10 Things You Might Remember If You’re An OG Backstreet Boys Fan

If you’ve been around the world of Backstreet since the early 2000s or before, we’ve likely run into each other long before places like Twitter and WHOTB existed. In talking with other “OG” fans, there are always certain things that come up. Suddenly, we sound a lot like our parents, asking other fans “oh did you ever hang out in this chat room?!” and other places where BSB fans congregated in the early days of the internet.

So, in a time where there’s nothing new, let’s take a little walk down memory lane!

1. LiveDaily

We obviously can’t take a walk down memory lane without what “vintage” Backstreet fans might refer to as the OG Twitter. Before most social media pages, there was LiveDaily and it was THE place to be to keep with all of the latest on the Backstreet Boys news, fan experiences and the gossip. Many of us that were regular posters moved on to The Dark Side forums for a bit and then reconnected on Twitter at a later date. Some of us didn’t even realize we were the same people. While the early days of LD were the best, fans who hung out there will vividly remember Nick Carter himself lurking about! Outside of the BSB fan club chatroom where Backstreet Boys might pop in and out, this was the first place you might have a chance of “being seen” online, but that certainly did not stop some WILD topics from being discussed.

2. Perusing Backstreet.net

Much like LiveDaily, Backstreet.net was essential to being a Backstreet Boys fan in the earlier days of the internet. With their extensive media gallery and up-to-date news posts from all over the globe, this site was the one-stop-shop for all things BSB (and had a large inspiration on WHOTB). There was also The Backboard, another forum where fans gathered and many pondered if Nick was also lurking about there as well (remember retrac kcin, anyone?). You can still visit the site today, but with zero updates since 2012, it only serves as a graveyard of memories and moments frozen time for those who used to check it daily.

3. BSB Fan Club Chat Rooms and Media

Remember when you couldn’t just tweet or tag a Backstreet Boy? You had to drop in to the fan club chat at all hours just to watch and see if a Backstreet Boy would pop in and out for a few moments. You think comments on a live stream are fast – imagine a world in which meet and greets and communication with the Boys did not exist! There is NO ONE that types faster than a fangirl in a chat room with a BSB in the 90s. If you heard that one of them was in at 3am the night before and you missed it, it was common practice to drop in at that same time for the next week, full of hope. Like the forums, this was also an AMAZING place to meet people in your area and possibly link up at concerts (despite our parents’ worries). The OG BSB fan club also offered a wide assortment of videos from the Boys while they were working on projects or on the road. RIP Nick’s Corner – we will never forget you!

4. The Fanfiction

Many of the bloggers you know and love across the internet started with one thing – fanfiction. In the forums and chats mentioned above, it was not uncommon for fanfic writers to search for co-writers and fanfiction.net was the place to be until they got rid of their “real people” sections. Many moved from there to Absolute Chaos, another writer’s site, or made their own site. There were even awards to be won and once you won, those banners could be proudly displayed on your story! Even if you weren’t a writer, you very likely might have been a reader and there were VERY popular stories that it seemed like everyone in the fandom had read. “Swollen Issues”, anyone?!

5. Voting, Voting, Voting!

We’ve always stood by the notion that 90s fangirls know the importance of voting because we spent most of our younger years voting for the Backstreet Boys to win anything and everything. Depending on where you are geographically located, MTV’s TRL or MuchMusic were the ultimate countdowns and felt like our only way at the time to show the Backstreet Boys just how much we cared. Even to this day, if a radio station has a poll, you best believe we’re voting for BSB, even though we know it doesn’t matter anymore. Old habits die hard.

6. VHS Tapes + Reruns

We grew up in a time without DVR and DVDS, so our Backstreet fix was made up of a lot of VHS tapes, namely the ‘All Access’ video and ‘A Night Out With The Backstreet Boys’, found at Suncoast Video, Blockbuster, etc. There likely isn’t one OG fan who can’t tell you at least a few little dumb things we fixated on in these tapes (like how Kevin said Brian was his cousin twice in one sentence while they played with a ball on the ALAYLM set or “HOWAAARRDD! CENSORED!”) or still wonders if Kevin ever put words to that piano melody he played in A Night Out, what happened to “Where Do We Go From Here?”, and if we’ll ever get something like that again off-cruise.

