Waiting For A Rainbow: How Nick and Lauren Carter Have Inspired So Many Of Us

Unless you’ve been living under a rock far away from a Backstreet Boys fan, you know that Nick Carter and wife Lauren Kitt-Carter welcomed a daughter last week. Saoirse Reign Carter was born October 2nd, weighing in at just over seven pounds, in Las Vegas, where the couple lives with 3-year-old big brother, Odin.

What you may not know about is the journey that the Carter family has been on to get to a family of four. In 2015, when Nick and Lauren announced that they were expecting a little boy on Dancing With The Stars, we wrote an open letter wishing them well, about what wonderful parents we thought they would be, and how much we admired their honesty about a previous miscarriage.

Four years later, we are more inspired by their strength and honesty about their journey to becoming parents than ever before.

Last September, the Carters revealed that Lauren had suffered another miscarriage, this time further along — a little girl. While Nick expressed his grief about the loss in real time, being very open about the details and the reality of it, his wife took time away from social media, not addressing it until International Womens’ Day, what would have been her due date, in March.

“I’ve moved on from my losses, days like today remind me just how fortunate I am to have a healthy child and how BADASS women are, how much we endure with a smile on our face. If you are struggling to start a family or have had a loss this post is for you, you’re not alone and there is always hope,” Lauren wrote, sharing an ultrasound photo  and her pledge to donate to Every Mom Counts, an organization that works to give every woman access to safe pregnancy and childbirth options.

In May, Nick and Lauren revealed that they were indeed expecting again via an instagram post while on tour with the Backstreet Boys in Europe. There is always hope. 

Fast forward to October and, well, you know how this story ends — with a beautiful new beginning.

But it was this video of the hours leading up to Saoirse’s arrival to her birth that has not only tugged all of our heartstrings, but has really inspired the hope that Lauren referred to in her Instagram post many months ago, in so many of us.

“For 2 years I watched you endure some of the hardest things a husband could ever witness. Going through the ups and downs of pregnancy all in the hopes that just maybe, with a little help from up above, we would get to this point,” Nick wrote in a poignant post to Lauren, reflecting on their daughter’s birth and after seeing it all play out — wow, we. FELT. THAT.

So here we are, to the point of this post…

“When it rains, look for rainbows. When it’s dark, look for stars.”

The amount of ups and downs that this family has endured in the past few years is something that no one should have to go through. That amount of ups and downs on top of hoping, wishing and waiting for God and the universe to send you a happy, healthy baby is beyond tough.

But here they are. Nick. Lauren. Odin. Saoirse. A family that has been so wanted, HOPED for, and will undoubtedly share so much love between them for an endless amount of time. If that’s not inspiring, if that’s not the product of always looking forward and keeping the faith that’s what meant for you will find it’s way to you, we don’t know what is.

To Nick and Lauren,

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Thank you for being so honest about not only the struggles and the fears, but the triumph and excitement as well. Thank you for sharing the beautiful moments as parents as well as the tough moments. Thank you for sharing your strength in the hardest of times and your encouragement to continue in the face of adversity. Thank you for the reminder to be patient with the universe, to count the blessings that we are given, and always give back to those less fortunate.

We have watched you grow together and watched you grow your family. We could not be more thrilled for the two of you to welcome Saoirse into the world because there are no two people more deserving of a light — a rainbow. Your immense love for her is already so apparent and she is beyond lucky to have a set of wonderful parents that have not only waited for her for so long, but who will protect her, teach her, and love her like every child deserves. She will, no doubt, move mountains.

You all have inspired a renewed hope in all of us… that anything is possible, that love is real and that we’re all going to be okay – it’s just in how you look at things. Your family has truly epitomized looking for the stars in the dark and the rainbows in the rain. Good things happen to good people and we are so happy to see it. 

Wishing you all the best, Carter family — you deserve it.




Sometimes self-care looks like baths and spa days and settling in with a good book.

Sometimes self-care means logging off of social media, unplugging your laptop, and silencing your phone.

The internet can be wonderful! There’s a world of information out there, people to connect to, vacations to research and book, and friendships to be made.

But as many of us know, the internet has a dark side. Arguments, opposing opinions, cruel words, bullies, people with self-serving intentions that don’t care about others disguised as people who care… and that’s only the beginning. This side of things is so incredibly mentally taxing.

