2018: Upcoming Backstreet Boys Appearances and Events

Can you believe it’s already almost 2018 (or is already depending on when you read this)?! In 2017, we kept you updated with every confirmed BSB appearance and event – large and small – in one post and when we asked if you wanted it to continue, the response was an overwhelming YES!

2018 is going to be huge. We can’t wait to be here for all of it.

So here it is – a post with every CONFIRMED concert / appearance that the Boys are scheduled for as we get it. If you have questions about an upcoming event, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on TwitterFacebook or the Contact Us page!

For any event where a ticket link is not provided, ticket details can be found at backstreetboys.com/events.

January 31st – February 17th – #BSBVegas


Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at Axis Theater in Planet Hollywood

March 11th – iHeartRadio Music Awards – California


Get Tickets Here

Watch on TBS, TNT or truTV at 8/7c

May 3rd – May 7th – Backstreet Boys Cruise


Currently SOLD OUT! Join the waitlist here.

PAST CRUISERS! What Do You Wish You Would Have Known About The Backstreet Boys Cruise?

We’re three months away from setting sail on the 7th Backstreet Boys cruise from Miami to Grand Turk. It’s getting real!

As it gets more real, there are obviously more and more questions, especially from those fans who haven’t cruised before. As always, we want to help everyone out and that’s the reason we’re writing this.

If you have been on a Backstreet Boys cruise and there is something you wish you would have known before you got on the boat or you have some really good advice, find the category it fits in below and let us know for an upcoming post!


Packing and Traveling To The Cruise Advice

Room Advice (What You Should Bring, What You Should Have, Etc.)

Food and Drink (Suggestions, Drink Packages, etc.)

Event Advice (What To Do, What Not To Do, etc.)

General Advice


Happy Birthday, Nick Carter! Watch Some Of Our Favorite Moments


Nick Carter is turning 38! He’s the last Backstreet Boy in the 30s club (with the majority of us), but it feels like he JUST turned 21. We’ve all loved the BSB for a long time, but we’ve really grown up with Nick and just as he has celebrated our birthdays through tweets and kind words in meet and greets, we love celebrating his!

We asked you to send us your favorite Nick videos and GIFs and share your reasons why you love these moments. Keep scrolling for all of the moments you loved best and don’t forget to send a tweet the birthday boy’s way!


“March 16, 2016. All American tour lunch. That afternoon was much fun. He took selfies with everyone. When it was my turn, I told him it was my first M&G. He thanked me for coming and took 3 selfies…omg! Then he took a selfie with Lucie, me and Marie.When it was time for the M&G photo, after my photo was taken, I told Nick, “Now, Nick, Brian, AJ, and Kevin, Howie will be jealous of you so no bragging on twitter.” He looked at me like “huh???” Cause like you get to meet me again tonight!!! He laughed and said ok hun see ya later. Plus, it was funny when nick pretended to forget the words to “19 in 99″. Anyways, just want to say happy birthday Nick.”



“This is my favourite because it was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – the Sunday night after I had just attended my first Backstreet Boys concert! I remember having my VCR set to tape this, as I was on the train home. I have so many wonderful memories from that weekend!” – Karen Brander


“Even if I could have easily went with “this is nick” in “we’ve got it going on” because that’s when I was stunned by him, I can definitely say that my favorite Nick moment is the gender reveal of Odin. In general, Nick as a husband and a dad… I remember crying all the tears I had in that episode…  mostly happy tears for him and Lauren. It’s when he became the best version of himself so far. He was so happy Odin was going to be a boy because Lauren really wanted a boy, so sweet! They fought to have this baby… I remember the ultrasound part and Nick looking ecstatic… you could feel the real pure love all around, even in the dance. I love Nick father and husband and I love their family. I just can’t help but being amazed by Nick and Lauren’s love for each other and for their baby. This moment is when he got what he always longed for, A FAMILY! Lauren and Odin make him very happy and that’s all I can ask for him and I wish him all the kids they want, happiness and love for this birthday!” – Alessandra Chiocchi-Johnston