There were also the VHS tapes accumulated from E V E R Y T H I N G we recorded from the Disney concert to the Home Coming concert to every interview, mention, MTV appearance, etc. And you best believe that a lot of us still have them!

7. The Merch and The Magazines Everywhere

You couldn’t go to a store in the late 90s / early 2000s without seeing the Backstreet Boys on SOMETHING. We would say imagine how broke we would be if that were a thing today, but just kidding – now there’s VIP, cruises and Ticketmaster fees! We’d also be lying if we didn’t admit that we have developed a sort of lingering fan reflex from all of it. Even though we know the days of BSB being in teenybopper magazines and merch are long over, something about the image of five guys still catches our eye when we’re walking through a grocery store.

8. Building Our Own Websites With Geocities and Angelfire

Before WordPress made it easy and podcasts were a thing, fangirls (and some boys) were out here building websites from the ground up for the Boys we loved most! Some were basic, some were extreme, but many of them included pages dedicated to “Quotes” / “Discography”/ “Photo Gallery”, a guest counter at the bottom along with a “PLZ SIGN MY GUESTBOOK” request, and if you were really fancy, a midi version of a BSB song playing the background with “blingee” cartoons of the BSB. Ah, the simple life.

9. Albums At Midnight

Digital is nice, but there is something about waiting in line until the physical copy of the album dropped at midnight and for years, that’s what Backstreet Boys fans did. In fact, we bought multiple copies because beating and breaking records was ESSENTIAL to all being in this together. RIP Record Stores – we miss you more than you know.


Arguably, this is the only thing that has really stood the test of time. Everytime the lights go down at a Backstreet Boys concert, all of these memories come rushing through our brains whether we consciously realize it or not. If you are an OG BSB fan, the journey has been REAL and the memories all pile up into the feelings that we will never unfeel, stories we’ll never get tired of telling, and a life well lived with alongside a boyband that never gave up on us because we didn’t give up on them.

What’s Happening On The Backstreet: A BSB + New Things Update

The Backstreet Boys aren’t doing *too* much these days and to be honest, neither are we, but we’re looking to jump back into things because the Spring is upon us and, well, we want to spruce things up. So we’re looking to create more and get back to writing more. Just because the BSB aren’t doing too many new things doesn’t mean we can’t!

If you need a quick rundown of what the Backstreet Boys are doing:

  • AJ is KILLING the TikTok game! You can find him on the TikTok app at AJMcLeanOfficial.
  • Nick is… well… he’s doing a few things. We believe he probably has a few projects he’s working on, but his latest project – a third baby – is, of course, taking precedence! We can not blame him.
  • Howie is on and off Cameo and donating all the proceeds to charity. We love a big giver!
  • Your favorite Kentucky cousins are not doing too much… but if they do, we’ll be first to let you know.

Our biggest updates have to do with our own projects!

  • What’s Happening On The Backstreet: An UnPodcast has launched! Kristie and I thought we would try something new and deliver updates via video / audio so we can give our own two cents. We aren’t really sure what we’ll talk about outside of updates, but we’re only trying to inform and entertain. Because it’s not really too structured, we didn’t want to call ourselves a podcast (because when we refer to it ourselves, we call it “the whatever we’re doing”), but we will be posting pretty regularly. You can watch on YouTube + listen on Anchor, Spotify, and all major streaming platforms!
  • Speaking of YouTube, Kristie and I have started uploading videos from our personal collections of BSB concerts, events, etc. If you’re bored and want a bit of a walk down memory lane (or are looking for something specific), check it out! We’ll be dividing everything into playlists by tour, event, etc.
  • We are still creating merch in the WHOTB shop! Together, we have raised nearly $1000 to give to out-of-work live event crew who have been affected by the ongoing pandemic. These are people that make events like our favorite BSB concerts, cruises, etc. possible and we can’t imagine not doing what we can to try to help them out. Please take a look! If you think of anything you might want but don’t see it in the shop, let us know!

