7 Things Any Backstreet Boys Fan Going To Vegas Is Going Through Right Now

Well, here we are. We’re in the homestretch of what we’ve been preparing for since a few Backstreet Boys weren’t supposed to tell us that a Vegas residency was happening. Remember when Nick told everyone it was happening then kept lying throughout the All American tour but was really bad at lying?

Anyway, we’ve made it! Kind of. We thought the waiting was the hardest part, but the closer we get, the more we realize this whole process has brought about a range of emotions we didn’t know we had.

1. STILL Deciding On Which Dates We’re Going. 


We started out VERY sure which dates we were going to go see our Boys in Vegas.

Until we started texting our friends… who seemed to be either undecided or spread out on the dates they were going.

WE LITERALLY HAVE TO MAKE VERY BLATANT DECISIONS ABOUT WHICH FRIENDS ARE MORE FUN. Or which friends were most likely to be the least drama in the whole tedious process.

2. We’re In A Love / Hate Relationship With Group Chats.


We’re so happy to have Backstreet-Boys-loving friends. We’re even more excited that we get to share experiences with them in Vegas.

HOWEVER, keeping up with group chats are hard! Sometimes it’s like a Backstreet Boy entering an FC chat in 1999 in there!

And just how many texts are you being left out of? What is group chat etiquette? Who really knows?

3. Which Events Do You Choose?! 


VIP Meet And Greet.



Which nights do you do what? Can you live with the FOMO? What do you have time for? Is this actually going to kill you? Which bank should you rob? How many lies are you going to tell your significant other? What are your friends doing? Better get back to that battlefield group chat.

4. We Keeping Adding ALL THE THINGS.


#3 is really irrelevant because after hours of panicking, the tickets eventually go on sale and our credit card numbers magically enter themselves for purchases. So weird how that happens. So weird how more dates keep getting added to the time we’re in Vegas.

Seriously, such a mystery.

5. What Do We Even Wear? 


Another endless convo probably happening in the group chat. Do you dress up? Do you wear jeans? Do you wear camo ala Nick Carter? Do you change for all the events you’re now probably in debt for? Can you even afford clothes?

Oh, and what about shoes?

And what about your hair?

And what about your entire life up until this point? It’s all spiraling out of control, to be honest.

6. Everyday is A Battle Against Those Who Do Not Understand.


As Backstreet Boys fans in 2017, we are used to constantly rolling our eyes at friends and family members who insist that they “just don’t know” how we see them so much.

Well, we don’t know how you talk so much, Linda, but here you are.

It’s almost as annoying as those who have not understood for years but suddenly want to join us in Vegas since the BSB were on an episode of The Bachelor and OMGZ AJ IS STILL SO HOT.

7. But Mostly, We’re Just Through-The-Roof Excited! 


The Backstreet Boys keep telling us via social media that we’re not ready and we keep wondering how they know so much!

How can we be ready for more amazing times with the five of them? How can we be ready for more days and nights with some of our best friends?

Honestly, just thinking about it makes us feel like throwing a party so we can only imagine how we’ll feel actually being there.




Dear MTV, Tell Me Why… The Backstreet Boys Don’t Have A Michael Jackson Vanguard Award

The Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, formerly known as simply the Video Vanguard Award and Lifetime Achievement Award, was introduced in 1984 during the MTV Video Music Awards. The honor is given to artists that have contributed to the impact MTV has had on pop culture, acknowledging their body of work.

A few recipients of this award have included David Bowie, Madonna, The Beatles, George Michael, Janet Jackson, Bon Jovi, Beastie Boys, U2, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Most recently, the award has gone to Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Beyonce and Rhianna.

Somehow, the Backstreet Boys have been skipped over. From a fan perspective, we didn’t vote for them to be #1 on TRL everyday from for them to be looked over now.

Dear MTV, the Backstreet Boys deserve this honor. Hear us out.

Since 1993, Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick have not stopped.

They’ve had court battles, life threatening surgeries, and personal battles all in the public eye.

They’ve grown up, gotten married, and had babies.

They’ve continued to work hard, to tour the world, to make music, to produce music videos long past the times of TRL and regular on-air video play, and connect with fans long past the time that the general public supported them the most.

They have each other’s backs and they have ours. They’ve never been bitter that they don’t get the fair amount of attention that their individual and collective talents deserve. They carry on because this is in their blood, because they love what they do, because they are a family.They remain five of the most humble guys that are still making music.

They are, and continue to be, the best selling boyband of all time.

Facts are facts.

