Why It’s A Good Time To Be A Backstreet Boys Fan

The year started out a little rough. The Backstreet Boys tour had ending 6 months earlier and while the Boys were together in the studio, it was clear that their album was no where near finished and, after the cruise, fans were left wondering when we would see them all together again.

It’s October now and the Backstreet Boys have definitely proven that they are NOT messing around. From their first ever duet with another duo (Florida Georgia Line) in another genre of music, to showing up and surprising a crowd in Nashville during their sold out concert, to hitting the iHeart Music Festival stage, announcing their 3 month Vegas stint next year, and showing up for a few more things since then.

This is everything we wanted for the Backstreet Boys.

We’ve wanted others to see what we’ve been seeing for 20+ years.

We’ve wanted all of their ventures to be successful.

We’ve wanted them to stop being looked over.

We’ve wanted them to be marketed well, to be able to pull off surprises, to be around…

We’ve gotten exactly what we wanted.

Let’s take a minute to realize that. We should be so happy for the Boys. We should be proud to be fans.

What we shouldn’t be doing? Wasting time complaining.

Remember mere months ago when the group couldn’t pull off a surprise and we knew everything before they announced it? They’re doing it! We’re surprised! People around the world are buzzing.

Remember when we wanted to see the Boys performing again? We’ve got iHeart Jingle Ball concerts. We’ve got Vegas.

Remember when we wanted smaller groups in VIP? That’s happening! Everyone knew that if the groups were smaller, the prices would have to be higher.

Give everything a chance.

In one way or another, everything good that can happen at this point in time for the Backstreet Boys is happening.

As far as experiences, it’s time to forgive, forget and move on to see what could be in store for 2017. It’s a new era and you never know unless you try.

Be happy for them.

If we continue to act unhappy with E V E R Y T H I N G they’ve worked so hard to do, to be, to make happen – they WILL stop. As much as they love doing what they do, I’m sure it’s increasingly harder when you have a heap of fans that you can not please and who are constantly fighting back on everything you do.

Again, we are lucky to even have them. We know this. Be constantly consciously aware of this before tweeting / posting less-than-constructive words. If the things you say come with just as many negative words as they do positive, guess which which statement carries a heavier weight.

Also, no one is “being taken advantage of”. No one is forcing anyone to pay for things they can’t afford or don’t feel is “worth” something. IT IS OKAY.

Be happy for other fans.

Stop fan shaming.

Stop insinuating unsavory things about what other fans can afford or choose to spend their money on.

Stop being so negative that it feeds what other people think.

Stop being ungrateful because it’s not SPECIFICALLY what YOU wanted to happen.

If you are unhappy with VIP options, with concert options, with the way things are going – that’s cool. Say it and move on. No need to waste your time and energy.

Be Patient.

There’s so many people that are working so hard behind the scenes. There are people listening to fans that don’t necessarily always win, but they’re aware and they’re trying… FOR FANS. Please be mindful that not everyone is “the bad guy”.

Remember that things take time to work out. Remember that maybe things aren’t released because they AREN’T ready and sometimes they are released before everything is ready to appease fans who don’t think they can wait any longer. You can’t have it both ways.

Everyone is human. Be kind. Everyone is trying their hardest and NO ONE wants anyone unhappy.


There’s so many new adventures and experiences to be had with Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick. There is always going to be something to look forward to and something to anticipate in the upcoming few years. Enjoy the ride.

Because at the end of the day, it is a REALLY good time to be a Backstreet Boys fan.

6 Of The Scariest Things Backstreet Boys Fans Can Hear

Tis the season for ghost stories and scary tales, right? Ghost, goblins, and ghouls.. oh my!

While this may be the normal definition of scary for most, we all know that Backstreet Boys fans always live by a different set of ideas for things – including what we sends chills down our spine. Here are a few of the phrases that might as well be the plot of a horror film.

1. “Sold Out.”


