3 Iconic Backstreet Boys Dances: Then and Now

There are not many bands that have lasted the test of time, much less their dances. As we all know, the Backstreet Boys have been an exception to most every rule in the standard music world and there are pieces of their choreography that have withstood the test of time.

1. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

….Yeeaaaah. (Admit it, you already said that in your head as soon as you read Everybody. Either that, or ALRIGHT, if you have Brian syndrome) The iconic “Everybody” dance has been in existence since 1997 when the Thriller-esque video first dropped. Since then, the dance, while sometimes punched up and a little different, has been a part of every Backstreet Boys tour and there is not ONE girl from the ’90s that doesn’t know at least part of the dance. To be honest, there’s not many guys that don’t know part of the dance either. Let us take you back…and forth. Rock your body right, you know?

The Video

1998 Performance

2014 Performance

The dance is actually such a part of pop culture that it was featured in the “heaven” scene of This Is The End.

2. As Long As You Love Me

While the song is instantly recognizable, the choreography is something that fans are affectionate about. The movement for this dance is nowhere near the level of “Everybody”, but we can’t help but love the little dances behind the microphones. What we’d REALLY love though…is to BRING BACK THAT CHAIR DANCE, BOYS!

The Video

1999 Performance (With The Chairs!!!)

2014 Performance

3. All I Have To Give

Again, definitely not an “Everybody” dance, but our weakness for the hats. We’ll admit we love watching it live to see who drops his hat first… but we’re all so hypnotized by it. Everytime.

The Video

1999 Performance

2013 Performance


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