4 Things Happening For The Backstreet Boys Right Now That You Need To Know About

What aren’t the Backstreet Boys doing right now? They’re super busy and, as fans, so are we. We couldn’t ask for more, honestly!

If you’ve been out of the loop and feel like you’re drowning in a sea of unorganized Backstreet information (as Kristie says, “I can’t even keep up with life”), we’re here for you. Here are all the things that Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick require your attention for at this very moment…

1. The Last Few BSB Vegas Shows


At the time we are writing this, there are only 6…SIX…S I X… Larger Than Life Vegas shows left. Time flies, you guys! Remember when the residency was only 16ish shows? Remember when Lyric wasn’t even BORN yet? Remember when we (some of you) were worried the dancers would detract from the Boys and now we follow them on Instagram? There’s so many memories and experiences wrapped up in the past two years… but that’s for a later post.

Catch them while you can.

2. BSB: The Experience


If you haven’t heard yet (where have you been??), the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles has an exhibit called BSB: The Experience that will walk you through some of the coolest memorabilia, artifacts, old wardrobe, and never-before-seen pieces of Backstreet history. In addition to the “stuff”, there are also several interactive parts, including a confessional, a hologram of the Boys themselves and so much more!

The exhibit runs from now through September 2nd.

If you missed their Q&A with JoJo Wright prior to the opening, you NEED to watch it. Thanks to our friends at The Darkside, you can!

3. A Permanent Stain (er…Handprint) At Planet Hollywood


To kick off the end of their Vegas residency and mark their place in Vegas history, Planet Hollywood invited the Backstreet Boys to join in their exclusive collection of celebrity handprints. Not only did Kevin, Brian, Howie, Nick and AJ put their hands in cement, they also donated $180,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of Southern Nevada. Legends!

Check out more photos from the event here.

4. DNA Tour Kicking Off SOON! 


The Backstreet Boys may only have two weeks left in Vegas, but they only have three before they head over to Lisbon, Portugal to kick off their MASSIVE DNA world tour!

New songs! New choreography! NEW NEW NEW! We can’t breathe, can you? (Is this why the Backstreet Boys have two songs by that title because they know that we CAN NOT?) If you can’t wait to a sneak peek, check Nick and Brian’s Instagram pages for little blips inside rehearsals!

While we will miss the residency and all it has done for us, we are SO thrilled for all the new things and for everyone to get a chance to see them one (or three or fifteen). Of course, we’ll be updating on all the things. Follow us!

If you haven’t gotten your tickets (or think you need more), click here.

(And before anyone asks, we don’t know / haven’t heard anything about DNA tour VIP Upgrades, but when / if we do, you guys will be FIRST to know!)


20 Years of “I Want It That Way”

While there are so many songs that the Backstreet Boys have released before and since “I Want It That Way” hit airwaves 20 years ago, there is no denying that if you walk up to almost anyone who was alive in 1999 and sing “Tell me why…”, they’ll answer with a lyric from the classic hit.

For many fans, “I Want It That Way” is more than a song. It’s a memory.

It’s the feeling of watching the music video premiere on MTV and squealing once those five faces appeared on the screen. It was a time before the Millennium album dropped and the Backstreet Boys became the best selling boyband of all time. It was the first time we had felt such great anticipation.

It’s the moment some became a fan.

It’s the go-to on karaoke night and the tune that we’ll turn up louder anytime we hear it on the radio.

They’re the words we scream at the top of our lungs in a crowd – who is also singing along – no matter where you are.

Two decades ago was definitely a simpler time and it was a time where a song that didn’t make any sense made a lot of sense to love. Before there were adult responsibilities, bills and babies, there were the Backstreet Boys and there was “I Want It That Way”.

