15 Pictures Of The Backstreet Boys In Rio That Will Make You Think It’s 1999

When most Backstreet Boys fans think of Rio de Janeiro, the first thing that comes to mind is this:

hqdefault imagesCG_lq7oUQAA-zUq

Whether you tuned into MTV Diary: Backstreet Boys or bought the Around The World VHS, the scenes of fans from Rio were the most memorable scenes from the Black and Blue promotional Around The World in 100 hours tour. The Backstreet Boys bus was literally surrounded by fans on all sides. We watched as Kevin tried to calm everyone through the window, as AJ discovered a girl who had come all the way from Canada to Rio (“Canada?! CANADA?!?”), and as a slightly panicked Brian worried about how they were going to turn the bus for them to safely make an exit (“What are we going to do?! Back up and turn around?! HELL NO!”).

With these images in our mind, we knew that BSB back in Rio for the IAWLT would be a HUGE deal. Their shows sold out quickly and the love from the fans in South America was abundant on all forms of social media as soon as the announcements were made. Little did we know, that when the Boys from the Backstreet landed, we would actually be traveling back in time.

The images from Rio (and other parts of South America) reminded us a lot of this commercial from the Millennium era:

Take a look at a few images and travel back to 1999, when fans were running wild and Nick Carter had hair like this:



That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, Nick even brought his hair back for South America to turn back time (impossible as it may seem). 

Check out these photos and relive the hysteria all over!

ed5a8451 ed5a8455 ed5a8536 ed5a8570 ed5a8650 ed5a8662 img_0477 img_0598 img_0606 img_0615 img_0626 img_0630 img_0655 img_0676 nick-carter-literally-had-an-audience-at-the-beach-21

And if it’s a little extra eye candy you wanted…

ed5a8505 ed5a8523 eo4q1586 eo4q1595 img-678041-backstreet-boys-passeiam-no-rio-de-janeiro20150608121433775648

You got it right, South America. We’d be freaking out too.


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