Everything You Need To See (And Hear) From The Backstreet Boys 2018 UK Promo

It’s no secret that the Backstreet Boys are spending a few days in London after filming the new music video (we don’t know when we’ll see it) for their second soon-to-be released single (we don’t officially know the title) from their upcoming album (which we currently have no details about — but when we do…).

Anyway, Kevin, Brian, AJ, Nick and Howie are across the pond (or in your backyard, depending on where you’re reading this from) and there are appearances being made! This morning kicked off those appearances with The Chris Evans Breakfast Show and although we’ve tweeted the link, we wanted to keep all of the UK media in one post… so here it is.

The Boys will be recording an episode of Loose Women today for a later air date and will be appearing on Sunday’s episode of Strictly Come Dancing. Anything we find for your viewing or listening pleasure, we will update here!

Chris Evans Breakfast Show


You can listen to audio of the interview here. The Backstreet Boys come in with a cover of Blackstreet’s 1996 “No Diggity” around 1:39.


  • Jodie Whittaker aka Doctor Who is also a guest and a huge BSB fan. The Boys serenade her with a piece of  her favorite song, “The One”.
  • World tour is “hopefully” beginning Spring 2019. It will begin in Brian’s backyard (lol).
  • They have many secrets to be told in November.
  • It’s AJ’s fault that things leak (per Nick).
  • They performed acoustic versions of “As Long As You Love Me”, “All I Have To Give”, and “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”.


General Promo

Strictly Come Dancing


5 Lessons We’ve Learned From Kevin Richardson

Everybody loves Kevin Richardson. Even your mom — literally. Everyone has a piece of Kevin that they love the most and those pieces make up one of the best men that we’ve ever had a chance of “knowing”.

And today just happens to be his birthday (unless you’re not reading this on October 3rd — then it’s just a regular day that we appreciate Kevin and stuff).

So, here’s a few things of the many things we’ve learned from the eldest Backstreet Boy…

1. Kevin has taught us that being chill is best.


Being a fan can be wild and being in a boyband can be even wilder, but there’s an inner peace about Kevin that spreads to anyone who will allow it. He’s the first one to tell people (in the nicest way possible) to calm down and will appreciate a good conversation. It is that chill that draws people to him and it is that down-to-earth behavior that has anyone who comes into contact with him feeling heard and appreciated.


2. We’ve learned the importance of being present.


There has never been a question that wherever Kevin is and who he is with, he is there and he is with those people. The undivided attention he gives fans in meet and greets is something all of us look forward to and have appreciated for years. His way of putting family first has inspired all of us to do the same. His honesty is everything. Read about one of our favorite Kevin experiences here.

3. It’s okay to take a break.


While we hated to see Kevin leave the Backstreet Boys (ugh, the heartbreak), he might have been the first person we knew to exercise the importance of self-care. As we’ve all gotten older, we understand why Kevin left (and thank God he came back) and have used that as inspiration in our own lives. If you’re uninspired, if you’re not feeling it, leave. We’re forever grateful for that lesson, Mr. Richardson.

4. Hard work is everything, but don’t talk life too seriously.


Anyone will tell you that Kevin is a perfectionist and likes things just right, but he’s also (usually) ALWAYS down for a good time. You can find him dancing at afterparties, cracking jokes that you never expect, and singing Bruno Mars covers on the cruise. He reminds us all to not take life too seriously — life is to be lived. As he repeated 43 times on the BSB Cruise 2018 though, “you have to pace yourself”.

5. There is such a thing as getting better with age.


If getting older means being as f**king great as Kevin Scott Richardson, SIGN. US. UP. He just keeps getting better and we honestly look forward to so much more. ANY time with Kevin is a good time.

Thanks for being you, Kevin. We hope that you have the birthday you deserve — a really great one!


50 Thoughts We Had Watching The Backstreet Boys “Get Down” Music Video

Back by popular demand, we’re bringing  you more “Thoughts We Had…” posts! Since the beginning, we’ve had multiple people to ask us to do one for “Get Down” and honestly, it just seems like the mecca of Backstreet Boys music videos in terms of having thoughts. Why? Because there’s SO many thoughts to be had about it and none at all.

I thought about making this post “one thought we had” and capitalizing a BIG WTF… but I rewatched and well, here you go! Enjoy!

1. The minute the Backstreet Boys appear on screen, I can only smell lemons and oranges… because they look like they’re dressed like skittles.

2. Ho…Howie? Is that you?? AJ??? Why you look like a cool ant with sunglasses??

3. Ah, boyband hands. Classic. Who knew they’d still be doing those 22 years after this?

4. Zooming out to the big disco ball… there’s no way this wasn’t made in a mall, right?

5. I would LOVE to know some of these people dancing in the cubes. Imagine that being your claim to fame.

6. Who wouldn’t love to see the behind the scenes footage for this video shoot? What are they actually dancing on? Did they KNOW it was going to look like this?

7. To this day, Nick is STILL wear black jeans, black shirts and a jacket. Consistency is key.

8. We can laugh at these moves all we want but we ALL know them.

9. What IS a baby love?

10. Shout out to Nick’s baby teeth!

11. You’re doing yourself a major injustice if you’re paying attention to the person singing in this video. Kevin’s face is the best thing about it the entire time.

