2018: Upcoming Backstreet Boys Appearances and Events

Can you believe it’s already almost 2018 (or is already depending on when you read this)?! In 2017, we kept you updated with every confirmed BSB appearance and event – large and small – in one post and when we asked if you wanted it to continue, the response was an overwhelming YES!

2018 is going to be huge. We can’t wait to be here for all of it.

So here it is – a post with every CONFIRMED concert / appearance that the Boys are scheduled for as we get it. If you have questions about an upcoming event, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on TwitterFacebook or the Contact Us page!

For any event where a ticket link is not provided, ticket details can be found at backstreetboys.com/events.

May 2nd – Sail Away With Nick Carter


Get Tickets Here

May 3rd – May 7th – Backstreet Boys Cruise


Currently SOLD OUT! Join the waitlist here.

May 19th – SPF 2018 – The Cosmopolitan – Las Vegas


Tickets and Details Here

June 15th – 106.1 BLI Summer Jam – Jones Beach (NY)


Get Tickets Here

June 19th – ’18 KISS Concert – Boston, MA


Presale / Ticket / Details Here

June 29th – July 1st – Fanboy Expo – Nick Carter and AJ McLean – Knoxville, TN


Photo Op, Tickets and Info HERE

August 18th – One Night Only With 98 Degrees – Thackerton, Oklahoma


Tickets + Details Here

July 25th – August 10th / October 24th – November 17th (Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays) – Las Vegas


Find Tickets and Meet & Greet HERE

All The Updates On The Latest Backstreet Boys Single + Music Video / Photo Shoot

The majority of the Backstreet Boys have been pretty quiet since their last Las Vegas run of shows in February and the majority of us have been waiting very  sort of patiently for the new single.

Then new show announcements started trickling out.

Then April came, the month of the Boys’ 25th anniversary, and things started picking pace. Perhaps the biggest announcement came this past weekend, when Nick told the crowd during his interview at Heroes and Villains FanFest in Chicago that the Boys would be filming the music video for their new single THIS WEEK…. and it would involve dancing. [No fields!! As we suggested…]

Then the week began and the work began. First Kevin posted, the Brian, then AJ, then Nick, then Howie…and well, IT’S REALLY OVERWHELMING. Not only were they working on a music video, but a photo shoot as well.

So, until we have a new single, we’ll be updating this post with ALL the things so your panic about missing anything can subside. We got you!





Who are Rich + Tone?

They are dancers, choreographers, and creative directors. They’ve worked with Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Madonna, Pink, Jennifer Lopez and many more. You can read they’re impressive resume here.

Who is Alex Chung?

Uhh, we’re not sure. The only Alex Chung we know is the CEO of GIPHY and if he is involved, then hot damn, we’re intrigued.





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12ish (More) Friendships That Happened Because Of The Backstreet Boys

We recently reposted an old post from the first year WHOTB was open about friends who became friends because of the Backstreet Boys. Since then, we’ve grown and there are so many of you who wanted to tell us about your friends so we asked you to share even more!

And you did. We love reading these stories and we hope you do too.

How lucky are we to have a band that has not only given us so much amazing music, but also some of our closest friends? The perks of being a Backstreet Boys fan just keep coming!

Tracy + Stephanie

“I met Stephanie a few years ago, most people know her by her Twitter handle, @steph_ktbspa. We met on Twitter. When I went on the 2013 BSB cruise she and I finally met in person and we hit it off majorly. She’s from Kentucky and I’m from New Jersey. She’s an Aquarius and I’m a Cancer. We are kinda opposites. Air sign and water sign. She’s a little country, I’m a little rock and roll lol. BSB brought us together. We’ve had lots of adventures together, going on the 2014 cruise together and in 2017 going to Vegas for my birthday. She’s one of the few I consider to be basically family and I am so grateful to have her. I guess you could say opposites attract, but great minds think alike, especially when it comes to BSB!”

Tiina + Marika + Johanna

“Our story leads back to the early 2000s. It’s actually been so long that I can’t even remember the year I got to know these girls. I’ve known Marika and Johanna for at least 15 years and Tiina for about 10. We got to know each other online, we are from Finland but from different parts of the county. We talked and talked online and obviously BSB was the reason for it. We met up a few times a year and it was always a “BSB get together” since we’d watch videos, listen to them and just talk Backstreet.

2005 and Never Gone happened and so did our first tour together, we went all over Scandinavia to see the Boys and if I remember correctly, London too. Then we got to know Tiina, first online, then at a “BSB get together” and then obviously on tour.

