The Backstreet Boys Are Going To Change Your Life: A Letter To My Younger Fangirl Self

Most Backstreet Boys fans have a history. They can tell you where they were when they first heard them or how old they were when they became a fan. Some can tell you exactly how many concerts they’ve been to and some have lost count.

One thing remains the same – we never gave up on the Backstreet Boys and they never gave up on us. Being a fan has had it’s highs and lows for everyone, but hasn’t it been worth it? We think so.

This post is dedicated to the BSB fans who grew up (and are currently growing up) with a love for the Backstreet Boys, despite it being the “uncool” thing to do. No matter who you are or where you’re from, every one of you reading this are here because of the same band. How cool is that?

To my younger self, 

You have recently discovered a band of five young men and while a lot of your friends will move on in a few years, you’re going to feel a deeper connection and your loyalty will know no bounds. It started with five attractive guys who could really sing and dance, but it’ll turn into a love for the music, it’ll turn into a part of you, and then it’ll turn into a lot of memories, adventures, and a family.

Today, you might be sitting in class, excited for a new album release or to get home to watch the Backstreet Boys on TRL. Today, you might get made fun of because you are a huge fan of a boyband while everyone else has “moved on” to the next trend. You know what’s funny? Those who make fun of you today are going to be messaging you 15 years later, asking if you have an “in” to get them into the concert. Everything comes back around. You’re going to be so happy that you loved what you love without apology.

Because loving the Backstreet Boys and their music will turn into so much more than the Backstreet Boys and their music. 

It’s going to turn into adventures. It’s going to turn into the reason you apply for a passport and take your first cruise. It’s going to turn into flying across country for memories you won’t soon forget.

The Backstreet Boys’ music will get you through your first break up and other tough times. It will keep you up while you drive home after a late night out and when you drive to work early the next morning. It will be in the background of some of the best roadtrips you’ll ever take. It will become the soundtrack of your life.

Mostly, because you are a Backstreet Boys fan, you’re going to make some of the best friends that you wouldn’t have otherwise connected with and somewhere along the way, you’re going to realize that you have a whole other family. They’re going to understand you in the oddest ways and they’re going to have conversations that you can’t have with anyone else. Eventually, you’ll find a tribe of people who know everything about you and it’s all because you happened to be at the same concert together once upon a time.

And the Backstreet Boys themselves? They’re going to stick around, they’re going to continue to make good music, and you’ll even meet them (although it takes a few times before you can actually make sense). You may not continue to think they can do no wrong, but you do realize that they are all very much the kind, talented men you always thought they were. And the feeling you get right before they come out onstage? That’s not going to go away. You will ALWAYS scream like you do right now.

In short, Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick are going to change your life inadvertently. You may not be aware of it happening, but at some point, you’re going to sit back and think about it. You’ll think about the people who thought you were crazy and the times you thought maybe you WERE to old to be a fan. Mostly though, you’ll think about all of the amazing things, the incredible relationships, and the times you wouldn’t give back for anything. 

It’s going to be a good life. No matter what the NSYNC fans say. 


Your 2018 World-Traveling, Backstreet-Singing, Never-Lonely Self



5 Kind Things We Have To Say About Brian Littrell

Every now and then, we like to put a series of posts together that highlight different things about each of the Backstreet Boys. There can never be too much love, right?

This time, we wanted to share posts with kind words for each Boy because sometimes we all need a reminder about how good these five are, not only together, but individually. Not everything that lives on the internet is positive, but it’s always been our aim to add a little to the “good side” and we encourage you to share your own kind words in the comments!

Let’s start with Brian Littrell.

1. He’s Forever Putting People At Ease.


We can bet that most of the people who have been nervous at Meet and Greets or crying during a performance have a story about Brian. Perhaps one of the most endearing (and slightly overlooked) things about him is that he has the ability to put people at ease in a snap. He’s not afraid to get one on one to ask someone if they’re okay, he’ll do something silly to put a smile on your face, and most importantly, he genuinely cares.