The dark side of the internet and social media will inevitably suck you in. It will shake you and it will break you if you don’t know your limits and log off. It will turn you into a person you aren’t. People will take advantage of your weaknesses if you talk too much, twist anything pure into something ugly, and turn your best intentions into something seemingly evil. Social media monsters will turn you into one if you aren’t careful. They smell the slightest bit of fear, the slightest minute of you believing them and they will prey on it. It’s called fear mongering and it’s dangerous to your mental health.

But, fan-mily, beyond the internet, I have news for you… there is a great big world.

There are seasons changing, people returning home from a long time away, babies being born, and millions upon millions of people fighting battles, celebrating life events and not talking about the thing that is consuming you online. Find them. Focus on these things. We are ALL recovering from something and we all have our limits. No one will fault you for taking a step back and going outside. Everyone needs a breath of fresh air, you know? Do the things that make you feel good.

Beyond that, if you must stay here, there are mute buttons, block buttons, deactivate buttons and so many more tools that are built to protect your mental state. Just please remember, friends, that despite what you are seeing on your timeline, not everything is bad, not everything is stressful, and everything will be okay. We strongly suggest muting those who make you feel otherwise. If you’re finding it all hard to see, to digest, to not stay out of it, log off.

This weekend, we tweeted that we were here for all of you. If you need to vent, an opinion, something to listen, etc. — our inboxes on Twitter and email are always, always open. We’re so thankful that the internet, even on the worst days, has allowed us to connect with so many of you. No matter what – we got you.

On a timely note, so many of you have chosen to use our inbox to express your concerns about recent events concerning Nick. We only have this to say — the universe is good to good people. We obviously love Nick and are praying, sending good vibes, etc. to he and his family as they await the arrival of their sweet baby. We are also praying for peace and healing for the family as a whole. This is something that no family should have to go through, especially publicly, but this is real life and as painful as it is to watch (and we’re sure, to live through), we can only remain positive that everyone will eventually be okay.

As for the rest, we’ve said all we need to say.

We leave you with this quote from Mr. Rogers: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'” 

See the good. Be the good. Trust the universe. Send the good vibes.

Step back and see the big picture. Be kind to one another. Love each other.

Breathe. We love you all. It’s going to be okay.


28 Videos Of Kevin Richardson Dancing That Are Sure To Make You Happy

The Backstreet Boys have officially wrapped another leg of the DNA tour (with the promise of more to come). We have showed up, sold out a large number of arenas, posted endlessly about our love for this tour, and are beyond prepared for more.

As with every tour, there are multiple things that we will forever associate with it. We’ve already written about Brian nailing vocals on the Euro leg and Nick’s performances of “The Way It Was” making us weak, but you guys, we are NOT sleeping on Kevin F**king Richardson and THOSE MOVES.

Ever since the Backstreet Boys’ Homecoming concert on television in the 90s, we’ve been obsessed with our very own groove master. The man can GET IT! After realizing that many of you felt the same way, we couldn’t help but ask for your best videos of Kevin getting down on the DNA tour.

As always, you’ve all delivered and this has turned into one of our favorite posts. We think you’ll agree. The eldest Backstreet Boy is likely how even Stella got her groove back, ya feel us?

One thing is for sure – we never want to live in a world where we don’t have the honor to dance with Kevin!

20 Years of The Backstreet Boys ‘Millennium’: The Album That Changed Everything

20 years ago, hundreds of people gathered in Times Square to catch a glimpse of the Backstreet Boys through the windows of MTV studios.

20 years ago, millions all over the world ran to their local record store at midnight to purchase an album that we would play on repeat until many of us had to buy another copy.

20 years ago, so many of us became Backstreet Boys fans and even those who wouldn’t proclaim themselves as “fans”, definitely sang (and still sing) along to “I Want It That Way”.

20 year ago, an album entitled Millennium changed a lot of lives – the Backstreet Boys included.

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10 Things Backstreet Boys Fans Should Probably Stop Wasting Their Energy On

Let’s just alllll clear the air here – there are things that almost all of us are guilty of doing at one point or another that are unproductive and, in the grand scheme of things, eye-roll worthy. We’ve all done something in this fandom that annoyed each other, that was out of line, etc. – ourselves included.

