The Details: Backstreet Boys ‘DNA’ Tour Reviews, Moments, and Things You Might Want To Know

It’s been made LOUD and CLEAR to us that some of you want all the spoilers and details you can get from the Backstreet Boys DNA tour and others want to stay as far away as possible before your own concert date (props to you if you last)!

For that reason, we’re keep posts separate and crossing our fingers that we actually keep up and don’t spoil it for anyone. Here, we will post songs, moments, reviews, etc. You know, SPOILERS.

There will be SPOILERS in THIS POST.

If you are looking for a spoiler-free (as possible) basic post, click here right now!

While these two posts will not be the only posts about the DNA tour, we will always add a warning at the beginning if there are, indeed, spoilers. Look out for ya, kids!

Do not read beyond this point if you’re avoiding any details about the show!

++ Show Details ++

– The Setlist:

Everyone (Intro)
I Wanna Be With You (!!)
The Call
Don’t Want You Back
Nobody Else (Brian Only)
New Love
Get Down
Chateau (Howie Only)
Show Me The Meaning
More Than That
The Way It Was (Nick Only)
Shape of My Heart
Passionate (AJ and Kevin Only)
Quit Playing Games
As Long As You Love Me
No Place
Don’t Wanna Lose You Now
I’ll Never Break Your Heart
All I Have To Give
We’ve Got It Goin’ On
It’s Gotta Be You
That’s The Way I Like It
Get Another Boyfriend
The One
I Want It That Way
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
Larger Than Life

The songs where it is noted that only one (or two) Backstreet Boys sing, only a portion of the song is sung.

– No roses this tour! Instead, AJ and Kevin are signing pairs of underwear and tossing them out to two lucky fans.

– If you want to see FULL videos of the first DNA show, MADforLiveMusic has uploaded the entire show, divided by songs here.

– The show runs an hour and 50 minutes.

– The Backstreet Boys come out about an hour after the concert begins (after the opener).

– Here are a few views from the DNA Circle:

++ VIP Details ++

– There’s BSB photo locker!


– A peek inside the VIP lounge here

– The food + drinks in the VIP lounge

++ Tour Interviews / Reviews ++

Backstreet Boys, Grown But Not Bored (Barcelona Review)

Los 40 Classic Interview With AJ and Howie (Spain)

The Backstreet Boys Bring Fans Back To The 90s In Milan (Review)

Rolling Stone Italy Review

Vanity Fair Italy Review

Backstreet Boys reconquer their fans with their Madrid concert (Review)

Five Stars For The Backstreet Boys at Manchester Arena

Backstreet Boys Make An Ultimate Comeback With Nostalgia Centric Tour

Backstreet Boys At The O2 Arena


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