We’ve traveled all over Europe to see the Boys, some have been on the cruise and the latest trip was last year and obviously it was Vegas. We all have our own lives, but we’re still friends after all these years, with or without Backstreet. These girls are some of my closest friends and the trips we take are hard to top. Being together at a BSB show is just something so magical, we have that connection and so many memories that I just can’t wait for the next possibility to go on the road again!”

Deyanira + Alicia

“I’ve met more friends than I’ve mentioned, but THIS GIRL! We met on Twitter, and have been to KTUPHORIA together twice, Vegas once, we went to see Nick at his All American Tour together, and GMA to see him for DWTS. We’ve also gone to Disaster to see Baylee. We’ve done tons of non bsb related things together too. She’s become one of my favorite people ! That’s my Brian girl ❤ I love that girl! THANKS BOYS!!!!”

Deena + Gavin


“I’ve been a BSB fan since I was a little kid! In 2008 when they announced dates for their tour I was pumped to see they were coming back to my Canadian town, first time in 10 years! So I joined their online fanclub to purchase tickets and I logged into the chat. Started chatting to a bunch of fans and started chatting to Gavin, a male fan from the UK.

Long story short here we are, living in Canada together with 2 kids and happily married for 7 years. All because of a mutual appreciation for the backstreet boys!”

Kathryn + Jamie

“When the 2013 cruise was announced, I knew I had to go. Trouble was no one else in my life would be willing to spend to go with me. Cue the match program!! IIRC the only detail question was who your favorite member is. (Heeeeeey B-Rok 😉) When matches were sent out, she and I emailed a little back and forth and then moved to texting a little, but naturally we were still unsure of each other. Finally the night before departure, we met in person at the big dinner meetup. She was so easy to talk to, and I instantly felt at ease with her. Rooming together was practically a dream, and we barely left each other’s side the whole trip. She’d met them before and I hadn’t, so whenever there was an opportunity, she always pushed me first to get a photo. Our cabin happened to be on the same floor as the boys, and she was the best Partner In Crime to (respectfully of course) scope out Brian’s room 🤣 When I had a panic attack at the last deck party and had to be taken to medics, she left the party and stayed with me till I was discharged hours later.
I don’t know if it was luck or fate or the Powers of Brian, but I couldn’t have been any luckier to have this beautiful soul enter my life. We haven’t been able to see each other in person again since, but we do our best to stay in touch. What a loving husband she has now and about the sweetest little daughter you could imagine. I know we’ll have another chance at cruising again together in the next few years, and as much as I adore our boys, I mostly just can’t wait to see my friend again ❤”

Sonia + Megan

“There are 32 of us. We are all members of the fan club and became friends when Megan asked for members who wanted to send each other greetings cards at Christmas. Since then we have celebrated birthdays together and Valentines and the big 25 year anniversary! We really are there for each other through stresses, illness, sadness and joy with messages of support and little pick me ups or a little gift/token! We would never have got together if it wasn’t for our mutual love of this fabulous group of guys! BSB Happy Mail Exchanges.”

Amanda + Andrezza

“Andrezza and I are Brazilian, so the boys come here a little after the other places. In 2011 I got off my city by myself with only the ticket to the concert and the airplane tickets, no money! I went to São Paulo and, during the long wait in line, Andrezza was right after me with her mom and they started talking to me. We saw a group of girls wearing some nice clothes and found out they were going to the m&g and that moment we looked at each other and promised ourselves that on the next concert we would go together to a m&g. Entering to the concert, her mother, a total stranger that day, took care of my backpack so I could enjoy more. We got lost and I thought I wouldn’t have a day to come back home, but after the end of the concert they were waiting for me. I went to the airport, slept there and in the first flight of the day I came back home, thinking how nice they were but never thought we would see each other again. We talked since then and in 2015 went to 5 concerts and m&g together, that was so great because only us could understand the feeling of that moment. We remain good friends and have the intention of never giving up on our friendship!”

Alicia + Lauren + Jessica

“In response to a post I made in a BSB Cruise Facebook post looking for a cruise roommate in June 2017, Lauren reached out to me to introduce herself. She had already found a roommate but wanted to say hi as another solo cruiser. We started chatting and Lauren eventually added her roomie, Jessica, to our Facebook group chat.

Fast forward to later that month when Jess & Lauren were making plans to attend BSBVegas in February 2018 so they could meet in advance of the cruise. I had had a few drinks as I was on vacation in Nashville for a country music festival. On a whim, I decided to purchase a pit ticket to the same show and join them. We spent the next 7 months chatting almost everyday and getting to know each other.

Before we finally officially met in person in Las Vegas we all felt like we knew each other so well just from our constant online conversations. I’m normally a super introverted person and never one cup to people in person right away. But the instant we all finally met in person I knew this friendship was different. It was like we were old friends getting together for a fun girls weekend. Strangers who found out we had just met in person for the first time told us they would have never guessed because we seemed like such great friends. We had an unbelievable time in Vegas and made SO many memories together.