We’ve toyed with writing this post before but when alluding to it, people have asked “why give attention to it?” and we agreed. As with most things among Backstreet fans, they’re in an uproar about it one day and quiet about it the next. Because of some fans who think WHOTB is always “telling people what to do”, sugarcoating everything, acting privileged, etc. (and still read everything we post apparently… hi!!), we are especially hesitant to post anything like this. [It took us a week to finish this post and it seems more relevant than ever at this moment]

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The Details: Backstreet Boys ‘DNA’ Tour Reviews, Moments, and Things You Might Want To Know

It’s been made LOUD and CLEAR to us that some of you want all the spoilers and details you can get from the Backstreet Boys DNA tour and others want to stay as far away as possible before your own concert date (props to you if you last)!

For that reason, we’re keep posts separate and crossing our fingers that we actually keep up and don’t spoil it for anyone. Here, we will post songs, moments, reviews, etc. You know, SPOILERS.

There will be SPOILERS in THIS POST.

If you are looking for a spoiler-free (as possible) basic post, click here right now!

While these two posts will not be the only posts about the DNA tour, we will always add a warning at the beginning if there are, indeed, spoilers. Look out for ya, kids!

Do not read beyond this point if you’re avoiding any details about the show!

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3 Backstreet-Related Songs You Should Be Listening To Right Now

We’re posting late on a release day, but with the Backstreet Boys kicking off their DNA tour in less than 24 hours and an afterparty going on sale, there’s a LOT. GOING. ON.

May 10th may be busy for those reasons, but wait…THERE’S MORE! Howie Dorough, AJ McLean, and Brian’s son, Baylee Littrell ALL. DROPPED. MUSIC today and to be honest, it’s enough to make us TYPE. LIKE. THIS. one more time. So, while this post will be on the shorter side, we’d be doing everyone an injustice if we didn’t talk about these pieces of music that you should be listening to this weekend!

1. “No Hablo Espanol” – Howie D.


We’ve known for a bit that Howie has been working on music for children / the whole family and on Thursday, he surprised us by revealing that he would be releasing his single “No Hablo Espanol” on Friday, as well as opening pre-orders for his album Which One Am I?, dropping on July 12th. BONUS: When you pre-order the album, you receive the single for free!

Perhaps the sweetest part about this project is the fact that the music video for his first family-oriented song is actually, indeed, a family affair. If some of the people in the video look familiar to you (besides Howie, of course), it’s because the main star is his own son, James, with his mom making an appearance as well! Check it out below.

Also, click here to read about the story behind the inspiration for Howie’s upcoming project. We LOVE his real life being put to music! Way to go, Howie!

2. “Give You Away” – AJ McLean


Also along the family route of things, AJ has released yet another song from his upcoming album, Boy And A Man. 

It’s no secret that one of our favorite things about AJ is watching him be a father to Ava and Lyric, who are the clear inspiration behind this tune. The lyric video features photos of him and his girls throughout the years while he sings about giving them away at their eventual weddings.

You can stream and download the song here. No actual release date for his album yet.

3. “Boxes” – Baylee Littrell


Last but not least, Baylee Littrell, Brian’s son and the opener for the North American leg of the DNA tour, has also dropped a new single, a second off his upcoming country album.

The song, much like his debut single “Don’t Knock It”, is a catchy song that reflects young love and it’s definitely one we could hear on the radio. Check out what he said to Sounds Like Nashville about the new single here. He also stopped by The Bert Show with the fam before Brian left for tour!

You can stream + download “Boxes” here.

We’ve added all these and more of our faves to our What’s Happening playlist on Spotify!


The Basics: All About The Backstreet Boys’ ‘DNA’ World Tour

We are officially in the Backstreet Boys DNA era! Can you believe it?

With every new era comes new questions, new things to figure out logistically, and, of course, a new show, setlist, wardrobe, memorable moments, etc.

Just like we did with BSB Vegas, we’ll be with you every step of the way. This post will be segmented and updated as needed with all the links to posts about tour, any new things you need to know and answers to the questions we get the most of. We won’t have all of the answers immediately, but we’ll find them for you when we don’t!

As always, if you have a question we didn’t answer, please feel free to CONTACT US!

