For Fans, By Fans: The Backstreet Boys ‘DNA’ Tour Concert, VIP + Event Reviews

Ask and you shall receive! The Backstreet Boys have been on tour nearly a month now and with a long way to go and more stops to make, many fans are wondering about the different experiences being offered on the DNA tour.

As usual, our fan-mily members that have already attended have come through to give everyone a better idea of how it’s going down! Read below for more about all things on tour.

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— Backstreet Boys ‘DNA’ VIP Meet & Greet Reviews —

“Honestly, it was a lot of fun. It wasn’t my first VIP (I believe this was my 24th VIP experience since 2008), so I knew what to expect: a quick turnaround with the Boys, and the usual about no gifts and no private photos. Oh, and lots of waiting, because, you know, Backstreet time.

We got the e-mail with the VIP instructions the day before the concert, and were told that we should get to the venue early because of security checks, even though the check-in time was 4 p.m. The e-mail also indicated that we had to be at the media entrance, so that’s where we found ourselves at 3 p.m., under a fine cover of rain.

After waiting for over an hour, security decided to let us in, taking pity on us because of the rain. They checked our bags before letting us into the venue and checked our IDs as well as our e-mail confirmations to see whether we had “VIP 1, 2, 3, or 4”. To the best of my knowledge, VIP 1 are the VIPs that were purchased along with the DNA Circle tickets, and we were let in first. So, to be on the safe side, print every single VIP confirmation you have, because they might look at it before letting you in, although that may have just been for Paris.

Once we got inside the venue, security came by with a metal detector, after which we went to a counter to get our VIP credentials, which included a laminate and our concert tickets (!!!). I can’t tell you how relieved I was to finally have them in my hand, because DNA Circle holders could only pick them up at will-call.

I’d completely forgotten that we were getting a backstage tour, and was pleasantly surprised when Justin came by to take us through the area. He warned us not to lose our minds if we happened to see one of the Boys there, before he started the tour, which was fun – Justin’s a good guide!

Once the tour was done, he brought us outside the room we were going to go in for the meet and greet and the pictures. We waited for a bit, and saw the other VIPs get in a line separate from ours. After some time had passed – I think it was about 5:20 p.m. or so – one of the security guards had us get in single file, as we were going to go into the room one by one.

A few minutes later, it was my turn. I walked into the room and was told to put my bag on a separate table. I stood a few feet behind the fan ahead of me, both of us behind the backdrop that’s being used for the photos, and then… *insert gasps and racing heart here* there they were. Yes, even after all this time, I’ll admit that my hands were shaking.

They stood in this order: Howie, Kevin, Nick, AJ, and Brian, so I went to Howie first, and was surprised when I got a spontaneous hug. Not only that, but he asked me where I was from. Kevin hugged me next, telling me that they loved Switzerland since I’d told Howie that I’m currently living in Switzerland. I then moved to Nick, who immediately turned me around for the picture – cue me grinning like an idiot and no longer breathing in an attempt to make my stomach look as small as possible. I forgot to hug Nick, which doesn’t usually happen, and moved on to hug AJ, who told me that he liked my haircut, and to Brian, who told me that his voice was good and strong in answer to my hurried question.

The entire meet and greet, along with the picture, took 25 seconds, but in that short period of time, the Boys were really sweet.

Once that was done and over with, we went to a separate room where we got free alcohol and food – if you wanted soft drinks, you had to pay for those separately. There were displays that presented fun photo opportunities. We stayed in that room perhaps half an hour while everyone else got their pictures taken, after which the VIP ended and we were taken to our spots inside the DNA circle.

All in all, it was an enjoyable VIP experience, and the picture came out surprisingly well! I hope all of you have an awesome time in yours!” – Vanessa Court-Payen (Paris, France)

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“It went fast but still the picture and a quick hug are all worth it. The DNA green room is ok but most worth it if you are staying there almost till the show. But I would do it all over again and specially including the DNA circle! That’s the best spot for the show and i loved it!” – Esther Baas (Gotenburg)