Any appearance by the Backstreet Boys as recently as 2016 have garnered major attention from those who seem to have “forgotten” why they loved these Boys. Even those who aren’t fans can’t seem to deny the talent put before them.

If it comes down to music videos, please note that videos like “I Want It That Way” and “As Long As You Love Me” have 270+ million and 100+ million views on VEVO. That’s only in the past 7 years. Oh, and the “Everybody” video, directed by Joseph Kahn, who is now one of the biggest directors in the industry.

Also, like we mentioned, you can’t talk about TRL without talking about the Backstreet Boys. You can’t forget how they shut down Times Square on multiple occasions. You can’t forget the time they ran MTV on the day Millennium was released. You can’t forget the numerous VMA awards and performances in the US and Europe.

You can not deny the impact that the Backstreet Boys have had on MTV. You can’t deny the impact that MTV has had on the Backstreet Boys.

With the Backstreet Boys Las Vegas residency coming up, we feel like it’s the perfect time to bring them back to the forefront and give them the recognition that their 24 years of hard work deserves.

Don’t let us down, MTV. Don’t let the Backstreet Boys down.

Fans: In case this post is not enough, please sign this petition to let MTV know how many people think the Boys deserve this honor. Let’s get this!

Happy Birthday, Nick Carter

January 28th has been circled on many of our calendars since we were young. Every year Nick Carter turned older was another year we hoped that time would stop enough for us to catch up, grow up and marry him.

As the years have rolled on, we’ve kept the date on our calendar circled… but it isn’t for the same reasons anymore (for most of us anyway). It’s because as we’ve grown with Nick, we feel like he’s family. It’s because in the age of social media, he’s wished as many of us a happy birthday as we have to him. So…

Happy Birthday… to the man who goes above and beyond for his fans.

Happy Birthday… to the man who never stops working.

Happy Birthday… to the man who never lets us down (and apologizes profusely if he does).

Happy Birthday… to the man who has never held our crazy against us (and halfway enjoys it).

Happy Birthday… to the man who always asks our opinions to make every experience the best.

Happy Birthday… to the man who showed us that everyone makes mistakes and that all you have to do is get back up.

Happy Birthday… to the man who never understands how much he means to us.

Happy Birthday… to the man who showed us the power of positive thinking.

Happy Birthday… to the man who showed us that your past does not define your future.

Happy Birthday… to the man who inspired us to make changes in our lives.

Happy Birthday… to the man who showed us that you don’t have to be blood related to be family.

Happy Birthday… to the man who is truly passionate about everything he loves.

Happy Birthday… to the man that who taught us to never think we couldn’t achieve anything we wanted to do.

Happy Birthday… to the Backstreet Boy, the performer, the singer, the dancer, the husband, the father, the brother, the author, the friend, the football enthusiast, the hard worker, the dreamer, the human being.

Happy Birthday, Nick.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for us and continue to do without even knowing it.

We’re forever grateful. YOU’RE the best.

Join Us For The #BSB2017 Project For ALL Backstreet Boys Fans

After receiving such an overwhelming response to our last post about why you’re still a Backstreet fan in 2017, we are inspired to take it a step further and personalize it, unify everyone, and really visually show up for the Backstreet Boys.

On February 1, 2017, we’re asking you to take part in a social media project with us. Here’s how:

  1. Create a photo like the one below. Include a photo of yourself or with the Boys and text about why you’re a fan. (We like to use PicMonkey for simple edits/collages)
  2. Your text must start with “Hi, I’m _____” and end with “And I’m A Backstreet Boys Fan. No matter what.”
  3. Post your photo on February 1st with the hashtag #BSB2017 on your Twitter, Instagram, etc. We want to see social media light up with fans and support for our Boys exactly one month before they hit the Vegas stage! Let’s show the world what we’re made of.


Have questions? You can hit us up on Twitter, FB, or from the Contact page!

Yes, It’s 2017 And I’m Still A Backstreet Boys Fan

“You still like the Backstreet Boys?”

We get the question a lot. Sometimes we simply answer yes and sometimes we get really passionate in answering (especially when someone talks about how she or he is a fan too, but only knows “I Want It That Way”). The truth is though, for most, we don’t have the time to answer every reason we’re still a fan of the Backstreet Boys. Sometimes, we don’t even have the words.

But let’s try.

Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick came into our lives when most of us were just children. Our biggest worries were homework, tests, who we were going to hang out with that weekend, and what would we would be when we grew up. For others of us, they came in when life was rough and provided an escape. The common factor in every situation was that these Boys made us happy. They created some of our best memories when we awkwardly danced and flailed with friends to new albums and voted for them on TRL everyday. As we grew, their music was the soundtrack to some of our very first dates and heartaches.