The Trapped Fangirl: A Year With No Concerts

At this time last year, Backstreet Boys fans were scooping up DNA Tour tickets and the biggest concern was where to sit, how much to pay and which stops to build into our travel plans.

This year, we’re left wondering if the DNA World Tour will be rescheduled once again, due to the COVID-19 pandemic that took over the world in March 2020. The past year has been the first year in our existence that concerts and any kind of event were not even an option. For many, concerts, specifically Backstreet Boys concerts, have been a perpetual escape. They’ve been a treat. They’ve been an outlet. And now… it has not been an option.

We have been robbed of an escape when we need it most. When we’re fearful of what’s going on in the world, when we’re being pushed to reconfigure our whole routine, lives, finances, jobs, etc., when we’re being told to isolate… a year later, all we really want to do is gather back into a concert venue, hug our friends from around the world, and sing along with our favorite band without a care in the world. All we want is to go back to having a few hours without a care in the world because caring about every single thing in the world has really just become too much. Concerts were the proverbial void in which we (literally) screamed into multiple times per year and it felt so good to know that everyone around us was screaming for the same reason.

But it is within this year that we’ve discovered a lot about what we can handle…and it hasn’t been all bad. Some of us have learned that we are stronger than we thought. Some of us have learned the value of time at home and REST. Some of us have learned to lean on family and connect with our friends in new ways. All of us have gained a sense of what is important, what we should have been more grateful for when we had it easy, and a renewed desire to make the best of the time we have.

With that, a lot has changed. There’s a lot still unknown about the future of concerts, meet and greets, and how things will look when they return. The up-in-the-air and the unknown is really wearing on so many of us. When I asked how people were feeling in a Twitter post last week, an overwhelming amount of followers aren’t feeling too great. Everyone is dealing with something and everyone is feeling the weight of a year without an outlet. Everyone is doing their best to hang on and simply do their best. If you are reading this and you feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel and that you are alone, YOU. ARE. NOT. All of this is simply preparing you to live your best life…eventually.

Along with big feelings, some fangirls have felt a shift in their priorities and a shift in their feelings about the band they’ve loved for so many years. For some, this break has been a time to reflect on where life shall take them next and it might be a life with less concerts. For others, personal opinions, convictions, etc. have changed the way they look at things and people. Nevertheless, it does not change the memories made or the void felt by the lack of events in the past year. Isn’t it funny how life can change in just a year, whether you want it to or not?

To the people reading this who do not understand, have never been a fangirl / fanboy, have never scheduled life around a tour, etc., we don’t expect you to get it. How could you? Life on tour, for fans, for musicians, for crew, and for all involved, is something that can only be understood by those who share a deep affinity for it. It can only be understood by the others who are screaming alongside each other, brought to tears by feeling the of live vocals coursing through their veins, work hard to create an experience, work hard to afford the experience and are truly feeling a void right now by a loss of all of these things. A way of life, if you will. Also, if you’re reading this and you do not understand, for the love of God, stop shaming anyone who misses concerts right now. We can not stress this enough – MENTAL HEALTH IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS PHYSICAL HEALTH. Period.

It’s been quite a different year, fellow fan-mily. It’s one we never asked for and one that we could have never imagined. Feelings have come out in many, many different ways – the good, the bad, and the ugly – all over social media. We don’t know what the future holds for concerts and tour, but we do know that this pandemic, this distance between all of us, the repeated losses and the memories that replay in our heads are getting to all of us. Be gentle with one another. Try to be understanding that we are all going through it. We’ve nearly made it! Before you know it, we’ll be digging confetti out of our bags once again and screaming dumb shit to get our favorite band member’s attention.

And whether you show up to your next concert for the band or for your friends, we’ll all be the happiest we’ve ever been just to show up at all. Hold on. It’s coming. And we can not WAIT to be there.

What’s Happening On The Backstreet – January 3, 2021

Happy New Year, fan-mily!!

In case you haven’t noticed (or don’t follow us on Twitter), we’ve been on a little hiatus to regroup and figure out what we want to do with WHOTB in the new year. The truth is… we still aren’t sure. But we are here and going to try to jump back into things! It’s been a wild time among Backstreet fans, but we are hopeful that everyone is entering 2021 with a warm heart and a peaceful outlook….we sure are!

