Everything You Need To Know About Booking The Backstreet Boys Cruise

So that time has come again for another BSB Cruise and we are SO excited! Here is a step-by-step guide to booking BSB Cruise 2018, and a breakdown of everything you need to know – because it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Do Your Research On The BSB Cruise Website


Rose Tours, the company in charge of running the cruise, is great about laying everything out that you will need to know, so nothing comes as a surprise. Give it a nice long look-over so you know exactly what your getting – what is included and what isn’t.

Also, familiarize yourself with the ship to see what amenities are on board, and to get a feel for where you would like your cabin to be. We will be sailing on the Carnival Sensation.

2. The Cabins Come In Single, Double, Triple, Quad


If you do not have a roommate or roommates lined up, you can participate in the roommate match program, where you will purchase the type of cabin you want, and Rose Tours will match you up with a roommate! This is a good program to participate in if you are looking for a roommate. All of the information about Rose Tours’ roommate match program is listed here.

Another option for finding a roommate is looking in the Fan Club or social media groups to find people who are looking for roommates. Regardless of what you decide, before booking day, you NEED to know first or second priority options of who and how many people you are rooming with. You can choose how many people you want in your cabin based on the prices, and what type of experience you would like.

The major options of staterooms from cheapest to most expensive are interior, oceanview, balcony, and suites (which have balconies). The different category name of stateroom is just the type of stateroom it is and where it is located.

Screenshot (15)

EXAMPLE: if we look at cabins 1AB and 1A, they are the same type of cabin. 1AB is “Inside” Upper & Lower, which means that the beds are upper + lower, instead of side by side (just a different layout), however 1AB is only available on decks 4 & 5 midship or aft and only available as a double, whereas 1A cabins are available on decks 6 & 7 midship or aft, and are available in all combinations of roommates.

If you want a more detailed explanation of where you cabin *might* be, you can look at the deck plans here. The different room categories are color-coded, and you can match up the room type you want with the location on the ship. It’s like a fun game or puzzle, if you’re into those kinds of things!

3. Booking Time! 


Once you choose your top choices (I usually recommended 2 or 3, just in case your first choice isn’t available), it is time for booking! But first, there are a few things that you MUST have ready at time of booking:

  • You must have an account with Rose Tours (you can sign up here). EVERYONE going on the cruise needs an account, even if you are not going to be the one booking.
  • If you want to be one of the first to book (remember your seats in the theater are assigned based on time of booking), I suggest you join the BSB Fan Club, unless you already have previously cruised with BSB. Fan Club members and past cruisers get the privilege of booking first on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at 12:00PM EST. You will be emailed the presale code some time before then (exact time is TBD). All remaining cabins will be available to everyone else to book on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 12:00PM EST and do not need a code.
  • One person books the cabin for everyone in the cabin. More than one person in the cabin can look for cabins, however multiple bookings are not allowed. Therefore, the designated booking person in the cabin should have everyone in the cabin’s ACCURATE full name, email address, home address, phone number, and credit card information, and emergency contact. If they already have an account, then most of this information should come up, but I would have it on hand just in case. You have the option of putting everything on your credit card, or splitting the payments between roommates.
  • I suggest you book on a computer, if possible, and have the booking screen, and the deck plans up on a split screen. Here are pictures of the booking screens and what to expect as you go through the booking process. PLEASE look through and read thoroughly to increase your chances of a smooth booking process.

If you have any other questions or concerns, Rose Tours has a FAQ on the BSB Cruise website. I cannot stress enough to read and research as much as you can prior to booking. Good luck everyone, and happy booking!

Can’t wait to see all of you on the cruise next year!


Say What?! 34 Misheard Backstreet Boys Lyrics

Thank you for all of your submissions! We’re so happy to find fellow fans who have heard song lyrics incorrectly, as we have done this quite a bit (you’ll see in the post)! How do some of these even make sense? We’ll never know!

…But they’re hilarious, and we’re so glad we misheard them.

