55 Thoughts You’ll Have While Watching The “We’ve Got It Goin’ On” Video

As Backstreet Boys fans, music videos have been the essence of every single that they have ever released. Some videos were iconic, some videos were hot, and some videos made us think we were losing our minds. Our music video series will feature the thoughts we have all had while watching Backstreet Boys’ videos – the good, the bad, and the… WTF.

1. Who is Hildi, the midday mistress?! Is she real? (Actually, she is. She’s Google-able and is an “iconic” Orlando radio personality)

2. Brian looks like a baby bear with his “fist pumps”

3. Did anyone ACTUALLY call him “the brokster”?

4. Why does Howie sound SO Spanish? Is that something he does when he’s nervous? Did the wink become a replacement for his sudden Spanish?

5. “Hi, this is NICK.” No nickname or last initial needed, but some HEAVY pronunciation. Get that everyone? NICK.

6. Nick Carter has always spoken with his eyebrows.

7. Who told them to talk like this? “A-JAY!”

8. Kevin actually sounds like he sounds now.

9. We’re pretty sure “Woohoo” isn’t a response to “tell us about your video”. Neither is all talking over at once and then just singing the song. Glad they figured that out.

10. Wait. How did they go from sharing ONE mic in a tiny room to having three?

11. Were they separated by height? Or is Kevin with Nick to keep him from breaking things?

12. Woah! Now we’re on a stage.

13. Three AJs could fit in one of his sweaters.

14. Were leather and jean vests ever REALLY a thing? Or just a Backstreet thing?

15. Pretty sure that drop to the floor and thrust was the earliest recorded inspiration for Magic Mike.

16. And suddenly Brian is singing in a gym….then washing his car with Nick and a girl. While dressed like they are going to play basketball.

17. Brian looks a little pissed the whole time. I don’t blame him. He’s in three places at once and he obviously just wants to play basketball.

18. Meanwhile, AJ gets to sing in music-appropriate places.

19. YAY! Brian gets to go play with Nick! (Which is clearly what he was dressed for in the first place.)


21. Back to the gym. Back to outside (not in the woods). Back to basketball. Seriously. Whiplash.

22. Oh no! Carwash girl (Fun fact: Brian’s girlfriend at the time) JUST realized he’s not helping her wash the car anymore. Tsk, tsk, Brian. Is that why you’re in the woods?

23. At 1:44, why is Kevin WAY down in the left corner? The tallest member is suddenly peeking out like he’s 4 foot.

24. Why is Nick wearing a shirt under his jersey like that’s the thing to do?

25. Uh oh. Brian is caught. CUT TO AJ, CUT TO AJ.

26. There is literally so many arm flailing dance moves throughout this whole video.

27. 1:59, Brian knows he’s in trouble. Nick stares at carwash girl like he wishes he was in trouble. Or like he’s Pinky from Pinky and The Brain.

28. “Ruthless when I get wet” is actually about Brian getting sprayed in the face because he didn’t wash the car…DUH. It all makes sense.

29. The main reason for Nick and Kevin in this video? To have attitude faces in the background. Duck face. WERK. (Also, if you screen cap Nick or Kevin at any point in this video, their faces are something to behold. See above.)

30. We’re not sure why AJ is now playing pool. “My verse is done…going to play now…”

31. Why is every girl in this video wearing a tied white shirt?

32. 2:21, WHAT SONG IS KEVIN SINGING?! It is NOT the one he’s supposed to be singing.

33. Brian and Howie aren’t singing the right one either.

34. Oh hey Howie in leather vest, welcome to the video.

35. 2:29. Kevin weight lifting. Fans rejoice.

36. 2:35. Kevin does his sassy arms and head nod. We want to go back to the weight lifting ASAP.

37. AWWWWW, YEAH. The water on Kevin’s head…The only reason that anyone watches this video anymore, really.

38. Hey! There’s that Howie guy again. Dancing with the ladies!

39. Now Kevin is riding a motorcycle. “We aren’t telling you what to sing or even letting you sing, but you get to be a TOTAL beefcake macho man, ok?”

40. Again with the arms…

41. Now suddenly there’s NO mics in the studio and LOU PEARLMAN is there?

42. Oh, excuse Kevin while he checks his BEEPER and uses a LANDLINE phone. Must be that girl on his motorcycle 15 seconds ago.

43. While Kevin makes a call, Howie decides to play video games. No big deal.

44. While Howie plays video games, Brian also makes a phone call. On a cellular device. That he apparently wouldn’t let Kevin use.

45. LOOK AT THE ANTENNA ON BRIAN’S PHONE. We will literally show this video to our children while they laugh at us.

46. “Ok, guys, we’ve already done this dance throughout the video, but we spent all day in the woods so we may have forgotten…”

47. The first Backstreet collective thrust. We live for it.

48. HOLD UP. AJ is STILL playing pool.

49. They really do look like predators in the woods. They start moving forward…and I instinctively wanted to run. They’re like a wolfpack.

50. Apparently the signal for “everybody groove to the music” is to wiggle two fingers in the air. At least in Littrell land….followed by his baby bear fist pumps.

51. AJ got his bra money back…completely unaffected. Is he even old enough to gamble in this video?

52. Nick looks like a baby wannabe mobster.

53. Oh, here’s sassy arm-flailing Nick and Kevin once again.

54. 3:54. Weird mini thrusting by AJ, Kevin, Howie and Nick.

55. Conclusion: If the Backstreet Boys had no arms, this video would be nothing.


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