2017: Upcoming Backstreet Boys Appearances

Backstreet is coming at 2017 at full speed and we can hardly keep up!

Recently, we updated you on everything they’ve been doing, but the BSB train is. not. stopping…TOOT TOOT! We had posted a graphic on WHOTB social media channels for everyone to stay updated on what was happening when, but at this rate, updating a post might be easier.

So here it is – a post with every CONFIRMED concert / appearance that the Boys are scheduled for as we get it. If you have questions about an upcoming event, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on TwitterFacebook or the Contact Us page!

For any event where a ticket link is not provided, ticket details can be found at backstreetboys.com/events.

June 22, 2017 – Boy Band Premiere (Nick Carter) – ABC


Request free tickets to a show here

The show will air every Thursday for 10 episodes on  ABC at 8/7c

July 16, 2017 – Celebrity Family Feud (Howie D.) – ABC


ABC – 8/7c

August 20, 2017 – The Nineties – CNN


The Boys filmed clips for a CNN doc about the 90s while in Vegas last month! Check it out on CNN at 9/8c.

July 29, 2017 – Smooth Tour (with Florida Georgia Line) – Target Field in Minneapolis, MN


August 12, 2017 – Smooth Tour (with Florida Georgia Line) – Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL


August 30, 2017 – CMT Crossroads – CMT


CMT Crossroads showcases a pop group and a country group singing each other’s songs and together. Backstreet and Florida Georgia Line’s episode will air on 8/30 at 10/9c.

Get Details Here.

October 27-29, 2017 – Walker Stalker Atlanta (Nick)



November 8, 10, 11, 2017 – Larger Than Life – Las Vegas


November 15, 17, 18, 2017 – Larger Than Life – Las Vegas


December 29, 2017 – New Years Weekend – Cancun, Mexico



What’s Happening On The Backstreet: August 1-7, 2017

We asked on Twitter if you’d want weekly update posts to help you keep up with what is literally happening on the Backstreet — because these five are BUSY!

You said yes and here we are. These posts will come weekly – usually on the weekend – and will not contain new content, but will try to include everything you might have missed from the previous week from the world of BSB (and our posts for the week).

Here are the highlights from August 1st-7th:

Backstreet Boys Cancun: Fan Club Presale

CMT Crossroads Taping: BSB + FGL (Post coming closer to air date – 8/30)

Boy Band: Break Up Week + Semi Final Details

Spotlight Story: Why Do You Love Being A Nick Carter Fan? (Nick FC Exclusive)

Thank You, Kevin Richardson

Nick Carter Offers Words of Encouragement To The ‘Boy Band’ Final Nine

Have A Story About A Backstreet Wife? Send Them Our Way!

Send A Video Message For Howie D.’s Birthday

Oh, and Kevin took his family to his holy grail…



August 12th – Backstreet Boys Last ‘Smooth Tour’ Stadium Date in Chicago (SOLD OUT)

Return of #BSBVegas is 3 months away!


Have A Story About A Backstreet Wife? Send Them Our Way!

We love writing posts about our Boys and love any chance we get for fans to share their stories and experiences. Every now and then though, we love to open it up for appreciation of the people that surround them.

A few months ago, we asked you to share your love, appreciation and stories for the Backstreet Boys Security team and now we’re asking you to share again.

If you’ve met and have a story about or have had some kind of interaction with Kristin, Leigh, Rochelle, Leighanne or Lauren that you’d like to share — send it our way! If you simply want to express your appreciation, that’s cool too. We’ll post what we can.

NOTE: Do NOT send us any negativity. You’re wasting your time and ours. Thank you!

Thank You, Kevin Richardson

First and foremost, let me say that it is important to What Happens On The Backstreet that we are fair and honest with our posts about the Backstreet Boys. We are 1000% appreciative of all five of these men and will show up for them over and over. For that reason, we spread the love for them individually when we can as we have for Nick, Brian, and AJ so far during different times.

This one, though, goes out to Kevin. Promise to keep it short and sweet.

While I usually shy away from posting personal experiences here, what struck me with Kevin this past Tuesday night embodies what I think a lot of us have all spoken about before and the appreciation is so real that I can’t not write about it publicly – before I even write anything about the taping of CMT Crossroads.

