Keeping Up With AJ McLean: November 2015

2015-11-07 14.20.33

Since June the Backstreet Boys have been off tour and working on their own separate projects. While Nick has been taking off on his Dancing With The Stars journey, having babies, and releasing his new single “I Will Wait”, AJ McLean has been busy on his own. The release of his video “Live Together”, the first single off his upcoming album The Anthem, set media on fire with it’s world-changing message (Read more here). It seems like AJ is now popping up everywhere to promote his single and Skulleeroz vapor line. If you can’t keep up, we have it all for you right here!

November 7th: Skulleeroz Vapor East Coast Launch Party

2015-11-07 14.19.21 2015-11-07 14.20.15 2015-11-07 14.24.27While the party was this past weekend, our reader, Monica (@Sushi_Flower), was in attendance and she was kind enough to share her photos from the party with us! The party was a great success, as you can see in the photos posted by Kure Society, who hosted the party. In addition to a “cloud” competition and a poker game with fans, AJ also played a never-before-heard remix of “Live Together”, which he told attendees would be released with a different video in the near future. Monica shared a video of the remix, which I am working to upload for you in the near future!

November 12th: Breakfast Television Montreal

Breakfast Television airs from 6am – 9am in Montreal, so we’re assuming he will be there before the Virgin Radio show! He’ll be answering questions and, of course, promoting “Live Together”. Follow @BTMontreal on Twitter for more details and we’ll have video for you here ASAP! (Update: Watch Here)

November 12th: Virgin Radio in Montreal Canada

AJ will be in Montreal at Virgin Radio promoting “Live Together” and his new album (to be released early next year) on November 12th. After he co-hosts the radio show from 7:30am to 9am, he will be having breakfast with lucky radio winners! One of the winners is our good friend, Stefie (@girlygirlstefie), who will be sharing her photos with us exclusively – so stay tuned. (Read the post here)

If you’d like to listen to the Virgin Radio show live, click here and click “listen live” or download the Virgin apps Virgin Radio – Canada and its 95.9 Montreal.

November 16th: Canada AM – Toronto 

Canada is getting all the goodies! AJ will be appearing on CTV’s Canada AM in Toronto on November 16th, again promoting “Live Together”. He will be appearing on their AM Soundstage which leads us to believe that he will be performing. There is a link to watch live here, but if you can’t catch it, we’ll post the video here for you when it’s available! (UPDATE: Watch it here)


Besides live appearances, AJ has also been doing quite a few interviews and we’ll do our best to keep them all in one place for you.

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