Ever since our Vegas trip came to an end we’ve become even more inseparable via text. I tell these girls everything and truly feel like I’ve finally found my tribe. We’re soul sisters and will forever be grateful to the Backstreet Boys for bringing us together. I had been going through a hard time feeling like I was incapable of making & keeping friends and these girls saved me. I cannot wait to reunite with them on the cruise and spend 4 days on a boat with them and our Boys!!!”

Victoria + Danielle

“Me and my best friend met at my dad’s work. Her uncle was my dad’s boss. They knew we loved BSB so they got us tickets. We have been best friends and have been to 3 BSB concerts and we’re going in June to Comic Con to see Nick and AJ!! And going to their next concert. We love BSB forever!”

Alisha + Danielle + Sara + Victoria + Amy + Laura + Deanna


“I met these wonderful ladies on line at the Nick Carter all American tour. I got there 5 hours before the show started and sat outside with my friend Danielle. We met these 5 wonderful girls. We instantly started talking about our lover for the Backstreet Boys and singing for hours waiting to go in. I have a disability that I am not able to walk well and don’t have great balance. One of the girls spoke to security and the 7 of us were able to go in first. We were first row. We all had the best time together singing and dancing. We gave ourself the name BsBSheWolfpack! Ever since we have become best friends and attended all of the ktuphoria concerts together for the Backstreet Boys, where we make BsbShewolfpack shirts and made sure ktu knew of us and our love for Backstreet Boys. We also attended the Backstreet Boys concert in the city as well as Vegas! We talk everyday about the Backstreet Boys! I was so lucky to make great friends thanks to the Backstreet Boys. ❤❤❤❤” – Alisha

“We call ourselves the BSB She Wolf Pack, a group of girls that met at Nick’s concert for the All American Tour, right in the heart of NYC. Our story is simple, but it’s important to us:

Being there at the butt crack of dawn, exhausted from trekking all the way from Long Island, but determined to not only get front row, but to have the best time I could (which, of course included meeting Nick!), my friend Deanna and I walked up and down the street anxiously, trying to figure out how and where to line up. As it turns out, we were the first there. So, we choose the most likely of spots and popped a squat. Which, for me, involved involved out a towel, stretching my legs, and making sure my water, cigarettes, phone, and various chargers and extra batteries are easily accessible. For Deanna, it was sharing my towel and then poking fun at me.

It’s a bit common for me, to be the first in line, I am known as Wednesday Girl in some circles because I do my best to be first. It’s only because I don’t have the money for the things other fans can do, the barbeques, the bowling, the cruise…For me, what I can do, I go all out or nothing.

Well, it wasn’t long before some more fans showed up and I, as the extroverted nutcase I am, promptly introduced myself and exclaimed, “Welcome to the Funny Farm!” And that was it! I had wrangled these perfect strangers into my net of crazy and there was no escaping! I found out that they were just like me: not rich. So, they went all out when they could. My kind if people!

It was a few different groups of girls that somehow we managed to crochet together that day. Two friends and two friends and two friends, and so on. All lucky enough to arrive in the order they did so we were grouped together at the front of the line. A perfect storm of crazy fangirls, BSB lyrics, and restless energy.

And so, the hours ticked on. We chatted, we sang, we split sodas, and we bonded. Just one day waiting for a show to start and these girls were cemented into my life. I started calling us the She Wolf Pack, from Fuller House, saying we needed to stick together. The problem was that some more aggressive and self entitled fans had shown up, and these are the types of girls who don’t care that you waited about ten more hours than they did, they would shove you aside in an instant. So, my new band of friends decided that we would look out for each other (A few other friends of mine showed up, girls from other shows, but they were and are more than capable of handling themselves, and were further back in line, so I concentrated on these girls).

In the end, there was some drama, some nasty girls trying to cut in front of us, and some complaining from the self entitled ones who thought they deserved front row more than those who waited (because, like, they spent more, Uhm, money so like, they’re like obviously better fans.), but we held strong. We were, shall I say: Unbreakable?

And I, for one, wasn’t going to let anyone through. I became the Wolf Pack Momma that night, protecting my girls from everything I could!

We got first row, you better believe it! A line of girls who would put their hands up to their ears and howled at any chance they got! Taking selfies with the stage and with each other, bouncing with excitement and elation. (And completely melting down when Brian joined Nick on stage!)