On Tuesday, August 1st, the Backstreet Boys joined Florida Georgia Line in Nashville, TN to record an upcoming episode of CMT Crossroads (airing August 30th – don’t miss it!). As Backstreet fans do, there were about 20 or so people waiting for the Boys to leave after the show, hoping to catch a glance, sneak in a word or two, or capture a highly coveted selfie.

It’s completely understandable that the guys had been working all day – they were tired and ready to go. Everyone would have understood if they didn’t come over to greet fans. As crew and artists left, fans watched, a few pleading with a boy or two to come over.

Then Kevin came out.

Kevin didn’t act like the fans weren’t there and he didn’t act like he didn’t hear anyone calling his name. He didn’t book it straight toward his wife and two young sons who were waiting for him. He stopped, waved, and when someone requested a photo, he said “Yes, I’ll be back. Let me change out of these sweaty clothes!”

And that simple statement meant the world to the majority standing there. It meant that he saw us. It meant that he respected us enough to answer. It meant that we were all humans on the same level. And everyone believed him – because if it comes from Kevin, it’s a promise. That’s the level of credibility he’s built with fans and we can’t thank him enough for it.

NOTE: This is not to say that the other Boys blew us off. Eventually, all of them made their way over and were as kind and as giving of their time as ever. This specific post is just an example of a moment where Kevin has shown the type of person he is and we feel like it’s time he gets the outward appreciation he deserves for the little things.

We watched as Kevin came out to help his wife with the kids, announcing to fans and keeping everyone updated by holding up a booster seat and saying he had to get his boys in the car first.

Then, he kept his promise, saying “I told y’all I would come over” and proceeded to take his time taking a selfie with every person that was waiting. At one point, he realized a fan who had been holding her phone as a light for everyone’s selfie (because it was dark), hadn’t gotten one herself and kindly asked her friend to hold the light for her so she could get one as well.

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference. A friend who had never seen the Backstreet Boys before that night was blown away by how kind they are. I, for one, am so proud that that is something we can count on as fans – the kindness of these five.

Back to Kevin, I watched a man go from onstage popstar and friend to husband and father and back in a matter of 30 minutes — all while remaining incredibly humble, insanely down-to-earth and very obviously grateful. How lucky are we that this man is a part of our favorite band?

There’s many reasons to admire Mr. Richardson, but for me, it will always be his ability to reach people, his honesty, his passion, his sense of humor and his endless gratitude.

Kevin, if you’re reading this, thank you for continuously restoring faith in humanity. Thank you for coming back. Thank you for keeping it real. Thank you for being you.


(For those of you waiting for more teasers and a post about CMT Crossroads – keep your eyes peeled. It will be posted closer to the air date!)



7 Tips Backstreet Boys Fans Have For The Next Generation of Fangirls (And Boys)

For most girls (and some boys), having a band win you over is a rite of passage in life. The posters, the magazines, the TV appearances, the concerts – it’s a part of our lives that we never forget and, if we’re lucky, get to relive over and over into our later years (at least the concert part).

Most of you reading this have been 20+ year fans of the Backstreet Boys and hopefully some of you are fresh fans, looking for a little guidance. Let me state now, we are in no way claiming to know everything that works or lording over a younger generation. In all actuality, with the rise of social media, we are impressed by how quickly and hardcore you guys can be about promoting your bands.

However, having been fans for 20-ish years, we have been where you are and there are things that we have learned that we wish we would have known a while ago. Actually, there are some of us that haven’t learned either — this post is a reminder for these fans as well as the next generation.

1. Stay Loyal.


Without you showing up to shows, buying merch, watching appearances, waiting in lines for hours to see them, and more, your favorite band is nothing. The majority of us have spent countless hours traveling, watching and (endlessly) waiting for the Backstreet Boys in our years as fans. Those times we’ve spent have made for some of the best memories though.

There will be times that they are the highest of highs, with radio airplay, large events and their faces on every magazine, but there are also all of the lows. There are times when your boys aren’t going to have anyone backing them but the most loyal of fans and you’ll definitely want to be there. If you’re there for the best, be there to make sure that they remember that they’re still the best. Be a ride or die.

2. Don’t Talk Badly About Your Boys.


Between the band and your fan-friends, everyone becomes a family. Everyone knows you talk about your siblings, but you don’t let anyone else talk about them… and that’s exactly how it should be with your favorite band. Inevitably, you will probably have a favorite (and if you say you don’t, you’re lying). You will also probably have one you care for the least. If you feel like you must say something about them, do so in private conversations. A united front is important and 9 times out of 10, words will be used against you if you’re not careful.