“I think it started late, because it felt rushed. I have a couple of things to say to anyone that has a M&G ticket: first, like others said, if you want to tell the boys something, stand with your back to the photographer. Second, this is from personal experience and I believe it really does work: if you have anything you want to say/do and don’t want to forget with all the excitement, make a list made out of key words and just keep repeating it in your head over and over (a list for example can be: thank the boys, “x” next to me (x being your favorite)). I did this and even though my brain went into auto mode where I just reacted but couldn’t stop to think and say what I wanted, I DID manage to get 2 out of the 3 things I wanted to do, and I really do think if I hadn’t kept repeating my list, I would have gotten 0 out of 3. The point of the key words is to try and find as few words as you can to each thing you want, so that the list is short and you can repeat it more times until it’s your turn.” – Merav Melamud (Lisbon)

“This was my first time doing a VIP experience and I can honestly say it was AMAZING! Massively exceeded my expectations. We arrived at the arena to receive our VIP passes and wristbands and were led to a lounge for our champagne and nibbles (which were lovely). Our backstage tour host was Kat and it was really interesting to see what goes on that you don’t see. We were very lucky that Brain was walking around backstage and we got a sneak peak, which was so exciting. After our tour we went and queues up for our meet and greet, which from other fans who had done it before, I knew it was a quick one. We actually weren’t at all rushed when we met them and they were lovely ( in spite of me starting to lose my mind with excitement) Kevin especially was very chatty and wanted to make sure we got the experience we wanted. Then came the concert and OMG!! I could never have expected to be so close, we got such an interaction when they were performing. We were stood in the DNA circle and there is no price I could put on just how fab those tickets were. The show itself was brilliant, it was like being a teenager again. What a show!! Speechless.” – Jennifer Taylor (Birmingham, UK)

“Was over so quickly. Guys were so genuine as ever. Great props in the lounge. Enjoyed the Backstage tour with Justin. Look forward to the next one. Don’t leave it so long next time boys.” – Shelley Stentaford (London)


“I had 4 amazing meet and greets. The most special one was in Oslo. My home town. For 22 years ago I had my very first meet and greet with the boys. Back then I got the meet as a gift from AJ mom Denise. I got a picture with all 5 that I was very proud of in 97. So when I met the boys June 1. I asked for a remake. They thougt is was funny and Kevin said Let’s do this. I told them that it was 22 years ago at the same venue, same room and the same people. It was so good.” – Hilda Cathrine Schroder (Paris, Oslo, Copenhagen, Prague)

“In general, they were amazing!! The Boys were really nice, I had enough time with the Boys and I even got the chance to give Brian and Howie a gift! The only one that wasn’t really nice was the first one in Lisbon… I had the upgrade, it was super rushed, we didn’t even see the lounge, and when we got into the venue the doors were already open and I got front row out of luck! We were told to be at the venue at 4pm and only got in at 6pm… our meet & greet started around 6:15pm and no one even knew at what time doors would open. But nothing to complain about the Boys, they were amazing! – Patricia Alvarez

image1 (3)

– The lounge had food and drink
– Loved the ring light “photo booth” to take pictures
– Awesome seeing the Vegas suits after seeing them so many times live

– no air conditioning there or in the arena which made it the “hottest” show of that tour (to me)

Was it rushed? Yes. Did I expect anything else? No. The boys meet around 100-150 people so there won’t be any possibility to spend 10 minutes with them.  This shouldn’t take away from the fact that they all are friendly, give hugs and talk to you. And if you have a special request for your picture you can definitely tell them. Just be aware that not everyone manages to understand that in time for the pic. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Howie!) I didn’t buy more VIP’s because $500+ is a lot of money but I definitely don’t regret spending it to hug, take a picture and say bye to them. (since it was the last show of the european leg)” – Chrissy Schulz (Budapest)

“Overall I had a blast! The backstage tour wasn’t very long and I was a bit disappointed, but I think it varies venue to venue. The meet and greet was more rushed then I’ve had previously, and I’m gonna chalk it up to being the first show and that things are still getting tweaked out. The time with the boys was great as always though! I don’t remember too much because I always “black out”; especially with Nick lmao.” – Cindy Hensinger (D.C)

“This was my first tour meet and greet, so I went into it with the expectation that it would be different than Vegas. Honestly, I liked it better! The backstage tour was short but really interesting to hear all the behind the scenes stuff. Our group ran into AJ and he went down the line and high fived all of us, which made us all giddy. We also saw Baylee and Leighanne and she was so sweet and said “hi ladies! And men!” to us all.

