2019: Upcoming Backstreet Boys Performances, Appearances and Events

2019 is almost here and the Backstreet Boys are already busy (which means all of us are too, right?). It’s hard to lose track or miss a date but have no fear – we are here!

This post will include every CONFIRMED concert / appearance that the Boys or indivual Boy are scheduled for as we get word of it. We do not post it here unless it is certain. If you have questions about an upcoming event, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on TwitterFacebook or the Contact Us page.

For any event where a ticket link is not provided, ticket details can be found at backstreetboys.com/events.

Summer 2019: Howie D. Solo Album Listening Parties


These are taking place in select cities on tour and you MUST have a concert ticket to attend as they are in the venue prior to the show. Buy the Howie event tix here

Summer 2019: Official ‘DNA’ Afterparties


Check back for afterparty dates here!

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ICYMI: Brian Littrell Is Nailing It On The ‘DNA’ Tour

We’ve never been shy about the fact that we root for every single one of the Backstreet Boys during their highs and lows in the past 4 years that WHOTB has been created. Obviously, the celebrations and triumphs have been our favorite moments and we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge this one.

Since he opened up about his vocal struggles in the Backstreet Boys 2015 documentaryShow ‘Em What You’re Made Of, we’ve been cheering for Brian a little louder, literally and figuratively. We’ve sang along with him during performances and watched him steadily progress over the past few years. Every note he’s ever sung has made us grateful that he is a Backstreet Boy and that we’ve been blessed to have him in our lives as 1/5 of our favorite band, but knowing now how hard he has worked to reach those notes again – the ones we unknowingly took for granted – has made us even more elated to hear them, even more thankful for the hard work that all of these men put in, and beyond joyful that Brian Littrell is still the fighter we’ve always known he was.

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Backstreet Boys On Tour: A Fan’s Timeline and Itinerary

Being a diehard fan of any band is a totally chill situation… says people who are not diehard fans of any band.

If you’ve been a Backstreet Boys fan for any reasonable amount of time, you have more than likely been through your fair share of tour cycles. You’ve been through the highs and lows, the crazies and the calm, etc. You know how this goes… but do others? It’s time to reveal to the world what we put into the concert process (and poke a little fun at ourselves)!***

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I [Still] Believe In The Backstreet Boys… And I Believe In Us.

As with everything we believed in when we were younger – Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny – things change. We grow older and we learn that things are not as magical as they once seemed. Behind every mythical figure is a human, trying to be make us feel something, a bit of magic in a fleeting moment.

When we were younger, the Backstreet Boys fell into this category. They were on our walls, they were in every fleeting thought we had, and every conversation with our friends on the playground. We dreamed of being able to see them live just once and we stayed glued to our televisions just to watch a 5 minute appearance. They were untouchable.

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For Fans, By Fans: The Backstreet Boys ‘DNA’ Tour Concert, VIP + Event Reviews

Ask and you shall receive! The Backstreet Boys have been on tour nearly a month now and with a long way to go and more stops to make, many fans are wondering about the different experiences being offered on the DNA tour.

As usual, our fan-mily members that have already attended have come through to give everyone a better idea of how it’s going down! Read below for more about all things on tour.

Want to share your own experience? Submit Here!

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4 Things Howie D. Is Doing That You Need To Know About (+ #WOAI Updates)


What? You really thought we weren’t going to open a post about Howie doing stuff without saying that? He would be disappointed if we didn’t, we feel like.

Anyway, Howie is out here in 2019 doing some BIG THINGS and we are here for it. In fact, he’s doing so much that you might be like, “WHAT? LET ME IN ON THAT!”, when you hear about it. So, we’re laying it all out for you (our favorite thing to do) so that you don’t miss a Howie thing.

Wow, we’ve said Howie a lot in this post, huh? Anyway, here’s what you need to know…

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20 Years of The Backstreet Boys ‘Millennium’: The Album That Changed Everything

20 years ago, hundreds of people gathered in Times Square to catch a glimpse of the Backstreet Boys through the windows of MTV studios.

20 years ago, millions all over the world ran to their local record store at midnight to purchase an album that we would play on repeat until many of us had to buy another copy.

20 years ago, so many of us became Backstreet Boys fans and even those who wouldn’t proclaim themselves as “fans”, definitely sang (and still sing) along to “I Want It That Way”.

20 year ago, an album entitled Millennium changed a lot of lives – the Backstreet Boys included.

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10 Things Backstreet Boys Fans Should Probably Stop Wasting Their Energy On

Let’s just alllll clear the air here – there are things that almost all of us are guilty of doing at one point or another that are unproductive and, in the grand scheme of things, eye-roll worthy. We’ve all done something in this fandom that annoyed each other, that was out of line, etc. – ourselves included.