2. He’s Honest (And A Good Sport).


Love it or hate it, Brian definitely stands up for what he believes and is quick to tell you if something isn’t quite the whole truth with an explanation behind it. You never have to question that what he says is 100% what he believes without persuasion. The world needs more of that, right?

He’s also REALLY great about taking one for the team.

3. We Don’t Know Someone Who Is More The Definition Of A Fighter.


I think we’ve mentioned it in every Brian-centric post we’ve ever written, but how do you talk about him and his spirit without talking about every trial he’s faced in his life time and came out on the other side without giving up. He’s been up against everything from health issues to social issues to backlash from living exactly as he wants to live and he still keeps the faith and faces everything head on, working tirelessly – for himself, for his family, for the group, for the fans. We will never stop being inspired by him.

4. He Tries To Make Sure Everyone Feels Acknowledged.


Similar to #1, Brian tries to make sure you know he knows that he sees you. He’s laid down on the stage to take selfies with fans, he’ll pose for photos if he sees you with a camera, and he’ll make faces or do a dance if he sees you looking his way. It’s a little personal touch that makes you feel seen in a crowd of faces where you can easily be lost and it means everything, everytime.

5. At The End Of The Day, He’s Just A Regular Good Guy.


More than any other Backstreet Boy perhaps, Brian has made it clear that at the end of the day, a Backstreet Boy is just one of the things he is. He’s a husband and a father and a son and a brother who likes to go home and fix things on his own, take out the trash, drive his own car and clean out his own pool. Not only that, but he’s forever doing things for other people and his community. If you can’t love that, what can you love?

Share your kind words for Brian in the comments below or via our social media posts so we can share as well!

Keep your eyes peeled for more kind words for the other Boys COMING SOON.


(Thanks to Amber for our featured photo)

3 Things You Need To Know About AJ McLean’s Solo Vegas Event (+ Videos)

AJ McLean: Backstreet Boy.

AJ McLean: Solo Artist.

AJ McLean: Actor.

AJ McLean: ….Country Artist?

After previewing music on the Backstreet Boys Cruise in May and in Nashville (where he spent a lot of time recording his upcoming album) in June in front of fans and members of the press, AJ played some more music for a small group of lucky fans last night at Top Golf Las Vegas.

Not only did he play his single “Back Yard Bottle Service”, but he also delighted the crowd with his next single (which he shot a music video for a few weeks ago) and a chill-inducing cover of Chris Stapleton’s “Drunkard’s Prayer”.

All we can say is that we can not wait to hear more and we wish AJ had joined the world of country sooner!

1. If the guy playing with AJ looks familiar, it’s because he was a houseguest on two seasons of Big Brother


If the guy who’s been playing guitar for AJ recently looks familiar to you, it’s because his name is Paul Abrahamian and he was a houseguest on season 18 and 19 of CBS’ Big Brother. If you’ve followed AJ for any amount of time, you know that he is a huge BB fan and this is a match made in Heaven!

2. AJ has been adamant in telling his story through country music.

3. There’s merch! 


In case you missed it, you can now purchase merch and rep AJ’s new music everywhere you go! Check it out here.

Our affiliate, The Dark Side, was lucky enough to attend AJ’s Vegas event and has been kind enough to share her videos with us. Watch below!


10 Things That Happen When You’ve Been A Fan For More Than A Decade

1998. That’s the year that I became a Backstreet Boys fan, along with many of my friends. Some were fans before and some became fans after – the perk of having a band that’s stayed together for 25 years. Most of us could tell you a story about the moment it happened and some can narrow it done to a day and time.

But all of us can tell you that we’ve learned a LOT in our time as Backstreet Boys fans. There’s something about being a fangirl (or fanboy) that translates across generations though, no matter what band you chose to love for 10+ years. While most of our posts are BSB-centric, this is a rare general one to share the love, the bond, and our dirty little fangirl secrets (kind of).