We’ve joked that we’d be okay with the Boys never playing the song in concert again, but the truth is that it holds a special place for each and every one of us. The truth is that we’ll always sing along. The truth is that we’ll always scream “DON’T WANNA HEAR YOU…” even when Nick doesn’t and we’ll always fill in whatever part Brian isn’t singing when he points his mic to the crowd. We’ll always feel like a Backstreet Boy when we wear all white and we’ll forever be jealous of the girls in the music video (then and now).

In thinking about how lucky we are that we’ve been fans of a band that has had a career that has outlasted most other bands in their era, we also think about how thankful we are for the music that is absolutely timeless. This song and the many others that will outlast all of us. “I Want It That Way” is a piece of music that will and has already brought together multiple generations across the world and will continue to for another 20 years.

Obviously, we want it that way.

++ Watch the 20th anniversary edition of the iconic music video below ++

7 Reasons You Need To See The Backstreet Boys Las Vegas Residency Before It’s Over

A month from now, the Backstreet Boys incredible Larger Than Life Las Vegas Residency at Zappos Theater in Planet Hollywood on the strip will only have a few shows left! A run that started out with only two months of shows has turned into 2 years, drawing in fans and tourists-turned-fans from all over the world.

This residency has brought some old favorite songs to the stage, the return of dancers, amazing effects and an eye-catching wardrobe that anyone who attends won’t soon forget. In fact, many people who started out saying they would go to one or two shows can’t get enough and have made multiple trips back!

Need more convincing to catch the show before it ends on April 27th? We have our reasons.

1. Undone.


The song, a long time fan favorite from the Backstreet Boys This Is Us album, is the first and only song added to a setlist since Kevin has returned that didn’t include Kevin on the original recording and BOY, are we HYPE about it! “Undone” showcases everything that we vocally love about the Boys and the way the choreography works (yes, they have choreography to a slow song), you can literally feel the song moving, creeping up on you as the Backstreet Boys move in perfect horizontal pyramid formation down the “catwalk”.

And let’s just say that Nick Carter has infused a few moves into it that leaves a lot of ladies (and some gentleman) wide eyed and jaw dropped.

You just need to be there. In person. With eyeballs. And ears.

2. You Never Know Who Might Show Up!


From Snooki to Joey Fatone to Andy Cohen to James Corden to Billie Lourd to Shania Twain to Niall Horan to…. well, you get the point! The Backstreet Boys are legends and there’s a lot of celebrities who know and love them and a large number of them have shown up in the audience at a BSB Vegas show. Some of them have even made it onstage during the “Shape Of My Heart” serenade, making for some VERY memorable moments.

Speaking of the serenade, there’s always a chance that if you’re in the audience, it could be you!

3. The Boys Are More Accessible Than Ever.


From the stage and VIP tables that allow the Boys to reach out and touch fans like never before to the back sections where Kevin, Brian, AJ, Howie and Nick appear during “All I Have To Give” (then make their way down through several sections in the audience), there’s not a bad spot in the house and you can definitely be lucky enough to grab a hand or snag a quick selfie – no matter where you are! Ah, the thrill of the “maybe”.

Oh, and we should mention, if you haven’t heard already, each of the Backstreet Boys hand out a rose to a fan (usually near the front) during the show and boy, does that make for a great souvenir!

4. You Can Make A Whole Day Out Of It – Conveniently! 


With VIP Meet and Greet starting around 5:30 and an afterparty (sometimes) that goes until 2am with the concert in between, you can make a day of Backstreet! What do we mean by a whole day? Because being in Las Vegas, there’s plenty of places to pamper yourself beforehand. Get your hair done at Drybar (or any other salon on the strip) and make over your face at Sephora (or hire someone to come to your room) because you need a look that’s going to go hard! Oh, and don’t forget to shop for merch in the merch store outside of Zappos Theater before the show.

No interested in the glam? Book a massage or go grab a drink with other fans before the show – there are plenty around at all times.