So, before we start doing other things, let’s catch up on everything the Backstreet Boys have been doing that you might have missed:

  • AJ McLean
    • Ava Dean Beauty has launched, offering four shades of polish plus a top coat. You can preorder now and they are set to arrive in time for Valentines Day! Read more about the brand here.
    • Dancing With The Stars might be over, but you can still catch AJ with Cheryl Burke and friend Rene Elizondo on the Pretty Messed Up Podcast every week with a lineup of interesting guests!
    • He celebrate a year sober in December and has teased new solo music coming very soon, with a first single that “will have everyone talking”.
  • Nick Carter
    • After finishing his stint as the pink Crocodile on The Masked Singer last month, Nick released his retro-inspired single, 80s Movie! Listen to it here and keep up with everything you need to know about progress on his next solo venture here.
    • Following the release of his single, Nick gave a lot of interviews to talk about everything from Vegas to his solo work to the future of the Backstreet Boys. If you missed any of those interviews, you can find them here and here.
    • Nick also launched his Twitch channel as PopKidNick a few months ago! While he hasn’t been active recently due to the holidays, you can certainly watch the replays (and an exclusive studio session on nickcarter.net if you’re a fan club member). He has promised to make a return early this year.
    • He has also teased many fun projects ahead, including a mystery collab with Lance Bass. We can’t wait to see it!
  • Howie D.
    • Howie has just launched an opportunity for fans to get a personalized message from Sweet D. himself via Cameo. Even better is the fact that all of the money goes to charity!
    • He also gave a sweet little holiday performance with sister Pollyanna on Twitter – check it out!
  • Brian Littrell
    • Unsurprisingly, Brian has been doing lots of things with his family in his off time, helping with Baylee’s career as an up and coming musical artist. Most recently, Brian and Baylee performed virtually for Q 99.7’s All Right For The Holidays. You can watch the performance here!
    • They also talked to The Pop Culture Show — watch here!
  • Backstreet Boys
    • While the Backstreet Boys might not be doing *too* much as a group right now, they have done a few things recently and one of those things is continuing to release monthly episodes of the Apple Radio “All I Have To Give” podcast series. So far, there has been a group, Howie, Kevin, Brian and AJ episode released and if you haven’t listened yet, you really should! Nick’s should be released this month and earlier last year, Nick himself stated that there were 7 (or 9?) episodes… so there should be a few more coming.
    • Also, in case you missed it (HOW?!), the BSB released a song with Britney Spears. “Matches” marks their second official collab in their history as a group and we are obsessed. You can listen to it here.

Also, we would like to mention that we are still creating items in the WHOTB Shop with ALL PROCEEDS FROM ALL ITEMS going directly to currently out-of-work live event crewmembers that we know and love. Currently, we’ve raised over $800!

If you’re interested in shopping, check it out! See something you like but you wish it was a little different? Shoot us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

Now you’re all caught up on what’s happening on the Backstreet! We have more coming soon and look forward to 2021 being a better year (cautiously optimistic here) with our entire fan-mily. See you soon!

What Happens On The Backstreet Celebrates 6 Years!

Since we launched WHOTB in 2014, I didn’t know what was going to transpire. I didn’t think I would keep it open more than a year or that more than maybe 50 people would read it.

But here we are, 6 years, over a million hits, and nearly 30k+ followers over all social media channels later. All of it still blows my mind. Thinking back on how a small idea in the middle of a Nick and Knight concert turned into all of this is WILD.

And none of it would have been possible without EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. who has read a post, contributed to a post, emailed us, helped us, told us what we were doing wrong (whether we agreed or not) and praised us for what we had done right (ugh…it means so much)! This site has always run under the motto “for fans, by fans” from day one. This was always a group effort. This fan-mily has not let us down.

As we all know, 2020 has been A. DAMN. YEAR. In terms of Backstreet alone, this year was completely different from anything we’ve ever experienced as fans. With no tour, no events, and nothing really new, we’ve had to find ways to make our own fun. Whether that was a virtual festival in the fan club or cheering a dancing AJ and a pink crocodile on every week, so many of us have made our own joy.

