since beginning What Happens On The Backstreet 3 years ago this weekend, so much has changed and so much has remained the same. It’s been the time of our lives and in some moments, the highest of highs. But it hasn’t all been great. There have been some really weird times, for the Backstreet Boys and for the fans, but we have always ended up back here. Together. Like our five favorites, we’ve learned that the best way to get through anything is together.


This year, I thought about shutting down WHOTB. The whole reason I began is because I thought that the Boys deserved better promotion and that the fans needed a place that was updated, but also a place that made sure to point out not to take ourselves too seriously. We achieved that. With nearly 6500 likes on Facebook and 6100 followers on Twitter, WHOTB has become bigger than I ever dreamed. 100 followers and 5 likes alone would have been crazy to me.


Now, backstreetboys.com and nickcarter.net have picked up pace and are the regularly updated websites that the fans and the Boys have always deserved. In fact, when this blog isn’t being updated, you can bet it’s because I’m on one of those two. 2017 has become a better version of 1999 in terms of being a fan – we’re adults with access to Kevin, Brian, Howie, Nick and AJ. We’re meeting them. We’re traveling for them. THEY KNOW OUR NAMES. Isn’t this what we as fans have always wanted? What a time to be alive!


That being said, it still seems important that we stick around for the little things. The blog posts may be less frequent than when I started (which drives me crazy), but I’ve made it a personal mission to remind all of us to take a minute to laugh at ourselves, remain positive in the face of adverse situations, and to stay updated – even if there are other places to do that now. You can never have enough Backstreet (or the truth), right?

If you’ve read this far, WOW! Thank you! Who are you people that keep reading the things I have to say? Ha!


I’ve kept What Happens going for three years because of every single one of you reading this. I know so many of you now and have had so many conversations with you guys that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. You’ve poured your hearts out in stories, memories, and contributions to posts when I’ve asked. You’ve trusted me to post your personal moments, you’ve been so kind and you’ve also really let me know what you all think about things – good and bad. Most of all, you’ve shared these posts and you keep coming back. THANK YOU. Thank you for being a part of this and thank you for indulging me.


A special thanks to Kristie for being the VIP Guru of WHOTB, but mostly for letting me bounce ideas off her, taking over when she knows something better than I do, and for pushing me to do things outside of my comfort zone (aka literally being my voice when I don’t want to speak up). Also a huge thank you to a few people (who know who they are) for listening, for making things happen, and for endless other things.


So… here’s to another year of What Happens On The Backstreet and a WHOLE LOT happening on the Backstreet. 2018 will be a quarter of a century celebration for them and I’ll be damned if we won’t be there for every second. We’re staying RIGHT here. Together.


I look forward to another 365 days of laughs, tears, memories, VIPs, concerts, multiple album release dates until we get a real one, AJ not doing some more things, rumors, coming together for the greater good and hating each other the next week (let’s be real – that’s what we all do, but we wouldn’t have it any other way). Oh, and we can’t WAIT to see everyone on the cruise.

Thank you again for sticking with WHOTB. As always, my inbox is open for suggestions.






15 Fans Share Kind Things The Backstreet Boys Have Done For Them

Over two years ago, we asked you guys to tell us some of the kindest things that Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ, and Nick had done for you, the fans. We loved reading all of the stories, from small things that made a huge difference to big things that made dreams come true – you can read them here.

Since then, we’ve heard so many MORE great stories about things between the Boys and fans and since it’s the season for heartwarming tales, we asked for more! Of course, you guys did not disappoint. Just when we think that being a Backstreet Boys fan couldn’t get any better, these Boys keep topping themselves… for us. If that doesn’t give you the feels, we don’t know what will.

Ready for your heart to be warmed?

“Every November, I post about my struggles with depression and how thankful I am to be here and being alive today. I’ve mentioned it a few times that a lot of the reason I’m still here is because of the boys. Now one thing is that I’ve never actually told them in person ‘thank you for inadvertently saving my life’.

 One November, I believe it was last year or the year before, I took a crazy chance. I DMed Nick on Twitter and wrote him a novel thanking him. I never expected him to answer because I’m sure he gets hundreds of DMs daily.
For some reason though, twenty minutes later he replied. He answered my message and said he was happy I was still here and doing better.
I cried. He didn’t have to read it.. It was LONG. so for him to just take time out of his day to respond made my day. I’ll never forget about how kind he was in that moment.” – Tracy