And at the end, we were exhausted, in pain, dirty, and happy. From there we went our separate ways, but that didn’t last. A friendship such as ours, forged in the grimy streets of Manhattan, well, that doesn’t just dissolve. We’re known to KTU as the incorrigible BSB She Wolf Pack now, several DJs at KTUphoria (for the past two years!), have gone out of their way to greet us! We’ve made shirts, we’ve gone to karaoke, and we’ve had a reunion dinner where we hijacked the jukebox and played BSB songs all night (we may or may not have cleared the bar! Whoops!). We talk almost everyday in a Facebook chat, since we live spread across downstate NY, and we tag each other in almost every BSB post, squealing along with each other like we aren’t adults with careers and responsibilities, but still the same preteen girls we were when we first heard the boys on the radio.

The Backstreet Boys seem to have that affect on people, and we’re no different! They also seem to be good at creating friendships in their fans, I wonder if they know!

That’s our story! ❤

To my Wolf Pack: I love you, girls, to the mooooon and back! SHOW ‘EM WHAT YOU’RE MADE OF! AAAHOOOOOO! -Momma She Wolf 🐺” – Victoria

“It was a day I would NEVER forget. Going to meet Nick was the number goal on my bucket list and it was finally happening. He did a solo tour 2 years ago and one of his dates were in NYC. Alisha had an extra meet and greet ticket and asked if I wanted it, obviously I screamed and said yes. Lol. The day of the show, I knew the lines were going to be insane so I got up at 6am, left queens by 7am and got to Manhattan at 8. I walked to the hall and was the 3rd in line!!! So being the outgoing friendly girl who talks to EVERYONE lol, I immediately made friends with the ladies (Victoria and Deanna). As the day went on my 3 friends came who I kept a spot in line for and the BSB SheWolf pack was formed. Now I’ve never been to a concert without my sisters, so I was really nervous about being pushed and not getting front row. But these AMAZING group of girls stuck together and we all made sure we stayed in the front and got front row. From the moment we all laughed sang and talked on that line, we knew we were sticking together for life. It’s been 2 years and we still talk everyday in a shewolf pack Facebook chat. We’ve had reunions were we cleared a bar out because we put BSB on the jukebox and no matter what happens we are all there for each other. Thank you for letting me share my story ❤” – Sara

Taylor + Jennifer

“Jennifer worked with my mom for several years. I knew her, but we didn’t have much contact. In 2013, when tickets for the “In A World Like This” tour went on sale in my city, my mom told me that Jennifer loved BSB too!! I added Jenn on Facebook that day, and we struck a friendship up because of our five boys! We went to our first BSB concert together that summer, then again in December of that year, (except that time we did VIP!). When the doctumentary was released, we took a day trip to see it. Last year, we went to our THIRD BSB concert at Q-TOPIA. She has become a sister to me. If it wasn’t for AJ, Kevin, Nick, Brian and Howie, I wouldn’t have her as a forever confidant, (and someone who understands why I go gaga for Nick).”

Medina + Melissa


“I met my best friend because of The Backstreet Boys. A little over 6 years ago, a lady on Twitter helped me post a birthday message for Howie. She went by @etownmelly. We became fast friends because we both were Howie girls. We started messaging a few times a day on PING, yep, PING. Lol. We found that we had so much in common that we needed to speak more often so we downloaded What’s App, and now there isn’t an hour that goes by without us speaking. Melissa has become my sister. She’s there when I need a shoulder, an ear, or a butt kicking. She is such a beautiful person inside and out. We have had the chance to do such fun things, some BSB related, and some not. I will always be thankful for BSB for bringing Melissa into my life. She’s my kindred spirit and I’d be lost without her.”

Shinta + Theresa

image1 (2)

“I am Shinta and I am from Brisbane Australia. I have a mate who lives in PennsyIvania USA. We met back in the day in the old BSB chat room. Way before babies, husbands, buying houses etc.. going on 18 years ago. In 2016, we finally got to meet when I brought my family over to USA on  a vacation.”

What’s Happening On The Backstreet (April 1st – April 6th)

We’re picking our weekly / bi-weekly updates back up because THINGS. ARE. HAPPENING!

Here’s the quick run down, fan-mily…

THREE Different Shows Go On Sale Tomorrow (4/6)! 

The Backstreet Boys + 98 Degrees for ONE NIGHT ONLY in Oklahoma – On sale at 10a CST

KISS 108 Concert in Boston – On sale at 10a EST

SPF 2018 at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas – On sale at 10a PST

— There are no VIP upgrades for any of these shows —

BSB on Chex Mix + Ultimate Fan Prize Packs Giveaway

Get the details here

The #BSB25Project Billboard ad comes out on 4/21

Read the updates

Nick will be appearing at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Chicago THIS WEEKEND

Tickets + Photo Ops are still available

Met Some Great Friends Just By Being A BSB Fan? Let Us Know!

