10(ish) Favorite Fan Memories From The Past Backstreet Boys’ Cruises


It’s that time of year again – fans are clamoring for a chance to share a few days on a giant cruise ship with the Backstreet Boys. It’s a dream come true for most of us – a dream that some will be first embarking on in 2016! With the BSB announcing their next cruise taking place in Europe in May 2016, we thought it was a good time to ask fans to share THEIR favorite memories from past cruises to get a little taste of what’s to come next year!


“I just had to share my fav cruise moment. It was by far when my roommate and I were Howie’s scavenger hunt winners on this last cruise!!  For our prize, Howie taught us how to play his craps-on his money!!  We talked about everything during our 30 minutes of playing including our kids, how we became fans, what was going to happen for the next cruise, etc. When it was my turn to roll the dice Howie even blew on my dice for luck multiple times!  One of the fave moments of my life!!” – Carrie

“Been on all the cruises, got great memories on all of them. Best one so far is my roommate and I won the scavenger hunt they did on the boat. And we got a 30 minute coffee date with AJ.” – Cory


“My favorite cruise moment was on the 2013 cruise when Brian gave me sneakers.” – Amber


“My favorite cruise memory was from the 2014 cruise. My friend Steph and I had just gotten on the boat and before sail away party started we decided to go see if our cabin was ready. On our way back upstairs, we ran into Howie. It was my first time running into a BSB with nobody around. He stopped and took pictures with us and to me that five minutes we got to hang out with him meant everything. Before we saw him, we heard him go “hey hey hey” and we yelled “Howie!” then he stopped. I also got a pic with him on ABC night when he took my phone. He let me eat the chocolate off his costume too. So I guess both of those would be my favorite cruise memories” – Tracy

“My friend got injured on last year’s cruise and tried to advise Carnival. When she couldn’t find a representative, she found Jenn, the boys manager. Jenn told her she could go on stage with the guys on the last night (ABC night) and bring some of her friends. So despite getting really injured, the trip ended pretty well for her. All she wanted was to keep others from getting hurt on a faulty set of stairs!” – Andie

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“For me my best memory is the Wylee fashion show. I got the chance to be one of the ‘’models’’. Just before the show, it was picture time with the boys and when I hugged Brian, he told me how good I was looking (I was wearing t-shirt and shorts from Wylee). Then, out of the blue, without me telling him, he told me, ‘’See you in a few minutes at the show..” While waiting for the boys to finish the pictures, Leighanne and Jodi were telling us what will happen and Jodi was making us drink. I was in the first group to go with the Ursula dress and Brian made fun of my sunburn then I had to run down to get change for the second outfit …I mean, I really felt like a model running downstairs and coming back …I was SOOOOO nervous and shy but it was truly a great experience.” – Stefie
“One of my favorite cruise memories was playing volleyball with Nick and Brian. 🙂 there wasn’t too many people around so it was fabulous.” – Steph

“I have been a longtime fan but didn’t go on any cruise, yet alone a Backstreet Boys one before 2013. I had to go because this was the cruise Kevin was back and it was the 20 th year anniversary. This was also a very memorable experience for me because it was my first time meeting them. My roommate and I ended up sitting next to two girls at dinner. They ended up being in our group picture, and I’m still best friends with one of them.

I also got picked to play in the AJ blackjack tournament. I didn’t make it until the end, but it was still fun to have the chance. Bachelorette night was my favorite night because I was able to get to the front on the back side of the stage. I saw Nick squirting people with what I thought was water, but it was vodka. When he got around to me, I had no reaction. My friend, who I pointed out for him to squirt too made a face which made Nick laugh.

One really funny experience I had was with Brian. I really wanted him to autograph something for me but all I had was my “Kiss on the Lips”drink receipt. At first he looked at it really confused. I waved indicating that it was mine and that I wanted him to sign it. He read the receipt and blew me a kiss. I wonder if anyone had gotten a video of that exchange.

It was just a pretty epic fall for me between my birthday, the Nick and Knight Tour, and the cruise. I will have to say the 2014 cruise was my favorite one so far. I was so lucky to find two amazing roommates and we ended up meeting two more awesome girls while waiting for the guys to arrive at the cruise terminal. It was so fun to run into the guys randomly on the ship because we were staying on the same floor as them. BEST DAY EVER! Nick recognized me during the meet and greet photo. I’m surprised I was even looking at the camera and smiling! I was in a daze, and it felt like a blur. After the meet & greet picture, we ran into Brian and Kevin. My friends stood frozen, while I jumped in the back and said “hey guys!”

This was also the day where the best concert of life happened. It was insane how long it’s been since we’ ve heard some of the songs. Can we have concerts like this all the time? It was pretty awesome that Nick saw me 6 rows back and sang to me during In A World Like This. The beach day was beyond perfect. I was so happy that I was able to stop and take a quick picture with Leighanne. It was so nice to be able to enjoy our vacation in a beautiful location.

My favorite moment from the ABC Party was when Kevin asked me if I was the sand in the water. My costume was inspired from the scene where Ariel first gets her legs. She is wearing a piece of cloth that could be a sail or tarp.