Backstreet Boys

Us French speaking fans from Quebec heard a French phrase: After they sing, “Time for me to let it go!” and the instrumental dance break.. AJ lets out a “Jam on, jam on..” before they start singing again. We all heard, “Je suis mort, j’ai une blonde” (l’m dead, I have a girlfriend!) lol.. Mind you we were 14 and secretly wished we were their girlfriends haha. – We’ve Got It Goin’ On

– Anne (@Banana_Anne )

I always had no idea what AJ sings before “SING IT AHHH!” Is it “Send the crazy wildin static?” What even is that? Anyone? – We’ve Got It Goin’ On


I speak French, so I did mess the lyrics up quite a bit before!! In “Get Down”, the second verse when Brian says, “I feel like heaven when I look in your eyes”, I thought he said “I feel like Kevin when I look in your eyes” LOL! I was like: “What? Why is he like Kevin? I know they’re cousins but still!!” Loll! – Get Down

– imjustagirl25

“I feel like Kevin when I look in your eyes.” – Get Down


I always thought AJ sang “As I waltz by you will get to know me…” I only learned the real lyrics recently, but I can’t unhear my version.  – I’ll Never Break Your Heart


Back when the song first came out, us French speaking fans from Quebec heard: “Je lis dans mon bain..” (I read in my bath) when AJ says “a little more, better.” – I’ll Never Break Your Heart

-Anne (@Banana_Anne )


Backstreet’s Back

“Oh my God we’re back again – brothers, sisters, everybody INSANE” – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)


“I don’t have a fantasy ‘cause to get to you I’d walk a thousand miles” I was like 10 years old lol – All I Have To Give

-Melissa Lamb

“But my love is all…” I thought it was “put my heart and soul is….” – All I Have To Give


Each time I hear the song “Like a Child” with my Mum, we can’t help laughing because the first time she heard it she told me, “are they singing Jackie Chan ??!?!!” – Like A Child

-Delphine Zuliani

“Close your eyes and imagine the stars…” and “I get lost, lost inside your world… When you do the things you do…” Man, I really messed up the lyrics to this song … sorry! – Hey Mr. DJ (Keep Playin’ That Song)




Back when we had a crappy car radio I thought Larger Than Life was a song about a guy named Roger! – Larger Than Life

– Shannon W

Now I know the correct lyrics of course, but when I was younger, I always sang, “But letme tell you now, there are prices to pay, alright…” – Larger Than Life


When I heard I Want It That Way, I thought for the longest time that it was “Ain’t nothin but a party…” And at AJ’s part when he sings, “Yes I know that its’ too late,” I thought he says “Decido”. I know it sounds really stupid but I never really realized how weird it was ‘cause well…. it’s a freakin’ BSB song!! – I Want It That Way


[Side note: Even though we may now know all the words to IWITW, we still do NOT know the meaning of that song what so ever. No matter how many times we’ve tried to decode it. LOL]

I always thought it was, “Beauty Rose to an endless love” instead of “Guilty roads to an endless love.” Whoops – Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely

-@ cjg_tt

I always heard “Can feel my feelers one by one.” LOL what even. It doesn’t even make sense! –It’s Gotta Be You


“I loved you from a distance star, I couldn’t reach that far…” Again, makes no sense. haha –Spanish Eyes



Black & Blue

There is a verse in The Call that goes “I called up my girl and said…” but I always sang along with my own made up lyric that went got my girl from *NSYNC. Honestly I never could make out that line so I just made up my version of it for the longest time! – The Call


“The day is done, nothing’s been won…” – The Call


It’s only recently that I’ve learned to love Get Another Boyfriend. Actually, it’s not that I misheard the lyrics, but at first I can’t sing along to Nick’s line “or was it all the promises of diamonds, pearls and party dresses that turned you on?” So every time it plays, I mumble the words, and all I can clearly sing is “…that turned you on!” Until now I have difficulty in singing that goddamned line. LMAO!! – Get Another Boyfriend

– Faith

“Baby he would say whatever… It takes to keep you alive.” LOL I guess this is what happens when you learn the song lyrics before you even know about love/relationships. – More Than That



The Hits: Chapter One

During AJ’s part in Drowning, I thought he was saying “I don’t need another lover” instead of “I don’t need another lifeline!” I thought that for many years until I read the lyrics lol. – Drowning