We recently reposted an old post from the first year WHOTB was open about friends who became friends because of the Backstreet Boys. Since then, we’ve grown and there are so many of you who wanted to tell us about your friends soooo….


We’re doing an update / continuation of our previous post and wanting more of you to share your stories. Simply fill out the form believe to be featured in our upcoming post. If you’d like to include pics, either link us in the paragraph you write or shoot us an email at whothebackstreet@gmail.com.

65 Of The Sweetest Instagram Moments Since Nick Carter Has Become A Dad

We thought we had seen every side of Nick Carter: the singer, the actor, the creator, the writer, the artist, the husband…

Then he became a dad and boy, does fatherhood suit him more than we ever imagined!

Since the birth of Odin Reign Carter in 2016, Nick has become quite the family man and he, along with Lauren, have shared some of the sweetest parenting moments via social media. For the past two years, some of our favorite Instagram posts have been the ones showcasing Nick and his “little buddy”.

Since we’ve done a post for every other Backstreet Boy and their children, we thought it was time to jump on this one! Since we’re less than a month away from Odin’s 2nd birthday, there’s no better time than the present. Enjoy a look back on the SWEETEST Instagram moments from the Carter family as we look forward to many more to come! [Also, we can’t believe how time has flown!!]


The Basics: Going To A Comic Con

Welcome to the first post in a series of posts we’re calling The Basics!

Here’s the premise…

A lot of you have asked us about the basics of events. What can I expect? What do I need to know? How does this work? So, we’re putting these posts together as a “bare bones” reference to get you started. If you can’t find the answers to what you’re looking for in these posts, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email or social media!

So you’re going to a comic con…

  • Check the website of the con you’re planning on attending and explore. Find out who else is going to be there for two reasons. One – to find out if there’s anyone else you want to see, two – to get an idea of how big the crowds are going to be. Walker Stalker Cons are generally more popular, but any convention with individuals from popular shows in attendance are going to be more crowded.
  • Buy tickets. Normally, tickets for entry are sold by individual days or at a discounted rate for all three. If you even think that you’re going to be there for all three, it’s usually better to buy a multi-day pass. You’ll also want to look at any bundles or “VIP” offers to see what’s included. We can not stress enough to DO YOUR RESEARCH.
  • Check out the photo ops. Typically, the photo op “schedule” isn’t posted until a week or so before the con date, so when you buy a photo op, you’ll want to make sure you’re available for most of the day. For example, you can buy a photo op for Nick Carter on Saturday, but you won’t know what time on Saturday until a week or so beforehand. If multiple Boys are attending, there’s usually a photo op available for a photo with both as well. ALWAYS look at photo op details – some cons allow more than one person in the photo if you’re looking to split the cost or do multiple photos. 
  • Things DO sell out. You’ll want to get your tickets early if it’s a popular event and if you know a lot of other BSB fans going, get your photo ops ASAP as well. If you’re not positive if you’re going, read the cancellation / refund / exchange policies carefully. They vary by con.
  • BRING CASH! We can not stress this enough. If you are banking on a selfie(s) and / or autograph(s) at your Backstreet Boy’s table, they only accept cash payment at most events.
  • So far, selfies and autographs have been available at event tables. This is the question we get the most – how does this work? Nick, AJ, and / or Howie (the only ones that have reps to appear at cons) will have a table assigned to them and there’s usually a banner behind the table so that you’ll know. You line up at the table (or walk up, depending on how busy / un-busy it is) where there are usually various photos laid out to be able to be autographed, you can have your photo from your photo op signed, or you can bring your own item. You can also purchase selfies at the table, if they are being offered. There is usually a combo price if you want both and you can get as many as you want, as long as you keep getting back in line.
  • Panels / Q&A. These don’t always happen, but sometimes they do. It’s either an interviewer asking questions or accepting questions from fans. The schedule will be posted in advance, but things do change, so keep an eye on social media and the con website for updates. The panels are included with admission tickets unless otherwise noted.
  • Don’t stress! Con appearances are a great way to have fun with friends and Backstreet Boys (and a few other celebs, if you like). It’s a chill environment with a lot to see. The Boys try to take time to have a small conversation with you, photos from photo ops are printed immediately and the memories are great ones. The only time you need to worry about it a photo op time and panel Q&A if there is one- other than that, it’s open. If you can get to one, do it!

As always, if there’s something you feel we haven’t covered here, let us know!

Other WHOTB Posts About Conventions:

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6 Tips For Landing A Selfie With The Backstreet Boys

This year is shaping up to be a good (and busy) one for the Backstreet Boys and fans alike. As times have evolved, the goals we have with the Boys have changed.

In the 90s, we just wanted to be close to them.

In the early 2000s, we wanted to meet them.