“I have so many favorite moments; But this moment you could see the look of love & pride on Lauren’s face. That was basically me. I had this look of love, pride & adoration on my face as well. When I watched this episode, Nick blew away when he was on DWTS. I’m so so proud of him as a husband & father.” – Halley Klemm
“I choose this moment from Dancing With The Stars because I love how touching and human Nick is. Not only is he gorgeous as always but he shows us his soft side, his vulnerable side. Unfortunately the link doesn’t have the little video before their dance where Nick talks about his love for Lauren and about her being pregnant ( I couldn’t find a link with a clear image and sound). His face just lights up and it makes me so happy to see him so happy. And the moment they find out they are having a boy. This is definitely one of my favorite Nick moments.” – Anne


“I have been lucky enough to have a few moments with Nick. One when I got him to sign my arm so I could get it tattooed. Another where he gave me his towel after he wiped his face on it. But my favourite moment with Nick happened recently when O was in Las Vegas on the 10th of November 2017, when Nick sang to me. I may look like I was calm but I was soooo nervous and I cried when he left lol. The funny thing was these seats were not the seats I purchased. My original seat had a camera obstructing my view so I told the staff that I was disappointed that I had come a long way (from Australia) for this show just to have a camera in my way. She came and got me once the show started and sat me right where Nick was going to stand. I couldn’t believe my luck. You will notice in the video i had my phone up recording. Well i thought i was recording. During all the excitement, i forgot to press record. Lucky for me the girl beside me pressed record and got this footage for me. Happy birthday to my favourite Backstreet Boy Nick.” – Rachel McAdam


“Because his voice touches me so deeply like no one else can.” – Claudia A.

“This video was taken by me on the last #bsbcruise, it’s just a little part of the whole video, but I love it because that was my first time listening to Nick singing live #IGotYou. I cried like a baby, that song is my forever favorite and feeling the emotions of seeing nick singing it, giving his best, with those flawless vocals with his bros, was everything for me. Never I’ll forget that beautiful moment, this is a memory of a lifetime, I’ve always dreamt to hearing this beautiful song live and well, with Nick dreams do come true!

Wish you a beautiful birthday special human being!” – Ciap Carter


“First of all, I’m 18 and I think I’m one of the youngest fans. I’ve followed these boys for a very short time even if I heard some of their songs when I was a kid. Last month, I watched for the first time Show’ Em What You’re Made Of the movie and I was very impressed when Nick told about his childhood, about his family and how he felt when he walked in the halls of the school because I saw myself in him in some aspects of him life and personality.” – Alessandro

unnamed (1)unnamed (2)unnamed (3)unnamed (4)unnamed (5)unnamed

“These are my favorite gif moments because I love Nick’s energy on and off the stage; he isn’t afraid to be himself and he can always put a smile on my face. The video shows his dedication/passion and how he accomplishes everything by putting his whole heart and soul into it. He is inspirational and his voice/music has helped me through so much. Happy 38th Birthday Nick! Hope your birthday is as special as you are.” – Melissa

“Generally any Kevick moment is my favorite, you gotta love them. They’re so funny and adorable together. I’m hoping they team up for games night on the next cruise, that would be the best. And of course, I have to add in a little booty shaking and that smile we all love. Happy birthday Nick :)” -Anisha


“This is my favorite Nick GIF and GIF ever. He’s just so cute in it!” – Shannon Link


“For me, the most and favorite Nick Carter moment was when I met him for the first time on his solo tour last 2016 in Brazil. He was sweet and kind with every single fan and truly trying to give attention and make that lunch unforgetable. And it was.

As a fan dying to meet Nick Carter for the first time, I hid my nervousness and could spend 2-3 eternal minutes asking about how the tour and his flight was and also the excitement to be back. As a fan, that moment while he was curiously paying attention to what I was asking and gently answering, filled my heart with love and happiness.