But beyond the Backstreet Boys, so many of us have had the true meaning of fan-mily slap us in the face. For me personally, I spent a lot of time earlier this year wondering if I was done with WHOTB among other things…. and then my mom passed away suddenly. And then I walked into a funeral home full of flowers from fellow Backstreet Boys fans and wowowow, my heart… there are no words. Since then, so, so many of us have suffered so many different kinds of losses and so many of us have shared our heartaches, our mental health issues, and more and I’ve watched fans rally around each other in every way. Beyond the Backstreet Boys, we’ve created a fan-mily turned family. It’s something special and when everything goes back to “normal”, I hope we never forget the good parts of the way we were there for each other…. virtually. For the not-so-great, I hope that we continue to try to listen to each other and create something better. We can only go up!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making WHOTB what it is today. Thank you for laughing and crying with us. Thank you for hitting me in the feels with your words and forcing me to grow a thicker skin with your opinions! Be kind to one another and we hope to see everyone A S A P. Until then, we’ll just keep making shit up online to entertain ourselves!



UNMASKED: Nick Carter Revealed As The Crocodile On ‘The Masked Singer’

It’s the night we’ve all been waiting for. Millions of BSB fans tuned into Season 4 of The Masked Singer for one mask and one mask only – the Crocodile.

Dressed in pink (with a feather lined robe that we NEED in our lives), one episode into the season, we were committed to the fact that that voice could only belong to one person – our very own Nick Carter!

As the season rolled on and he performed songs from Bon Jovi, Britney Spears (!!!), and Leona Lewis, we were never more sure of anything in all the seasons of The Masked Singer that we had watched… and tonight, the finale revealed it all. We were right….and our Boy KILLED it all season long. His final performance of Journey’s “Open Arms” was absolutely the icing on the cake, earning him the Bronze medal to finish the season.

We wanted to compile all of his performances into one place, but we also wanted to say that we are more than thrilled that Nick has finally gotten a stage to show off his incredible vocals and what he can do with them. From “Toxic” to “Bleeding Love”, I think even a lot of us were shocked at how well he reinvented those songs (and how much we need to hear them again). Undoubtedly, Nick Carter has come so far, in every sense, from the boy that people heard in the 90s and he deserves every kind word the judges applauded him with this season.

You were an INCREDIBLE sounding reptile, Nick, and it was a pleasure to watch you perform your heart out for the world for the past few months. The world needed to hear the man that Nick Carter has become and we can’t wait to hear more of it in the (near) future! ❤

The Basics: Everything You Need To Know About Nick Carter’s New Solo Music (2020-2021)

There’s not been many downtimes that the Backstreet Boys have had that Nick Carter hasn’t taken the opportunity to do SOMETHING… and this year is no exception. With everyone being safe at home, the Backstreet Boys DNA Tour has been postponed until the middle of next year and Nick has not only been sharing his life at home via Instagram Live, but has created a Twitch channel, where he first revealed that he would, indeed, be heading back into the studio.

In fact, he has since used Twitch as a platform to not only play video games with fans, but to take fanclub members and subscribers into the studio with him as he lays down vocals for his upcoming album. To say that we’re thrilled to head into a new Nick solo era would be an understatement, especially in a year that’s been so void of new music as far as BSB goes (except for that BSB Britney collab – don’t sleep on it).

Since his new music is on the horizon, we’ve decided that it’s time to compile everything we know into one post and continue updating as we get hard facts so that you’ll be able to find it all right here!

— About The New Music —

— Media + Press —-

The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide For The Backstreet Boys Fan In Your Life

It’s the holiday season and while we may not have gotten a Backstreet Boys Christmas album this year (2020 really got us there), we are just SO INSANELY HAPPY that this year is almost over!

If you are reading this post, we are assuming that you are looking for something to buy for the BSB-loving person in your life (perhaps after they sent this post directly to you) and you have found the spot! We’ve actually been getting a lot of hits on our old holiday gift guide so we thought it was time for an update. Here we have compiled all of the hot spots for your BSB-related merch and what you need to know!

