7 Reasons Kevin Richardson Is Close To Perfection

It’s no secret in the fandom that Kevin Richardson is as cool as they come. The smooth voiced Backstreet Boy is certainly a man to behold and the more we see him, the more we question if he’s actually human. He might actually be as close to perfection as they come. Here’s why:

1. His Never Ending Youth.

Kevin was 22 when he started the Backstreet Boys. This year, he’s turning 44 and really, he doesn’t look much older than when he started. Actually, he looks better. Here’s the theory: In the 6 years Kevin was gone from the Backstreet Boys, he found the fountain of youth and bathed in it everyday before his return.

2. Those Eyes.

By now, everyone who has met Kevin knows that looking into his eyes will be the end of you. Something about his stare is so intense and powerful that you will forget your name. You will forget that you’ve been a die hard Nick fan since you were a fetus. You will forget anything you ever hated in life. He stares directly into your eyes and thanks you, asks if you enjoyed the show (or tells you to enjoy it), and responds to anything you say and you probably won’t remember any of it. Weren’t sure what color his eyes were before? You’ll know after you see him in person because they almost glow. The worst part? He doesn’t even know it. When you stare at him, he’s probably going to think you’re crazy. We’re NOT crazy, Kevin. You don’t know your power.

3. The Supermodel Stance.

As if it wasn’t enough that he has model looks, Kevin has a way of posing in a perfect position everytime he’s photographed. 9 times out of 10 on a red carpet with the other Backstreet Boys, Kevin is centered, leg bent, head tilted, ready for his close up. Seriously, Heidi Klum is taking lessons from HIM.

Even in the mud…


4. That Hair. 

Serious question, everyone – when have you ever seen Kevin with nappy hair?! No, you have not. There has to be a long process involved to make his hair look that shiny and soft all of the time. Even when he grew it long, it grew faster and prettier than most of ours. It’s as if tiny fairies sew his hair out of silk at night. That’s the only explanation really. Or maybe go back to the fountain of youth that he’s washing his hair in. Perfection.

5. He Literally Worked In The Land of Magic.

Seriously. Aladdin. Prince Eric. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Need we say more? Kevin was bringing joy to young girls before anyone else in the band. Kevin was a PRINCE. That is the epitome of perfection.

6. His Marriage. 

Not only did they MEET while working in Disney World (seriously, who does that?), Kristin has been around since before the Backstreet Boys and there is NO ONE that says a bad word about her. Their marriage is definitely one for the books and when they expanded their family, our hearts grew 10 sizes. You thought Kevin was perfection by himself? You should see him with his family. We can’t even.

7. His Humor.


As most notably noted in our post on the reasons why you should follow Kevin on Twitter, his sense of humor is one that we missed in his absence. Or maybe it’s just his refreshing honesty. Like when he tells us that they’re not going to release unreleased music because we have YouTube. Well played, Kevin. (But we still want it.)

We enjoy having you back, Mr. Richardson, but forgive us if we stare a little longer at you than normal. (Or if we don’t because it’s kind of intense) You know not what you do.

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