Shout out to the ladies and gentlemen reading this who think, “wait…that’s not normal?”, because being a fan warps you a little… IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE.

1. We Know How To Wait Like A Champ.


Waiting for an album.

Waiting for a meet and greet.

Waiting for the band outside a hotel / buses.

Waiting in the restroom line at a concert.

Let’s face it – most of our fan lives have consisted of waiting minutes, hours, days, months, years. By now, we are expert waiters and while we may not always like it, we are used to it. In fact, as much as we might hate waiting and think we’re terrible at it, we’re often shocked by how good we are in comparison to fresh fans.

2. Lines Are Inevitable.


This falls in line with #1. If you’ve chosen the fangirl / fanboy life, it’s going to come with lines. We come equipped with things to do in line (sometimes blankets and food if it’s going to be a while) and some of our best friends have been made because we had to wait in a line.

3. We Don’t Believe It Until We See It.


Our favorite boyband members get excited and sometimes blurt things out or have big dreams that leave their mouths and reach our ears before it’s actually a real plan. Therefore, we have learned to be wary of anything until it has a date, a time, and a zip code.

4. Storytime Is Our Favorite Time.


NOTHING gets a fangirl going like the opportunity to share her stories of tour life, meet and greets, chance meetings, etc. and hearing others in return. Where else do you think we get our crazy ideas? If one of us did it, obviously we want to too!

5. It’s Never Not Weird If A Band Member Knows Us.


Speaking for Backstreet fans, it does not matter how many times you’ve seen the Boys and how many times they’ve recognized you or know your name, it still rocks the 10 year old girl inside of you to. the. core.

6. No Matter How Old You Are, The Fangirl Monster Lives Inside You.


You can be a wife, a CEO, a mom, or a grandmother and you’re still going to be shocked at the screams that come out of you the minute the lights go down at a concert, the second your favorite song starts playing, or the moment your favorite member is right in front of you onstage.

Sometimes the fangirl monster is more subtle. It’s the catch in your chest when their song plays at the grocery store or the laser focus you have when buying concert tickets. Whatever it may be, the monster never leaves you.

7. You’re Never Going To Be Happier Than You Are At A Concert.


There are very few moments in your life that are going to give you the same high as the concert high. From the anticipation to the very moment is begins, it’s a type of euphoria you can’t explain to the people who have never been lucky enough to love a band like you are.

8. You Never Stop Trying To Force Them On Other People.


Backstreet Boys albums for EVERYONE!! All of us are guilty of keeping track in our heads of how many people we’ve “converted” and secretly (or not) love every moment we catch a convert humming their songs or getting excited with us.

9. You’re Going To Have A Family That Isn’t Even Related To You.


We call it a fan-mily. Our fan-mily members understand everything our regular family members may not, from post-concert depression to VIP addiction to concern over something no one else cares about. Along the way though, some fan-mily became our actually family. We celebrate birthdays together and go on vacations. We have the best of times and the worst of times. We’re there for each other because five men decided to form a band and perhaps that’s one of the greatest perks that no one tells you about.

10. Your Band Is Always Going To Be Your Safe Place.


When someone asks why we’re going to see the same band over and over, it’s hard to explain, but in short, they’re our safe place. There are many reasons that we all became fans and remained fans for years and for a lot of us, it’s because the band never hurt us and the music healed us. The moments we get to share together – with the band and with our fan-mily – are some of our greatest memories, hours, and days of our lives. It doesn’t matter how old we are, if they show up, we’ll show up… because we owe them one (or 50). It’s an appreciation. It’s a peace. It’s our lives and it’s our band. We wouldn’t trade a minute.

What’s Happening On The Backstreet: An Update (7/22/18)

When we said at the beginning of the year that the Backstreet Boys were only getting started, WE WERE NOT KIDDING.