After that, he took my phone and we made, for me the most beautiful selfie and video which I wasn’t expecting. Thankfully, last April I could go to Vegas and got another beautiful picture and memories to collect. I’m thankful for his excitement to live a happy and healthy life, his love for his music, his buddies, family and fans.” – Carol Molina


My favorite Nick video! – Sille

“My favorite Nick moment was on the 2016 cruise when Nick sang ‘I Got You’. I love how the song means more to Nick now that he is a father. Although, I have always felt this song relates so well to his relationship with his fans, lyrically and with what he’s gone through, it just fits well. The song was truly made for Nick. I also liked when AJ showed up for Nick on DWTS, and how proud AJ looked after Nick’s ‘Backstreet’s Back’ dance. I couldn’t find that gif so the one of them dancing together will have to do lol.” – Nancy Iverson


“Just because it shows so much about Nick! He’s funny! He knows so much about music, and wants to give others as much as possible. Nick is an inspiration for any of us!! I loved that Boys Band show! And look at this face!” – IIze

“This is one of my favorite videos of Nick, and I Got You is one of my favorite songs from him. This video got me crying specially at the end where he was tearin up. This is a meaningful song for him, a song dedicated to Odin. Here, we saw a different Nick. We saw a father with pure and genuine love for his son. We saw how real he is and how big his heart is. And as the song goes..

“It’s funny how life can take new meaning
You came and changed what I believed in”

Truly, his family made him the best person that he could be and made him love life even more.

Happy Happy Birthday Nick! You have no idea how much you have inspired me. I thank you for you, and I thank God for giving you to us. We fans are so blessed and beyond grateful to have you as our idol. Hope you’ll have a birthday as amazing as you are. I love you forever.” – Pearl

“My favorite Nick moment is any time he’s having fun, and so I am submitting a video of Frick and Frack moments because they are adorable. Happy birthday Nick!” – Jennifer Varnum

“This is by far my favorite Nick video because it’s him at peak ridiculousness, it’s adorable, and how hard Kevin and AJ are laughing the whole time he can’t get the word right makes the entire thing even funnier. I’ve always come back to this video over the years and found it hysterical each and every time.” – Brynne-Eva Zeff

“He seems like such a good dad and I love seeing him spending quality time with Odin!” – Nancy Carter

“I haven’t been to any of the lunches/VIP experiences with Nick but I’m so glad people uploaded videos of it. I feel like he went above and beyond. You could tell how much thought went into making the experience special for everyone and really showed how much he appreciates his fans. This is just one of the many vids I’ve enjoyed. I loved the intimacy and how open he was.

My other fave would be Dead 7 coming to life. I love how he’s not afraid of taking chances, or care what people may think. I picked this vid because of 43:56 (even tho the whole vid was great). One of my fave things about Nick has always been how humble he is. He recognizes areas where he has opportunity to grow as an entertainer or just a person. And he is always one to applaud the strengths of others.” – Nina M.


“I love all Frick and Frack GIFs and clips in general, but this has gotta be one on my top favorites. Just look how our lovely Nickolas holds Brian so dearly in his arms! It’s like he’s so afraid he’d lose his big brother if he let go! It is so totally adorable. It’s a perfect reminder that Brian and Nick’s bond and love for each other will always, always be there. It’s a perfect reminder that they was, they are, and they forever will be… Frick and Frack.” – Janica Catabay


“This was at Nick’s All American Tour at the Sound Academy in Toronto AND the FIRST time meeting Nick, I was soo nervous I could barley say speak!!! I saw him again that November in Waterloo and had even postponed my tonsil surgery so I wouldn’t miss meeting him again even though his lunch got canceled!! Nick I hope you have an amazing Birthday!” (Holly sent a video, but it wouldn’t work). – Holly

Happy Birthday, Nick!

We hope it’s one of the best ones yet (and we can’t wait to celebrate with you)! You deserve the best year yet.

8(ish) Recent Things You Might Have Missed From The Backstreet Boys and Nick Carter




What was that? That was all of the things the Backstreet Boys have been smacking you in the face with in the past week. Honestly, it’s overwhelming and exhilarating all at once. This is 2018. This is the 25th year. And the Backstreet Boys have only just begun.

Are. You. Excited? We are!

Oh, and by the way, as we post this… WE’RE 100 DAYS AWAY FROM THE CRUISE.


Let’s not waste time! Here are all the things you need to know about right meow:

1. The First BSB Cruise Theme of 2018


Have you seen Fast Times At Ridgemont High? Well, neither have we. Ha! But we do know it’s about the cliques that exist in high school. If you’re sailing away with the Boys in May, this is your chance to relive your glory days OR have a redo with five of the hottest guys in the school. Nerds, jocks, cheerleaders, theater geeks are all gathering in one place!