12. 50 seconds: How many Backstreet Boys can fit in one screen and pretend to sing the lyrics? The answer is 4.


14. The block people are wearing the epitome of 90s fashion.

15. Why does Brian look so small?

16. Why does Nick look like a dancing palm tree?

17. Is this really the Backstreet Boys or five guys that work at a pizza place who decided to be cool on a Saturday night?

18. Ah, yes. The beginning on the body roll. Thank God.

19. Kevin’s the only one tall enough at 1:24 for a proper body roll. Howie’s grabbing his belt like it’s a hoe down and Brian looks like he’s blowing backwards. THINGS HAVE GOTTEN BETTER, YOU GUYS.

20. At what point did Nick get down on his knees?

21. Howie looks like he’s the brains behind this. I don’t know why.

22. WHOOOOOOOOOO IS THIS FLYING MAN?! Excuse me, Backstreet Boys, someone has escaped from their cube!!

23. Oh nevermind, they’re “with it”.

24. Brian missed them memo that they were supposed to “pump it and move it all around”.

25. Seriously. Kevin’s face.

26. Did Nick realize he had actually danced ON the mirrorball before he did Dancing With The Stars or nah?

27. Here comes baby Brian!

28. At this point, everytime I pause, there’s something new to think about. Imagine if this video came out when memes were a thing.

29. Brian looks so angry. It might just be his hair.

30. You can never unsee Kevin during “And I WANT. IT. RIGHT. NOW”

31. Everyone was so casual singing until Brian.

32. 2:23: What is he even singing? Not this song.

33. Is AJ wearing the Prince symbol on his necklace?

34. This is really the Nick, AJ, and Kevin show. Or as they’re now known — Palm Tree, Cool Ant, and Kevin With The Face.

35. It’s weird how well you can see their mouths without facial hair.

36. Some boybanders use the one-finger point. Kevin uses two fingers with a body roll.

37. Nick is too pure for this video. Or something.

38. All of AJ’s jewelery! I feel like I can hear him clinking.

39. Zoned out for a solid 20 seconds. I think this is the trance they were going for.

40. Oh God! They’re jumping around! GET DOWN!

41. Does it bother anyone else about how unevenly spread out they are when they dance on the mirrorball?

42. At 3:21… they’ve all just lost it. This is a lost cause.


44. Why is Nick convulsing on the floor? The epitome of getting down.

45. Oh DAMN, he just flipped right up. What is happening?

46. Why are these people escaping so slowly?

47. Why are they doing the OPPOSITE of getting down?

48. Brian’s russian dancing across the ball never gets old, honestly.

49. The more Nick jumps, the more we see that his shirt includes what looks to be a name tag. He’s on a break from his job at Chuck E. Cheese apparently?

50. Wow. How do we get the Boys to recreate this iconic video? SOMEONE start a petition!

25 Years of Hard Work and Humility: The Truth About The Backstreet Boys

When the Backstreet Boys formed in 1993, with their ages ranging from 13 to 22, they were only hoping to become a success and maybe, by some miracle, keep that success for more than a few years.

Fast Forward to 2018, Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ, and Nick are celebrating 25 years together and their first single, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”, in the top 10 on the American Top 40 Hot AC Chart. Media outlets who had counted the Boys out just a few years ago are now aware of their ongoing success and reporting on it as such. Their Vegas residency, announced in 2016 and running since March 2017, is still one of the best selling shows on the Strip, not only garnering the attention of fans across the world, but quite a few celebrities as well (including Niall Horan, Snooki, Gwen Stefani and more).

The Boys will be ending their residency next year only to start another world tour, their first since a successful tour hitting multiple countries worldwide from 2013-2015. Before heading out on tour, they will be releasing their highly anticipated new album in coming months, a follow up to 2013’s In A World Like This. Always ones to put fans first, the Boys previewed tracks that they had recorded already (that may or may not be on the album) earlier this year during an event on their sold out cruise.

How did they achieve such massive successes and what keeps them together? The question has been asked in many interviews and it all boils down to one thing — the Backstreet Boys are family.

“Nobody tells you what to do when you get to the top.” – Brian Littrell, Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of: The Backstreet Boys Movie

Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick have literally grown up in front of everyone’s eyes.

They’ve walked hundreds of red carpets.

They’ve received numerous awards.

They’ve released nine studio albums (even more songs).

They’ve filmed a documentary that revealed a lot of truth behind the biggest selling boyband of all time.

And they’ve always been honest about who they are as people and who they are as performers. Perhaps that is the best part of the Backstreet Boys – their authenticity.

Amidst their clean cut facade in 2001, 4/5 of the Boys appeared on TRL unexpectedly to announce that they would be putting the Black and Blue tour on hiatus to allow AJ McLean the time he needed to enter rehab and seek treatment for his alcoholism and depression.

“We didn’t want to sweep it under the rug,” Kevin Richardson had told fans at the time.