**FYI: This particularly post will remain spoiler free. We’re not too into posting major details about shows, but if we do, we’ll do it here. Consider this a safe space.**

++ VIP Meet and Greet ++

– Meet & Greet + Green Room Experience (Ticketmaster / LiveNation – $800 + Fees)
One P1 Ticket In The DNA Circle (VIP SECTION OF THE SHOW)
M&G with Backstreet Boys Photo Opportunity with Backstreet Boys
Access To Backstreet’s Pre-Show Production Tour* (NO BSB PRESENT)
Access To Backstreet’s Pre-Show DNA Green Room Before The Show Light Hors D’oeuvres
Champagne Toast + One Backstreet Themed Drink Special* (NO BSB PRESENT)
One, VIP Only, Poster (Shipped After The Show)
One Special, VIP Only, Merchandise Package (Shipped After The Show)
One, VIP Meet & Greet Laminate

– Meet & Greet with Backstreet Boys (Wonderful Union – $500 USD + Fees)
Photo Opportunity with Backstreet Boys
Access To Backstreet’s Pre-Show DNA Green Room Before The Show
Light Hors D’oeuvres
Champagne Toast + One Backstreet Themed Drink Special
One, VIP Only, Poster (Shipped After The Show)
One Special, VIP Only, Merchandise Package (Shipped After The Show)
One, VIP Meet & Greet Laminate

– The above listed packages are the **ONLY** verified ways to meet the Backstreet Boys on the DNA World Tour.

– The Wonderful Union Meet and Greet **DOES NOT INCLUDE** a concert ticket.

– All Meet and Greet packages and upgrades include ONE professional photo with the Backstreet Boys, taken by their photographer, that will be uploaded to their website usually 24-72 hours later. You can find the photos here.

– Your photo with the Backstreet Boys will be individual – not in a group – unless you have a friend / friends you want in your photo. In that case, each person still has to have purchased a meet and greet. It is up to you who you want in your photo basically.

– Cell phones / selfies are not permitted. We would not suggest bringing gifts, props, etc.

– There are some cities that have begun to sell the DNA Circle tickets and Meet and Greet passes separately through Ticketmaster (or the ticket vendor). This is to sell previously unsold tickets — not added numbers. In these cities, people have the option to buy DNA Circle concert tickets (also known as the General Admission / Pit area on previous tours) if they want the spot during the show but don’t care about M&G or to buy the M&G pass but would rather sit elsewhere. **Check your city’s ticket vendor to see what’s available**

– Check in information (time, location, etc.) will be emailed to VIPers 24-48 hours prior to the show. If you purchased Meet and Greet through Wonderful Union, here is your resource for help: help.wonderfulunion.com If you purchased through Ticketmaster, contact their Customer Care for your region.

– IMPORTANT: VIP Meet and Greets are NON-TRANSFERABLE! Do not purchase them from someone else and do not purchase if you are not 100% you can attend. If you think a ticket might be a scam, contact us and we can likely help you out!

– Wonderful Union M&G is not available in all cities. It looks like the cities that are offering separate Circle tickets and M&G through Ticketmaster are not selling through WU. You can find a list here. You have to click ON the city / country on the website to access the WU VIP.

– Once VIP is sold out, it is SOLD OUT.

– Please note that the select cities in which VIP M&G through Wonderful Union is on sale is not favoritism for some fans over others or intentionally giving more opportunities. It all has to do with logistics, contracts, capacity, etc. In most places where WU is not offering M&G, Ticketmaster is offering the separate package. If neither is offered, it’s likely because they have reached capacity and are trying to keep the number of people attending M&G manageable.

– The VIP package through Ticketmaster that includes SIDE SEATING tickets does **NOT** include Meet and Greet.

– The concerts for Japan and Southeast Asia have a different VIP provider. More can be found here and through the Japan BSB Fan Club.

– VIP Meet and Greet upgrades for Hawaii dates can be found by clicking here > the date > VIP.

– Baylee Littrell will be opening for the Boys in North America. You can now purchase a VIP upgrade to meet him here. This VIP experience will be before the Backstreet Boys and will not interfere. You can find Baylee Littrell Meet and Greet photos here.

– Howie D. is selling a VIP Listening Party event for certain dates on his website. They will also not interfere with BSB VIP.

++ The Show ++

– The show is 32 songs — more can be found here about the details that we do know!

– The show runs 1 hour and 50 minutes.

– You can exit the DNA Circle throughout the show. The entrance / exit is built into the stage. Trust us.

– There is plenty of space inside the DNA Circle and interactions are similar to that, if not better than, in the pit of IAWLT tour and Vegas.

– All dates and tickets for the tour can be found here.