Keep an eye on BSB social media channels for more epic #CruiseThemeThursday announcements.

2. Nick’s 38th Birthday In Vegas!


Nick is celebrating his birthday with fans in Vegas between Wednesday and Friday shows! If you’re going to a show next week, you should definitely check out this party at Top Golf. You’ll get to hang with the birthday boy himself while eating cake from Freed’s (best cake in Vegas) and playing games.

You know you want to! Get the details / tickets here.

3. A New Backstreet Fan Club Membership Package


It’s the perfect time to renew! Not only will you get the Fan Club perks (presales and contests, anyone?), but you’ll also get this great lyric merch. We’re kind of obsessed with it.

Renew yours here. [If you recently renewed but LOVE these items, you can purchase now and your membership with extend another year onto your current one]

4. A New Nick Carter Fan Club Membership Package


Whether you love sports or not, we know we want to be on Nick Carter’s team! This long sleeved tee and baseball hat are PERFECT for Fall / Winter / Early Spring apparel… and maybe paired with shorts in the Summer? All we know is that we have to have it.

Oh, and it includes membership to Nick’s FC — which is where Nick is always finding new ways to connect with fans. Get your membership bundle here.

5. BSBVegas Afterparties!


There are so many of you going to Las Vegas starting next week and the Boys have finally announced that afterparties are BACK!

If you’re going the VIP party route ($500, exclusive access to the Boys, etc.), get them quick. They are LIMITED and they do sell out! Remember… you can only purchase these tickets at backstreetboys.com/events.

6. The “As Long As You Love Me” Tee


I mean… just buy it right now. It’s timeless.

7. “I Heart NC” Tee


While you’re getting the Team Nick Carter bundle, you may as well get this too.



Last but not least….


And 2016.

But this year… this is our year guys. This year it’s real. All we have to do is believe.

(Stick with us. We’ll keep updating you obviously.)

Also, have you shared #BSB25Project today? 🙂

#BSB25Project : The Why

If you’ve followed WHOTB in the past few months, you’ve most likely seen tweets and posts #BSB25Project since last August. If you have somehow missed it or you’re new here, check it out ASAP!

We’re so close to the goal, guys. As I write this, we’re nearly $4000 into a $5900 goal! The end is in sight!

Since the beginning of this project, we’ve gotten a few people asking WHY? Fans who want to know why they should donate to / share a project to celebrate the Boys’ 25th anniversary when we’re not “getting anything out of it”. Non-fans who think the idea of raising $5900 for an ad in a magazine is insane.

So we’re writing this to explain a few things. Not so much explain logically as explain why this is such a heart project for us and for so many fans.


We’re doing this for every minute our family members and friends told us we were wasting our time loving a band growing up.

We’re doing this for every article since 1993 that said the Backstreet Boys wouldn’t last another year — and here they are at 25.

We’re doing it for every song – every lyric – that ever got us through something, that ever created a memory, that ever gave us escape. 

We’re doing it to show the Backstreet Boys themselves that they do have a literal army of fans who back them… in return for 25 years of the best times have had and many more in the future. How often do WE get to do something for THEM?

In a time where it seems easy to divide, this is one thing we can all agree one. Maybe part of it is proving that we CAN come together.


It might be just an ad in a magazine, but it’s Billboard magazine, meaning it will be seen industry wide. And we will make sure — do our very best — to make sure the Boys see it. Even so, this is a chance to prove to ourselves that we can come together.

Brian25 (1)

We’re doing it for Kevin, who taught us the importance of taking a break. 

We’re doing it for Kevin, who takes a minute to thank any fan he can get to for showing up to see the Backstreet Boys. 

We’re doing it for Kevin, who seemingly always makes sure we get the best quality of Backstreet that can be given.

We’re doing it for Howie, who quietly contributes to things we don’t even find out about Howie25until after he’s done them.

We’re doing it for Howie, who makes sure that everyone is always having a great time.

We’re doing it for Howie, who shows up for us all of the time.




Brian25We’re doing it for Brian, who risked his life in 1998 to keep doing shows for fans.

We’re doing it for Brian, who shows up with a smile and a hug to every meet and greet.

We’re doing it for Brian, who never quits.



We’re doing it for AJ, who has always been open and willing to talk to fans about AJ25anything under the sun.

