92 Thoughts You’ll Have Watching The Backstreet Boys “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” Video

Just in time for the Halloween season, another one of the “Thoughts You’ll Have…” post and this time, it’s for “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”. The only reason this song is associated with Halloween is because of the music video and is still perhaps one the most iconic to come out of the 90s. Here we go:

1. Did lightning just shoot out of Nick’s hands?
2. Why is Brian beating his head? Lice?
3. What IS this place? How do I live there?!
4. Whatever is on Brian, he’s trying really hard to get it off.
5. Please note Howie’s big cellular phone – with an antenna. And he’s wearing overalls. Howie is walking 1990s right now.
6. Everyone is yelling at this bus driver except Kevin. Kevin looks like this is actually where he wants to stay…. Or he doesn’t understand what’s happening. It’s a toss-up, really.

7. Howie really doesn’t understand how to work that oversized cell phone.
8. Seriously – what did they tell Kevin to do that was so different from everyone else? He is in a totally different world.
9. Brian definitely has lice.
10. Does Kevin even know this bus driver? By the looks of it, I would guess no.
11. In what world does “I’ll be back” mean “Go ahead and go find a creepy room and lay in a creepy bed?”
12. Who makes the face Brian just made then sleeps in the bed anyway? Men.
13. That moon outside of Brian’s window looks so real…….
14. Why is it lightning in the house?
15. Dear Brian, how do you not feel a dead rabbit between your legs? Seriously.

16. Pretty sure oblivious Kevin would have just pulled out that dead rabbit and rolled over peacefully. Actually, Kevin might have put it there.
17. Wow, this “house” is on a mountain? Apparently the Backstreet Boys are mountain climbers, not even phased by lightning strikes.
18. Suddenly, it’s a full house!
19. BACKSTREET MONSTERS!! What did that dead rabbit do?!
20. Oh, hello 90s graphic informing us of a ballroom dance tonight. Now I’m positive Kevin is behind this.
21. AJ?! Is that you?! Where are your tattoos?!
22. Oh hey chesty Kevin…

23. Uhh, that floor didn’t have a swirly design on it less than a minute ago.
24. WHAT is UP with Kevin in this video?! Now the BACK of his shirt is ripped open. He is so shady.
25. Brian is hot. That is all.
26. The origin of brushing your shoulders off.

27. Why is Howie dressed like Latino Prince? What happened to his hair?
28. Who are these dancers? This has to be at the top of their resumes.
29. This. Dance. Is. So. Iconic.
31. How many dead rabbits did Brian have to find to make that coat?
32. Do you think sometimes he sits on a bed and howls? Just for fun..
33. What kind of werewolf wears a suit under a fur coat? A pimp wolf. That’s Brian Littrell.

34. ….And gold chains. So pimp.
35. Who is this renegade girl who wasn’t even at the dance party? Why is it so windy?
36. I totally swing off of my canopy bed too, Brian.
37. Um, Vampire Howie makes girls touch his coffin and lick their hands, apparently.
38. Why is the girl on the right going to pass out?
39. Phantom AJ left one earring in, just so we know it’s AJ.

40. Think Howie’s pocket watch is on Backstreet time?
41. Hey AJ – you have a mouse on the table…
42. AJ would have a table of ladies.
43. Nick peeking out of his mummy tomb makes me think he’s really bad at Hide and Go Seek.
44. Kevin looks like a librarian.
45. Brian and Nick need to brush their teeth.
46. Hey! Howie found the same wind that other girl had!
47. The ironic thing is that Nick Carter has never been more unsexual.

48. If Kevin ever wanted to be a woman, his hands look nice with long nails.
49. Nick’s mummy hand dance…

50. Did Howie just make this vampire dance up or is it choreographed?
51. Why is that man just standing there waiting to serve Howie?

52. Since when do werewolves backflip?
53. It’s really rude of AJ to keep singing while his ladies are trying to eat.
54. Why does Kevin have no ladies?
55. Yeah, you swing that pocket watch, Howie. Werk.
56. What happened to the dinner table?!
57. What is this ripple face thing on my screen? SPIRITS! (Ghosts of NSync wishing they had made this iconic video)
58. Dude – Why is Kevin so angry?! Because they locked him up alone?
59. Hey girl! There’s a Howie behind you!
60. Suddenly Nick is in a graveyard? Is that where he was sleeping?
61. Mummies are never sexual, Nick. Stop.
62. Don’t poke your vamp stick at me, Howie!
63. Flippin’ Brian. Not much has changed there.
64. Great job teaching those mummy girls how to dance…
65. Vampire Howie…about to bite down…BUT FIRST, “Yeaaahhhh.” Priorities.
66. Kevin is really working it by himself. He’s definitely behind all of this madness.
67. Howie’s nails are disgusting. No one likes a dirty vampire.

69. You straighten your pimp coat, Brian!
70. Brian is climbing the walls… see what I did there?
71. Kevin also sucks at Hide and Seek. You’re bigger than that briefcase, Mr. Richardson.
72. Oh no, Nick got his mummy wrappings tangled. Typical.
74. How come no one ever talks about this “I don’t know what I’m doing” mummy dance Nick is doing.
75. Brian was the inspiration for Redbull.
76. Classic Kevin lips. Originator of the duckface.
78. Clearly, Brian can’t just walk back to his bedroom.
79. Brian flipping behind Kevin might be the best part of this entire video.

80. Here come Howie’s crotch bats!

81. Oh ok, release of crotch bats = more dancing and normal Backstreet Boys.
82. Brian’s angry face is hot hot hot. But why so angry, Brian? Miss your pimp coat?
83. Pause at 5:27. Kevin’s shirt might as well not be on, Brian is waiting for something to fall on him, AJ’s leg looks slightly broken, and Howie is hiding. Way to take direction, guys!

84. AH! Brian slaps himself back to reality. Does he have a dead rabbit disease? Is it still the lice? Seriously, he touches himself a lot during this video.
85. Pause at 5:32. Just for Brian’s arms.
86. “…And I had hair all over my body…” It’s called puberty, Brian. Not so scary. By the way, his accent is precious.
87. There’s something to be loved about Howie saying “I had a dream also!” Too, Howie. You had a dream, too. Please note his manbun.
88. Here comes Kevin, late to the game. At least he knows where he is.
89. You KNOW Kevin wanted to smack AJ for interrupting him. Why doesn’t AJ have a bag? We all know he primps the most.
90. How did Nick know they had dreams? No one told him. This is all very shady.
91. Those screaming Backstreet Boys faces will never get old. Ever.
92. Anyone else want to know how this all ends? Me too.


2 thoughts on “92 Thoughts You’ll Have Watching The Backstreet Boys “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” Video

  1. I’ve always wondered why Werewolf Brian was so good at gymnastics?! But he is attractive, extra hair or not ;). I’d love if they made a follow up video, like they time traveled to 2015 from the time of the first video to now, and are scared of cellphones and youtube 🙂


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