There’s so so so so soooo much going on that between our longer posts, these catch-up posts are almost necessary because we’d hate for anyone to miss anything! So… here it goes:

  • AJ McLean shot his new music video for a sexy single called “Night Visions” and, from the looks of it, he’s getting arrested and Paul from ‘Big Brother 18’ and ‘Big Brother 19’ is involved? We can’t WAIT to see (and hear it)!


  • Finally, AJ is having a private listening party at Top Golf in Las Vegas on Thursday, August 2nd and the ONLY way in is to win. 95.5 The Bull is giving away passes — get your details here.
  • We learned a few new things about the Backstreet Boys, but it turns out, they actually know each other pretty well (even if Howie DID cheat)!
  • Speaking of learning new things, Brian Littrell did a quickfire Q&A with Daily Mail and if you want to know what his best and worst qualities are, his first childhood memory, his bucketlist item and more, click here!
  • Brian also did a photo shoot at Hartfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta to become a part of the celebrities “welcoming” you to Atlanta!

  • The Backstreet Army is facing off against Cardi B.’s Bardi Gang in Billboard’s 2018 Fan Army Bracket. Vote NOW!
  • Don’t forget to vote for the Backstreet Boys in 2018’s Best of Vegas awards as well. They’re nomintated for Best Headliner / Resident Artist, Best Bachelorette Party, and Best Production. Catch the Backstreet Boys back in Vegas THIS WEEK!
  • According to the Late, Late Show With James Corden commercial running on CBS, the footage from his time in Vegas with the Boys will be airing sometime this week. We’ll keep you updated as to when when we find out.
  • Oh…and this one last little thing…




The Basics: So You’re Going To See The Backstreet Boys In Las Vegas…

Are we the only ones who feel like the Backstreet Boys Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood JUST kicked off? Time is flying — even Backstreet time.

A year and a half  (two years if you’re reading this during the final month of concerts), thousands of fans from hundreds of countries and a venue name change (hello Zappos) later, Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian, and Nick have brought the absolute fire to the Vegas strip. In fact, they were named the quickest selling Vegas residency, became one of the first groups with a need for the balcony to open up in the theater, and won spots in 2017 Best of Vegas ‘Best Bachelorette Party’, ‘Best New Act’ and ‘Best Resident Performer’ categories!

(Before we go further, our Boys are also nominated for 2018’s Best of Vegas ‘Best Bachelorette Party’, ‘Best Resident Performer/Headliner’, and ‘Best Production Show’! Please cast a vote their way! Voting ends August 9th)

Alright, you’re probably here because you have questions. Don’t we all? We’re trying our best to keep you updated on everything you might ask in regards to BSBVegas so it’s the best experience possible!

If we don’t answer your question here, please feel free to shoot an email or reach out via social media. We won’t bite.

— The Very Basics —


CLICK HERE to see Backstreet Boys Vegas concert dates and purchase tickets.

To purchase VIP Meet and Greet (the ONLY way to legitimately meet the Backstreet Boys without potentially scaring them away in Las Vegas):

CLICK HERE > Find A Date > Click ‘VIP TICKETS’ > Purchase.

Yes, it is $500.

Yes, shipping is added because the poster is shipped after. There is no way around it. 

Yes, you DO have to have a concert ticket in addition to the VIP upgrade.

No, you can not get a better deal by purchasing a meet and greet through any kind of Vegas “insider”. Don’t set yourself up for major disappoint or theft! If you have questions, click here.

Looking for OFFICIAL Backstreet Boys Afterparty dates and details? When they are announced for each set of dates (1-2 weeks before the shows), they will be listed for purchase HERE. (Note: Find details for the rest of the 2018 afterparties here)

It’s very useful to join the Backstreet Boys fan club at this point. Not only for the presales, but also for the contests and giveaways that are usually run and exclusive to FC members. You can also book travel and hotels through the FC at a discounted rate.