We’re doing it for AJ, who has never hidden the fact that he has struggled and has inspired some of us to get help as well.

We’re doing it for AJ, who gives 100% everytime he’s onstage. 



We’re doing it for Nick, who has been a Backstreet Boy for the majority of his life.Nick25

We’re doing it for Nick, who really has made fans into family.

We’re doing it for Nick, who works hard and almost never takes a break.




So if anyone asks why it’s important for us, as fans, to celebrate the Backstreet Boys’ 25th anniversary in a big way — this is it. They’ve spent so much of their time proving themselves in the industry, gaining respect, going to all ends of the earth and it’s time that WE do something to say thank you in a public way.

If you haven’t yet, please share the GoFundMe link via social media, text messages, whatever you can. Let’s do this for Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick. Let’s do this for us.

All The Things You Need To See From AJ’s 40th Prom Birthday

Last Tuesday, AJ McLean turned 40, joining 4/5 of the Backstreet Boys in the Forty Club.

Friday, he changed his Instagram handle in preparation for coming solo projects and excitedly told everyone that his wife and best friend have been working hard on a surprise party for him.

Saturday…OUR MINDS WERE BLOWN. Rochelle had put together a 80s prom birthday party to remember for her husband who had never had a prom of his own to go to.

Photo after photo, instagram story and instagram story, and video after video flooded in as the party continued on through late Saturday night. With celebrities (Jeff Timmons, Carrie Keegan, Erik-Michael Estrada, and Lance Bass to name a few) and familiar faces (A LOT of the Backstreet team, Nick, Brian, Lauren, Leighanne, Madonna Mark and Tom, Denise Solis, JoJo Wright, etc.) in attendance, it seemed to be the party of the year… so far.

With that being said, we didn’t want everyone to miss out on anything and we’ve done a sweep on social media for the best photos and videos that you might have missed from AJ’s 40th birthday party (NOTE: Not our photos). That includes the sweet speeches from Brian and Nick and the birthday boy himself!

WARNING: You’re definitely going to want Rochelle McLean to plan your party after you see these photos. I mean, there was Taco Bell AND In N Out Burger…



 The Speeches

We LOVE seeing AJ so happy and so celebrated! We hope that this year is an amazing one for you, Mr. McLean. 

Happy Birthday, AJ McLean: Watch Some Of Our Favorite AJ Moments

Another Backstreet Boy has joined the 40 party! Age really is just a number when it comes to AJ McLean though because the man performs onstage just like he did when he was in his 20s and we were in our teens. With his big heart and his knack for conversation about anything under the sun, we’re so thrilled that we get to celebrate another year of Mr. McLean

We’ve asked for your reasons why you love him and reflected on everything that he has been for us, but this year – we wanted visuals! We asked you to send in your favorite Kevin moment captured in a video or GIF and that’s exactly what you sent us.

Enjoy all of the best and sweetest moments below as we celebrate AJ’s latest trip around the sun!

“This is my favorite because it is with Ava. You can see every time he talks about his girls how much he loves them. He was meant to be these sweet girls daddy!! He is an example everyday of what a little girls daddy should be.” – Shannon Link

“My favorite AJ moments are two GIFs I created from my last concert in Toronto at the Jingle Ball North. Why is this my fave? It basically sums up how AJ hits every damn mark with so much swag. Ugh. He’s literally my kryptonite.” – Michelle Johnson

“This was at the NKOTBSB show in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on the 5/23/2012. I had never been sung to by a Backstreet Boy before let alone been given anything from them (apart from their music). AJ sang to me during my favourite song, kissed his handkerchief and gave it too me. As you can hear I was very excited lol. Thanks AJ and happy birthday to you!” – Rebecca McAdam


“Because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” – Mayte


“Because it was the first BSB concert I ever watched and he was amazing.” – Priscila Santos

“These are my favourite AJ moments and my biggest dream is that AJ one day will recognise me and know me by name. AJ, I hope you have THE best birthday possible with your friends and family, and please, please, pretty please leak some solo material soon. Your voice is too wonderful to have studio stuff not released. 😉 Much birthday love from Maria Flygare in Sweden.”

