#TeamValenTay And #TeamSharNick Join Forces Out Of Love For Nick and Tamar

Week 9 10

On the morning of November 11th, news hit that Tamar Braxton would not be returning to Dancing With The Stars after what she thought was pneumonia turned into something more major, even life threatening. Tamar posted a picture to her instagram letting everyone know that she would not be returning to the ballroom as she has been diagnosed as having P.E.s, blood clots in both of her lungs.

Many members of the Backstreet Army and Sharna Squads took to social media to show their support for Tamar and Val. It’s no secret that fans of Team SharNick have a soft spot for Team ValenTay. Not only was Tamar Nick’s first pick for Team Nightmare in Week 7, but they were also teamed up together for their team dance this past Monday when illness struck Tamar. We loved their chemistry and we loved that they seemed to support each other. Tamar showed up (FROM THE HOSPITAL) in the last few minutes to be there for Nick, Val, and Sharna – in true professional performer fashion. When she was saved to come back next week, Nick and Sharna seemed more excited for Tamar and Val than they were for themselves. These are the kind of hearts worthy of winning. The kind of support Team SharNick and Team ValenTay have shown for each other is why we tune in and why we adore them.

Week 9 9

The fact that Tamar will not be returning breaks our hearts, but what happened today is even more incredible. Team ValenTay supporters started tweeting their support for Team SharNick. From hashtags like #TeamValenTay4TeamSharNick to graphics like the one below, “Tamartians” are coming out in droves to vote for Nick and Sharna and emotions are abound! (Graphic Credit: @dwts_babe)


Dear Tamar, 

You are fierce and beautiful. You are an incredible competitor with a strong drive to do your best everytime you hit the dancefloor. You made your fans and supporters proud. You made Val proud. You have gained a new set of fans who have a lot of love, respect, and admiration for you. Our thoughts, prayers, and good vibes are with you that you get well soon and come back out swinging and doing what you do best – being a crazy talented performer. If Nick and Sharna win this season, it will be for you as well! – Love, The Backstreet Army / Sharna Squad

Team ValenTay Supporters, 

Nick and Sharna won’t disappoint you. Thank you for being incredibly kind and throwing your support behind Team SharNick. We are forever grateful, as we’re sure they are too. Thank you for “taking care” of our boy as he took care of your girl. So much love for you guys. Let’s blow these votes out of the water!

Week 9 11


3 thoughts on “#TeamValenTay And #TeamSharNick Join Forces Out Of Love For Nick and Tamar

  1. I had been TeamValenTay all the way and said to myself that if they were eliminated, I would not vote or watch anymore but then, I saw the team dance. My heart melted when I saw the love, care and compassion that Nick and Sharna showed Tamar and Val and was almost brought to tears when I saw the reactions when Tamar and Val were safe. I fell in love, but how can you not? Nick and Sharna are AMAZING people with hearts 💞 of gold and they definitely have all my votes. I’m overjoyed that this movement is coming together so quickly and by Monday night, TeamSharNick will have a huge army behind them. Amazing dancers with beautiful souls. #TEAMVALENTAY4TEAMSHARNICK. #LOVE


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