It’s really just in bad taste. Don’t do it.

You also never know who is lurking.

3. Come Together.


In the end, it doesn’t matter what Megan said about you at a concert 3 years ago or what Emily tweeted about you or your favorite. When it comes time to support your band, you HAVE to stick together for the greater good. There’s strength in numbers and there’s something to be said for coming together. That’s how things get done!

4. Grow A Thick Skin Now.


Not everyone is going to be a fan of your boys. Get used to it now. The longer they stay a band, the harsher people (including the industry) will become. The music industry is tough and everyone in it knows that. Don’t waste your time taking people down because you THINK they offended your favorite band members. In fact, if you have to say anything, be informative in a smart way. Don’t come at people in a personal way – stick to the facts.

And always, always, always promote your band more than you look to take down others who don’t. Be productive with your love.

5. …But Realize That Your Boys Aren’t Flawless.


This one is learned with years of experience. It’s easy to think that your faves are perfect and you will do anything to make others think the same.

….but slow your roll.

No one is perfect and you will realize that, while you love them despite their flaws, others may not and that’s okay. Everyone has their preferences. At least that means you have to share with less people. The quicker you learn that they’re not flawless though, the more crazed you look and the more people can take you seriously.

ALSO – Do not come for former girlfriends, family members, etc. that have less than savory things to say about them or aren’t saying anything at all. That’s not your fight and it’s not your business. It’s more trouble than it’s worth. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

6. Respect Those That Have Come Before Them (And Those That Try To Help Them).


DO NOT COME FOR OTHER ARTISTS WHO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR BAND. Unless it’s completely despicable and inaccurate, most times what other artists say about other artists has been lost in translation, is actually true, or is not intentionally “coming for them”. Fans berating other artists on social media is probably the #1 way to embarrass your idols, actually. Please don’t. More than anyone, the older artists know what it takes to stay in the industry and are only offering their help.

7. Have The Time Of Your Life!


Most of us would agree that the time that you relinquish yourself to a life of fangirling (or fanboying) begins some of the best (and most memorable) times of your life. Buy the concert ticket, bug your parents to let you go with your friends, wait in line to buy an album (if people do that anymore – we’re old), share photos, share memories, and don’t take everything so seriously. A relationship with a band will change you forever – make it for the best!

And please remember — it’s not just about selfies, follows and hashtags. Soak it all in.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

16 Things That Backstreet Boys Fans Want You To Know

Friends, family members, and countrymen:

There’s something you need to know.

If you don’t know by now, we love the Backstreet Boys. We also would like you to know a few other things:

1. If There’s A Tour, We Probably Knew About It Months Ago.


Some of us work two or three jobs to be able to afford these tour adventures. Some of us have kids that we need to know when to pawn off on other people. Some of us plan our family vacations around “tour season”. We definitely knew already, but thanks.

2. If There’s An Album, We’ve Probably Been Waiting For It For A Year.


See #1. Actually, we’ve probably heard over half of the album on the DL before the release date is even announced. We’re a little bit, as the kids say, thirsty.

Also, this is where we get our stellar ability to find things out. WE WILL FIND THINGS OUT in a creepy-fast way.

3. If Any BSB, Their Wives, Their Family, or Their Dogs Are In The News – We Know. 


Yes, Becky… we know all about the upcoming tour, we know where Brian’s dogs are groomed, and we know the Carter family drama. Do you literally not see the 45 other tags on my Facebook oorrr….?

4. We Really Have To Tone Down Our Knowledge (And Sass) For Those That Claim To Be Fans, But Don’t Own Anything Past Millennium. 


If you come to us asking a simple question about how a meet and greet works, we have to reel ourselves in and only tell you the basics. We don’t tell you what AJ smells like or the wonder that is Kevin’s eyes. We don’t tell you which security guards you might eventually love more than the BSB themselves or that Justin is the bomb at his photo skills.

We’re more than willing to tell you anything you want to know, but don’t come at us with a “OMG I’m so excited to hear ‘I Want It That Way’ LIVE!” ….because that makes us drink.