“Love his moves! Love his carefree attitude!! Love him!!” – Victoria Pilgrim

“From 0:12-1:09. This goes beyond the Backstreet Boys as stage personalities and shows us how much they care about one another as people. This was one of the most vulnerable pieces of AJ’s life, which he shared with us, and we got to live that emotional moment with them. There are so many people who love and care about him– and we are so proud of him for continuing to fight the good fight every single day.” – Brittany

“While I love seeing AJ on stage, malin us fans scream, my fave AJ moment comes from a moment with his family that he was kind enough to share with us. Seeing him with his daughters makes my heart melt completely. This moment of them dancing and singing during the Holidays is absolutely adorable. Our “bad boy” has become the most loving father in the world to his baby girls. As a fan, there is nothing better than seeing him happy with his family :)” – Anne

“This is my favorite moment because AJ was hilariously messing up the ‘Larger Than Life’ dance with Brian, while wearing a kilt on the 2010 BSB Cruise.”

“AJ’s solo on the 2016 cruise is my favorite moment because it was done with only acoustic music and you can really hear his amazing voice. Plus, the story was hilarious and him getting on the floor was awesome! AJ is perfect every time he opens his mouth – lol – but I can’t get enough of this performance! And at the end he exclaims “I still got it!” well, yes you do AJ. Yes, you do. :)” – Jennifer Varnum

“This YouTube-video from BSB Cruise 2016 became very special to me last summer. I watched it all day long and it gave me the strength to take the long overdue step to separate me. Get annother boyfriend is one of my favorite songs. I love this acoustic version. AJ’s voice is amazing.” – Antje Behlert

Happy Birthday, AJ! We ❤ you.

Backstreet Map: Locations You Might Want To Visit From BSB History

Sometimes things related to the Backstreet Boys are just as cool as seeing the Boys themselves. For years, fans have been sharing photos of themselves at different locations where Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick had a significant moment, whether it be filming, recording, or something featured in the documentary.

So, to keep everything in one place and to give everyone a chance to visit a few cool locations (or see other people visit + tell stories / share photos), we’ve asked fans to share with us and we’ll post them here. We’ll keep updating this post as long as you keep sending them in! Email us at whothebackstreet@gmail.com

LOCATION: “Incomplete” Filming Spot

“This is in the Antelope Valley. More precisely, Lake Los Angeles, 150th St East between Ave O and Ave K. The location is called Club Ed.

We were living out in Lake Los Angeles at the time and had NO IDEA that BSB were filming! That year we had the worst rainy season in years and all the roads were flooded. Looking back, we don’t know how they got in!! The spin off from Sons of Anarchy is currently filming here.” – Tammy Bays


LOCATION: “Quit Playing Games” Filming Spot

Orlando, FL

LOCATION: Kevin’s High School

Estill County High School – Kentucky


LOCATION: Backstreet Boys Photo Site / One Of Kevin’s Favorite Spots

WigWam Drive In – Ravenna, KY

LOCATION:  As Seen On The BSB Movie / The Richardsons’ Wedding Location

Lexington, KY

The Cathedral Domain Camp / Kevin’s Old House / Cathedral Church Of St. George The Matyr


LOCATION: Brian’s High School

Tates Creek High School – Lexington, KY

— Credit: Ashley Darpino

LOCATION: Brian’s Church and High School (As Seen In BSB Movie)

“When I went to Lexington, Kentucky in April 2015 to see Brian and Kevin get inducted into the Kentucky music hall of fame we thought it was cool to visit Brian’s high school Tates Creek, not only because Brian went there but they showed it in the movie and that’s where he was when he got ‘The Call.'” – Amber

LOCATION: “As Long As You Love Me” Filming Location 

“Royal Laundry is located in Pasadena,CA at 439 S. Raymond St. It gave me all the nostalgia from the All Access footage where we see the boys goofing around outside with that memorable tile and windows in the background. The doors are an exit and royal laundry is closed but you can still pretend to run out like Leighanne and the rest of the girls!” – Amaris

LOCATION: The Backstreet Boys Hollywood Star

We always get questions about WHERE exactly this star is. Thanks to Ashley Darpino for sharing her photo and giving some markers about where it is!

You can find the star between Sycamore and El Cerrito, off Hollywood Blvd. There’s a Buffalo Wild Wings on the corner. It’s in front of the Live Nation building.