And that was the moment, for a lot of fans, that sparked a new sense of loyalty to the band they had screamed senselessly over as preteens. Things were changing. We were all growing up and dealing with things and so were they. Suddenly, there seemed like a new relationship had formed. This wasn’t a completely innocent band who had a dark past they weren’t telling us about. These were five talented human beings who were not only wildly successful at this point, but cared enough about their fans to be honest and cared enough about humankind in general to use their platform to bring awareness to the fact that addiction can affect anyone.

Really though, can a band really have a “dark past” when they’ve been open about everything that they’ve dealt with?

There’s been battles with addictions.

There’s been bad relationships that played out in the tabloids.

There’s been public family discord.

There’s been court battles with Lou Pearlman.

There’s been battles with each other.

There’s been vocal issues and illnesses.

The Backstreet Boys have been human. And they’ve done it in front of the entire world. They’ve addressed it. They’ve stayed classy about situations as they have gotten older and they’ve known that in order to be where they are now and who they are now, some things had to happen.

They know that even the ugliest battles have had silver linings and have turned those experiences into some of the best songs on their albums.

Most importantly, the Backstreet Boys have never let themselves be defined by the negative experiences they’ve had but rather, grew from them.

How Did The Backstreet Boys Become The Biggest Boyband In The World?

Simply put, hard work and remembering where they came from.

The Boys’ success did not come easy. They spent most of their early years playing in high school gyms to students who didn’t exactly love them before heading overseas to gain massive success. It wasn’t until 1997 that they found any fame in the U.S.

Any of them will tell you on any given day how grateful they are still for their continued success and that they never take it for granted. They also don’t take anyone else for granted who has helped them along their way. That has most recently included the team they worked with to produce “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”.

“The one thing that really made me impressed with them is that boys are so verbally appreciative of us,” Stuart Crichton says, who helped produce the Boys’ latest single. “They’ve had a lot of success, which more often than not makes artists aloof with you; the ego takes over. But in any interview, we all get mentioned. I can’t tell you how many times they’ve told us how grateful they are. Even the last time I saw Kevin (Richardson), he turned to me and was like, ‘I can’t tell you enough, but thanks so much for ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. It’s just so great for us.’ It makes me want to work ten times harder for them.”

Throughout the Boys’ history, there aren’t many interviews where they HAVEN’T been extremely vocal about their appreciation for anyone has helped shaped their career, from musical inspirations, other artists, former managers, and, of course, fans.

That deep-rooted appreciation even extends to Backstreet Boys-creator Lou Pearlman, who ultimately scammed the group out of millions of dollars they were owed. Are they still bitter? No. In fact, they are sad for him and sad that things ended the way they did. When asked by Entertainment Tonight how they felt about his death in 2017, Kevin, Howie, AJ, Nick and Brian expressed that it was ‘bittersweet’ and recognized that the highs and lows that they have faced as a group, like the ones they did with Pearlman, made them the group that they are today.

As for their fans…

Not only do the Backstreet Boys tour worldwide to try to reach as many fans as possible, set sail on cruises with daily events and nightly parties with fans, continue to create music, and try to connect in their downtime, but they have gone above and beyond in some instances that you can read about here.

Did we also mention that the Boys are constantly giving back? From having their own charities to performing charity shows, the BSB are always giving back in any area that they can.

Earlier this Summer, you could find Nick (along with his family) raising money to fund classroom supplies for teachers and children at a local elementary school in Las Vegas as well as helping raise awareness for the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation. Howie Dorough consistently makes appearances at charity events in his local Florida community as well and AJ McLean raised funds for a local school in California to be able to replace instruments that were stolen as well as a complete music room makeover.

Kentucky cousins Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell have also been notably philanthropic and very big advocates for different causes, especially those they have been especially touched by. Kevin, who lost his father to colon cancer at a young age, has been vocal about the importance of early screenings. He’s also involved environmental conservation (and has sent several kids to college on environmental scholarships) as well as opening up about he and his wife’s fertility struggle in an effort to help other families who might be going through the same journey. Brian Littrell, while quieter about his charitable giving in his local area of Georgia, has perhaps been the most active Backstreet Boy with his own charity, Healthy Heart Club for Kids. While the charity has dissolved and evolved into a larger reaching “Just Ask”, Brian has never shied away from spreading awareness about living a heart-healthy life, having been affected by his own heart disease since he was an infant.

As a group, the Backstreet Boys donated $1 of every Vegas residency ticket sale to the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas during their first run and to the Boys and Girls Club during their second run. They also visited the Club to speak with the kids about pursuing their dreams and the importance of hard work before spending time shooting hoops and showing them a few dance moves.

“Not only are we group members and business partners, but we’re family.” – Kevin Richardson

“Those guys can go a cappella at the drop of a hat and deliver an amazing performance — and they actually dance, and are committed and disciplined,” Joseph Kahn, now famed director who got his start with the “Everybody” music video, told Billboard. “Sometimes when you’re a solo act, you have no one to say ‘no’… The great thing about boy bands, and why Justin Timberlake comes out fine, is that you have people around you to say ‘No.’ You have to learn how to share, it’s like growing up in a family. That’s the Backstreet Boys. They’re brothers. They’re truly a band.”

While there’s a lot to be said for the Backstreet Boys working hard and cultivating an atmosphere of humanity and gratitude throughout their 25 year career, none of it would have been possible without each individual member of the talented quintet.