We’ve toyed with writing this post before but when alluding to it, people have asked “why give attention to it?” and we agreed. As with most things among Backstreet fans, they’re in an uproar about it one day and quiet about it the next. Because of some fans who think WHOTB is always “telling people what to do”, sugarcoating everything, acting privileged, etc. (and still read everything we post apparently… hi!!), we are especially hesitant to post anything like this. [It took us a week to finish this post and it seems more relevant than ever at this moment]

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The Details: Backstreet Boys ‘DNA’ Tour Reviews, Moments, and Things You Might Want To Know

It’s been made LOUD and CLEAR to us that some of you want all the spoilers and details you can get from the Backstreet Boys DNA tour and others want to stay as far away as possible before your own concert date (props to you if you last)!

For that reason, we’re keep posts separate and crossing our fingers that we actually keep up and don’t spoil it for anyone. Here, we will post songs, moments, reviews, etc. You know, SPOILERS.

There will be SPOILERS in THIS POST.

If you are looking for a spoiler-free (as possible) basic post, click here right now!

While these two posts will not be the only posts about the DNA tour, we will always add a warning at the beginning if there are, indeed, spoilers. Look out for ya, kids!

Do not read beyond this point if you’re avoiding any details about the show!

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3 Backstreet-Related Songs You Should Be Listening To Right Now

We’re posting late on a release day, but with the Backstreet Boys kicking off their DNA tour in less than 24 hours and an afterparty going on sale, there’s a LOT. GOING. ON.

May 10th may be busy for those reasons, but wait…THERE’S MORE! Howie Dorough, AJ McLean, and Brian’s son, Baylee Littrell ALL. DROPPED. MUSIC today and to be honest, it’s enough to make us TYPE. LIKE. THIS. one more time. So, while this post will be on the shorter side, we’d be doing everyone an injustice if we didn’t talk about these pieces of music that you should be listening to this weekend!

1. “No Hablo Espanol” – Howie D.


We’ve known for a bit that Howie has been working on music for children / the whole family and on Thursday, he surprised us by revealing that he would be releasing his single “No Hablo Espanol” on Friday, as well as opening pre-orders for his album Which One Am I?, dropping on July 12th. BONUS: When you pre-order the album, you receive the single for free!

Perhaps the sweetest part about this project is the fact that the music video for his first family-oriented song is actually, indeed, a family affair. If some of the people in the video look familiar to you (besides Howie, of course), it’s because the main star is his own son, James, with his mom making an appearance as well! Check it out below.

Also, click here to read about the story behind the inspiration for Howie’s upcoming project. We LOVE his real life being put to music! Way to go, Howie!

2. “Give You Away” – AJ McLean


Also along the family route of things, AJ has released yet another song from his upcoming album, Boy And A Man. 

It’s no secret that one of our favorite things about AJ is watching him be a father to Ava and Lyric, who are the clear inspiration behind this tune. The lyric video features photos of him and his girls throughout the years while he sings about giving them away at their eventual weddings.

You can stream and download the song here. No actual release date for his album yet.

3. “Boxes” – Baylee Littrell


Last but not least, Baylee Littrell, Brian’s son and the opener for the North American leg of the DNA tour, has also dropped a new single, a second off his upcoming country album.

The song, much like his debut single “Don’t Knock It”, is a catchy song that reflects young love and it’s definitely one we could hear on the radio. Check out what he said to Sounds Like Nashville about the new single here. He also stopped by The Bert Show with the fam before Brian left for tour!

You can stream + download “Boxes” here.

We’ve added all these and more of our faves to our What’s Happening playlist on Spotify!


The Basics: All About The Backstreet Boys’ ‘DNA’ World Tour

We are officially in the Backstreet Boys DNA era! Can you believe it?

With every new era comes new questions, new things to figure out logistically, and, of course, a new show, setlist, wardrobe, memorable moments, etc.

Just like we did with BSB Vegas, we’ll be with you every step of the way. This post will be segmented and updated as needed with all the links to posts about tour, any new things you need to know and answers to the questions we get the most of. We won’t have all of the answers immediately, but we’ll find them for you when we don’t!

As always, if you have a question we didn’t answer, please feel free to CONTACT US!

**FYI: This particularly post will remain spoiler free. We’re not too into posting major details about shows, but if we do, we’ll do it here. Consider this a safe space.**

++ VIP Meet and Greet ++

– Meet & Greet + Green Room Experience (Ticketmaster / LiveNation – $800 + Fees)
One P1 Ticket In The DNA Circle (VIP SECTION OF THE SHOW)
M&G with Backstreet Boys Photo Opportunity with Backstreet Boys
Access To Backstreet’s Pre-Show Production Tour* (NO BSB PRESENT)
Access To Backstreet’s Pre-Show DNA Green Room Before The Show Light Hors D’oeuvres
Champagne Toast + One Backstreet Themed Drink Special* (NO BSB PRESENT)
One, VIP Only, Poster (Shipped After The Show)
One Special, VIP Only, Merchandise Package (Shipped After The Show)
One, VIP Meet & Greet Laminate

– Meet & Greet with Backstreet Boys (Wonderful Union – $500 USD + Fees)
Photo Opportunity with Backstreet Boys
Access To Backstreet’s Pre-Show DNA Green Room Before The Show
Light Hors D’oeuvres
Champagne Toast + One Backstreet Themed Drink Special
One, VIP Only, Poster (Shipped After The Show)
One Special, VIP Only, Merchandise Package (Shipped After The Show)
One, VIP Meet & Greet Laminate

– The above listed packages are the **ONLY** verified ways to meet the Backstreet Boys on the DNA World Tour.