While we love that our Boys still sell out shows and events, when we haven’t gotten our own tickets yet, we go into a frenzy.

2. “We’ve Raised VIP Prices…”


This rarely ever happens and there are always multiple levels of VIP to try and accommodate everyone’s budget, but the thought of selling a kidney next tour in order to momentarily touch the skin of a Backstreet Boy is always how this scary story will end.

3. “I’m Trying Out A New Hairstyle.” – Nick Carter


For some reason, Nick’s choice of follicle change can and will send shockwaves through the entire fan world. We have to have meetings about it. He spends weeks talking us into it and we know it all ends with weeks of baseball caps. What is wrong with us?

4. “We’re Skipping The Cruise This Year.”


This is typically only horrifying when you’re in the throws of Backstreet drought, completely unreasonable, and crushing up your past concert photos to lick the memories off your hands (what? Anyway…). They say it like it’s not LITERALLY wrecking your life. You react like you’re never going to see them again. You might scream WHY GOD WHY?!

Remember to chill – Backstreet is always back.

5. “Goodnight!” – Any BSB After A Tweet Spree






6. “The Backstreet Boys Have Decided To Go Separate Ways…”






That was definitely just these guys.🙂



Should Your Friend Meet Nick Carter In Canada? Tell Us Why!

What Happens On The Backstreet has always been about positivity and paying it forward. Now, we’re giving you the chance to spread the love!

If you have a friend going to see Nick Carter in Canada and you think they deserve to win VIP Meet and Greet Passes – TELL US WHY. We will choose one lucky nominated winner.

Here’s How It Works:

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The Prize:

An All American tour VIP pass for your friend + a guest. This DOES NOT include a concert ticket, but it IS for any Canadian city on the tour. The winner must already be attending the show.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Contest closes at 9PM PST / 11PM CST on October 29, 2016. One winner will be chosen and announced on What Happens On The Backstreet twitter account and contacted via email. You will have 24 hours to respond. Otherwise, we can not guarantee your place in the meet and greet. Nick Carter and his associates reserve the right to revoke winning entries for any reason. Winning submissions are non-transferable. Entry does not guarantee winning. This prize has no monetary value.

5 Things Backstreet Boys Fans Need To Remember Right Now

In the past month, things have really picked up for the Backstreet Boys. It’s everything we’ve been waiting for all year! 2017 is going to be an amazing year.

If we can hold it together.

Despite all of the excitement, all of the improvements, all of the announcements, some of us are going a little wild. Let’s take a minute to regroup on some things because we ALL need a breather, a moment, a little grounding and perspective to make this an enjoyable time for everyone!

  1. The Backstreet Boys Fanclub is BACK!

REJOICE! The BSB FC that we know and love is slowly coming back with contests, merch, decent presales, newsletters, and more!

However, those that are PAYING for the membership reserve the rights to FC ONLY exclusives. It should be noted that the sharing of exclusive photos, blogs, videos, etc. outside of the fanclub could result in suspension of your account. In general, it’s just not cool to do. It’s not fair to yourself (who paid for the membership) or other members who have paid for the access. Please be mindful that the exclusives will be less if they continued to get shared. That’s no fun for anyone!

  1. Official Meet and Greet Info Will ONLY Be Posted On Backstreetboys.com – Calm Down.

Of course we’re all chomping at the bit to find out what Vegas will bring us, including how we can meet our Boys once again. No one blames anyone for being excited – it’s an exciting time! Meet and greets go on sale October 9th and the details are sure to good ones.

Good things come to those who wait. While we absolutely understand the need to plan, sending constant streams of tweets, posts, and emails to Wonderful Union and/or the Backstreet Boys is not going to make things post faster. They are well aware that we are waiting. They want to tell us officially as much as we want to know. Consistent nasty comments about details NOT being posted yet does not make anyone feel good. It doesn’t make anyone want to give us info any faster.