These five are brothers. They are admittedly family, with high highs and low lows like everyone else. They’ve very literally grown up together. Like family, they stick together and stand by one another. They take the hits, they roll with the punches, and together, they get rise to the occasion everytime.

So, it’s no surprise to anyone that has followed the Boys for any amount of time that they would take up for one another and hear each other out when a less than ideal situation arises. It’s this united front that has kept them together and it’s a genuine love and deep-rooted care for each other that has given them a bright future. While they have been honest about their arguments and kept it real about how they’ve had fall outs here and there, there has always been an underlying respect for each other in their words.

Clearly, the Backstreet Boys are not going anyway. For better or for worse.

And it’s not just being family with each other. With Brian, Kevin, Howie, AJ and Nick all married with children, the family has expanded to include Leighanne, Kristin, Leigh, Rochelle, Lauren, Baylee, Mason, Maxwell, Holden, James, Ava, Lyric and Odin.

It goes without saying that the Backstreet Boys are in a good place, personally and publicly. There’s a whole lot of love to go around.

Taking The High Road

“Things are really good in our lives right now. We’re really fortunate and we know that is a blessing.” – Nick Carter, Paper Magazine, 2017

Lastly, and perhaps the most refreshing in times of social media where it is so easy to react quickly, is the fact that Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick have never been, for lack of a better term, petty. Not since they’ve grown up anyway.

Since the beginning, they’ve taken whatever the public and the media has thrown at them in stride and have taken it as fuel to work harder, only addressing what needed to be addressed. Their music has, and will continue to, speak for them.

Because they have been open (as much as they need to be) about their highs and lows, they have opened themselves up for criticism that they have handled pretty well…but they’ve also been able to form a deeper connection with folks around the world – from fans to celebrities to the general population.

They are the people’s musical group. They’ve made it abundantly clear that they’re just five regular guys that tour the world and share their talents in front of millions but also take out the trash when they’re home and put on their pants the same way we all do.

Always classy, always appreciative, and always looking to be better, do more, and work harder, Kevin Richardson, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean, and Nick Carter continue to inspire new musical acts (including Florida Georgia Line, who they recently collaborated with and country artist Lauren Alaina, who met the Boys at the CMT Awards), get name dropped by other celebrities who have nothing but love and respect for them and continue to inspire legions of fans, some who have followed them for years and some who are just jumping on the bandwagon. Some even credit the Backstreet Boys with making music that saved their lives.

“It’s the music, it’s the love, truthfully. We love this. It might sound cliche, but we love being The Backstreet Boys. We love what it represents. We enjoy what we do. We take pride in what we do, we have a common goal that unites us, and we do genuinely care about each other. We do genuinely want the other to be happy and fulfilled and allowing each other to do individual stuff,” the Boys told Robin Leach in an interview last year.

In an interview with People this year, Brian stated, “We’re blessed to still be doing this for so long and be so prosperous for so many years. The fans have really done it for us.”

The Backstreet Boys are entering a new era and there is no doubt that it is going to be a successful one.

We’re here for it. Are you?

For a complete list of the Backstreet Boys incredible history, click here.

(Itching to see the Boys live? Click here for all upcoming appearances.)


A Post About Nick Carter, Howie D. And Some Of The Best Tweets Ever

We’ve written about Kevin and Nick, Nick and Brian, but since the invention of Twitter, we’ve realized the gem that is Howie D. and Nick Carter.



From bringing the party to the first Backstreet Boys cruises (and even now) to Howie’s MASSIVE support for Nick on DWTS and I Heart Nick Carter to Nick’s obsession with Howie’s “100 Kisses” and ALL of the (playful) shade throwing, these two are endless entertainment!

And each other’s cheerleaders. We can’t get enough.

Without explanation, we present to you some of the best Nick + Howie tweets in history, including their boy ventures, their cruise plans, and our favorite — Howie rallying everyone to vote then showing up to GMA!!



































Could they get any better? We’ll be watching, boys!


The Importance Of A Break, Mental Health, and Letting It Out

And now, for something completely different…

Breaks are important.

Self-care is important.

But sometimes, so is getting a thing or two off of your chest.

Posts like these are hard for me and to date, I haven’t. I’ve kept What Happens On The Backstreet fairly impersonal as it’s for everyone. It’s a space for lightheartedness, a place to keep up or find out what you’ve missed, and sometimes a spot for putting it all out there in terms of what is going on with the Backstreet Boys and fans.

Writing things that are personal makes me feel vunerable – like an easy target (but maybe I’m an easier target because I don’t share my every thought, detail, move, opinion and actual life?). It also makes me feel like I’m attention-seeking (which I’m not). In the past few months, there has been a lot of not-so-kind words slung around, a lot of assumptions, and more thrown in our direction. I have ignored them and worked harder toward a positive outlook, but the words hung in the back of my mind, making it harder and harder to write anything new and definitely making it impossible to write anything with genuine feeling. My words (and lack of words) have been used against me, things we’ve posted have been ripped apart, and forced me into a mini break to gather my thoughts.