“Sensoji Temple in Tokyo, Japan. This is where they shot ‘Bigger’. It’s in the Asakusa district.” – Andie

All The Things We Loved About Being A Backstreet Boys Fan In 2017

We made it another year.

They made it another year.

2017 is ending just like 1993 – with the Backstreet Boys still a whole group, still as hardworking as ever, and still working on their next big thing.

Close your eyes for a minute and think about every single moment in your life, every moment that we’ve shared of theirs, every moment we’ve all shared together. Think about the world we live in – how it’s changed, how it’s remained the same, and how we’ve grown.

Think about all of those things… then let it sink in how crazy it is that we are all – the Backstreet Boys and the fans – still together. Wow.

Time. Look where we are and what we’ve been through…

We might be 24 years in, but it was a year for a lot of firsts.


Obviously, we were here for all of them so we’re not going to list them all but…

First collaboration with other artists.

First #1 song on country radio.

First show in their quick selling Las Vegas residency.

First time wearing sequins onstage.

First time on The Bachelor.

First time hanging out with Steve Aoki.

First time they were in a rap battle with Charlie Puth.

Ok, maybe some were far more important and well noted than others, but we were equally excited about every one of these things this year. Every one of these things and every single thing the Backstreet Boys did that wasn’t listed here was one more moment for us to be excited to be a fan, for us to stick our tongues out at the people who said they wouldn’t last, for us to be proud of Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick… because we know how far they’ve come, how hard they’ve worked, and how much they’ve deserved every single success bestowed upon them in 2017.

Gloves are off, ready to fight
Like a lion I will survive.

We all worked together. 

With many new firsts this year for the Boys came many new firsts for us as fans as well. We relied on each other for successful times in Las Vegas, dug up any info we could to be where our Boys would be, and made sure to share all the accolades we could with any family member or friend that would listen.

Even in the darkest of 2017, we stood together. We listened and we protected – each other and the Boys. For those moments, a lot of us put aside differences for the greater good. In those moments, we proved that we are not just an “army”, but a family of sorts.

A fan-mily.


In 2017, we loved Kevin Richardson for continuing to put his all into everything he does. He shows up, he’s present, communicating with fans (read about this experience), and he puts 110% into the “good” in life. For most of us, his Instagram stories (the best of which you can find on our FB page) were a definite highlight. We’ve never wanted AJ to be in the same room as Kevin so much as we did this year.


In 2017, we loved Howie Dorough for maybe sharing more of his life with us than he ever has before.  We love Howie The Backstreet Boy, but Howie the dad might be even better. From James’ YouTube channel to Leigh D. in the Vegas audience fangirling over her man, we saw a different side to Mr. Dorough this year and we love it as much as the one that parties with us all night.


In 2017, we loved Brian Littrell for being so warm. What does that mean, you ask? This year was a tough one for a lot of us. It was probably hard for Brian too – people came for him from all angles. But you would have never known it from the way he greeted and hugged every person that entered meet and greet in Vegas. He made us feel human. Onstage, he made us laugh. And, as we wrote earlier this year, the man has worked so hard to get back to where he was vocally. It’s an effort that has NOT gone unnoticed. We’re still rooting for him all the way and we’re still going to sing along because he’s done it for us for the past 20+ years.


In 2017, we loved AJ McLean for being a ladies’ man. And by ladies, we mean a dad to two girls. We were thrilled when Rochelle gave birth to a second baby girl, Lyric, earlier this year. As much as we love every second we have AJ onstage, we love when he’s home sharing sweet moments with his girls just as much. He’s the dad every girl wishes for! Oh and did we mention how he exudes love for everything he does? It’s contagious.


In 2017, we loved Nick Carter for his balance. While 2016 was definitely the year of solo Nick Carter, 2017 was the year of the Backstreet Boys…with a side of Nick projects. While working on solo music, hitting all of the BSB performances / appearances, appearing at conventions, judging on Boy Band and connecting with fans to hype and to lurk, he also spent time at home, sharing sweet videos of his growing son and photos of his family life. It wasn’t an easy year for Nick, but he remained resilient, balanced, healthy, and he continued to show up for the fans. We’ve never admired him more.