In the mid-2000s, we wanted social media interaction.

Today, there is the art of the selfie.

Many of us have been able to score a selfie with Brian, AJ, Nick, Kevin or Howie. Some of us have one and we’re satisfied, some have many and are satisfied, some will never have enough and some are still chasing “the dream”.

With the cruise lurking ahead and other events on the horizon, we thought to share some of the best tips (and etiquette) for the moments of selfie-ism that you might find yourself in, as agreed on by many fans throughout the years.

1. Don’t Stress About Getting A Selfie!


First and foremost (and seemingly most obvious), not getting a selfie with a Backstreet Boy is not the end of the world. There are so many fans all over the world that will confirm that some of the best experiences with Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ or Nick were when no photos were involved. Trust us when we say that a story to tell is far better than a blurry selfie with a peeved looking Boy.

Second, there is a lot of truth in the best things being worth the wait, patience being a virtue, and things happening when you least expect it. A selfie (or multiple selfies) does not define your “level” of being a fan. In fact, a few selfies with half of Kevin’s face and your eyeball will only define your level of crazy. While it may not feel fair in the moment that those at particular events get their selfies by pushing, trust the universe that it’ll all work out for you in the end. It is far better to not make a fool of yourself in front of a Backstreet Boy and fellow fans than to get a selfie with no interaction.

2. Have Your Phone Ready.


Whether your moment with a Backstreet Boy happens leisurely or in a blip, chances are that they’re not going to have much time for you to fumble through your apps to open your camera, delete photos to make space, text your mom and then open your camera.


If you even smell a Backstreet Boy in your midst and a selfie is on your list, open that camera, folks.

3. Hand It Over.


FYI, Kevin and Nick specifically are made with selfie sticks for arms so hand them your phone to take the selfie. All of the BSB take hundreds of selfies and know their (and yours, probably) best angles. It’s best to let them take control.

(We do love this selfies-gone-wrong post though)

4. Remember Your Manners.


If you ARE lucky enough to be in the position to take a selfie, don’t be a part of BSB Fans Gone Wild. Don’t rip out anyone’s weave to get ahead, don’t accuse others, be patient, be kind, and wait your turn. ASK for a selfie – don’t just slap your phone in one’s face and expect them to smile.

It may not seem like it, but the Boys do take these things into account and no one wants to be called out by one of them or be the reason that they stop the selfies. They’re like five Santas who know if you’re naughty or nice. Don’t think they don’t.

5. Don’t Be Greedy.


TAKE YOUR SELFIE AND MOVE OUT OF THE WAY. We say that in the nicest way possible. Obviously, situations vary case by case, but be aware of your surroundings and read the crowd or the Backstreet Boy.

6. Help Out.


I once watched a fan hold turn on the light on her phone and hold it for other fans to be able to get a great selfie because it was dark outside. I will never forget that moment or the fact that Kevin took the time to ask someone to “repay the favor” and hold the light for her. THIS IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS, PEOPLE! Fans helping fans will always 1000% be the answer to getting further. We dig it.

Celebrate #BSB25 With Us On The Cruise!

There are a few things we know for sure about 2018:

  • We’re stoked about all the Backstreet adventures ahead.
  • We’re excited to celebrate the Boys’ 25th anniversary together in ANY possible way all year long.
  • We’re still waiting for AJ’s solo album and a BSB single.
  • This cruise is going to be the best one yet!
  • We’re going to do everything we can to give back to Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick this year. Let’s bring it in together, you guys!

Where are we going with this? We’re glad you asked.

Since this cruise is so close to the Backstreet Boys’ anniversary, we were racking our brains thinking WHAT CAN WE DO to mark the special occasion that wouldn’t require an extra suitcase, a load of money and special permission? Thousands of us popping out of a cake didn’t seem feasible.


THEN… we thought of it!


It’s simple.

During the Sail Away party (the first time we’re all together on the cruise), we want you to bring the shape of your heart.


NO. WAIT. Not the shape of your ACTUAL heart.

More like this…


Here’s what we’re thinking:

  • Make a heart shaped paper (preferably one you can hold with one hand that won’t block anyone’s view too terribly – think legal size paper)
  • Put 25 on the heart is BOLD LETTERS
  • Decorate the heart to represent where you’re from – be creative and snazzy (or don’t)
  • Our thought is to hold them up as soon as they’re on stage for the Sail Away party, but this might change — we’ll keep you posted. That’s the plan for now.
  • SHARE WITH ANYONE YOU KNOW GOING ON THE CRUISE!! It’d be wonderful to have the most participation possible. Imagine Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick coming out to a sea of colored ’25’ themed hearts ❤ ❤ ❤ This is another chance for us to come together to do something great for the Boys who have given us the best parts of their lives and made up some of the best parts of ours.