5. We All Talk About Those Of You Who Made Fun Of Us For Loving BSB In The 8th Grade, But Now Want Concert Info.


You know who you are. “Saraaaaa….you’re still not over them? That’s so cute!” This is exactly why we’re not telling you where the afterparty is, Laura. And believe us, we know…but it’s too “cute” for you. Sorry!

(We really are glad that you’re going to get to experience them though. We just might want to say “I told you so” a few more times than the 100 times that we do actually say it.)

6. We HAVE Grown Up.

Just like the people you consider “normal”, we have jobs, significant others, children, bills, friends, etc. Our lives do not revolve around Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ, and Nick.

Unless they’re in our city. Then jobs, other halves, children, and bills do not matter.

At least our lives don’t revolve around crying in a glass of wine and swiping right on Tindr, Susan.

7. These Boys Are More Like Family At This Point – Diss Them And We Will Come For You.


We didn’t choose the Backstreet life; the Backstreet life chose us. You mess with any of them, you mess with us. AND WE’RE A GANG. You think Straight Outta Compton was something…

Ok, we’ve never actually shot someone, but we’re fully equipped to team up against you with facts, screams, and uninhibited anger.




List of boybands that broke up:






If you say “former”, “reunited”, etc. to our faces, #7 could also apply depending on our moods. Don’t even risk it. TOGETHER SINCE ’93. Don’t make us unleash the history or buy you the documentary DVD (although we highly recommend watching it anyway).

9. Don’t Tell Us NSYNC Was Better, Then Reference A Justin Timberlake Song.


“Oh I always liked NSYNC better. They brought sexy baccckkk, tee hee.”

No. Stop it.

NSYNC FANS, you know where you can see 3/5 of your boys now? Hanging out with Nick and AJ. Justin does not define NSYNC. Get it together.

10. The Trips We Take To See The Backstreet Boys Are Also An Excuse To See Our Friends.


Say what you want about the money we spend and how many trips we take to see the Backstreet Boys (or don’t), but 95% of the time we’re using it as an excuse to hang out with our friends. Some friends we’ve made through being fans live on opposite ends of the country, some on opposite sides of the world. Sometimes we just need an excuse to take a trip with our local friends. Again, we have lives.

Don’t hate.

11. The Music Means Something Different To Every One Of Us. 


For some of us, the music has changed our lives. For others, it’s simply the soundtrack to two and a half decades of our lives. For all of us, it makes us happy (except some of us who will incessantly complain about the music they release and ask about “Spotlight” – they get talked about).

HAPPY. Also, you CAN listen to the Backstreet Boys AND Top 40. We’re not exclusively stuck in the 90s (as much as we’d love to be).

12. Yes, The Boys Know Some Of Us. No, We’re Not (All) Stalkers. 


Inevitably, the Boys know some of our names and faces, whether it be from social media or from the number of events we’ve been to. We didn’t sneak into their hotel and carve our names into their arms. We don’t hold them down and force them to remember our faces. They just do. They’re just that awesome.

13. Yes, We Do Have Normal Lives – It’s Not All BSB All The Time (For Most Of Us).


See #6.

14. Yes, We Know They’re Still Hot…. And That They Also Have Their Off Days.


Of course we appreciate the fact that Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick have aged gracefully and still have full capability of being hot, hot, hot. Yes, we will smirk smugly when you agree. But we’re also real and the days of swooning over everything they do is over. Sometimes our Boys are a HOT mess. Because we’re loyal fans and will love them through a bad hair day or a bad face day, we have earned the right to say so.

15. Our Husbands And Boyfriends Aren’t Jealous.


At this point, our husbands and boyfriends have become fans too and accompany us to shows. If they don’t, they’re fully supportive of our love for the band and understand the difference between love and in love. We have definitely caught them singing along to songs though and they know more about BSB than most other husbands.

NOTE: To fans reading this whose husbands and boyfriends aren’t okay with you being a fan, you don’t need him.

16. If You “Don’t Get It”, Kindly Mind Your Own Business. 


Simple as that. We’re not asking you to “get it”, but we are asking you to leave us alone about it. We’ve been here for the highs and we’ve been here for the lows — we’re not backing out now! Don’t like it? We do not care.

More Backstreet Boys for us.


