Exclusive: 4 Things We Learned From AJ McLean During His Virgin Radio Appearance


AJ McLean made an appearance at Virgin Radio in Montreal on Thursday morning to chat and promote his new single, “Live Together”. The appearance is the first of a few scheduled throughout Canada in the next week and this one actually included lunch with some lucky fans. Our friend, Stefie (@girlygirlstefie) was one of those lucky fans and she has offered all of her photos, video, and info to What Happens On The Backstreet exclusively! All of the images/videos in this post are hers.

IMG_4162_zps92wjkoa4 IMG_4165_zpszvsb7gwj IMG_4168_zpskklq1upo IMG_4169_zpsm6t2h7ta IMG_4170_zpsunfz8oj2 IMG_4171_zpsv2utnd1a IMG_4172_zpsknnpwuuz IMG_4174_zps7gv1m8qi IMG_4175_zpsjirildxr IMG_4176_zpsddmonxkl IMG_4177_zpsb6hqykjs

1. Ava, AJ’s little girl, is all about music.

McLean divulged that Ava is into the music like her dad and even requests to listen to The Beatles. Rochelle, AJ’s wife, has posted on instagram that Ava is also a big BSB fan (of course) so it’s safe to say she’s a fangirl in the making. He also mentioned that while Ava and Baylee (Brian’s son) seem to be the only Backstreet kids into music (so far), if they were to form a vocal group, he thinks the name should be “Ava and The Pimps”. Oh, AJ…

Also, on the subject of if he would ever allow Ava to date the other Boys’ sons: “That would be so wrong…”

IMG_4180_zpsnbm7qoby IMG_4182_zpsiziz4jqo IMG_4183_zpsk5saditd IMG_4185_zpsrkojxvdm IMG_4186_zpsl9fb26tz IMG_4189_zpsplejxgte IMG_4190_zpsspj0aufw IMG_4192_zpsgp7hc1hg

2. Will AJ be the next Backstreet Boy competing on Dancing With The Stars?

While he has been front and center as fanboy for Nick Carter on this season of DWTS, McLean may not be so quick to do it himself. In a recent interview, he mentioned that Sharna Burgess has asked him to compete, but it would definitely not be next season. This morning he said that he was still on the fence about whether he would ever do it or not. (We have a feeling we’ll be seeing him soon 😉 )

IMG_4194_zpsbvkg0zh7 IMG_4196_zpspfo3rxrm

3. About that Spice Girls Tour….

While rumors have been flying left and right about a Backstreet Boys / Spice Girls tour next year to celebrate the Girls’ 20th year anniversary, it seems that neither group is sure that it’s a done deal. This morning AJ confirmed that the Backstreet Boys will for sure be on tour next year, but then teased that “who knows… it could be AFTER a tour with the Spice Girls”. Start saving now, ladies (and gentlemen)! He also said that if they do tour together, it would be similar to the NKOTBSB tour, but they would let Spice Girls go first “because they’re gentlemen”.

IMG_4200_zpsbvpc3fx9 IMG_4205_zps2f1issv2 IMG_4207_zpsoo6q0iyd IMG_4209_zpsa2w152rn

4. The acoustic version of “Live Together” will be available for download in a few weeks. 

With black nails (plus a pink nail for Ava and a red nail for Rochelle) and his signature sunglasses and hat look, AJ performed the acoustic version of his new song “Live Together” and let the audience know that it would be available in a few weeks. Take a listen in the video below! You’re going to love it.

IMG_4213_zps7tuqrrhj IMG_4214_zpsjbagwt0p IMG_4215_zpscn88f066 IMG_4216_zpslxzpmqbj

IMG_4217_zpsppkbqlvz IMG_4218_zpskuqqe2ns


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