– The Wonderful Union Meet and Greet **DOES NOT INCLUDE** a concert ticket.

– All Meet and Greet packages and upgrades include ONE professional photo with the Backstreet Boys, taken by their photographer, that will be uploaded to their website usually 24-72 hours later. You can find the photos here.

– Your photo with the Backstreet Boys will be individual – not in a group – unless you have a friend / friends you want in your photo. In that case, each person still has to have purchased a meet and greet. It is up to you who you want in your photo basically.

– Cell phones / selfies are not permitted. We would not suggest bringing gifts, props, etc.

– There are some cities that have begun to sell the DNA Circle tickets and Meet and Greet passes separately through Ticketmaster (or the ticket vendor). This is to sell previously unsold tickets — not added numbers. In these cities, people have the option to buy DNA Circle concert tickets (also known as the General Admission / Pit area on previous tours) if they want the spot during the show but don’t care about M&G or to buy the M&G pass but would rather sit elsewhere. **Check your city’s ticket vendor to see what’s available**

– Check in information (time, location, etc.) will be emailed to VIPers 24-48 hours prior to the show. If you purchased Meet and Greet through Wonderful Union, here is your resource for help: help.wonderfulunion.com If you purchased through Ticketmaster, contact their Customer Care for your region.

– IMPORTANT: VIP Meet and Greets are NON-TRANSFERABLE! Do not purchase them from someone else and do not purchase if you are not 100% you can attend. If you think a ticket might be a scam, contact us and we can likely help you out!

– Wonderful Union M&G is not available in all cities. It looks like the cities that are offering separate Circle tickets and M&G through Ticketmaster are not selling through WU. You can find a list here. You have to click ON the city / country on the website to access the WU VIP.

– Once VIP is sold out, it is SOLD OUT.

– Please note that the select cities in which VIP M&G through Wonderful Union is on sale is not favoritism for some fans over others or intentionally giving more opportunities. It all has to do with logistics, contracts, capacity, etc. In most places where WU is not offering M&G, Ticketmaster is offering the separate package. If neither is offered, it’s likely because they have reached capacity and are trying to keep the number of people attending M&G manageable.

– The VIP package through Ticketmaster that includes SIDE SEATING tickets does **NOT** include Meet and Greet.

– The concerts for Japan and Southeast Asia have a different VIP provider. More can be found here and through the Japan BSB Fan Club.

– VIP Meet and Greet upgrades for Hawaii dates can be found by clicking here > the date > VIP.

– Baylee Littrell will be opening for the Boys in North America. You can now purchase a VIP upgrade to meet him here. This VIP experience will be before the Backstreet Boys and will not interfere.

– Howie D. is selling a VIP event for certain dates on his website. These events have not been added or confirmed for North America, but they will also not interfere with BSB VIP.

++ The Show ++

– The show is 32 songs — more can be found here about the details that we do know!

– The show runs 1 hour and 50 minutes.

– You can exit the DNA Circle throughout the show. The entrance / exit is built into the stage. Trust us.

– There is plenty of space inside the DNA Circle and interactions are similar to that, if not better than, in the pit of IAWLT tour and Vegas.

– All dates and tickets for the tour can be found here.

– Everything about the Japan + Southeast Asia dates and tickets can be found here.

– As questions are asked and the shows begin, we will have more updates here.

++ FAQ ++

All of the questions that you ask and we answer via tweets or email, we’ll also address here.






++ Odds and Ends ++

– Be flexible! This is a new era, new album, new tour, new everything and everyone is learning. Things will inevitably change as things are worked out – it has happened with every tour thus far and will continue to happen. Don’t sabotage your own time.

– BE CAREFUL! With a tour as large as this, there are scalpers and scammers who are looking to trick fans into “a deal”. If the tickets are far overpriced or offered at a low price, verify that they are actual, real tickets. Again, keep in mind that the only M&G options are through Ticketmaster and Wonderful Union — you can not purchase them anywhere else.

– Afterparties, so far, have included Nick and Howie only and are being announced by the city. Make sure to turn on notifications for their socials and check nickcarter.net for updates on announcements! VIP and GA have been available with VIP including admission, meet and greet and a professional photo. Venues and dates are subject to change.

– NEW DNA World Tour Merch can be found here and here.

– As of 7/14, these are the cities with Backstreet Boys Meet and Greet upgrades left:









Salt Lake City





New Orleans



St. Louis

Kansas City