5. The Whole Production Is WORTH. IT. 


The show….oh man, THE SHOW! From the moment the Backstreet Boys descend from the ceiling in turning boxes, there’s a vibe… an electricity… that you can’t (currently) experience anywhere else. The Boys’ wardrobe is pristine (have we mentioned how much we love the sparkly jackets), the lights and set are on point, and the dancers (who we admittedly weren’t sure about before the residency started) add something to the show that we didn’t know we needed. In a word, THIS SHOW IS SPICY!

6. This Is Your Last Chance To Catch Them In The States For A Few Months!


Kevin, Nick, AJ, Brian and Howie are kicking off the DNA World Tour overseas in May and will not be returning to the U.S. until July! Get your fix now (and then do it again when the tour comes to your city, of course).

7. FOMO.


It’s almost over! You don’t. want. to. miss. this. and if you do, well… there’s going to inevitably be some regret. When have we ever told you wrong?

Headed to Vegas for the first time and have questions about what to expect? We’ve laid out a lot of answers and suggestions here.

8 Things You Need To See From The Backstreet Boys’ iHeartRadio Awards Appearance

The Backstreet Boys halted rehearsals for their upcoming DNA World Tour last night to perform at the iHeartRadio Music Awards! Joining acts like Halsey, John Legend and Garth Brooks, Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick blew the roof off of Microsoft Theater with a “No Place” + “I Want It That Way” mash up that had even Maren Morris singing along in the front row!

We wanted to make sure that everyone got to see everything else (including the performance, thanks to Weird World Chile). From the tour details your Boys dropped on the Red Carpet to their impromptu duet with Bebe Rexha, we’ve got it all for you in one place.

1. The interview where Nick revealed that Baylee Littrell will be opening for some dates on the BSB tour! (And also revealed that Howie is most likely to fall off the stage)

2. These cute behind the scenes moments.

3. A Backstreet appearance wouldn’t be complete without impromptu singing!

4. Brian hanging out with the fans on the carpet!

5. Other Celebs Fangirling!

6. Two of Sharna Burgess’ best dance partners united – Nick Carter and Bobby Bones!


7. Moments Like This.






8. And most importantly, ALL THE ‘DNA’ TOUR HINTS! We can not WAIT, you guys!


4 Things You Need To Know About AJ McLean’s Solo Ventures Right Now

If you follow AJ McLean on any social channel, it will not come as a surprise to you that he has jumped into the country genre with both feet on his latest solo venture.

Since first letting fans hear his new music on the sold out 2018 Backstreet Boys cruise, he has balanced releasing solo music and holding events in both Nashville and Las Vegas to preview the rest of the album for multiple audiences with promo and the album release for the Backstreet Boys’ DNA. On top of that, he is a doting dad to his two girls, who he recently brought onstage during the Boys’ Vegas residency (another thing on his plate).

With so much going on in the world of AJ McLean, we wanted to give you a quick run down so you don’t miss anything (and also, so you can tell your country-loving friends)!

1. He’s Released Two Singles Already.

“Back Porch Bottle Service” is a tune that you’ll be playing all Summer long (in fact, we did!) and “Night Visions” is the song that you’ve always wanted to hear AJ croon on. Both are a perfect fit for his voice and you need to download / stream them immediately!

We’d also like to mention that the music video for “Night Visions” is deeper than we expected and made us want AJ back in an acting role (Johnny Vermillion, anyone?!) again.

2. His Latest Single Is Steadily Being Added To Radio.

“Boy and A Man” is a classic country love song that’s sure to work it’s way into the hearts of many. In fact, it already has. AJ took his Instagram this past week to thank everyone for their support in making the ballad one of the songs in the ranking for top 10 most added songs to country radio this week!

The music video for the song, which includes a few fans after an open call was posted, debuts on March 18th. You can see the teaser here.

3. The Album Is Coming Soon.

AJ’s album, which has changed titles a few times since he began work on his project, is now officially titled Long Road, after a comment that his wife, Rochelle, left on his Instagram page. Read about the influence here.