– Everything about the Japan + Southeast Asia dates and tickets can be found here.

– As questions are asked and the shows begin, we will have more updates here.

++ FAQ ++

All of the questions that you ask and we answer via tweets or email, we’ll also address here.






++ Odds and Ends ++

– Be flexible! This is a new era, new album, new tour, new everything and everyone is learning. Things will inevitably change as things are worked out – it has happened with every tour thus far and will continue to happen. Don’t sabotage your own time.

– BE CAREFUL! With a tour as large as this, there are scalpers and scammers who are looking to trick fans into “a deal”. If the tickets are far overpriced or offered at a low price, verify that they are actual, real tickets. Again, keep in mind that the only M&G options are through Ticketmaster and Wonderful Union — you can not purchase them anywhere else.

– Afterparties, so far, have included Nick and Howie only and are being announced by the city. Make sure to turn on notifications for their socials and check nickcarter.net for updates on announcements! VIP and GA have been available with VIP including admission, meet and greet and a professional photo. Venues and dates are subject to change.

– NEW DNA World Tour Merch can be found here and here.


Leaving Las Vegas: The End of the #BSBVegas Era

As we reflect on the end of the Backstreet Boys Las Vegas residency, we can’t help but think of Dorothy leaving the land of Oz. Follow us here…

Just as Dorothy was swept from a black and white world to a land of beautiful colors, new friends, discoveries of self, lots of singing (and even a few wicked witches), we were blown (ahem, flew) into the city of Las Vegas to do the same since the Boys began their residency at Planet Hollywood in March 2017. 

Some of us found a new courage. Some of us grew bigger hearts. Some of us actually lost our brains. Unlike Dorothy though, we all found a new place to call home. Suddenly, Vegas became our escape. It went from a place that we could go to see the Backstreet Boys to a place that we could go to meet up with our friends from all over, a place we could go to make some pretty epic memories, and a place and time that we will forever tell stories about for years to come.

When Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ, and Nick converged to embark on the Larger Than Life residency, we had no idea what to expect. We knew we’d get the same caliber of vocals and performance we were used to, but we had no idea the level it would reach. We had no idea that a rose, a hand hold, a moment in time, singing along with our favorite Backstreet Boy would all be things that held significance two years later.

Now here we are…

80 shows (by the time they finish), two venue name changes, millions of fans from hundreds of countries, the birth of a Backstreet baby, an album, a Grammy nomination, a sold out cruise, a celebration of a quarter century together, and so much more…

The Backstreet Boys are ready to close this chapter (for now, at least) and head out on a world tour.

And it’s bittersweet. 

Sure, we’re ready for the DNA tour to begin. We’re ready for new performances, new choreography, and new memories, but just as much as Dorothy wanted to go home (aka back to the familiarity of tour), she also didn’t want to leave the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion behind.

As with the end of any Backstreet era, we have, to quote Nick Carter, mixed emotions. At the top of all of those emotions though, is an INSANE amount of gratitude.

We’re grateful to the Backstreet Boys.

To Kevin, who shows up to every meet and greet and every moment onstage to give 110% back to us.

To Howie, who showed up to the afterparties, always ready to party with us until early morning hours.

To Brian, who worked insanely hard through every performance to deliver his best and who went above and beyond to entertain.

To AJ, who gives a new meaning to the greatest showman, killing it with the vocals we fell in love everytime.

To Nick, who leaves it all out on stage every single time and moved to Las Vegas to raise his family, but also opened our eyes to so many great causes in the city as well.

We’re grateful for the BSB team (and families).

To the ones who helped us out everytime we didn’t know what we were doing.

To the ones that worked hard to make sure the VIP M&G lounge was everything it could be (especially to whoever thought of that bomb ass photobooth).

To the ones who make sure that everything ran smoothly from start to finish, that our photos turned out amazing, that we never had to wait long to get them, and that we had a truly great experience.

To the ones who helped us get where we needed to be for the afterparties and pointed us out to the Backstreet Boys when some of us weren’t bold enough to ask for a selfie ourselves.

To the ones who treated us like people rather than a bunch of fangirls. Thank you for listening.

To the wives who live streamed via Instagram when we couldn’t be there in person and played both parents to let the Boys do their thing with us.

We’re grateful to the venue staff.

To the security team inside Zappos Theater who has been exceedingly kind to all of us, but also kept us in line. Oh, and sang along with us.