Never Gone

Then my heart did time in Siberia…Was waiting for the light to come through.” – Siberia


Even though I know the real lyrics, someone once told me they misheard these lyrics, and now I can’t unhear them LOL: “I haven’t changed a thing since your lobotomy.” –Last Night You Saved my Life




In “Everything But Mine” I literally thought they said, “You’re the cum that my world is drenched in.” I was like, “Ok, Backstreet Boys are getting dirty!” But, nope, just me… – Everything But Mine

– KDiddy1029

 When AJ sings “Everything but mine… Mine I know, oh baby.” To me, even know, it sounds like he’s saying “Shalom” at the end of the second line, which, as an Israeli fan, I’m very happy about. – Everything But Mine


Ongoing debate between my friends and I: “I’m a house of cards in a hurricane… Wreckless fire in the pouring rain.” For the record- I’m on the side of “Wreckless ride.” – Helpless When She Smiles



This Is Us

Another ongoing lyric battle between my friends and I: “Straight through my heart… same old bullet got me”. I’m pretty sure the more popular lyric choice is “single bullet.” – Straight Through My Heart


 “Just lend me your bladder, I’ll try and measure up” instead of “just let me make it better, I’ll try and measure up…” –Bigger

– Elise (dutchieelise)

 “The scissors, the scissors, the scissors, the scissors, the scissors, the scissors, let the world know baby…” – This Is Us
– Carolina Molina (@molinacarol)

[Sidenote: We obviously know the correct lyrics to this one, but that doesn’t mean that we still don’t hear “The scissors” EVERY time. Betcha you can’t unhear it now.]

I don’t know what this means, but I heard it: “Won’t go on high overload… Show your face to me with could be everything.” – Masquerade



In A World Like This

“Rise up, rise up, rise up Madeleine. The son of a mannequin.” Don’t judge me please – Madeleine


Of course I sing “Show ‘em your tomatoes”, just because it is more fun haha – Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of

-@ cjg_tt

I saw some videos about the boys singing like this and I can’t sing correctly anymore lol “Show me your tomatoes”. – Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of

– Carolina Molina (@molinacarol)

#BSBVegas FAQ: Part Two – General Admission and VIP vs. After Party

The time has come again for Backstreet to take back Las Vegas with their shows at The Axis at Planet Hollywood and boy, are we ready for it! After their EPIC ACM performance with Florida Georgia Line and a few announcements for upcoming festival appearances, the need to see our fantastic five has only grown stronger. Anyone else already been to Vegas and watching flight prices to go back or is that just us?

We answered a few questions in the first run here and now that we’ve all had time to get acclimated, we’re answering more!

There seems to be two MAJOR questions being asked and we’re here to give you facts and an honest opinion to answer both.

What Time Do I Need To Line Up For General Admission?


  • Those with VIP Meet and Greet and Beat The Line General Admission tickets ARE let into the venue first.
  • Just because they are let into the venue first does not mean you are guaranteed first in line. What we mean by this is… if you are let into the venue and go to buy a drink or merch before getting into line, there is not really a guarantee that you will be up front in line.
  • You are allowed to line up for General Admission as early as you like – we saw people there in the early afternoon.
  • There is NOT a “better side” to be on. The Boys try to divide themselves as much as possible. Being on the right side, we did see all of them.
  • RUNNING into the “pit” will get you stopped by security – they’re not playing.
  • You will be standing the whole time, but there is plenty of room to move around if you don’t try to squeeze into a spot.
  • If you think not being against the stage means no Boy time, you’re wrong. They can definitely see everyone standing there.