“It was August 10, 1997 – my friends and I were in New York City when BSB released their first album in the USA. One of my friends couldn’t come and she was a HUGE AJ girl . I had brought a birthday card just in case at the autograph session I could get AJ to sign it. August 11th, we went all over NYC hoping to find the guys. Now we were having supper on Broadway, thought it now would be a great idea to head back to our hotel as we still had to get ready for the autograph session the next day  so headed out of the restaurant when I turned to my left. “Lisa look it’s AJ!” He was so nice asked us where we were from (Montreal/Toronto) and thanked us for coming. He took photos with us. He was talking to my friends and I was looking in my purse “oh no!” AJ asked me “Hun, did you lose something?” “No it’s just that I left the birthday card at my hotel for my friend who I hoping to surprise with a autographed birthday card!” Before I could finish what I was saying, AJ said “are you coming tomorrow?” Yes – the autograph session. AJ said, “great so tomorrow make sure to give me the card and I’ll get all the guys to sign it!” When I saw AJ the next day, he was like “hi sweetie, where’s the birthday card and what’s your friend’s name?” He then signed it , gave it to Nick and said signed this birthday card for Natalie, Debbie’s friend then pass to Kevin. Howie was next and last but not least was Brian. AJ got the card back said “there ya go darling signed sealed and delivered!” Couldn’t thank him enough, thought my friend was going to die when she got her card.” – Debra Gordon

“My son was diagnosed with cancer on May 2nd 2012 8 months old. I got on twitter to kind of get my mind off of things for a minute, and saw that Brian was tweeting fans. I decided to tweet him and ask for some cheering up and he replied.  He said “Everything has a purpose and every moment should be savored. I’m so very sorry my family will Pray for your son.”
He will never know how much that meant to me. 

A couple months later I decided to write Brian a letter updating him on my son. I sent him pictures of my son getting chemo and a picture of my husband and I at a meet and greet in 2010.

I told Brian that my son loves BSB and something about their voices puts him to sleep during his cancer treatments. At the end of the letter I asked Brian if he could send my son a signed photo and if he couldn’t I completely understood. I checked the mail about maybe a month later and to my surprise there was a large envelope in my mailbox. I opened it and there was a signed photo from Brian for my son. When I showed my son the photo his eyes lit up and he smiled even though he was only 10 months old at the time. The cancer took my sons vision months after that so he cant see it anymore but it sits on the mantle above the fire place in a frame. Its one of our most treasured things in our house. Brian didn’t have to sign a photo, he didn’t have to reply to my tweet, but he did and I appreciate it so very much.” – Melissa Lamb

“It was at the Backstreet Walk of Fame ceremony. We all stayed behind after it was over in hopes of meeting our favorites. It was like trying to get through a brick wall. I had just about given up trying to get Brian’s attention, Nick had somehow noticed me. I was in tears, happy of couse, and he must have recognized the Wylee shirt I was wearing. He automatically went to Brian and I froze as he pointed my way. Nick smiled before turning towards another fan. Brian was coming towards us but security held him back. He was not pleased, LOL! Sadly, didn’t get to met him. It was a small thing but it meant the world to me.” – Becca XO

This happened during the This Is Us tour. I had given Howie a Father’s Day card that I had made for him during meet and greet being that it was a few days from the date of my show. He did an interview with E! news a few days later and had a tour of his bus. I remember him calling it the “King James bus since there was baby stuff all over. Towards the end of the interview he stops and grabs something off the window of the bus and says “and this here is James and Dada from the cruise. It was a little dark so I didn’t notice at first, but then I saw the border of the picture and realized it was the card I had given him. He put my card in the window of his bus. When we give guys gifts we often think of what they do with them, if they keep them and it just touched me so much that not only did he keep it but had it on display. The guys really do appreciate everything we give them and they do keep at least some of them. Just another reason why Howie is Sweet D.” – Ashley Darpino

“A Backstreet Boy that did something I felt was above and beyond for me was AJ.

On September 22, 2017 I had my second back surgery in four and a half years. A friend of mine tweeted all the boys asking if they would send me a good luck message in preparation for the surgery. Well AJ saw the tweet and instead of sending well wishes via a tweet he took the time to send me a personal message wishing me good luck.
To me that was a big deal, I wasn’t expecting a tweet but was blown away that he took the time to send a personal message, for that I will forever be grateful.”  – Erin

“So, two separate encounters.

The first one was August 10th-11th 2013 in Cleveland, OH afterparty. I wound up being the last person to get my pic with Kev, Howie & Nick. They had ushered my friend to a table in the back of the room far away from the stage they were going to be dancing & spinning tunes with fans. (We are both wheelchair users)
After the pic, they were going to take me where my friend was. Kevin grabs my shoulder & tells the guy, “I want her up front on the side so she can see everything!” (When Kev speaks, people listen!) I said “What about Terra? They got her & we sat right where Kevin wanted us!! They pulled all the fans up to dance with them a few at a time. At the end of the night, Howie whispers to his security guy & Nick whips off his headphones (he was spinning the tunes). Howie & Nick jumped off the stage & danced with Terra & I for a few minutes!! Terra & I were on cloud 9!!