If you’re worried about planning with a bunch of friends, talk ahead of time; set price points of what you’re willing to spend and hypothetical scenarios. The great thing about VIP upgrades is that you can all buy separately as opposed to tickets where you sit together.

Also, please don’t believe rumors about pricing, levels, etc. NOTHING has been released to ANYONE. People make things up in an attempt to rile the masses. Don’t buy into it.

Breathe. It’s all going to work out, guys.

  1. The Backstreet Wives Are Not The Backstreet Boys.

Without going too far into detail, just wanted to put it out there that the opinions and words of Backstreet wives are not that of Backstreet BOYS. Be mindful of such before you put negativity into the air.

  1. You Should NOT Feel Bad If You Can’t Make It To Las Vegas.

There’s been a lot of pressure from fans going on fans who can’t make it. It’s understandable and it’s okay. Not everyone is going to be able to swing it – that doesn’t make you less of a fan. There’s always the new album and tour to look forward to! There’s always going to be more opportunities. Be happy that you’re a fan of a band that WANTS to continue for the fans.

  1. Remember To Be Grateful.

There’s a LOT of work that goes into making all things Backstreet happen. Don’t forget to take time to thank Wonderful Union (as much as people complain, they’re connecting us), the Backstreet Boys (for doing all of it), Ticketmaster (even though things have had snafus, they’ve been willing to help in most cases), and more. Thank your friends for coming with you or dealing with your crazy (I know I’ve thanked mine)!

Now, let’s get this Backstreet Party 2017 started, shall we?

Happy Birthday, Kevin Richardson

It’s October 3rd again.

For Mean Girls fans, it’s the day Aaron asked Cady for the date.

But for every Backstreet Boys fan, it’s Kevin Richardson’s birthday. Allow us a minute to tell you a little about him…

Happy Birthday… to the man that we had to grow up to fully appreciate.

Happy Birthday… to the man who we missed the entire time he was gone.

Happy Birthday… to the man who is super serious, but never takes himself too seriously.

Happy Birthday… to the man who taught us that perfection takes times (and that it’s worth waiting).

Happy Birthday… to the man that raised our standards for all men by being an amazing husband and father.

Happy Birthday… to the man who proved that talents are limitless and dreams should be followed.

Happy Birthday… to the man who showed us that when you’re feeling uninspired, it’s okay to make changes.

Happy Birthday… to the man who makes every one of us feel special everytime we get a chance to meet him.

Happy Birthday… to a man that makes us want to have children, just so we can swoon over how good he is with them.

Happy Birthday… to the man with endless wisdom, patience, peace and love.

Happy Birthday, Kevin.

It’s an honor to “know” you. Here’s to many, many more. 

11 Reasons We Love Kevin Richardson

8 Ways Tweeting Backstreet Boys Is Like Drunk Texting

A lot of us have passed the point of going out every Saturday night and waking up every Sunday hungover and not sure who we drunk texted. Some of us have never done that at all…

…but the feeling is a lot like when a Backstreet Boy comes online to tweet.

“WHAT are you even talking about, you lunatic?” -> If this is what you’re saying reading this, just follow me here.

1. When Your Phone Goes Off, You Panic and Your State of Mind Changes Instantly.


You’re having fun. Life is a party. Carefree. Hanging with your friends, chatting at work…

Then it happens.

You’re phone goes off. It’s a Backstreet Boy and he’s tweeting fans. In 2.5 seconds, you are completely toasted. What do you dooo? Why is everything so haazzzyy? What are woorrdds?

2. What Do You Say? Should You Say Anything?


Suddenly, a Backstreet Boy is that ex who is single again or that guy you went on one date with who waited 24 hours to call you again and you can’t even. What do you say? Do you ask your friends? Do you involve your friends? WHO CAN MAKE THESE POTENTIALLY LIFE CHANGING DECISIONS WHEN YOUR BACKSTREET DRUNK?! Eggplant emoji?