We then lined up for meet and greet and although the line moved fairly quick, I didn’t feel too rushed with the boys. I asked if I could be hugging Brian and have the other guys hugging each other on each side of us, which they kinda sorta did 🙂 I felt like I actually had time to talk to each boy before and after the picture, which was nice.
After that it was off to the lounge and I was super happy to see some real food (mini corn dogs, chicken skewers and fried mac and cheese). Used my drink tickets for bottled water and soda, took pictures in the awesome photo booth and with the big backdrops of the boys, then headed to the circle around 7:30. I really enjoyed this VIP. Yes, it’s expensive and the meet and greet portion is over too fast, but the boys make sure to make that little bit of time worth it!” – Tricia (Sacramento)

“Check-in time is 5:30pm and we are not let in until just past 6pm and walked through the empty venue and a couple of corridors to where the Boys are. Our passes are marked by a security guard and another security guard takes our purses which are behind the background where the photo is taken.

Aside from the two security guards that are the entrance the Boys have their own bodyguards at the picture area. One is by the door who instructs us to wait until called upon, one is somewhere in the middle telling us that a photo will be taken and the last one is the one who tells us to get our bags because it’s over.

Now, the best part…

It is now my turn and first up is Howie. I hug him and say “Hi, Howie.” Next is Kevin, MY FAVORITE!!!! I give him a hard hug and try not to squeeze too tight. He hugs me back and I say to him, “Last time I saw you I sounded stupid.” He gave me a look like, “What? Okay.” I think I hug Nick and then I am told by another security guard, “Stand here for a picture.” I turn back to Kevin and I give him a hug and we are hugging for the picture. *swoon* I go to A.J. and I hug him and he says, “Hi Beautiful.” Lastly, is Brian and I think I hug him and I say to him, “Brian, you liked my Tweet on Saturday and it made me so happy.” He smiled and he asked me for my Twitter handle and I answered him and of course the security guard taps my shoulder and tells me to get my bag. Ugh, it’s over!! I am so sad.

I walk out so giddy because I actually said real words to them and had conversations. However, I faintly remember saying anything to Nick or even acknowledging him. =/ I think I am absolutely flustered that I am talking to Kevin and trying to say “hi” to the next person and the security made me loose my thought in an already nervous situation.” – MizDaryl (California)


“I’ve been a fan of Backstreet Boys for most of my life. I met them on the 2013 cruise but couldn’t form words. I couldn’t even say, “hi”. I told myself that the next time I saw them that I was going big and going to say a few words to them.
As I was in line, I was rehearsing, in my head, what I was going to say. When it was my turn, I went down the line and shook their hands. Somehow, I forced myself to say, “hi”! I was very surprised when Kevin hugged me!
After the photo, I turned around and began to speak. The guys circled around me, and Kevin even signaled to the gentleman saying, “next”, to hold on.
I said, “I just wanted to thank you guys for being a group and making music. You have helped me through so much”. I got a little emotional and teary-eyed. Kevin went in for another hug and Nick said, “we hope you enjoy the show”. As I was hugging Kevin, Howie and I locked eyes. He smiled and extended his hand for another hand shake.
The whole experience was life-changing, and I’ll never forget it!
When I posted the photo to social media, friends were saying that I fit right in and look like a Backstreet Boy! It was so flattering! If they come to the Hershey area again, my friends know where I’ll be!” – Dan


“This was my very first time meeting all the boys together and it was amazing it couldn’t have gone any better or a more memorable time I could have ever asked for.

My friend and I got there about 3:30 and line up was at 5:15 so we just hung out. At 4:30, we went back to my car for me to freshen up my lipstick, brush my hair, put deodorant on and perfume. I was seriously freaking out at this point. Then it was time to get in line by 5:15 and we waited and we waited finally they let us in and Baylee was performing for his meet and greet people. Brian was there near the stage which was very cool but didn’t help my nerves! Lol. Finally they walked us back in a huge line of over a hundred people and we waited some more – you know backstreet time!! Finally it’s moving and I’m freaking out again. I get up to the first security guard and he’s like “are you ready?” and I’m like “no”. So he says walk ahead to the table and put your stuff down. While I’m standing there I can’t breathe. So many things were running through my head. There was a lady from their management who was close by and saw me freaking out she’s like you got this, you can do it, you will be fine. While this was happening all of a sudden Brian runs by her over to the security guard where I just was two seconds ago and I was like omg why are you teasing me lol. Before I knew it I was next to the security guard who was just before the boys he looks at me and says are you ready and I’m like am I dreaming? And he say yes you are lol. He then says go ahead and I’m like omg are you serious so I start to move around the corner and there is my man Brian. I don’t know what my face looked like …probably deer in headlights. He comes over to me and gives me a big hug and takes me by the hands and is scanning my shirt to see what it says and says to me that was a long time ago and I said yes 12 years!! Next he asks me my name and I told him and I say to him can you and I be in the middle and can u hold me? He of course says of course before I knew it he’s gently dragging me and saying to the guys “Hey guys this is Sara and she wants her and I in the middle so she is mine” OMG I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE! So then I completely missed AJ. So I got to go back and hug him then I have no idea if I hugged nick but I said hey Nicky lol and shook his hand I’m sure I hugged him but have no idea. When I turned around Kevin was in my face almost nose to nose with a huge smile and gives me the biggest hug and was so sweet then it was on to Howie. I’m guessing he saw my shirt because it has the date I met brian and it was his birthday so he said that was my birthday right and I said yep!! And that was it I had to leave and when I was out of their sight I was bawling and shaking and hyperventilating I couldn’t believe what just happened I walked back into the stadium in a daze I was just a mess. Can’t wait for another tour I will definitely do it again!” – Sara Ottey