My favorite game show was BSB Loves The 90’s. I’ll never be able to hear Straight Through My Heart the same way. You just gotta do The Carlton now. Don’t Forget the Lyrics was really fun too. I thought it was hilarious how they said the entire boat was against them. Somehow we managed to get off the ship relatively quickly and saw AJ checking in at the desk. I was amused that there was a security guard there turning people away, and they didn’t know why. My friends and I wished AJ safe travels but weren’t able to get a picture with him. Then one of my friends saw Nick by himself. He was nice enough to take a picture with us.” – Monica


“This past 2014 cruise, I was out in the water near where Nick was and we were all standing around him in a circle.  All of a sudden, he looks at one girl and asks her if she has a cell phone or a camera.  He told him no.  He then proceeded to grab her and kinda jumped up and dunked her in the water with him.  When he popped up out of the water, he was literally RIGHT in front of me.  I’m sure my eyes went WIDE and the only thing that popped outta my mouth was “I don’t have a camera”.  He said OK!!..then grabbed me around my waist, jumped and we went under the water.  BEST. FEELING. EVER!  That one little interaction totally MADE that cruise for me.
I was particularly crushed by the news of Q’s passing because EVERY cruise (I’ve been on them all), that man has literally made for me.  The first cruise especially.    It was about 2am and I had went to the casino to have a cigarette and as I’m standing there, AJ walks by me (I say HEY AJ! he says hi back) and the sits down at the casino table right beside me.  With him is Q.  Soon, there are about 5-6 girls standing around Q as we are just chatting away with him.  Somehow, I’m the one that ends up holding the ashtray..lol  After over an hour of chatting, I’m beyond tired so I excused myself from the group.  Q grabbed me in a BIIIIG bear hug, gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me to have a good night!  Same cruise, during meet and greet, after the pics had been taken, I was on my way out and he was standing at the door.  He remembered me cuz again, he pulled me  into another hug and another kiss on the cheek.  Again, SAME cruise, during the concert, I was in front row with my friend Chels, and Q comes crouching in in front of us and stops.  He stayed like that for a while until I said, “hey..there’s a seat next to me, sit down dude!”.  And he did! I even got a pic with him.  He sat there with us for a good 5-10 minutes and before he left, yep! Another hug and kiss!  On the 2013 cruise, I stood beside him at AJ’s Card Tournament for a good hour just joking and teasing with him.  And then when all the participants were getting their pics with AJ, he photobombed EVERY. SINGLE. PIC. in true Q fashion.
The Pregnant Nuns.  Yes…I was one of the pregnant nuns during the last two cruises.  It started out as a joke between my friend and cabinmate Kim and I.  But OMG..it was THE best costume ever.  We had signs around our necks that said “its Nick’s fault” and “Nick’s been naughty”.. lol  I almost felt like one of the Boys in those costumes…everyone kept stopping up for pictures with us.  On the  cruise, we kinda stalked out the Boys cabin hallway hoping for a pic with Nick.  We had talked to Mike earlier and he said he’d try.  And he did it!! We were the ONLY fans to get a pic with Nick!! It was so funny cuz Mike was standing there holding fans back screaming “JUST THE NUNS!!! JUST THE NUNS!!!”  Hilarious!!  Then on the cruise, we decided to add babies to our costumes and be pregnant again.  The writer of this wonderful blog even produced a Court Order of Child Support to give to Nick.  We gave it to him at the deck party, and later on, again, we staked out his room all.  He again stopped for pics with us and he told us he read the letter we game him and it was hilarious!  Also on the cruise, we were dressed in those costumes waiting for the elevator and here comes Brian and his entourage down the steps.  He sees us and he is DYING.  So was Leighanne.  HE wanted a picture with US!! lol  And Leighanne snapped a few as well.  When they saw the Nick’s fault signs Brian said “this is GREAT!”. ” – Jen

“I have two favorite cruise memories.

One is one pretty much everyone knows about me now in this fandom. But even after four and a half years it still amazes me that it actually happened. I mean it was beyond any dream I had back when I was still a teeny during the 90s. It was from the first cruise where I sang karaoke with the Backstreet Boys. Sadly Kevin wasn’t back yet but that doesn’t make it any less epic.

I don’t know what I expected since it was the very first BSB Cruise but this went above and beyond.
It was 10,000 Promises and the Boys got into it. AJ ran into the front row and acted like an emotional fan, holding out his hand to me and pretending to cry as I sang to him. And Nick? LOL he gave me a personal lesson on dramatic singing. He looked at me and went “You gotta give them some drama” and both of us went to our knees, arms out, in classic Nick Carter fashion. I’ll never forget it. I still joke this night was why the Boys added the song to their setlist for future tours! LOL.

The other moment was from last year’s cruise. But it’s not BSB related. It’s having the best friends in this fandom. All the girls I knew online and had gotten to know somewhat in person and those I only knew online were on this cruise. We made sure we had plenty of time to hang out and go crazy. It’s simple compared to the other memory but honestly that’s why it’s so special.

Julie, Lynsey, Laureen, Jen, Kim, Rachel, Melissa – last year’s cruise would not have been nearly as epic without you guys.”

– Rose / @ForeverRebel


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