The album is due out this Spring. Like, within the next two months. We can’t wait to hear it in it’s entirety!

4. He’s Got Some Upcoming Events! 

While you’ll have to watch his socials for official merch (there’s not a consistent one-stop shop yet, but there are bundles and tees available at different times), he DOES have some upcoming events that you can attend. Since they are not all listed in one place, we will do it for you!

April 7th: ACM Afterparty in Las Vegas (Get Tix Here)

April 11th: Bowling With AJ McLean in Las Vegas (Get Tix Here)

Word on the street is that he will be doing more events here and there! Check this post or our all-event post to keep up-to-date.

23 GIFs From ‘The Bachelor’ That Backstreet Boys Fans Can Relate To

Sometimes we watch things and we say to ourselves “that’s exactly what it looks like when we feel _____ about the Backstreet Boys!”

We’ve done it with Elf, we’ve done it with Friends, and now, we’re embarking on exposing our most ridiculous, hilarious (but totally serious obbbvviously, wink wink) side as Backstreet fans with the most appropriate show — The Bachelor.

(This isn’t the first time we’ve touched Bachelor territory — click here for our VIP related post!)

Here we go. Can you relate?

**WARNING: Must have sense of humor to proceed**

Anytime the Backstreet Boys do more than one thing at a time.


Nonchalantly mentioning that it’s your birthday so your friends will tweet a BSB for you (before you start bribing them).


The day the last Backstreet Boy went officially off the market… and you were still single.


When you’re telling your friends about the time you got a rose from a Backstreet Boy (while still clutching it in your hands).




The Backstreet Boy who gave you the rose after seeing your reaction.


Every girl who didn’t get a rose and is already drunk at a Vegas show.




When you’re still thinking about what you didn’t say in your VIP Meet and Greet… 543 days later.


Because THIS is what you said.



Just kidding! This is all you really said.


Hopping on the BSB Cruise like…


When you skip work to go to a last minute BSB event in your town…for the 5th time.


When that perfect meet and greet outfit involved the shoes that nearly killed you.


When they run on Backstreet time.


One of the Backstreet Boys trying to casually escape us, probably.


We all know this girl…You might BE this girl.



All of us, hours / days / months / years after an event. Maybe during.


Overall, this is a Backstreet mood for all of us, anytime we get close to them.


Cheers to more epic Backstreet years!


14 Fans Share The Stories Behind Their Best Backstreet Boys VIP Meet And Greet Photos

In years since meeting the Backstreet Boys has (legally) been possibly, fans have gone from a handshake and a smile to some wild and crazy poses in their VIP Meet and Greet photos.

As people head to their first (or fourth) meet and greets or want work up the nerve to do more than the “usual” stand and pose photo or just see other photos, a lot of fans want ideas or simply ask “how did you get that pose?”

So, we asked! We asked fans with different poses and photos to tell us how they did it. In only 3 minutes, you don’t have time to do much so the resounding advice is – PLAN AHEAD. Scroll down for fun photos and the stories behind them for your new inspo.

(Thanks to all of you who sent in these amazing shots!)

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Everything You Need To See From The Backstreet Boys Chile Visit – February 2019

If you haven’t heard yet (ummm..where have you been?), the Backstreet Boys were asked to perform at Chile’s Festival de Vina Del Mar and following the announcement, tickets promptly sold out. In fact, BSB VIP Meet and Greet within an hour. As always, fans are SHOWING UP for the Boys!

It’s always a whirlwind when Kevin, Brian, Howie, Nick and AJ travel anywhere for appearance and a performance so we’re here to help you out! You know, what’s happening on the Backstreet and stuff.

According to our Chilean friends on Twitter, the festival (the oldest and largest in Latin America with 250 MILLION people in attendance) will be streamed live by FOX. You can watch here. **Please follow our Twitter for updates should this link not work**

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5 Things We’ve Learned From Brian Littrell

It’s February 20th again and you know what that means….