“As many of you know, or should know by now that this band means the universe to me! Their music has helped me out to go through hell and other things in my life. I have autism and have had a lot of bad relationships. This band’s music has helped me through it. I’ve been a fan of their music since I was 13,but didn’t have a crush or a love for 4 of them until I was an adult. One of my friends knew that and knew how much I wanted to meet them. They got me M&G VIP to meet them for an early birthday present. I waited in line with another friend that went with me for them to come out. I “chatted” with the girl in front of me (she was deaf and I knew some of the signs of the words I was saying). AJ was the first one to walk out. I was like, “yippee.” Nick (my number one favorite along with Brian) walked out next. My hands instantly went to my mouth. I could feel the tears hitting. The rest of the guys walked out and 3 girls went before me. My turn came and the tears hit more. The guy asked me if I was ready yet. I shook my head no. This is a dream. Someone wake me up please! My friend gently pushed me forward, because my brain wasn’t wanting to tell my feet to move. Brian turns towards me and I lost it! He said he loves my hair as he hugged me. AJ was next and he said he liked my hair and that he’s jealous of it. I was like, “you have hair! You can dye it too!” I didn’t exactly say that, because like I said earlier, nothing on my body was working, but my tears. Nick was next and BAM! Tears hit me like a ton of bricks and I bawled into his chest. AJ and nick turned me around to get a picture. They told me to smile, but nothing on my body, but tears were working. Kevin hugs me after the picture and I cry into his chest. He said, “I hope you have a beautiful time tonight.” In my head, because I couldn’t talk, “OBVIOUSLY!” Howie was next and I looked into his puppy dog eyes and I couldn’t tell him that I love his new album. He hugged me and I left. I waited for my friend to be done and then I CRIED all the way to the lounge and it took me awhile to calm down. THANK YOU THANK YOU for the opportunity to meet them! I know I look horrible in the picture.”

Our friends at Boyband Break had a pretty epic VIP experience, sure to make you laugh if nothing else!

— Backstreet Boys ‘DNA’ Concert Reviews + Tips —

“It was absolutely amazing! The show hasn’t been this full of special effects since the Millennium tour. I wouldn’t look at any videos before attending a concert as the surprises are such fun!” – Sheri (Antwerpen / Amsterdam)

“It was magical from the start and throughout the whole show. Would love to see the show again and again and again. It was just amazing. Those boys still know what they do.” – Kaisu (Stockholm)

“In my opinion, if you’re in the DNA circle, the best spots are first, in front of the main stage in the middle of the “line”, second, in front of the catwalk in the middle too, and other than that just try to be as close to the “wall” of the circle, front row if you can, if you want interaction. From videos I’ve seen, I think the corners are better, just make sure there isn’t a speaker near you so you don’t get hit while dancing. I recommend not staying in the VIP lounge after the toast. Sure, it’s cool, and if I could stay longer, I totally would, but if you go to the circle right after, you’ll have a much better chance of getting a good spot, and in my opinion, it’s so worth skipping the “perks” of the lounge, but it depends on what’s more important to you. Now to the show itself: amazing, mind blowing, a must see (even if all you can afford is a nose bleed ticket), and just the best show I’ve ever seen. I’m so happy about all the fan actions happening, they deserve all the love and appreciation we can show them after they went above and beyond (and that’s an understatement) to give us an incredible show and reach as many fans as they can.” – Merav Melamud (Lisbon)