The second one – I was on the BSB Mediterranean cruise & AJ told me I looked fantastic at one of the theme nights! I also got selfies with every single one of the Boys!!” – Cindy Cuchna

“Well, I have many things about BSB that I will never forget.

My first time meeting them in at Calypso in Limoges in 2011. Then Meeting Howie for the first time, I stood beside him, my hands were shaking, I asked him if I could give him a hug and he said yes. I was in heaven. My friends and I followed the BSB all over Calypso. Howie kept looking at me smiling,winking.
Then I got to meet him again at my first after party of theirs that I attended in Ottawa Ontario . While waiting for them to enter to do their meet and greet, Howie stopped held my hand looked at me and said sorry and apologized for not singing to me at the concert. I was like “Omg, that’s ok.”
In 2013, I met them again but this time in Montreal. That was an awesome after party. Nick was dancing with random girls, I was just watching and all of a sudden he turned around and he ended up standing in front of me so him and I did some sexy dancing.  Anyway, Howie said that he loved my poster. I wrote 100 Kisses 4 Howie. Then 2014 I met AGAIN. Lucky me. In Kingston Ontario. That was also fun. At the after party, Howie touched my hand and held it for awhile. I was in heaven once again. Never would have thought since I was a teenager that I would meet them. Now I am 36 years old and I still love them.” – Gail Archambault

“As one of the million die-hard Backstreet fans, it’s always been easy for me to find whatever the Backstreet Boys do to be beyond nice. It’s like I easily so greatly appreciate whatever it is that they offer their fans. New records, announcement of their new show schedule, collaborations. Even the littlest of things like their cute social media posts, an Instagram story of their Vegas Residency shows, their randomest tweets, whatever it is.

That’s why I couldn’t have been more overwhelmed with sheer delight the day I had my first ever meet and greet with the Boys during their In a World Like This concert tour here in Manila, Philippines back in May 2015.

It’s been two years, and yet each time I look at this photo of mine with my idols, it’s still almost unbelievable that this day happened.

People who aren’t BSB fans don’t probably know this – but I am just proud to say that the Backstreet Boys are the awesomest kinds of idols/role models you will ever meet, because they always, always, make sure that they give back to the fans by making them feel special whenever they have a chance. I’d had this experience during that day and indeed, my favorite Boys made me feel special, which truly overwhelmed me.

Before the meet and greet, they held a soundcheck party (they usually do this before their shows) where we got the chance to ask them questions and bond with them more. It was a given that fans would be yelling for them, shouting all their names, asking for a wave, a hi, a flying kiss, a wink, everything. I mean, how often does a Backstreet fan get a chance to hang with their favorite boys, right? There were a bunch of us, screaming fans in there. But it was all so clear to see how all five of them were just too genuine on greeting back every single one of the fans at soundcheck. It was heart-melting to see. I knew they all couldn’t glance in each of our directions to return the attention, but I shouted a delighted “Hi, Nick!” of my own anyway — and amidst all the fans’ joyful voices and the noise from the sound system around the venue, Nickolas Gene Carter, actually acknowledged this amused, screaming voice of mine, glanced my way, his oceanic gaze beneath his nice cap meeting mine; Nick gave me a nod and that sweetest smile, followed by a soft wave.

He said hi back to me WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPENING! Neither Nick nor the rest of the Boys knew how I couldn’t have been more shaken to the foundation of my soul by that simple gesture, but that was just the beginning of my unbelievably awesome, unforgettable night.

During meet and greet, it just all dawned on me – all the stories I’d been reading from fans around the world about their beautiful and memorable meet and greet experiences with BSB – I was able to experience them all that night.

When my turn came for the picture-taking, I truly got too excited and ran with so much energy, I almost knocked Howie off where he stood. Nervously laughing, I apologized repeatedly, but Howie calmed me down by sweetly laughing it off. AJ asked me how I was to which I simply responded by saying how happy I was to finally see his awesome tattoos in person. He laughed and hugged me. Next was my favorite Nicky C., whom I greeted so joyfully with a “Nickolas!”. “Hey sweetheart,” he said softly as he enveloped me into the tightest hug I have ever received in my entire life. Kevin locked me in a world of our own with his hypnotizing stare before embracing me into his arms. After that, I asked him if he could say “Sexy Time” in Borat accent, which he did twice and I laughed with the rest of the Boys. Brian also asked how I was, but the glint of his blue gaze made me lose all sense of sensibility to say something sensible back – so “I love you B-Rok” was my only response as I got his warm hug.

