RIP Nick Carter’s Hair (January 2015 – June 2015)

CHGTw3nWgAAfFt5On June 9, 2015, Nick Carter alerted the fans that his beloved somewhat-beloved hair had been taken off of life support (AKA his head). The hair was left lifeless on the floor of a hotel room in Brazil just before the Backstreet Boys went on for soundcheck.

The hair dew (his words, not ours) made it’s appearance in January around the premiere of the Backstreet Boys’ movie and worked it’s way into our lives through a series of instagram photos. We weren’t sure about it at first, but as predicted, Nick used his magical hair to change our minds (as we reported). When the fan response was still on the fence, he parted the hair down the middle and suddenly, fangirls everywhere were transported back to the 90s when the Backstreet Boys were everywhere and Nick Carter was the only object of our affection. Suddenly, we forgot our husbands, boyfriends, dogs and Nick’s hair was the hottest topic in the fandom. You loved it or you hated it, but you WERE talking about.

Today, fans were hurled back into 2015 when the death of the “curtain” hair was reported.

Immediately, the fan response was overwhelming. Some thought the floppy comeback hair was better off left in South America. Some thought their life was also attached to Nick’s hair and felt as though it was a personal attack against their love for him. Some were immediately trying to track down his location so that they may retrieve snippets of his DNA the strands of hair and clone Nick Cartersell it on Ebay, well… there’s really nothing sane to do with used hair.

Eye witnesses tell us that as the hair murder went down, Nick Carter was mumbling something along the lines of “they’re going to kill me” and was trying out different selfie angles for an hour thereafter. Finally, he decided that removing his shirt would be the best distraction, softening the blow for everyone in the end.

Carter does not seem to be upset over the loss, but does seem to be sympathetic to hair mourners insuring that the hair “will grow back” and that he needed “a fresh start”.

There will not be any arrangements for Nick’s hair and in lieu of flowers, he would like you to send donations in the form of fanclub memberships at

Until we meet again….


(Note: Clearly we love Nick any way we can get him and you should too. This is purely humor.)

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