**Please read this with a sense of humor. 🙂 **

15 Reactions We’ve Had To The Backstreet Boys (via ‘Boy Band’ GIFS)

Coming up on Week 5 of Boy Band, there have been a lot of things within the show so far that have caused us to compare the coming-together and performances of these boys to that of our own Backstreet Boys. They may be up and coming, but give us five boys singing in harmony and choreographed in time with each other and we are in!

If you’ve followed WHOTB for any length of time though, you know there’s nothing we love more than a good GIF. When Boy Band posted their own Giphy page, we knew we were going to have to do something with it. Boybands, Nick Carter, Baby Spice – it has our name all over it!

So here it is – all of our fangirling / fanboying reactions using gifs from Boy Band.

1. When A Backstreet Boy Says / Tweets Your Name


2. When Someone Is Talking To You, But You’re Really Thinking About Your Next BSB Event


3. When You’re Waiting For The Backstreet Boys To Announce Your City For Their Tour


4. When You’re Positive A Backstreet Boy Is Pointing To You… In The Nosebleeds


5. Roadtrips To BSB Shows With Your Friends Got You Like… 


6. When Nick Carter Is Thrusting Two Feet Away From You


7. The Morning Of A Concert…


8. …During A Concert…


9. …After A Concert


10. Walking Into VIP Meet And Greet Like…



(And what we think the Backstreet Boys must think about us sometimes)


11. And When You Want To Stand By One Boy Specifically…


12. The BSB Security When We Get A Little Too Loving…


13. During VIP…


14. After VIP…


15. Then You And Your Friends Vow To Do It ALLLL Again…Next Weekend! 


Tune in for more Boy Band greatness on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC!


24+ Things That Nick Carter Has Done That Everyone Needs To Know About

Since Boy Band has started, there have been several rude tweeters / social media know-it-alls who have had less-than-kind things to say about Nick Carter and his advice for the 30 competitors that are vying for a spot in a hand-picked-by-viewers boyband.

While the nice things have far outweighed the not-so-nice, we feel that there is far too many individuals who doubt Nick’s ability or, as one tweeter so eloquently put it this week, believe that he is “living through” the boys competing. Most irritating is the fact that most of the individuals saying these things do not do their research.

So, without naming the millions of things Nick has done for this fans, our own personal feelings, that he is always giving of his time or the fact that he is literally the hardest working still-current boybander today, we wanted everyone to have access to the quick facts in one post.

For those who think Nick is not equipped to handle choosing boyband members, check this out:

  • Joined the Backstreet Boys at the age of 13, with an offer of The Mickey Mouse Club also on the table
  • Has released 9 albums with the Backstreet Boys + working on the 10th
  • Has sold more then 130 million albums worldwide, making them the largest selling boyband ever
  • Won a ridiculous amount of awards – WORLDWIDE
  • Released 3 solo albums and went on 3 successful solo tours
  • Wrote a book, revealing his own struggles and offering inspiration for others to change their lifestyle
  • 2014: Got married, continued to tour with the Backstreet Boys, filmed and premiered a reality show, joined a duo with Jordan Knight (NKOTB), released an album and went on tour as ‘Nick and Knight’
  • 2015: Finished touring with BSB, wrote, directed, produced, and starred in Dead 7, competed on Dancing With The Stars all the way to the finals, released 3rd solo album, made a baby
  • 2016: Went on tour, became a father, appeared across country at different comic cons, premiered Dead 7 in several countries, announced BSB Vegas residency
  • 2017: Performed 3 nights a week in Vegas with the Backstreet Boys (becoming the fastest selling residency in Vegas history), hit #1 with BSB on a collaboration with Florida Georgia Line, performed with BSB at several music festivals (including 100k people in Quebec), joined the cast of Boy Band

There are a lot of things you can say about Nick Carter, but saying that he doesn’t know what he is doing is NOT one of them. Please don’t.

Oh, and trust us, in 20 years, you will appreciate your favorite boyband having dance moves — what else are you going to embarrass your kids with and / or do with your friends at concerts? BSB fans are also here for the music, but we got us a boyband that can do both — you should welcome it as well. Get you some men that can do both!

We aren’t hating. We aren’t saying that Nick is the boybander to end all boybanders. We’re just asking anyone that wants to say derogatory things to at least be accurate in your assumptions and facts. Focus on the next greats and respect the people that have paved the way for them and are enthusiastic about supporting them. In the end, we all win.

Leave Nick alone.