 — VIP Meet And Greet: Things To Know —


  • You will receive an email 24-48 hours prior to your event telling you when and where to be. Have your ID and confirmation email handy. If you do not receive an email or you’re waiting to buy VIP at the door (a risk), click here for daily VIP check in times.
  • When you check in, you will receive a letter. This will signify which photo group you will be told to line up in so that you can enjoy the VIP lounge instead of waiting in line to meet the Boys the whole time.
  • Once you are inside the venue, you will head up the stairs to the VIP lounge where you can redeem your drink vouchers, take pics with your friends in the photo booth, play games, eat snacks, and hang out!
  • Please do not take or deface anything in the VIP lounge. We know things are cute and we know that it’s tempting (especially a few drinks in), but it’s not fair to those who purchased these items or the fans that will be in VIP after you. Play nice!
  • Actual meet and greet with the Backstreet Boys lasts maybe 5 minutes but trust us, it’s enough. If you have something to say, say it. No one is going to stop you. Do have a clear plan for what you want to say or a pose if you have a specific one you want. The Boys are really good sports (within reason, of course).
  • No gifts. No props. No autographs. No selfies. You will be asked to set your bags on a table right before you enter to meet the guys.  Think of it this way – this maximizes your social time with the Boys and minimizes your wait in line.
  • VIP goers are let in with Beat The Line if you have General Admission concert tickets, but this varies. Sometimes, the BTL folks are let in first. We’re just being honest.
  • VIP M&G photos are generally posted 24-72 hours after your event here.
  • Read our past posts for more details:

— The Show —


We don’t know of any really specific questions that have been asked repeatedly that we didn’t already answer, so here’s a few highlights.

  • The Boys are really all over the place onstage and we suspect that the setlist might be changed up a little to add “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”, which might also change things. The point is that it doesn’t matter which side of the venue / pit you’re on — you’re going to see each of them at some point.
  • Beat The Line General Admission Tickets aren’t always worth it. We know plenty of people that were right beside people who purchased BTL (and the BTL people paid $100+ more for their ticket). Weigh your options.
  • It’s a personal choice, but we don’t think waiting for hours in line for GA is necessary unless you will not accept anything other than right up against the barricade.
  • AJ picks someone from the audience to come up during “Shape of My Heart”. Sometimes it’s random, sometimes it’s someone they know, and sometimes it’s a celebrity. There’s no trick to it – just luck!
  • For “All I Have To Give”, the Boys are in the audience in front of the 200s section. Here is where they are:
    Nick: 205
    Brian: 202
    Kevin: 203 – 204
    Aj: 206
    Howie: 207 – 208
  • Check out these posts for more show answers:

— The Afterparty —


  • These parties are not a guarantee and vary from date to date, but when they do happen, they are only on Friday and / or Saturdays.
  • They are usually announced 1-2 weeks prior to the first show and take place at Chateau (the rooftop nightclub of the Paris hotel next to Planet Hollywood)
  • It is NOT necessary that you leave the concert early to get to the afterparty. Believe us, you’re going to get there before the Backstreet Boys.
  • The venue is open-air. Dress appropriately.
  • Tables purchased through the club are NOT the same as VIP tables purchased through They will not get you closer to the Boys and you are not getting a “better deal”.
  • If you are only going to the afterparty to (potentially but most likely) get selfies with the attending BSB and hang, the Ultimate VIP experience is the way to go. It is sectioned off for the Boys, their crew and fans who purchase spots. If you are okay with taking your chances, General Admission is for you.
  • General Admission is hit or miss on interaction with the Boys. Some people have had great luck and some haven’t, but everyone has generally had fun!
  • VERY, VERY rarely are all five Backstreet Boys at the afterparties. It is usually a mix of Nick, Howie, and Kevin. But it’s 100% always a good time!
  • See the above linked posts for more info about the afterparties (especially the AP vs VIP if you’re weighing your options).

Still have questions or suggestions about what you think needs to be added to this post? Let us know!


A Shout Out To Howie D.