We can’t wait to see everyone and your hearts!


We’re so excited about your overwhelming response about wanting to do this! As someone said, “a sea of hearts” – I love that visual. Again, the more people doing it, the better so keep spreading the word.

We have a few updates since we first posted.

  • There have been some people that have been volunteering to bring extra hearts for fans that don’t know about it to pass out beforehand to increase participants. We LOVE this idea! There is absolutely no obligation, but we wanted to post about it just in case others wanted to as well — whether they been plain hearts or decorated.
  • So many non-cruisers were hoping to get involved as well so… here’s what we’ll do. In addition to tweeting #BSB25 on April 20th and #BSB25Project on April 21st when the Billboard ad is published, fans who are not cruising will be tweeting #BSB25Hearts on sail away day (May 3) with photos of their own decorated hearts with a 25 on it, so whether you’re on the cruise or not – we’re coming together to flood with love. After we return from the cruise, if the movement is successful (we have high hopes), we’ll do a post about it. Sound good?

We’re still taking suggestions, ideas, and anything else you think we’re missing or could add to the fun. Just tweet, message, email or comment!


To Our Backstreet Fan-mily…

Fan-mily (n.): Fans who have become friends who have become family

When What Happens On The Backstreet began 3 years ago, we jokingly referred to all of us as one big fan-mily. The joke stuck and perhaps that’s because it wasn’t a joke at all.

Every single one of us who has been a Backstreet Boys fan for any length of time has a story about someone you have met because you’re a fan or someone you were already friends with and have grown up being fans together. There’s something special about those relationships, just as there is something special about being a fan of a 25 year old band in itself.

We’re only in the third month of 2018, but we’re already getting the vibe that it’s going to be a special year. And we can’t enjoy that year without each other. Just like the Boys need us, we need each other.

Here’s the thing – no one understands being a fan unless you are a fan. No one understands being part of the Backstreet fan-mily like a Backstreet fan, no matter how long you’ve been a part of it. It’s been years of memories, concerts, events, music, and more. While we wouldn’t have had these things without Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick, but we wouldn’t have had these things without each other either.

Here’s the thing…

There are fans all over the world.

Every one of us looks different.

Every one of us has different backgrounds.

Every one of us has different relationship statuses.

Every one of us has different dreams, goals, jobs, etc.

All of this is OKAY…

But none of that has to do with being a Backstreet Boys fan.

Despite all of our differences, we’ve come together for these five…BECAUSE of these five… and we have come to know just as much about each other as we have the Backstreet Boys themselves. This is a fan-mily.

For some of us, being a fan is a hobby and a pastime. For some of us, being a fan gives us an excuse to go on a girls trip or drag our significant others into something new. For some of us, the music has saved us. For some of us, it’s one Boy that made the difference and the rest is just a perk.

Whatever it is that put you here, remember it and don’t EVER let someone who doesn’t understand it make you feel bad for it. Don’t let anyone shame you for things that are irrelevant to you being a Backstreet Boys supporter. Don’t let someone take away your happy. You weren’t a fan this long to give it up because of something someone else said or something someone else did. You were never a fan because someone told you to be so why would you stop because someone told you you were wrong? Please. You didn’t come this far to start missing out now.

And whenever you feel yourself forgetting these things, re-read this post. Find a fan-mily member to remind you of the good times and all the fun, all the moments, and the love that is left to be shared. We’ll be here and there are thousands more as well, waiting to protect each other, waiting to scream together, waiting to be adults who support some amazingly talented dudes.

The Backstreet Boys may have 25 years under their belt but they’re only getting started….and so are we. Be there for each other. Share these things together.

You’re not going to want to miss this. ❤

What You Need To Know About AJ McLean’s Solo Ventures: 2018 Updates

We all know AJ McLean.

We all love AJ McLean.

We’ve all been eager to support any solo work AJ McLean has done, from vape juice to his “Live Together” project.

We’ve been waiting for forever for AJ McLean to release his entire solo album and now, it sounds like we might be a little bit closer…. but it’s not what you thought.

WHOTB kept you updated along the way as AJ was posting updates on his solo album in the last two years — BUT FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNOW because 2018 is all about new beginnings and bigger and better things.

So, once again, we will keep you updated here because we’re so excited for what AJ has in store and we don’t want anyone to miss a thing.

August 2017: AJ mentioned staying in Nashville to work on solo music after the taping of CMT Crossroads with Florida Georgia Line, picking up on some country flavor.

End of 2017: AJ spent time in both Nashville and Branson City, MO, which is also known for their country music vibes.