I wasn’t going to post anything — it’s no one’s business how I feel and this isn’t a place for it. But while you may not care how I feel specifically, I’m writing this to tell you (YOU!) that you are not alone.

Strangers on the internet can turn into some of the best friends and acquaintances you’ll ever have, but some strangers on the internet can tear down the strongest people before you even have a chance to defend yourself. That’s something that’s hard to come to terms with.

Getting your feelings hurt does not make you weak. YOU ARE NOT WEAK.

Feeling pissed off does not make you a bad person. You can only take so much.

Needing a break does not mean giving up.

These things mean you’re human.

For the past week, we’ve been on a mini-hiatus. I wasn’t going to address it further than a brief tweet, but sometimes, in order to breathe, you have to get things off of your chest.

Here are some fast facts for strangers on the internet:

  • I started WHOTB as a hobby and creative outlet while I worked a job that didn’t challenge my creative side enough and I missed writing. I also loved Buzzfeed. Six months later, the business I was working for closed and I poured my time and energy into WHOTB while I had the time. So yes, there was a lot of effort put into it because my efforts had to go somewhere.
  • I do not write to kiss the Backstreet Boys’ asses or anyone related to them (this was something I read last week). In fact, in the first year that WHOTB was “open”, I wrote a few posts addressing what needed changing within the fandom and with the Boys in order for things to be better. Every event I have gone to that I have written about, I have gone to with an open mind, fully prepared to write the truth. What you read is how I honestly felt about things. If you READ our posts, you’ll find that there are some not-so-savory truths — we just don’t focus on them.
  • I have never “stolen” information or ideas from anyone else — this seems to be a favorite idea recently. I actually try to avoid reading other fans’ posts (or any related blog in general) to avoid even subconsciously lifting. I would certainly never take anything deliberately. A lot of times, I will gather things for a later post or update so…
  • I don’t “come back” at people normally because it’s fuel for an unnecessary fire. Unless something NEEDS to be said, I usually don’t. It’s unproductive and being unproductive (and unkind) is my least favorite. If we have something to say, we’ll say it once and be done.
  • Everything on WHOTB is mine (or Kristie’s) – our thoughts, our opinions, our work, etc. If there is a disclaimer, it is because we’ve been accused of otherwise. Don’t be stupid or look for a story where there isn’t one.
  • If there is something we’re not posting, there’s a reason.
  • I AM NOT PAID (or compensated) FOR ANY OF THIS. The assumptions are cute though.

There are so many of you that send your kind words, your love, your positive vibes and everything else our way all of the time and you can not understand how much it is appreciated. As we all know though, the negative is so much louder — like tiny paper cuts. So, for those of you who think WHOTB is all sunshine and rainbows, well.. yes, that’s what we want it to be 95% of the time, but that isn’t the reality of it.

But we do think that attitude is important, self-care is important, and mental health is important. If strangers on the internet have gotten you down, take a break. Go outside. Take a vacation. Remind yourself that these are STRANGERS. They do not know you or what you’re about. Some don’t even have the nerve to say it to your face, some are just looking to get you down, and some honestly don’t think about the human on the other end. Stop giving the strangers power. You do you. Not everyone is going to like you and your opinions and that’s okay. Find. YOUR. People.

If you feel alone, you’re not. People can be mean, people can be greedy, and people can find power in knocking you down. Don’t let them. Ignore it or confront it and move on. How people treat you says a LOT more about them than it does about you. How you make others feel about themselves says more about you.

While we don’t know how long it will take us to pick up posts again, we’re still around. If you feel beaten down by strangers on the internet, our inbox is always open. If you ARE a stranger on the internet who has something to say to us, feel free. Sometimes it helps just to be heard.

And if you need a break, TAKE A BREAK. Put your trust in the universe and look for the good. It’s everywhere.

Please… be kind to one another.

XOXO – Sara


5 Kind Things We Have To Say About Nick Carter

Every now and then, we like to put a series of posts together that highlight different things about each of the Backstreet Boys. There can never be too much love, right?

This time, we wanted to share posts with kind words for each Boy because sometimes we all need a reminder about how good these five are, not only together, but individually. Not everything that lives on the internet is positive, but it’s always been our aim to add a little to the “good side” and we encourage you to share your own kind words in the comments!

A few weeks ago, we started with Brian and we LOVED all the comments and stories that you guys had to share after we posted. Now, let’s move on to the one and only — Nick Carter.

1. He’s an INCREDIBLY hard worker.


You can’t talk about Nick without talking about how INSANELY hard he works. From 2014 to 2017 alone, he was touring with BSB, touring with Jordan Knight, working on, releasing and touring for a solo album, writing, producing and acting in his own movie (and skyping with fans who donated to help fund it), competing on Dancing With The Stars, acting as architect on Boyband, promoting and kicking off the BSB Vegas run, working to record the Backstreet Boys upcoming album, and a WHOLE lot of little things in between.

Oh, and did we mention that in the middle of all of that, he became a husband and a father?

2. He listens to and cares about fans and their opinions.


Nick Carter has always looked for ways to involve fans far before social media was prevalent. Once Twitter took off though, he has regularly checked in to ask for fan opinions on this or that, connected with people all over the world, and used anything he can to keep fans updated – from previews of what he’s working on on Instagram to blogs on his fanclub.