Why Howie’s called Sweet D, AJ’s certain way of talking to a fan that will make you feel like you two have been close for years, Nick’s sweet words and tight embraces, Kevin’s melting, overpowering gaze and genuine interest in your stories, the twinkle in Brian’s eyes when he casts you a smile as he welcomes you into a hug – THEY ALL GOT TOO REAL FOR ME THAT NIGHT AND I JUST COULDN’T EVEN BEGIN TO EXPLAIN HOW AWESOME THESE GUYS WERE TO THEIR FANS. SUCH DOWN-TO-EARTH, SINCERELY KINDHEARTED MEN WHO HAPPENED TO HAVE SUPERSTAR-LEVEL-TALENTS!

One of a kind.

The sincerity of their thank you’s, their warm gestures, their words of affirmation. They’re all just too real. I can’t believe how a group of talented, larger-than-life celebrities can actually keep a beautiful bond with their fans by never failing to give them appreciation in any way they can. It is very rare. The Backstreet Boys – they’re rare, and I am so darn blessed and just super proud that I belong to the Backstreet Army.

I don’t think the Boys have any idea how they fulfill one’s hopes and dreams every single time they do a meet and greet. I don’t think they have any idea that they are capable of delivering immeasurable amount of joy to someone for every meet and greet they do with the fans.

But our dearest Backstreet Boys, if you’re reading this, please do know that the five of you are such big blessings to millions around the world. Keep doing what you love, keep enjoying the life you have, may you keep inspiring us. You are the best people in the world, and we will be supporting and loving you forever.

I love you Backstreet Boys, thank you for being a source of light in my life since I was 5.”

– Janica Catabay

“Kevin (my all time favorite one!) on the first day of European cruise, he came out of his cabin and we were just two waiting for him. He told us to be quiet and let us come towards him. We chat a couple of minutes and took some pics! This made my cruise worth it since Kevin has been my love since ‘96/‘97.

And I must say also July 8th 1999, because of this I fell in love with them (I used to like them but not as the fan I am today!). I’ll make it very short. I was at Pisa with my Dad and AJ and Howie were there too. I was leaving when I saw them! We went to eat on the same restaurant on purpose and luckily the waiter sat us on the table next to them. They were very nice to us, interacting and joking with us. I got Howie’s autograph in the bathroom and AJ’s before he left, telling me “bye sweetheart” I was 11 y.o. so this was very like “Woah” to me!” – Manoela

“On February 17th, 2017, I broke my ankle. I was so damn sad, I cried all day. I wrote a tweet to Nick, saying: “Nicky Love, I broke my leg today… that means I can’t dance my fav songs of my fav singer. I’m so sad.”

And he replied within a few seconds:
“How did you break it??”

This was the best thing Nick has done to me. I love you, Carter. Thank you for being you.” – Gaia

“Something I thought was really nice is 1 time on Twitter I joked with Brian about him calling me(because of a contest to win a phone call from Howie) and eventually he really did, but he did it randomly just one day while at home before getting ready to have movie night with Leighanne and Baylee. But I just thought it was so cool of him to take time out of his day (on an off day) and call me.” – Amber

“One of my favorite moments in life is because the Backstreet Boys went out of their way to do something special for me, and it meant the world. In 2013, at the 2nd tour date for the “In A World Like This” tour, I was finally going to meet all 5 boys at the same time. I’ve been a diehard fan since 1998 and had met each separately a few times, but this was the moment I had been waiting for since I was 12!  And when it was my meet and greet turn (I got the gold package so I was able to have a solo pic with them) I thanked them for their song “Never Gone” along with their mere existence and the rest of their music. And I told them that how after I lost my mom to Pancreatic Cancer, my family and I had the lyrics to “Never Gone” printed on her funeral pamphlet, since the words are just so beautiful and perfect if you lose someone. I asked if they could autograph the pamphlet, but of course the security guard freaked out because of the “no autographs rule,” but Nick stepped up, told the security guard to chill out, and that they’re going to do it because “it’s a memory thing.” And then they all signed it! It was just such an amazing experience. I started balling. It was so emotional on SO many different levels. It not only made my day, my year, but also is definitely one of my greatest memories ever. 🙂 They are truly such amazing, kind hearted, wonderful men! KTBSPA!” – Angeleena Marie

“In 2013, I won tickets to a private acoustic session with the Boys in Raleigh, NC on the day of their IAWLT concert. After the meet and greet was over, the Boys all left. My cousin and I were leaving too when we noticed a few girls running around the corner. We followed because hey— When the Boys are in town and you see girls running…you go, too! It was Howie running to grab his tour bus. He had stopped to take a few pics but was being motioned to get on the bus so they could go. I guess he saw my disappointed face because he told them to hang on and called me over to take a picture. My first one on one BSB selfie. Totally made my day! Howie is a total sweetheart and all my BSB interactions with him have always been wonderful. Love our Boys.” – Diana

“AJ saved my life when he caught me after my heel got stuck in the platform of the barricade. I totally would’ve smashed my face if he wasn’t right there.” – Allie