“T’Was The Night Before Booking The Backstreet Boys Cruise…”


T’was the night before booking the cruise

And all through the net

Every cruiser has anxiety

About what they will get.

The credit cards were sitting by the laptops with care,

In hopes that booking wouldn’t make us pull out our hair.

The fans were all nestled, snug in their beds

While visions of Backstreet Boys danced in their heads.

You’re in your concert tee and I in mine too,

We’re all trying to figure out what we should do.

When out of our phones come such a tune,

BSB is tweeting, you better get your room!

Away to the internet, we flew like a flash

Laptops and tablets, in case one should crash.

When what to our wondering eyes should appear,

The Boys are all tweeting, it’s that time of year!

Starting the hashtags, lively and quick,

The first one to tweet? The blonde one, Nick!

More rapid than rabbits, the tweets they came

Girls start passing out when they’re tweeted by name –

“Hey Steph! Hey Kim! Hey Jen! Hey sweet thing!

To our website! Book the cruise! We’ll see you all in the spring!”

So onto the website we flew,

Credit cards in hand, and a glass of wine too.

Then, in a minute, we’re reading the page,

Which cabin booked will get us closest to the stage?!

As we click on buttons and watch the load button spin,

It hits us – we’re going to see our five favorite men!

They’ll be dressed for the beach, sexy and fit,

We have to focus, or we’re going to lose it!

A bundle of questions fly from our brain –

Booking this cruise is going to drive us insane

Then you remember how they make you feel,

A few days at sea with the Backstreet Boys – WHAT A DEAL!

Brian’s sweet smile and Kevin’s eyes, oh my!

Howie, AJ and Nick? You might just die.

The wine in our hand always needs a refill,

Especially when we see the final bill.

Waiting for confirmation, you’re sick to your belly

But, oh man, all of your friends are going to be super jealy.

A blink of a page and a confirmation appears,

You’ll soon be embarking on what you’ll remember for years!

You’re telling your friends, you’re done with the booking!

The Boys retweeted your tweets when you weren’t even looking!

Thanks to Wonderful Union and the folks at Rose Tours,

This new sea adventure is going to be all yours.

Things are dying down, rooms have been booked

Turns out it wasn’t as scary as it looked.

We saw the BSB tweet before they went out of sight

“We’ll see you on the cruise! Now go book your flight.”


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