  • Don’t stress lining up early. For most everyone we have talked to, the time people got in line did NOT mean a better or worse spot in the GA pit. We can not stress enough – THERE IS NOT A BAD SPOT. Once doors open, you have to split and go through metal detectors, then a photographer takes a photo of you and your friends against a background (for later purchase) before you even head down to the line to get INTO GA. There are a number of factors that could speed you up / slow you down. If you would rather use your time to sight see or relax, go for it! If waiting to line up stresses you out, go ahead! Just make sure you’re ENJOYING yourself – not sabotaging your experience.
  • VIP Tables decidedly have the best view of the entire stage in our opinion, but there is an energy in the GA that you can’t get anywhere else. The Boys don’t interact *quite* as much as during IAWLT, but that could change as they get more comfortable. We definitely got our fair share and Kevin has been drinking peoples beers since then!
  • As aforementioned, we didn’t feel like we got jipped by getting to see some Boys more than others – it was pretty fair for both sides.
  • Make friends with those around you. If you have to pee, they’ll stretch to save your spot and if they know your favorite Boy is coming, maybe they’ll move aside so you can have your moment (and maybe even take a photo)!
  • HAVE FUN! Like we said, the Boys can see you. If you’re standing there like you don’t know you’re at a BSB concert, it will make them sad. DON’T MAKE A BACKSTREET BOY SAD.

Should I Do VIP Meet and Greet or an Ultimate Afterparty Package?!

This is really subjective. The experience that’s right for you depends on what you want out of it. So let’s break it down…



  • PRO – We didn’t feel like we were wasting our time waiting around. Once we were checked in, we got our drinks and got to hang out in a room with our friends until it was time to meet the BSB.
  • PRO – We were fresh. By fresh, I mean we weren’t dancing around at a concert and sweating for three hours before we met the Boys. Our faces were still in place and body parts were stilled tucked in properly.
  • PRO – The professional photo with all five guys. We trust Justin Segura with our VIP lives.
  • PRO – Souvenirs! The photobooth gifs have been making their way onto every fan’s social media and we really want that thing on tour (and in our houses).
  • CON – The concert HAS to start on time. If the Backstreet Boys are running behind, your experience may be a little tighter time wise. However, we will say that Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick are very considerate if there’s something you’re trying to say to them and will do their best to give you a chance.
  • CON – No candids. Because your meet and greet experience is individual, it’s up to you to remember everything that happened.


  • PRO: You’re in the VIP section….WITH the Backstreet Boys! You can’t really understand what a perk this is until you’re there, but Chateau can get REALLY crowded on the weekends. Because you’re in this section, you’re treated like an actual VIP with the BSB present.
  • PRO: Selfies! Who doesn’t love a good selfie with a BSB? It’s instant and you can make sure you’re getting your best side. The Boys have been really good with trying to get selfies with anyone who wants one in the VIP.
  • PRO: Your friends have your back. As we mentioned before, in the VIP meet and greet, you’re going in individually and holding it down on your own. It’s GREAT for the pic and the experience, but sucks if you can’t remember a thing. One our favorite parts about the afterparty is that if you’re chatting with / dancing with / in the vicinity of your favorite Backstreet Boy, your friend (or maybe a stranger) can snap a shot so you can remember forever!
  • PRO: There ain’t no party like a Backstreet party! Everyone is high off of the concert, but the atmosphere is chill, not as regimented and allows the Boys to come to you.
  • CON: You might be tired. After a whole day and dancing all night, a club in Vegas might be the last thing you want to do. It’s something to consider.
  • CON: Selfies are likely, but not guaranteed. While the Boys DO try to come to you, if you hang back, you might miss out.
  • CON: You never know who might show up. It could be one BSB, it could be four or five. If it’s important to you to meet ALL five, the AP is not for you.


We listed pros and cons to try to break it down into things you might not think about, but truth be told, the pro side on both experiences FAR outweigh the cons. They’re really just terms of preference.

If your priority is to meet all five Backstreet Boys, 100% look great in a professional photo, have a more managed experience and time to hang with your friends in a quieter environment, VIP Meet and Greet is for you.

If your priority is to hang out with a few Backstreet Boys in a party atmosphere late into the night with a chill vibe and less structure, but still an intimate VIP section setting, the Ultimate Party Package will not disappoint.

….You can always do both. 🙂

Have questions? Feel free to ask us via social media or email!





Let’s Take A Backstreet Minute…

In the middle of a Wednesday, the Backstreet Boys social media accounts unleashed this one minute video, presumably to remind people that they will be back on the Vegas stage one week from today.

…But it did so much more.