I know all of you have been so beyond patient with me since basically 2005 when I released my first ever solo album which sadly never touched American soil or anywhere else for that matter yet you still found a way to support me and through the magic that is the internet learned the words and picked your favorites! That in it self speaks volumes to me as an artist and as a person knowing how truly amazing and loyal my fans our. I say my because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt how above and beyond loyal bsb fans are and continue to be for 25 years but I’m speaking to my fans that believed in me than until now and I know will continue to for many years to come! I’ve been promising a solo album since then and believe me when I tell you I have written and recorded enough music since then for three full albums but something was always not right. Be it timing or the music itself or the climate of the industry but I kept working hard and long hours away from my family if needed to make the best body of work anyone has ever heard bsb fan or not! Finally now everything has fallen into place and so organically and not forced or trying to just fit into the moment of where music is right now. Instead I followed my heart and my gut and got back together with the best manager I’ve ever known and have the best team in my corner routing me on and when I say the wait is almost over and I swear to all of you it’ll be worth the wait we finally got it right. This picture is of a guest bedroom at my rental house in Las Vegas that my dear friend and amazing producer flew out two days ago and than made a make shift studio in his bedroom to record one of the many I believe smash hit songs I’ve compiled for my what I’m calling my true debut album to be released all over the world very soon this shows my dedication to me and my project that we made this happen in a bedroom and to top it all off I recorded the song immediately after our show last night here in Vegas. He just left for the airport two hours ago and that’s when I went to bed. Going back to sleep now but wanted to share this and tell you all the album is coming soon and to say and show my deepest most honest appreciation!

A post shared by AJ McLean (@aj_mclean) on

February 10, 2018: AJ posts an Instagram photo outlining his new solo plan, which included information about why he has not yet released an album. “I’ve been promising a solo album since then and believe me when I tell you I have written and recorded enough music since then for three full albums but something was always not right,” he posted. “Finally, now everything has fallen into place and so organically and not forced or trying to just fit into the moment of where music is right now. Instead, I followed my heart and my gut and got back together with the best manager I’ve ever known and have the best team in my corner rooting me on and when I say the wait is almost over and I swear to all of you it’ll be worth the wait we finally got it right.”

February 16, 2018: AJ reveals that he is coming back to Nashville to work on more solo projects.



February 28, 2018 / March 2. 2018: AJ signed to become a member of the Country Music Association in Nashville, TN. To learn more about the association, click here. [Editor’s Note: As a Nashvillian, this thrills me. Can’t wait for more details.]

In the statement announcing this membership on 3/2, AJ stated that he’s a “chameleon” and hinted at the country vibes in his upcoming solo work.

AJ then thanked everyone involved on his instagram page (see below).

So first off I should be asleep but sadly I either got a hopefully 24 hour bug or possibly food poising so that’s why I’m still awake right now and have to be up in 7 hours! Anyways that being said I have to just say thank you to a few people! First off I have to say thank you to my amazing team behind me and my new journey I’m about to embark on stepping into the world of country music! From my amazing manger mr Johnny Wright to my equally amazing social team slash co managers Cassie and jade and all the ladies at crowd surf. Also I have to thank more than anyone my partner in crime and the man pushing me to my limits me Brandon Mashburn thanks bro for seeing my vision and for never giving up on me. Also my boys and now family and most amazingly talented writers Brett Tyler and Clint Lagerberg for taking a chance on me and making a dream come true. Last and most certainly not least I have to thank the country music association for taking me under your wings and welcoming me to the country world! All I can say is this, I’m a fan of all music and I know my fans are the best most loyal in the world and no matter what kind of music I do they will support my vision. You guys are all in for a treat and I couldn’t be more proud of the music I’m doing and that a little dream is now becoming reality! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I wanna make great music and make people happy and be the first solo country artist to shake things up!

A post shared by AJ McLean (@aj_mclean) on

March 21, 2018: AJ posts on social media that he’s back in the studio working on his “country vibe” with Jordan Omley, AJ’s friend, songwriter, and one half of production company The Jam, who has had a hand in his previous projects as well.

March 29, 2018: Two Instagram posts previewing two new songs were made, seemingly titled “Leave Your Boots On” and “Bottle Service”, while AJ had his daughters in the studio.

April 15, 2018: AJ attended the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas and did a few interviews about his upcoming solo record. Check them out below!


After scoring hit with Florida Georgia Line, The Backstreet Boys’ AJ McLean is going country (WIN 98.5)

Backstreet Boy AJ McLean Teases New Solo Project: ‘I Want to Disrupt Country’ Music (Entertainment Tonight)

A.J. McLean Tells the ACM Awards: ‘I’m Coming In to Disrupt Country Music’ (Billboard)


 Stay tuned to this post for more updates as they come in (and our tweets tagged #AJMcLean2018)!