3. He’s become the family man we always knew he could be.


For years, Nick insisted he wouldn’t settle down, but in 2014, he got married and in 2016, he became a dad. Let us tell you, there is NOTHING sweeter than the family man he has become. Sure, we love onstage Nick and VIP Nick and actor Nick, etc. but for the first time in forever, we love seeing him at home as well. Why? Because he’s so happy and healthy and being a husband and dad is something he genuinely enjoys.

And it’s made his work better. Nick commented in a recent Q&A on his website that “everything he does now, is for [Odin], including making music” because he wants to make things that he’s proud of. AW!

4. He’s passionate about everything he feels strongly about. 


One thing Nick doesn’t lack is passion. From the stage to everyday life, there is no question that he loves what he loves, will sing the hell out of any lyric, and will fight for what and who he believes in. I mean, have you seen him when the Bucs are playing? We love that zest!

It’s also worth mentioning that one of his big passions is promoting a healthy lifestyle and he has not been shy about sharing all of the changes he’s made personally for the betterment of himself for his family. Inspiring.

5. He makes everyone feel like family. 


Anyone that has been a Nick VIP event will tell you that he makes everyone feel appreciated. Anyone that has had a problem with a BSB situation knows that Nick is the Backstreet Boy to reach out to to have something handled. For so long, fans were his family and he is constantly giving back to us, reaching out, and doing what he can to make every experience a good one. There aren’t many people that have met Nick that would tell you differently. He’s basically like Olive Garden – never ending and you know, “when you’re here, you’re family”. We’re so lucky that he’s one of “ours”.


By The Fans: Words Of Encouragement and Love For Backstreet Boys, Fans, and More

Kindness, positivity and productivity are just a few of our favorite things.

You guys are always sending the kindest words to us about the Backstreet Boys, other fans, our posts, a BSB experience and more, so we wanted to provide a place for those kind things to live permanently. If you need to gush (or feel the need to express your positivity) about anyone (we especially love when you gush about each other), please feel free to do so here. Consider this a small corner of the internet for YOU and all the feel goods.

Our hope is that by keeping this post updated, more of you will read and more of you will become inspired to share your own love and kind words.

— For The Boys —

“I just want to say, keep on being amazing and making more music, boys! You five are my heroes and I want you all to rock on some more! You guys are so inspiring and awesome!”

“You’re one of the most influential bands of our time and you help so many fans deal with their own demons so this speak with your music. You have changed my life and still change everyone’s lives keep strong and making great music. Love you all so much.”

“I will always love you guys no matter what and I refuse to stop being a fan. I can never get enough of your music no matter what mood I am in I think what song can I play I do like the new song Don’t Go Breaking My Heart so I play the video over and over. You guys have beautiful families and I am so happy for you guys that you guys have found someone in your lives. I am looking forward to the new album coming out can’t wait.”

“I just love you all! I have been a fan since I was 10 years old. I remember my mom taking me to the store and freaking out when I saw you boys on a magazine cover and I just had to get it. I grew up with you guys. I am now 33 years old and am more in love with you than ever. Your music has been been with my through every up, down, sadness or laughter. I love the fact that I feel like I am apart of your lives since I grew up wth you guys and have you grow from boys to men and husbands. I cant wait to continue on this journey and grow with you boys even more.”

“So I just wanna say thanks to Nick Carter. He was the first member to tweet me and follow me. He obviously didnt have to do either one of those things and to be able to say I got it is truly amazing. I just want to say how special that made me feel and how its the little things in life that can make someone feel like a super star. So Nick thank you for being so kind and sweet.”

“I want the boys to know how much, they mean to me. I am not sure where I would if it they never came into my life. Thank you guys, I love you.”

“Thank you for always being the sweet, humble, compassionate, down to earth, understanding guys that you are, not just to me, but to other fans around the world. I love you guys, but not because you’re famous, or because you’re celebrities, but because you are all humans, and for the men you are in your hearts, with hearts of gold. Please don’t ever change who you are inside because you’re loved just the way you are, flaws and all. To me, you’re like the big brothers, the friends I never had growing up, and whenever I was hurting, feeling sad, upset etc, you were the ones I turned to, having put my BSB cd’s in and listened to your angelic , comforting, soothing voices, healing me, and healing my soul, especially during my time being bullied to the point I wanted to change myself just to be accepted and liked, but through music, you guys, especially Howie came through and saved me from myself and from my bullies. The song “What Makes U Different (Makes U Beautiful)” written by Howie, sung by Howie and Brian with the rest of you harmonizing beautifully, teaching me I don’t need to change for anyone because I’m beautiful because of my differences, and I felt as if you guys were sing/taling to me through that song, and whenever I’m having a moment where I’m having thoughts of not feeling beautiful or good enough, I always remember that song what you guys taught me through it and I feel better. I’ll always hold What Makes U Different (Makes U Beautiful), and all 5 of you in a special place in my heart, because I am eternally grateful for what you did for me. You’ll always be the ones to hold me and make sure that I’ll be alright, the ones I’ll run to, the ones to take me from darkness to light, my heroes from heaven above sent by God and I thank him for giving me the 5 of you. I love you guys and I always will.”