The Backstreet Boys Store

This seems like the most obvious go-to shopping choice for the BSB fan in your life, but just in case you haven’t taken a look yet, this is definitely where you should start. From retro tees to new denim jackets to BSB themed face masks and non-wearables like shot glasses, tumblers and more, there is something for EVERYONE here. You can find their shipping FAQS here.

Our Top Picks: The DNA Tour Zip Hoodie, The BSB Faces Tee and The DNA Tour Program

The Official Nick Carter Merch Store

Is Nick her / his favorite Backstreet Boy? He’s got some pretty great merch in his store and to be honest, we own most of it. All of it fits pretty true to size and is super comfy, but if you’re not sure what size to get, there’s also items like a stainless steel water bottle and a beanie!

Our Top Picks: The Team Carter Long Sleeve Tee, The 19 in 99 Black Sweatshirt

The Official Howie D. Merch Store

The official Howie D. merch is as fun, smart and efficient as Howie himself! There isn’t much, but what there is is sure to please the BSB fan on your list — so take a look!

Our Top Picks: The Howie D. Pop Socket

Pretty Messed Up Podcast Merch

AJ McLean and Cheryl Burke have been doing their podcast, Pretty Messed Up, since the beginning of their Dancing With The Stars season and noooowww… they’ve got merch! If your loved one is a podcast listener, this is for you.

Our Top Picks: The Pretty Messed Up Pink Hoodie

Ava Dean Beauty Nail Polish

As nail polish lovers ourselves, we were thrilled to see AJ launch his own polish line! While the first collection is only available for pre-order, the colors are perfect for anyone and you can always print our the order detail as a gift so they have something to look forward to in a few months!

PopKidNick Merch Store

Nick Carter has been using some time in quarantine to create his own Twitch channel, PopKidNick, which has cultivated quite a following. If you’ve heard your person recently start talking about video games, with no previous knowledge, this is probably why… and they’ll definitely appreciate the merch!

And finally… if you’re looking for something a little more generic, we have our own shop here. All profits from the shop are currently going directly to live event crew members who are currently unemployed due to the pandemic!

4 Things You Should Know About AJ McLean’s Ava Dean Beauty Polish

If you know AJ McLean, you know that his nails are almost always neatly painted and on point. He has also talked many times about using nail painting as a bonding tool with his two young daughters, Ava and Lyric.

Because of this, it comes as no surprise that he has launched his own line of nail polish, Ava Dean Beauty, inspired by his daughters. Cofounded with friend and longtime security detail, Josh Naranjo, the line has been a long time coming. The two have spent a while researching all of the details to make them perfect for their customers, as Josh recently talked about on the BizQuik Podcast last month, and it has FINALLY launched!

So what do you need to know? Keep reading!

1.There Are 5 Polish Options.

The red, black, and lighter, less bold periwinkle and lilac are five shades that not only represent the McLean family, but are colors that are sure to please everyone in your own family! There truly is something for everyone here. Oh, and then there’s the top coat – arguably the most important part of a manicure. A mani without a top coat is like a Backstreet Boys album without a tour!

2. All Polishes Are 10-Free, Vegan, and Cruelty Free!

If you are a nail polish connoisseur, you will know that these factors are very important (and rightfully so) to a lot of people! If you are unfamiliar with the term “10-free”, it means that these polishes do not contain dibutyl phthalate, TPHP, toluene, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, parabens, and tert-butyl hydroperoxide. Essentially, all of this means that the Ava Dean polish is made up of a safer, non-toxic formula that you can feel good about using!

3. The Polishes Are Named After AJ’s Family Members.

As we mentioned earlier, these shades represent the McLean family. So much so, that each polish is named after either AJ, his wife Rochelle, or his daughters, Ava and Lyric. In fact, when you click on each polish to purchase, the descriptions give you a brief summary of the inspiration behind the color. Too sweet!

4. Pre-Orders Are Now Open!

Ava Dean Beauty is sold EXCLUSIVELY via their website and all pre-orders are set to arrive by Valentine’s Day! By reading the FAQ, it sounds like they are hopeful to offer their product in other places as they grow and eventually ship internationally.

Make sure you sign up for their email list and follow them on Instagram for the latest updates! We can’t wait to see your manis on tour!!