2017 was definitely one for the books. A new 1999. As we begin Backstreet’s 25th year together, let us not forget how incredibly lucky we are that we made it – that they made it. Let us not forget everything that thrilled us this year and leave behind all of the things that didn’t. Keep the high. Keep the excitement.

We’ve treasured every VIP, every concert moment, every final bow, every trip with friends and every time someone said “hey! Those Backstreet Boys are alright!”. Keep the memories and get ready for so many new ones.

Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick — thank you for the moments this year. We can’t wait for 2018.


2 Giveaways You Do NOT Want To Miss If You’re A BSB or Nick Carter Fan Club Member

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

For Backstreet Boys fans, though, 2017 has been one of the best years yet. From the fastest selling Vegas residency (with show after show being added) to selling out a cruise to a #1 hit on country radio, Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick have had success after success this year. This means we, as fans, have had success after success (we’re the first ones to cheer them on), endless amounts of things to add to our calendar, and a steady stream of entertainment.

With the promise of 2018 being even better (25 years! An album! A tour! More Vegas!), the Boys are giving back to two Fan Club members in a big way this holiday season. Keep reading.

If You’re A Nick Carter Fan Club Member…

It’s likely that you are already well acquainted with the 10 Days Of Nickmas, where a different piece of Nick Carter merch or membership was given away each day leading up to Christmas Eve.

Today, on the 10th day, the biggest gift yet was announced. Nick is giving one fanclub member the chance to win BSB Vegas VIP Meet and Greets and Pit tickets for two!

Here’s the deal:

  • Enter Here!
  • You have until December 26th at 12am PST to enter.
  • If chosen, you must respond within 24 hours so make sure your email address is up to date.
  • You will get to pick the show you attend, but you have to make sure that you can get there. Travel and Hotel are NOT included.
  • You can not win if you’ve already won a Nickmas item this year.

If you’re not a Nick FC member yet, you can see the options + purchase a membership here.

If You’re A Backstreet Boys Fan Club Member…

As adults, we may not believe in Santa, but we do believe in the Backstreet Boys and they are delivering this year! Not only are we obsessed with the new Christmas sweatshirt, but we are also obsessed with THE BIGGEST GIVEAWAY EVER. Are you ready to LOSE it?

OK. Prepare yourselves.


Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ, and Nick are giving one of you the chance to win your best life all the things in Vegas! This includes two VIP Meet and Greet passes, two pit tickets and two Ultimate After Party tickets to the Vegas date of the winner’s choice.

Once you’re done gasping…

  • Enter Here
  • The giveaway ends on January 15th at Midnight (PST)
  • Again, make sure your email address is updated! You have 24 hours to respond if you’re the winner.

Please make sure you can get to Las Vegas before you enter. Obviously things come up and emergencies happen, but if you know you can not feasibly get to show, please do not enter.

If you’re not a BSB FC member, you can be. Join here.

Are you guys as excited as we are?!


Best of luck to everyone entering!

Oh, and if we haven’t told you already, we’re wishing you the merriest of Christmases, the happiest of holidays, and all of the best as the year comes to an end. Here’s to a new year of fun, memories, and lots of love! We can’t wait to share it together.

(FYI – We have nothing to do with these giveaways. We are not associated with the Boys. Don’t get crazy. We just want everyone to know about these things.)

REQUEST: What Historical Backstreet Location Have You Been To? Let Other Fans Know!

In the past, we’ve asked you guys to contribute to different posts here and there. Now, we’ve decided to put all current posts that we’re asking for your help with on one section of the site entitled “WHOTB: We Need Your Help”.

Recently, a suggestion was made that we have a post where other fans share places they’ve been that are “historical” Backstreet lesser-known landmarks. These places include:

  • Music Video Locations
  • Photo Shoot Locations From Long Ago
  • The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star
  • Random Places That Might Be of Interest In Visiting

Shoot us an email at whothebackstreet@gmail.com explaining the location you visited and photos if you like. Be sure to include WHERE the place is so that other fans may have a chance to visit as well. 

I’m sure this goes without saying, but don’t get creepy. We will not be posting residential places or anything of the sort.

This will be an ongoing post so there is no deadline. Once we get enough, we’ll start the post! Send away.