It has taken us longer than we should have to write this post, but it’s been a crazy few weeks!

If you’ve followed our posts for any length of time, you know that while we try to be fair about posting equally about the Boys individually. Sometimes, this is hard, especially with people like Howie, who we LOVE, but who is also a pretty private person.

BUT here we are because the way Howie D. treated fans a few weekends ago at FanBoy Expo in Knoxville, TN was definitely something to be admired. Much like our post about Kevin following CMT Crossroads, this is based on a personal experience that we can’t help but share because he deserves it.

Howie has been the quiet, unassuming Backstreet Boy for many years. He’s incredibly kind, intelligent, and down-to-earth and we can not tell you how much we appreciate it.

The weekend of Fanboy Expo, Nick, AJ, and Howie were all scheduled to appear Friday-Sunday. Due to travel issues, Howie was the only one who made it on Friday and by the time we got there, he had quite a line.

Let us tell you a few things:

  • He stayed from open to close every single day.
  • He took his time talking to every single fan. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.
  • When it was time for him to go to a photo op, he was worried about what the people still waiting in line for him for selfies / autographs were going to do.
  • He was willing to have a beer with us and so appreciative when Kristie bought one for him. So grateful that he came over to cheers and take a photo.
  • We can not stress enough how real he kept it and how down to earth he remained the entire weekend. He remembered everything we told him everytime he saw us.
  • Kristie and I tend to be a lot together when you don’t know us, but Howie was more than willing to participate in our antics and was relatively excited about it.

We didn’t know what to expect from Howie D. at a con appearance as this was his first legit con that he attended, but we are so glad that we had the experience because it has given us a new appreciate for perhaps the most soft spoken of the group.  He took his time, he heard what we were saying and made a point to have conversation, he connected, he made sure everyone’s photos turned out okay…. and he admitted that drinking is the best way to handle a Backstreet Boys cruise (right??)!

He was an unexpected, genuine, sweet surprise during our weekend in Knoxville and we can’t wait to see him again in the future.



If you finally found WHOTB (lol) and you’re reading this, thank you for sharing your weekend (and 25 years) with us. Your attentiveness, you attitude, and your care for everyone really went a long way and we really do appreciate you. Also, thank you for being the responsible one and taking the Tide pen. 

If you want your own experience with Howie at an upcoming con appearance, he has recently been added to the line up at Wales Comic Con in the UK in December.

For the latest on more appearances, follow us on social media or sign up to get our blogs emailed to you!

What’s Happening On The Backstreet: An Update On The Backstreet Things You Need To Know (7/10/18)

There’s so much going on! We couldn’t be more excited that there is no lack of Backstreet activities lately, but it can be hard to keep up.

So, we’re bringing back the What’s Happening On The Backstreet Update posts… for your sanity and ours. Keep reading for all the things you need to know this week! We will keep this post updated until next week then make a new one when more things need to be said.

Here we go…

  • The FINAL BSBVegas dates have been announced! All GREAT things must come to an end, so if you aren’t seeing the Boys’ Vegas show in July, August, October, November, February or April, you are probably going to be out of luck.
    • The Fan Club Presale begins tomorrow (Wednesday, July 11th) at 10am PST for tickets and VIP Meet and Greet packages.
    • Tickets and VIP Meet and Greets are on sale to the general public on Friday, July 13th at 10am PST
    • You can find detailed information here. Please remember that you can ONLY purchase Meet and Greets through
    • Find all of our BSB Vegas related FAQ, reviews, and posts here.
  • Nick is performing a few shows in South America!
    • All dates and VIP Meet and Greets are on sale except for Buenos Aires. You can find the dates, tickets and VIP here.
    • Rio will be having a fan event rather than a show. Get details here.
  • AJ and Howie will be at Wales Comic Con in December!
    • Buy tickets here
    • Photo Ops are available here
    • Stay tuned for more guest announcements 😉
  • The Backstreet Boys will be performing on Good Morning America on Friday, July 13th!
    • Tune in to ABC and check your local listings for times. They usually perform multiple times throughout the show.
  • If you missed the Boys on Fallon or TRL, watch the highlights here.