3. Wait. Did That Make Sense?


You’re tweeting so fast that the tweets look like a literal drunk tweet. What was a sweet tweet is now pretty offensive because TWITTER HAS NO EDIT BUTTON (but neither do your ducking texts)! Deleting this tweet means losing your place in the “Seen” line.

Is it too late to take it back?

Is KevinHowieBrianAJNick really going to think you’re drunk?

Why is life so hard?



Just like you send endless drunk texts to your friends about your failed relationship or the food currently in your fridge, you’re definitely going to do the same thing to a Backstreet Boy. Tomorrow, you’re going to wonder why no one stopped you and who has screenshots of this mess.

5. Your Friends Are Judging You.


You don’t even have to text your friends to say “You are not going to believe what I said last night…”

They’re seeing it live. They’re trying to save you. But refer to #4 – you can’t stop. Unstoppable!

6. Sobering Up.


The Backstreet Boy logs off and suddenly, you are insta-sober. You’re crawling out of your bed, blowing your hair out of your face, and surveying the damage posted on your Twitter profile. Did you REALLY ask him if he likes your socks? Oh my God, did he actually see this? Do you tweet and apologize or…?

This is so embarrassing. Who let you BackstreetDrunk tweet?

7. Erase The Evidence.


Doesn’t matter who saw it. You’re going to pretend it never happened. If it’s brought up in real world, you will deny, deny, DENY.


8. Do It Again.


Because, after all, Backstreet drunk is the best kind of inebriation, right? Go on. Give your friends something to talk about. “Remember that time you told Nick your grandmother was sick and you didn’t even have a grandmother?” It’s okay though. You’ll delete it later.

What’s New With The Backstreet Boys? Get Your Fix

Three out of five Backstreet Boys hung out with several media outlets last week for a string of interviews regarding their new endeavor with Chex Mix and their 90s boyband rival, Snackstreet.

Just because they were there to talk about Snackstreet does not mean, however, that they weren’t talking about their future as well. Check out all of the press from last week below!

On The New Album

McLean says that the band is still in the early stages of their creative process. “[We’re] back in the kitchen cooking up whatever comes out and it’s been really fun so far. We’re working with some brand new up-and-coming writers, some really hip, new producers, as well as doing some interesting collaborations. It just happened to work perfectly.”

“Brand new music next year. 100% brand-new single, brand-new album, brand new tour, and a lot from BSB in 2017.” [Celebuzz]

 On Their Tour Requests

Carter admits that he requested the nutritional boost during the band’s 2005 Never Gone tour. “It was really difficult to bring in because they had to bring it in in big slabs, and then I had to have a grinder and put it in there,” he told Us. “It was really messy and hard to clean up.” (The 36-year-old also admits that this was divalike behavior.)

Bandmate Howie Dorough liked chicken wings before a show, although he wasn’t as lucky when it came time to deliver. “Maybe one time did Howie ever get his chicken wings,” McLean mused.

Other must-haves included PB&J, cereal, Chex Mix, Gatorade and water. McLean, 38, noted, “We’re not like the ‘separate the M&Ms’ kind of band.” [US Magazine]

On The Dance Move They Hate

The video for fan favorite “I Want It That Way” doesn’t get the same love from the Boys. Turns out, the move that stood the test of time was kind of an accident—and one that the guys wish hadn’t happened in the first place.

As we were talking, McLean mockingly/adorably did the body roll move while the three of them talked very passionately about their dislike of the choreography.

They weren’t supposed to break out their coordinated moves in this particular gem of a video, but on the day of the shoot, Richardson told me, plans changed. “We showed up to the set and they were like, ‘We want to do some kind of dancing.’” Good sports that they were, they pulled out some on-the-spot steps just in case, “and they ended up using it,” he said, adding, “We just threw something together last minute, and I really can’t stand it.” [Self]


Backstreet Boys Going Country?: AJ & Nick Talk New Album After Florida Georgia Line Collab


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Backstreet Boys say new album will be ‘more sexy’