Bands and artists that had hit their peak at the same time as the Backstreet Boys started going their own ways and we tried to keep the faith everyday that our Boys weren’t lying to us when they said as long as there’d be music, they’d be coming back (legit what they said – we’re not making it up).

They never lied to us.

Not about marriages.

Not about rehab.

Not about babies.

Not about sometimes needing a break.

It’s like it was never even an option for them to quit on us. So why in the world would we quit on them?

They grew up, got in trouble, got married, had babies.

We grew up, got in trouble, got big people jobs so we could afford our Backstreet habits, got married, got divorced, broke up, made up, had babies, took those babies to BSB concerts, etc.

We grew up together. They kept on working to give us the best that they could and without even thinking, we did the same. They may not be the best at everything (ahem, being on time), but we rest assured that they try as hard as they can to do as much as they can in the best way that they can just as we do for them. As fans, we can be demanding, obnoxious, obsessive, and a little crazy, but that never stopped them. That is more than we can say for some of our friends and family. They never gave up on us. They trust us to show up.

So, we show up. We continue to tell them to their faces  (because we can do that now, 10-year-old selves) what they’ve done for us and how much we appreciate each one of them because, as we grow older, we learn more and more in the hardest way that nothing lasts forever. We go to every concert we can and we make sure they hear us. We make sure that the joy of every memory they’ve given us fills those venues and somehow seeps into each of them. We’d never forgive ourselves if they didn’t leave those stages knowing exactly how proud we are of them and how much we still love them. As much as we did 20 years ago. As much as we do now.

Every tour they still do is our World Series. They’re our team and we’re going to root from the stands everytime. Every album, every event, every appearance, every kind word from one of them is a reminder for each one of us of why we are still fans.

Because they’re still the Backstreet Boys. Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick have given up a piece of their privacy, sacrificed time with their families, spent endless days with us instead…. because maybe along the way, we became part of their family too.

So yes, it’s 2017 and we’re still Backstreet Boys fans. We will still be fans in 2018 and 2019 too. We don’t expect you to understand, but we hope that at some point in your life, you find something that is as reliable and gives you as much joy as Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick have given us. If you think that’s stupid, that’s sad for you. Come to a concert with us. We promise you’ll feel differently.

They’ll probably even sing “I Want It That Way” for you.

20 Reactions Backstreet Boys Fans Have (As Told Through ‘The Golden Girls’)

From time to time, we all watch TV shows or movies and see ourselves in the characters. We’ve written similar things before using Friends as an example, but now we’d like to use four other characters. Sophia, Blanche, Dorothy, and Rose are iconic characters and if you’ve watched the show at all, you probably have chosen your favorites and identified with one or more of them at a time.

We thought it would be fun to pull scenes from the show to describe our reactions as Backstreet Boys fans!

1. When A Backstreet Boy Posts A New Selfie…




2. When All Of That Concert Planning Has Worn You Down…




3. When Someone Asks You To Talk About Your Backstreet Experiences…


4. ….And Your Friends Are Listening To Your Backstreet Stories….




5. When Someone Asks You Why You Still Like The Backstreet Boys…





6. When Your Friend Says He / She Doesn’t Know If They’re Going To The Concert…


7. When All Of Your Backstreet Plans Work Out…


8. When A New BSB Album F I N A L L Y Comes Out…


9. When A Backstreet Boy Says Something Is Going To Happen…


10. When You See A Backstreet Boy In Person…


11. When You Have To Get Concert-Ready…


12. When Someone Says “Didn’t You JUST Meet Them?”


13. Walking Into VIP Like…



14. And If Kevin, Brian, AJ, Howie, or Nick Hugged You…



15. When VIP Didn’t Go *Exactly* How You Planned And You Feel Dramatic…



16. The Day After You Meet Nick Carter Though…


17. At A Backstreet Boys Concert Like…


18. The Morning AFTER A Backstreet Boys Concert…



19. And That Time You Tried To Replace The Feeling With Another Band…


20. And No Matter What, You’re Never Going To Stop Being A Fan!



65 Thoughts We Had Watching The Backstreet Boys “Larger Than Life” Music Video

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Thoughts We Had..” post. So, in honor of the Backstreet Boys’ upcoming ‘Larger Than Life’ Las Vegas stint, we thought we’d throw it back to a classic Joseph Kahn-created video. Follow us, won’t you?