“We attended the Manchester concert after check in we found the merch stand (important things first) then we found our seats & waited for the support act to start.. in my opinion they were not good the bass was too high & we couldn’t see them. But on to the guys starting…. it was amazing from the guys starting to finishing. The set list was great, loved the new backgrounds for the songs & the lights were great too. My favourite parts were when nick spoke to the crowd then did a solo version of The way it was (it was only about a minute & a half long but it was so good) without giving too much away.. take notice when Kevin & AJ come out together, those two are so funny!! I also loved it when the guys were lifted up on a smaller stage to sing 3 songs. The guys were singing & dancing none stop for about 2 hours. It was definitely the best concert I’ve ever been too. (I’ve only seen the guys once before on the IAWLT tour) can’t wait for them to come back.” – Kellie

“Having waited 26 years to see the boys to say I was excited was a massive understatement! I attended with my husband who bought me tickets for Xmas . The show was amazing and did not disappoint! I broke down in tears when the boys actually appeared on stage. The support act was wonderful a group of local lads called Mic Lowry. I loved the fact the boys had a local act supporting each of their gigs . The merchandise was a little on the pricey side for the UK. I thought but some items were great value I purchased a poster and wristband – already had the T-shirt’s . All in all this was the best night and concert I’ve ever attended and I cannot wait until the boys come back to the UK.” – Sarah Wynn (Manchester)

“I had a general admission ticket and no M&G so I tried to arrived a little early to get a good place at the floor. I got there 2 hours before the doors open and there were already like 100 persons in line but when we get allowed in, I ended with only 2 or 3 persons between me and the stage. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t have time to visit the souvenirs stand before the show. I waited until the show ended to buy my stuff. The show is completely amazing.” – Xio (Dublin)


“All my concerts have been different. My first in Paris was so fun, I was on cloud 9. I just wanted more.  Oslo was special because it is my home town and I got the chance have the fan cam that night. Just a party concert.  Stockholm became special because of AJ. He tagged me in his insta post just before the concert started. That made me cry. So the concert got very emotional. That concert was the best for me from all the shows I went to. I also got a lot of contact with the boys.

Copenhagen And London were amazing and fun. But my last got so special because of my fave Howie. I’m a crier. Haha. So on ‘I Want It That Way’, I cried and he saw me. That moment was so good for a fangirl heart.

I did 5 circle shows, 1 side and 1 lower tier. Circle is fun because you get contact with them but to see the show from the tier was so good because I saw the whole show.
I think it’s the best show I’ve ever seen with them.” – Hilda Cathrine Schroeder (Paris, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, Prague)

“The circle is NOT crowded and you can move around with ease. I had no issues getting back to my original area each time I left it. The main stage is very high and the side catwalks are a little lower but still high. They came up to above my shoulders and I’m tall. The show, the production, the sound are all AMAZING! I did have some difficulty hearing them while speaking at the outer tip, and trouble seeing them when they went up on the high risers. As far as interaction goes in the circle – I did get a lot of hand touching, pointing, etc. Overall I had a great time and really wasn’t stressed (which is a big deal at shows lol).” – Cindy Hensinger (D.C.)

“I went with a very high expectations to the show. And it was… even BETTER. Starting to the set list: old songs, biggest hits mixed with a new stuff. It was EPIC!! The lights, stage animations, sound… Everything was PERFECT !! The Boys sounded AMAZING! Especially, “Breathe” ! (I definitely couldn’t) . It was so beautiful! A capella!! They all look and sounded so beautifully!! And I’m still getting emotional while listening to the songs and remembering all the epic moments!! I really hope I can see the Boys soon again! I was so happy that day! Smiling all the time!! And if you have a chance to see the tour, don’t miss it! It’s out of this world!” – Ilze

“Loved every minute off the concert from the beginning to the end. The guys are fantastic. They got 2 awards from the hydro best group and best act 2019.” – May Anderson (Scotland)

— Howie D. ‘Which One Am I?’ Sneak Peek Reviews —


“The Howie event is something that is really worth it! He’s having a small group of fans over. You are sitting down when he is talking about his childhood, the reason why he made the musical and the album. He tells more about the songs and how they have been made. Its really a nice and quite afternoon with lots of information. After this session you are getting a signed cd (its happening right there) and you are taking a picture with Howie. For the Howie fans its the best but even not for Howie fans its a great event! I suggest everybody to join when you can!” – Esther Baas


“It was such a great event! We were the first time Howie did this, so he was a but nervous about our reactions, but he relaxed as he saw we all liked it and he was really sweet.