With everything going on – events, ticket sales, VIP packages, what we’re doing and who we’re going with – we quickly seem to forget how lucky we are. [NOTE: I know I’ve written something like this before, so this will be brief.]

For 60 seconds, we are taken into a world that the Backstreet Boys and their team live everyday that they’re in Vegas. From wardrobe to management to dancers to crew members to every single person involved in this production, they give 100% to make sure that we have an amazing experience for a few hours out of 24 hours in a day (or a few days). There’s so much behind-the-scenes that takes so many humans and we, as fans, take so much for granted. So, we’re taking this Backstreet minute to be insanely grateful.

We may complain about this or that from time to time, but as Backstreet Boys fans, we have it so good.

We have a band that has stuck it out for 24 years, good times and bad.

We have a band that has a team that works as hard as we work to get to the events.

We have a band that works on things until they are perfect, even if we’re begging them to hurry.

We have a band that works hard to put every bit of themselves into what they put on stage.

We have a band with members are above-and-beyond kind to others.

We have a band that welcomes all of us with open arms, no matter how they’re feeling.

We have a band that never disappoints.

We have Kevin Richardson.

We have Howie Dorough.

We have Brian Littrell.

We have AJ McLean.

We have Nick Carter.

And if that doesn’t make your day / week / year, I don’t know what will.

As long as there is music, we’ll be coming back again. And again. And again. Just to say thank you.



ACM WATCH: Everything Backstreet Boys + Florida Georgia Line This Weekend

We’re less than 24 hours away from the Backstreet Boys’ Academy of Country Music Awards debut and we couldn’t be more excited! They will be taking the stage to perform their single, (“God, Your Mama, and Me”, (and maybe more 😉 ) with the boys of Florida Georgia Line.

Leading up to the show at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas tomorrow (Sunday, April 2nd), all seven men have been busy doing press and, of course, rehearsing. Of course, we’ll keep you covered as best we can.

All the interviews we find (and more as it becomes available) will be posted here! Also, follow us on social media for the very latest updates as they come in. Also keep an eye on BSB and FGL Instagram stories!

102.7 The Coyote Interview  (On how the FGL + BSB collaboration happened – there’s sleepovers and fishing involved!)

Daily Mail UK (Photos)


Have You Misheard Backstreet Boys Lyrics? Tell Us!

UPDATE: Read the post here.

So remember that time when you were in elementary school (or somewhere around there) and heard a BSB song for the first time (or 500 times)?

Did it really matter then what they were saying? They were just sooooo dreamy *sigh* …

Well, they still are dreamy, and we know NOW that we’re older we can relate to their lyrics more than ever (and are hopefully singing the correct ones)!

We want to hear from you—what are the most common or funniest misheard lyrics that you thought they were, or are still convinced they are? I know my 9 year old self has quite a lot…

Can’t wait to hear what you all used to (or still do) sing!


ALERT: We Need Your Help For A Backstreet Boys 24th Anniversary Project!

The Backstreet Boys 24th anniversary is upon us and, as always, we are here to celebrate and reminisce together. Not only have our Boys been together that long, but we’ve also grown together. In typical What Happens On The Backstreet fashion, we’re asking YOU to participate.

Part One: We want to hear how the past 24 years of BSB has impacted you. How does Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick being together affect you? What has Backstreet meant to you? Have a really cool moment that you stands out to you as a fan? Is there something you really need to say? Fill out the form below!

We know it’s hard, but please try to keep your entries short-ish (150 words or less). 

Part Two (Optional): Send a photo to us (whothebackstreet@gmail.com) with a photo of yourself / fan art / fancy drawing that includes YOUR NAME and the FIRST DATE you saw the Backstreet Boys (live) and the LAST DATE. Be creative. We will be using these in a collage as the featured photo for the post. Anything other than this in the photo will not be used.

Questions? Feel free to ask!

If you’re a BSB FC MEMBER, check out this post about a special way to participate in a anniversary project exclusive to backstreetboys.com.

Also, don’t forget to purchase your EXCLUSIVE BSB anniversary shirt. As soon as you get your new tee in the mail, post a photo on social media using the hashtag #BSB24 to be entered to win a special BSB Anniversary Prize Pack!