1. Be honest – that ticking and counting clock makes other people nervous too, right?

2. Is that a spaceship or a GIANT flying bug? Like, the kind you eat on Survivor…

3. January 1st? So THIS is how the Backstreet Boys spent New Year’s Eve in the 90s.

4. AH! The cockroach spaceship plays old school Backstreet music! Where does one rent this contraption?

5. For anyone counting, this spaceship is 30 seconds long. You know what they say. The bigger the spaceship….
….The more the Backstreet Boys, duh.

6. Oh, now that I see the back of it, it might be a claw. Is this whole video set inside a claw game?

7. WOAH! BACKSTREET BOYS in shiny Millennium letters. In case you forgot.

8. Oh, the year 3000. So we’re only 983 years away from seeing if this is what really happens. And getting our Backstreet Boys-playing claw cockroach spaceship thing.


10. And hooked them up. What do these hooks do?

11. What is this fancy robot who seems to lord over the saran-wrapped boys?

12. Brian’s face waking up is exactly my face watching this.

13. AJ wakes up screaming in song. Of course he does.

14. Waaiiiiittt a minute. Does this fancy bot have Brian’s face?

15. Remember when Brian had hair that could blow back? Now you do.

16. How did he get un-saran wrapped?

17. What…is on Brian’s hands?

18. I’m not even going to ask why he’s…air surfing?

19. Of course Kevin is in a cockpit shooting things and running this show. Typical.

20. Think Nick still has his yellow plastic robot suit? Picture him walking around his house in it.

21. Nick essentially can’t move in this plastic, but the more he can’t move, the more his hair and eyebrows do. Take notice.

22. I’m imagining these digital robots are actually the guys from NSYNC trying to be better.

23. Is Howie under water? Are we?

24. AJ has really nice teeth.

25. Of course AJ is attached to tentacles. I won’t go any further.

26. Kevin has always done the squiggliest things with his neck. I wish I had a neck like Kevin Richardson’s.

27. Howie would be a really pretty mermaid probably.

28. I would seriously pay money to see Nick back in this suit.

29. Is Kevin trying to save the world……or kill a fly?

30. Oh, the fly moved into Brian’s airboard zone.

31. Brian’s outfit really makes me crave condiments.

32. Did his ball just turn into a girl or is that who he’s playing with? Was she saran wrapped too?


34. Or is that just Howie in drag?

35. Or did she eat Howie?

36. AJ-topus.

37. The girl tried to eat Brian.

38. Why has anyone never called Kevin Captain? Kaptain. Let’s start that.

39. Kevin sings and saves the world. Apparently Brian and Howie can not.

40. Brian’s a regular little video game character, guys. Briugi? Broshi?

41. Why did Howie’s underwater room turn into a fully clothed orgy?

42. Ah! The tentacles set AJ free and he’s now The Terminator! Wonder if Kevin knows?

43. Kevin doesn’t know.

44. Wait. This just got REALLY confused. Are they being sucked up? Are they sucking up? Why is AJ back on the tentacles? Is that Howie’s water?

45. Aw snap! Someone took out Nick’s batteries!

46. Whaaaattt happened to Kevin’s face? That fly must have been the devil.

47. When things get super intense, THE BACKSTREET BOYS TAKE A DANCE BREAK!

48. [Pause for dance break because if you didn’t learn this dance already, what are you doing with life?]

49. Well, maybe unpause to talk about AJ’s crop top. Who said, yeah AJ, that looks GREAT? Nick?

50. Am I the only one who is OBSESSED with the moment Kevin walks through the dancers like a straight baller and has a look like he’s about to TEAR. THIS. DANCE. UP?! Or as 2016 Kevin would say, “can we get a dance break up in this bitch?” He owns us.


52. Pause to pee your pants.

53. Peep Nick Ninja there.

54. Classic Brian’s-hot-face.

55. Kevin also looks like a bird. A balla bird. Duck face before it was cool.

56. World’s blowing up, but Backstreet’s gotta DANCE.

57. BACK TO WORK. Get ‘em, Kaptain Kevin Balla Bird!

58. Alright. I’m lost.


60. Ode to Kevin’s neck.


61. Shout out to Howie’s braids!


62. So basically, the BSB went to dance, girls took over, Boys got saran wrapped again and put back in their boxes.

63. Is saran wrap how we keep the Backstreet Boys forever?

64. I’m bringing saran wrap with me to the next VIP. Don’t worry.

65. If this is what came out of Nick’s brain….welll….that explains a lot.

Can we have Joseph Kahn back? Can we start a fund?