You line up with the VIP people but you get called in first (“Where’s my Howie girls?”). Our checking was a bit on backstreet time… but we had a lot of fun waiting in line.
Then there is check your concert tickets, check your photo-id and see if you are on the list, check your bag and then wait till the whole group is complete. We were taken backstage to two rooms on the first floor. It was fun because you did see the signs the boys have tweeted about and some of the wardrobe (didn’t really liked the elevator). When we got to the event location, the first room we entered had a big backdrop for the photos in it. We were taken to the second room, with a kind of bar atmosphere. There were tables and chairs and stools and we all gathered round a stool near a piano. While we waited for Howie we were played some BSB music and some of the girls took the opportunity for a little bathroom break.

Then Howie came in and said hi to us all. He talked about why he wanted to make this album and how he worked on it. Then we listened to a total of 4 songs, each with a little introduction by Howie and a little bit he told us about if after we heard it. Howie was looking quite intensely at our faces while we listened, he really wanted to see what we thought of it and seemed relieved when we liked them. I’m not going to spoil you to much about the songs… you have to listen to them yourself.

Then there was a little Q&A, not much, just a few questions. One of the girls already had bought the album the night before and asked Howie about a song he hadn’t played to us. He sang a little bit of that song to us, it was beautiful. After that Howie went to the room with the photo backdrop and we were all told to form a queue. I was quite late in line so I took a little bathroom break at this point.

The M&G/autograph/photo moment was like this: when it was almost your time you had to leave all your stuff at a table and tell a staff member your name. She would then take you to Howie in front of the photo backdrop. Howie greeted me with a hug and I went for the Dutch 3 kisses, which he seemed to think funny (“oh yeah it’s 3 kisses here right?”) and then I had to spell my name for the autographed CD booklet. Then you get a little time to say a few words to Howie. In my case I totally teared up during that interaction. Not really sure if I said what I wanted to say… kinda blacked out… Then it was photo time… but I was crying… Howie told me to “Just Breathe”, that made me tear up even more because of me hearing them sing ‘Breathe’ just the night before in Antwerpen. Long story short… there’s tears in my VIP photo and I totally forgot to ask for the pose I wanted to ask for… but I love it still. Then you go back to the table with your stuff and you put your signed booklet in the cd cover. And wait for the others to finish.

We were all back in the room with the stools and then we were told to stand together for a group photo. After that Howie went and we were all brought back to the entrance. On our way out we saw AJ an Brian arriving, but we had to keep moving.

Back at the entrance the people with the M&G tickets joined the other fans that were already inside. The rest of us spent some confusing time talking back and forth with the crew about where we would go and wait for the concert and the doors to open. Eventually it was back outside but in the VIP line so everyone got in before GA.

I loved it to bits but there where two little things I would have changed if I organised it. * The policy was no photos/film with your own devices. Yet there where girls who filmed the entire thing and no one stepped up. Either you enforce the rule, or you don’t have it. Because now I feel like I should have made a little video as a memento and I haven’t.

The M&G part, I would have change the sequence… Photo first… then the autograph and then the little talk. That would have gotten that photo out of the way before my nerves completely took over.” – Janneke


“I think this is the best event I’ve been to. It was so nice and intemate. Howie talked about the album and how it came together. In Oslo Holden and James was there with him. I work with kids and we just had a perfomance for their parents. 5 of the boys wanted to dance and sing to Chances. I asked Howie if I could show him a video of them. He thought it was really funny and said it was so good to let the kids learn to be confident in them selves to do that. I also commented their moves, that he might learn some new stuff. He laughed.