Another BSB Vegas night!

Just kidding. Every good fan knows that it’s the day Brian Littrell turns another year older, but you could never tell by his looks or his spirit. He has the aura of the sun and his energy is absolutely endless. We’re blessed to celebrate another year of his existence.

Just like we have with the others, we’re celebrating his birthday by naming a few of the things we’ve learned from having Mr. Littrell in our lives for the past 26 years!

1. Your Life Can Change In An Instant – Roll With It.

No one has taught us that one moment – one phone call – can change your life more than Brian. Everyone knows the story about him receiving a phone call from Kevin to come to Orlando and audition for the Backstreet Boys. The rest is history. So many of us find ourselves overthinking, trying to predict the future, trying to control our own destiny and forget that one chance moment could change everything, but we don’t always think about the good. If Brian’s story isn’t enough inspiration to do the things, what is?

2. Just Keep Swimming.

Speaking of being an inspiration, if there ever was a person to personify perseverance in the face of obstacles, it’s this man. He’s been dealt a few tough cards in life and he continues on in spite of them. He continues and he finds new ways to be even better. He continues and he fights harder. He continues and man, are we ever in awe of all of the things Brian has proven will not take him down. He calls the shots and he makes the best of every. single. thing. We’re in his corner for sure.

3. Go Out Of Your Way To Be Kind To Others.

A quick scan of social media and mention of Brian Littrell will give you quite a collection of a man who reaches out to hug people mid concert, lays down on stages to take selfies with fans nearby, takes phones to record onstage footage that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise, and person after person with stories about how he put them at ease during a meet and greet or how genuinely nice he was during a chance meeting. A little kindness goes a LONG way and says a lot about who you are. Brian is definitely one of those people whose reputation precedes him in the best way and again, we’re inspired by it.

4. Be Loud About What You Believe In.

During Brian’s solo career a few years back, a lot of us found ourselves in places we never thought we’d end up – at Christian music concerts and gospel award shows. What some of us really didn’t expect is to be back in touch with our faith (whatever that may be) because of it. Brian has never shied away from talking about his faith, what he believes and the fact that he draws his strength from God and his Christianity. His openness and willingness to share that part of him has made all of us a little more willing to share our own views and understand that different points of view make the world a better place.

5. Age Is Really Just A Number.

Have you seen a grown man jump from 6 feet in the air down onto a stage? Have you seen one swing from the rafters of a house or do handstands on command? We have. Brian reminds us on the daily that you’re only as old as you feel and act. Stay in shape and have a spirit that moves others, kids! Stay light.

We’re wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Brian!

We’re blessed to have had the opportunity for you to touch so many of our lives.

The One Where We Relate Backstreet Boys’ ‘DNA’ Tracks To Scenes From ‘Friends’

Okay, we know that DNA has been out for two weeks. That’s how long we’ve been working on this post because THINGS. KEEP. HAPPENING.

And we’re certainly not complaining! From Japan to NYC to GOING #1 ON BILLBOARD 100 ARTISTS and BILLBOARD 200 to their return to Vegas, there’s a LOT happening on the Backstreet. Oh yeah, and the Doritos Superbowl commercial AND the Grammy nomination.

Ok. Take a breathe.

Since everyone has already had more than enough time to feel their feelings about the entire new Backstreet Boys’ DNA album, we’re not going to analyze everything. What we ARE going to do… is relate every song on the album to a scene from Friends – our specialty! We have some sort of (new) love for every song on DNA like we do for every episode of the 90s sitcom and we hope you’ll find this post as fun as we do!

1. “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”


This is the single that got the Backstreet Boys nominated for a Grammy (and dare we hope, a Grammy win) and we have no doubt that it would have been a top contender for Ross and Monica to perform The Routine. They probably would have even made it on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve! Seriously, play the chorus of DGBMH and watch this GIF.