“Been a fan for years, experienced my first meet and greet in Vegas. The boys were so genuine, answered every question and I didn’t feel rushed at my meet and greet. Here’s to U.K. tour in May.”

“After so many years, still got it going on! How amazing is that?!? Thank you for not letting the hardships of life change your kind, passionate, loving and humble hearts! For never letting us down. God bless you guys and your beautiful families! We love you guys!”

“I have been a fan of the boys since I was 6 or 7. Millennium was the first CD I ever received for Christmas. I kind of fell off while I was in middle and high school, but rediscovered them again earlier this year. The boys, especially Kevin, have always made me feel so special, even though I have never met them. I got to see them for the first time live a month ago, and it was the best day ever. I still think about that day and look at my pictures of that day often. I listen to their music, both band and solo stuff, daily. My two absolute favorite songs are Crawling Back To You, and Drowning. I have always had a sweet spot for Kevin, but I love Howie and Brian as well. Nick and AJ are awesome as well, but didn’t grab my attention when I was a kid. All 5 guys are supremely talented, and I am proud to say I have been a fan for 17 years. Nick, AJ, Kevin, Howie, and Brian: Thank you for 25 years of amazing music, dance routines, and just for being yourselves. Thank you for opening your music lives to us, and I am so happy to say that I am a BSB fan for life. Thank you for the music boys, and here’s to 25 more years!”

“They all have been unbelievably kind in the past but there was one particular time that stands out the most. They were unknowingly staying at the same hotel I was. My friends and I were walking out of the hotel restaurant as they were leaving. I couldn’t even get the words out of my mouth to tell my friends to look…all I could do was hit my friends arm. Nick saw my jaw drop and waved at me to come over. Every single one of them took their time to chat (and take selfies) with me even though they were being rushed into their car. Those few minutes made my day…and showed how much respect they have for their fans!”

“Thank you for sticking around and being here for us, we do appreciate you being here for 25 years and going strong.”

” I appreciate the backstreet boys in a lot of ways, they are so inspiring to so many fans. They are so humble & kind.”

“I want to shout out Brian who my sister and I ran into backstage in Alpharetta last year. Not only was he super sweet and took time out to talk to us and get a picture, but he was super kind when my sister accidentally spilled his drink on him when she went in for a hug. He laughed it off and had the biggest smile on his face. So thank you Brian for being your kind, humble self!”

“Since the very day I saw you performing We’ve got it goin’ on on TV I knew there was something special in you. I didn’t expect something so strong and beautiful though! An amazing adventure of a lifetime. You’re my big brothers. You’re really like family. You inspire me, support me and encourage me just thanks to your music and who you are. You help me bear my ups and downs. Your voices are delicious whirlwinds in my veins and I feel so good after listening to you. I’ve not had the chance to meet you but I hope one day I see you performing and have a meet and greet.

Thanks to you I overcame psychological violence which led me to drive again. So, thanks to you I won freedom. What a delicious feeling! Also, I still cling to my dream thanks to you : “what kind of work? Hard work”. So I work hard and try not to lose hope.

Thank you for all what you give to us. Thank you for inspiring us. I read comments of fans about other fans, all are so positive. Your fans are your image: love and respect.
I wanna kiss and hug you all. Proud of you. Proud to be a fan. KTBSPA!”

“Thank you so much for all of your beautifull music. To me it has been a lifesaver (litterally). Thank you for all the time you take out of your (family)lives to continue this rollercoaster ride and make all of is fans scream with Joy. Can’t wait to see and hear you live again.”

“Thank you guys so much! Your music has helped me through so much in life. When my grandpa passed away in 2000, Show Me (The Meaning of Being Lonely) helped me. Then when my granny died in 2011, Never Gone helped me. Thank y’all so much! I love y’all!”

“Ever since day 1 the boys have helped me through every rough and great situation I have had. From their songs (group or solo) to even their interviews. I love every song they have came out with and will continue to love them for years to come. Thank you for being there for me to listen to and see and dance to. KTBSPA!!”

“I have been your fan for 18 years, they have been years of great music and unforgettable moments. Each of your songs brings back beautiful memories, your music is my inspiration and my consolation in bad times.

During this time I have seen you grow as artists and as persons, and I can only say that I am very proud of you. One of my favorite things in the world is to see you happy, enjoying doing your work on stage and in the studio when you are recording new music.

Thank you for 25 years of dedication and passion, for the sacrifice that you make when you have to leave your families at home for going to make us happy. Thank you for every hour of work in the studio to creat the great songs that make us happy, thanks for every rehearsal to give us a great show, thank you for every smile, for every hug, for every I love you, for every handshake, for each photo that you share in Instagram, thank you for letting us be part of your life as you are of ours.
Just thanks for being so special as you are and for giving so much love to all the fans in the world. I love you very much, it’s a pleasure and an honor be your fan, lets go for more years together.”

— For The Fans —

“To the girl who was at the M&G in Vegas on July 28th, 2018 in group A and was crying after meeting the guys… I think she was the last of the group… girl, that’s the sprint of a true BSB fan… it moves me so much… I think it’s fantastic, I totally get you and KTBSPA!”