In London the best part of the event was when he sang ‘The Me I’m Meant To Be” acapella. So beautiful. And I got my best VIP picture with him. I asked for something fun and I sure got one. Prague was emotional and amazing. Everyone should go to his event, he’s the best.” – Hilda Cathrine Schroeder

“Howie was wonderful! His VIP was so relaxed. We sat upstairs in an area not far from the DNA lounge. They played his music a little and then he came out and told us the plan. Then he talked to us about the song he was going to play and explained it. We then listened to the song and he chatted more. He played maybe 4 songs. I lost count as I was too busy watching him lol. Then they had us line up for our photos and autographed/personalized CDs. He signed my CD and i told him they were awesome at Bluesfest and how i freaked out whenever they got close to us and how i was the only screaming in my pit area at times. He was like, “Aww. Thank-you.” Then I asked if i could get a hug before the photo and he said sure. Then he asked if i wanted a “huggy pic” and i said sure! I can’t wait to see my photo! I left feeling glad that I had gone to meet him at least. My hands shook a little but I have never felt so relaxed at a VIP and it was just wonderful!” – Lenore (Montreal)

“Howie was so sweet , he came in thanked all for coming said he recognized many people spoke to us about how the which one am I album came to be , he played 2 songs on a CD player explaining the meaning to the songs monster in my head , the me I’m meant to be . Answered are questions, then he spoke about all the good food he had in Montreal like poutine, smoke meat, was interviewed by a French tv station, Howie then asked who remembers school rock you know “ conjunction conjunction what’s your function “ I was sitting in the back , I slow raise my hand “ME” he smile at me I then say Howie also who could forget “ I’m only a bill yes I’m only a bill “ anyways he told us he new the person who wrote them. Now it was photo time he asked each of us our names and how we wanted our CD signed spoke to each person say 5 mins , now my turn Security guard who was helping out hello what is you name Debra Hey Howie omg it’s so nice to see you again as last time was in Vegas July 1 2017 wow yes I remember you told hi I was so nervous that day ,that my brain and mouth weren’t on the same page HAHA!!gave Howie my gifts he asked if I had kids no told him that my niece would turn 36 Tuesday now photo time told him I need a hug omg I was getting the biggest hug from Howie D wow I think I gave him 3 hugs then it was time to go 😦 but they don’t call him sweet D for nothing!!” – Debra (Montreal)

— Nick Carter + Howie D. Afterparty Reviews —

“The line was super long when I got there at like 11:45pm. Apparently they were having a hard time scanning tickets. Around 12:30, the line started moving faster as they just wanted to get us in. Everyone was crammed over where BSB was doing the VIP photos. There wasn’t as much pushing as I expected though and most of it was accidental. Once the photos were done they moved over to the bar and were either on the bat or some kind of stage where the DJ was. They had him play mostly BSB songs you don’t normally here in concert and they sang for an hour. The event was supposed to end ar 1:30am and they kept going until 2am. They danced and Howie drank and was funny. It was much better than I expected! I heard someone who worked there outside afterwards say BSB wasn’t supposed to sing and they told them they had to stop at 1:30 and the Boys just kept on singing. AJ told Nick he hates him for making them sing If You Want It To Be Good Girl. He also said how much he hates that song. Lol. My favourite was Let’s Have A Party. I can’t wait for the Toronto one now and hope it’s as wonderful of even better than this one!” – Lenore (Montreal)

– Thanks to Mike we got into the club fast
– Not many people had VIP so there was space to dance and move around
– After the picture was taken they made sure that everyone who had VIP was front row for the party

– Nobody mentioned before that you need to pay 5 euros upon leaving the club even if you didn’t have have any drinks. Since I didn’t have any money on me a friend had to help out or they wouldn’t have let me go.

Obviously that VIP is cheaper ($290) and since Nick is my favorite I had to buy it in my hometown. It was less rushed than regular VIP but obviously still no 5 minute meeting. Everyone needs to keep that in mind. I am not a party person at all and basically only went for the picture but I did enjoy how into it Nick and Howie were and actually ended up loving it more than I thought I would.” – Chrissy (Hannover)

“I was actually extremely tired, and all I wanted was to sleep. Everything started late… Yes, I’m not really a party girl!! But when Nick and Howie arrived, everything changed. I was there for the Boys and I could finally hug them! Nick even twice!! And they both were so sweet to me!! I LITERALLY felt something like butterflies in my stomach… I was just so happy!!

Honestly, DNA AsP is worth any money. Especially Nick ROCKED that night!! He had sooo much energy…. But with VIP… And a chance to hug them. It is more than just a dream!” – Ilze

Featured Photo: Justin Segura

3 thoughts on “For Fans, By Fans: The Backstreet Boys ‘DNA’ Tour Concert, VIP + Event Reviews

  1. I travelled all the way to Hawaii from Tokyo for BSB, and purchased M&G ticket. Soon found out that my M&G date is the day before the concert event! I won’t be make it cuz I’m arriving the early morning of same day as the concert.


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