2. “Nobody Else”


“…And I don’t wanna share you with no one else.” Much like the time Chandler and Joey moved into separate apartments and weren’t watching Baywatch together (pretend it’s red wine), this song puts us deep in our feels. The longing in these lyrics, the very real emotion behind being separated from the only person you want to be with, the memories left behind has us hoping whoever this song is about ended up like our favorite roommates – back together!

3. “Breathe”


Listen to “Breathe” and look at this GIF or any scene where one of the Friends was looking longingly out a rainy window (or in Joey’s case, a waterfall) and tell us that this song does not match the feeling. “Breathe” is a beautifully arranged acapella tune that gives us absolute chills as the classic Backstreet harmonies always do. Coupled with a Ross / Rachel break up, well, we’re chilled to the bone. Oh, and can we mention how well Howie carries this song?? Damn, D. We didn’t know you had it in you!

4. “New Love”


This song belongs in Barbados with Monica and her beads. It’s a different setting for the Backstreet Boys but it’s still them. It’s a summery jam that brings the heat but fun enough that we can hear it playing over the clicks on Monica’s hair beads. It’s also appropriate that Ross, Rachel, Joey and Charlie all found NEW LOVE on this episode. See what we did there?

5. “Passionate”


What is there to say about “Passionate” other than all of Chandler’s happy dances – every. single. one – apply to us dancing to this song? In our room, in our offices, in our cars, on the street…. WE’RE SO PASSIONATE. Can every Backstreet song have this much spunk, please?

6. “Is It Just Me?”

If ever a song made us feel bad for something we didn’t even do, it’s this one. “Is It Just Me” kicks off the Ross + Rachel portion of this album because wouldn’t this be so fitting for that whole WE’RE ON A BREAK era? AJ’s soft vocals on this track cut right into our lonely little hearts.

7. “Chances”


WHAT ARE THE CHANCES that Monica and Chandler hooking up in London would have led to this iconic proposal? What are the chances that they would be picked as parents later on? This song really makes you think about life happenstances and, well, taking chances.

8. “No Place”


The music video for “No Place” might have featured the Backstreet Boys and their wives, but really, isn’t it about anywhere you feel like home – even if it’s with your friends? HUG YOUR HOME TODAY…er, your friends or family.

9. “Chateau”


Hands down one of our favorite songs on the album, “Chateau” is all about pleading with someone to come back in the most gentle of ways. This song makes us feel exactly how we felt watching Ross try to catch Rachel before she flew to Paris in the last episode. We like to imagine that the iconic “I got off the plane” moment is how we’d feel if the girl in this song actually did meet him at the chateau.

Mph. This song. This scene. So many feels.

10. “The Way It Was”


IS THERE A MORE LYRICALLY PAINFUL (YET SO GOOD) SONG ON ‘DNA’? No. Not in our opinion anyway. Obviously, we paired it with the most painful had-to-happen episode in Friends history. You know the one. The One With The Morning After. The intense emotion in this episode, much like the song, leave us tearful, hopeful, and eating a tub of ice cream. Also, everyone is talking about it — dayuuuummmm Nick slays in this song! (But so do all of them.)

11. “Just Like You Like It”


It’s different. It’s quirky. It works. And we love it. Just like Phoebe and Mike. Phoebe told Mike that not having a piano wouldn’t stop him from playing if he was a real pianist just like someone told the Backstreet Boys they weren’t country then they were like WATCH US…and recorded this song. Kevin’s line about “brushing the hair back off your face” wins this song for sure.

12. “OK”


What a perfect song to end an album on. It’s sweet, but upbeat. It’s simple and it leave a good taste in your mouth. Our favorite part? Brian with his “ay, ay”. Don’t ask why. We just like it a lot, ok?! OK. (Heh)

Anyway, the end of the album fits perfectly with the end of the Friends series. After all, isn’t “I’ll Be There For You” just another way of saying “As long as I’m with you, I’m ok”? We think so.