“My friend and I went to our first ever BSB show on August 11, and the I swear that the queue to get into the venue was so incredibly polite. (I go to librarian conferences, so I know a pleasant queue when I’m in one.) Everyone was absolutely on board with making sure that parties stayed together, and there were smiling faces all around. Then, after we found our seats, the young woman next to us was chatting with us and her response when we told her it was our first show after being longtime fans was an absolutely joyful “Oh! I am SO happy for you!” Since I’ve gone to shows for other artists where the die hard fans weren’t so nice, it was a pretty cool experience.”

“Thank you to my BSB family for always being there when I need you and GETTING IT. It being my love for the boys. And thanks for being calm and kind at events!”

“Thank you to the fans who do nice things for other fans. Like holding a spot in line and watching stuff while another fan goes to the bathroom. I saw a girl holding up a light over the portable toilet when we all camped out for GMA to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Fans offered each other water and food while waiting. Looking out for each other is something that unites us and will continue to unite us. Proud to be part of this fandom!”

— For The BSB Team —

“Having Kat on the BSB team has truly improved the customer experience. She is professional. She has phenomenal customer service skills. And she understands the fan experience (and what we want), which makes SUCH A DIFFERENCE. So thankful for Kat!”

“Thank you to Jess, Jen, and Kat for being so sweet to us!! Also all of the BSB bodyguards- you rock and we love you!”

— For The BSB Wives —

“Thank you for sharing your husbands with all of us. And thank you for the love you share with him. I’m just so happy each of the guys have found their special someone.”

“Just want to say thank you to the BsBWives for everything they do. Because everyone knows that behind every strong man is an even stronger women 😉 You ladies share your men with the whole world. You have to put up with so much crap from certain “fans”. We never say it enough, but thank you for making the boys better men because you you all. Thank you for making the boys so happy. And thank you for sharing your men with us everyday.”

“Lauren is always in Nick’s corner and defends him like a lioness. She has to fight the hardest against certain fans and I wish I just had half of that courage and strength she has!”

“Leighanne is such a sweetheart and always polite and tries to make you feel super special when you meet her. Thank you for sharing yor husband with all of us and thank you for knowing that we’re not all a bunch of crazies!”

— …And More! —

“I hope this is the right drop down lol I want to thank the Admins of What Happens on the Backstreet. I’m always updated on our boys and love reading everything that gets posted. You all rock!!!”


Have Something Nice To Say About The Backstreet Boys, Their Team, Or Other Fans? We Wanna Hear From You!

Sometimes life is hard.

Especially on the internet.

So, we wanted to create an ongoing post for nice things only and when we asked you guys via Twitter poll, you all agreed!

We’re asking you to send it kind words / words of encouragement for other fans, the Boys, their team, the wives, etc. anonymously and we will post them in a separate post once we get enough. We will keep this post open for submissions and keep updating the kindness post.

We only ask that you share it and spread the kindness and when YOU need some kind words or encouragement, find it your fellow fan-mily member’s words. As for the kind words for the Boys and co., it is our strong belief that putting nice things on paper just feels good, so here’s your outlet (and you never know who’s reading).

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5 Things We’ve Learned From Howie D.

A new year of Backstreet Boys birthdays is upon us! (We always start with Howie — don’t know why)

We always talk about what we’ve learned from the Backstreet Boys as a group, but individually, we’ve learned from them too. For Howie’s birthday, we’re sharing a few things we’ve learned from the Sweet D. himself!

1. You can be sweet and still be the life of the party!


For as long as we can remember, Howie’s most accurate nickname has been Sweet D. and he’s certainly lived up to it. He’s kind, he’s thoughtful….but he’s also arguably the most party-ready Backstreet Boy! Anyone who has been on a cruise or at an afterparty that Howie doesn’t go down until the sun comes up and there’s only the best times to be had.

2. You don’t have to be the loudest to make an impact.


Mr. Dorough has never been one to take a front and center approach in the Backstreet Boys, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love him. Quite the opposite. Because Howie is usually quieter, when he does say something, it’s either well thought out or unexpectedly funny. It’s a wit we’d love to perfect.

3. Spanish… Kind of. 


He may be the Latin Backstreet Boy, but his Spanish skills are muy pequeno…. but he proudly owns it! We’ve picked up a few Spanish words from Howie, but what we love most is that he never pretends to know something he doesn’t. Spanish? Meh. Your name? Maybe. BUT WE LOVE HIS HONESTY.

4. It’s possible to be famous and still be low-key.


We’ve summed that up here.

5. You should maybe let someone else take your Howie selfie.


After the last BSB Cruise, we’ve discovered that Howie *might* not be the best at taking selfies, but he’s made some incredible memories that we will always be grateful for. We’ve learn though, that if you want a unblurry selfie with both of your faces, maybe hand the phone to someone else. (We say that with love and humor — check these out)

In all seriousness, we’ve learned a lot from Howie and we love him more and more everyday. He’s a great husband, father, real estate investor, singer, entertainer and Backstreet Boy.

Happy Birthday, Howie D!

Thanks for sharing your life with us.