To the bartenders who KEPT. IT. COMING.

To the ticketing agents who are always super welcoming.

To the Zappos social media team who fangirls alongside us and keeps it hype for our fave five.

We’re grateful for each other.

For this chapter.

For the friendships we’ve made and the lessons we’ve learned.

For the celebrations and the late nights.

For the bonding we’ve done over the post-concert depression and the jetlag.

For the fellow fans who share photos, videos and whatnot for someone who might want them.

For those that couldn’t attend a show in Vegas but supported those that could, supported the Boys extended stay and lived vicariously through everyone else, patiently waiting for the return to their own country / city.

For the ones who sing along. The ones who don’t question why we’re crying mid-concert. The ones who get it when we thought we were alone in these feelings.

How lucky we have been (and we didn’t even have to gamble to find out)!

To the city of Las Vegas…

Thank you for welcoming the Backstreet Boys with open arms and thank you for being a city that we never got tired of. Thank you for never sleeping because we sure as hell did not.

This is it. 

With only three more shows and pink confetti drops left this week, we close this chapter in Backstreet history, knowing there are many more journeys to a different “OZ” ahead of us, but also knowing that these past 2 years will always hold a special place in our hearts, just like every era before.

We’ll never forget the feelings we felt the first time we saw the Boys turn around in those boxes, descending down to the stage.

We’ll never forget the incredible dancers who kept us entranced.

We’ll never forget LOVING how “Undone” sounds live (and Nick’s enthusiastic dancing).

We’ll never forget the anticipation of “Shape Of My Heart”.

We’ll never forget the most special of moments that we don’t even discuss, but remains pristine in our memories for a rainy day.

We’re so happy to have had this “home”. There’s no place like it. 





4 Things Happening For The Backstreet Boys Right Now That You Need To Know About

What aren’t the Backstreet Boys doing right now? They’re super busy and, as fans, so are we. We couldn’t ask for more, honestly!

If you’ve been out of the loop and feel like you’re drowning in a sea of unorganized Backstreet information (as Kristie says, “I can’t even keep up with life”), we’re here for you. Here are all the things that Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick require your attention for at this very moment…

1. The Last Few BSB Vegas Shows


At the time we are writing this, there are only 6…SIX…S I X… Larger Than Life Vegas shows left. Time flies, you guys! Remember when the residency was only 16ish shows? Remember when Lyric wasn’t even BORN yet? Remember when we (some of you) were worried the dancers would detract from the Boys and now we follow them on Instagram? There’s so many memories and experiences wrapped up in the past two years… but that’s for a later post.

Catch them while you can.

2. BSB: The Experience


If you haven’t heard yet (where have you been??), the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles has an exhibit called BSB: The Experience that will walk you through some of the coolest memorabilia, artifacts, old wardrobe, and never-before-seen pieces of Backstreet history. In addition to the “stuff”, there are also several interactive parts, including a confessional, a hologram of the Boys themselves and so much more!

The exhibit runs from now through September 2nd.

If you missed their Q&A with JoJo Wright prior to the opening, you NEED to watch it. Thanks to our friends at The Darkside, you can!

3. A Permanent Stain (er…Handprint) At Planet Hollywood


To kick off the end of their Vegas residency and mark their place in Vegas history, Planet Hollywood invited the Backstreet Boys to join in their exclusive collection of celebrity handprints. Not only did Kevin, Brian, Howie, Nick and AJ put their hands in cement, they also donated $180,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of Southern Nevada. Legends!

Check out more photos from the event here.

4. DNA Tour Kicking Off SOON! 


The Backstreet Boys may only have two weeks left in Vegas, but they only have three before they head over to Lisbon, Portugal to kick off their MASSIVE DNA world tour!

New songs! New choreography! NEW NEW NEW! We can’t breathe, can you? (Is this why the Backstreet Boys have two songs by that title because they know that we CAN NOT?) If you can’t wait to a sneak peek, check Nick and Brian’s Instagram pages for little blips inside rehearsals!

While we will miss the residency and all it has done for us, we are SO thrilled for all the new things and for everyone to get a chance to see them one (or three or fifteen). Of course, we’ll be updating on all the things. Follow us!

If you haven’t gotten your tickets (or think you need more), click here.

(And before anyone asks, we don’t know / haven’t heard anything about DNA tour VIP Upgrades, but when / if we do, you guys will be FIRST to know!)