18 Tweets About The Backstreet Boys Appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

It’s been nearly a week since the Backstreet Boys made their first appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. That’s right – the last time the Boys were on The Tonight Show, it belonged to Jay Leno and the last time they hung out with Jimmy Fallon, it was The Late, Late Show. Needless to say, this appearance was HUGE.

If you live on the internet at all, you are well aware that Jimmy Fallon does some pretty epic things with his guests – from games to competitions to special performances, so we were REALLY hoping the Backstreet Boys would do something more than perform.


Classroom Instruments with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots might possibly be the best thing we could have hoped for and the rest of the internet seems to have agreed. Check out some of our favorite tweets about the Boys Classroom Instruments stint as well as their performance of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” below! (Also, this is just a really good excuse to watch it all over again – you can find both videos below.)

A few things we loved?

  • How chill Kevin was in the back — we would love to see him sit in with The Roots!
  • Watching The Roots groove to “I Want It That Way”.
  • Nick’s tiny tambourine.
  • Ummm, how fantastic they sounded.
  • The bond Brian, Jimmy and Nick seemed to have formed in the front row.
  • We can’t even touch the DGBMH performance — it was that good!




















14ish Things You Need To Know About Right Now If You’re a Backstreet Boys Fan

Alright, alright, alright! Grab your scrunchies and your body glitter because the Backstreet Boys got it goin’ on like it’s 1999 and we are barely able to keep up with all the things… which is why it took me so long to update.

Normally, WHOTB posts are more themed and stream lined, but forgive us on this one because as we said before, SO MUCH HAPPENING!

We’re going to start with the smaller (but important) things…

  • VOTE: The Boys are nominated for a TEEN CHOICE AWARD (what?!) for Choice Pop Song. You can vote for them HERE 10 times daily and on TWITTER just by tweeting “I vote the @backstreetboys “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” for #ChoicePopSong” (The hashtag is IMPORTANT!). The show airs August 12th at 8/7c on FOX.
  • UPCOMING APPEARANCE: Nick, AJ, and Howie will be at Fanboy Expo in Knoxville, TN on Friday, June 29th-Sunday, July 1st. The schedule + photo ops are listed at
  • TV ALERT: The Backstreet Boys filmed an episode of TRL a few weeks ago and it will air on Friday, June 29th at 8am EST on MTV.
  • ANOTHER TV ALERT: The Boys will perform “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, June 28th. Keep up with all of the upcoming appearances on our up-to-date post about 2018 appearances!
  • FANCLUB GIVEAWAY: Have Spotify? If you don’t, you should sign up just to enter this BSB FC giveaway! All you have to do is add “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” to a playlist you’ve created, post the link in the comments on this contest page, and wait to see if you’ve won a merch pack AND BSBVegas Meet and Greet. FYI, a playlist has to have more than one song.
  • GOOD MORNING AMERICA VIP TIX: This is also exclusive to BSB FC members. If you’re going to be attending the Backstreet Boys concert in Central Park on July 13th, enter here to win “VIP” tix. This does not include meet and greet, but having this DOES get you CLOSER to the stage. If you’re going, it can’t hurt to enter.
  • AUSTRALIA: The BSB will be performing World Famous Rooftop in August from Vegas and your radio stations want to send you there. Get details here.
  • HOT HOT HOT! We’re referring to how well “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” is doing with…well…everything! The single has broken into the American Top 40 (their first since “Incomplete”), continues to climb the Adult Contemporary charts, and the music video has hit over 20 million streams at the time we’re posting.


A few new interviews you probably don’t want to miss!



(These are just our favorites. Keep your eye on or if we missed any here!)

Phew! Think we caught up! Promise not to go that long again. Thank you for keeping up with what’s happening on the Backstreet!