8 Things Backstreet Boys Fans Can Do This Summer To Keep Their Fan Skills Sharp

Much like Olympic athletes, who also had their games postponed this Summer, Backstreet Boys fans can’t just relax during this time off from tours and events. Any BSB fan could tell you that being a fan is a lifestyle, with immunities that we have built up and hardcore levels that we have achieved (do you know how long a lot of us can hold off going to the bathroom or eating, if need be?).  If we let our finely crafted skills go unused for a year, who knows what might happen!

So, we have carefully crafted a list for all of us to keep our fangirl / fanboy skills in check in this no-tour season and we’re sharing it with you!

(Actually, we just found some activities that we were participating in that brought up some feelings reminiscent of the usual Fangirl Summer and wow, we’re pretty hard up, so we thought you guys might be too.)

1. Throw yourself a party in the backyard and facetime your concert friends.


Hop in your pool (or buy an inflatable one) or settle yourself in the backyard and invest in a Bluetooth speaker because you are grounded this tour season! That doesn’t mean that you can’t simulate some kind of concert feels by paying family members $10 to make you a drink and facetiming your friends while you all sing along to your favorite songs.

Bonus points if you can throw in live concert ad-libs (“Hello!” “I see you!” “GOOD GOD!”) and have your quarantine mates run by to just-almost-grab your hand.

2. Stay up until midnight….to wait for Netflix to release the new season of a good show.


There’s no new album / music releases right now, but we’ve found that finding a good show with a new season coming out on a streaming service is a good way to keep this skill of midnight-ish anticipation. You know, for future releases. For maybe some holiday…releases….

3. Find a business selling something limited edition and use those Ticketmaster ninja skills!


True personal story — I got cutthroat about some limited edition “retired scent” candles this past week and not only did my fangirl TM skills serve me well, but the high was like an old familiar friend… without the $1000 price tag! We’ll be back on our tour game next year, but for now, find something you love to invigorate your home and fight for it! Trust me, it takes the edge off.

4. Wait in (a socially distant) line for something local.


Another personal story – waiting in line for a bakery that just opened (6 feet apart from other guests and wearing a mask) tricked my brain into that VIP feeling. What was I going to say was replaced with what was I going to order and being next in line was some sort of thrill. Times are tough. We have to get it where we can.

5. Make signs for encouragement!


Who says holding up signs is just for concerts?? Regular people need love too. Make signs for your neighborhood jogger, to protest something you believe in, or just to brighten someone’s day. Use this time to brush up on your marker skills! We expect some creativity next event!

6. Get some exercise (that includes some competition).


Get the kids involved and tell them to try to push you over with the force of a fellow fangirl while you stand your ground. Don’t let quarantine make you soft!  You’ve got a spot to hold down and many lines to stand in next year!

7. Deny yourself some basic needs every now and then.


Stand in the heat for hours. Survive off of water and altoids for a day. Break those heels in now. Stay up overnight then sleep for 2 hours then try to keep functioning. Drink for a good time and wander around like you’re at an airport in the early hours of the following morning. Don’t lose your “magic” sustainability powers!

8. Scream.


I mean, if you aren’t already….(but not in public).

Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Stay healthy.

We’ll see you next year for more Fan Olympics, er, tour season!

9 Backstreet Boys Fans Share Stories About Their Dads For Father’s Day

A few months ago, for Mother’s Day, we asked you to share stories about your moms as it relates to your Backstreet Boys experiences and we loved reading them all!

Naturally, with Father’s Day, we wanted to do the sames. We asked for stories about your dads and the dads to your babies and, as always, you sent them in. We laughed, we felt your feels, and we thank you for trusting WHOTB to share your stories!

To all of you celebrating Father’s Day with a loved one today, we hope it’s a good one. To those of you who have suffered loss, an absence, or are celebrating this day in a different way (or just surviving a regular Sunday), we see you and we’re wishing you all the comfort one can stand. ❤

“When I was younger and the Backstreet Boys were just getting started in their career, I was very into their music. One day, I went up to my dad and I asked him for the Millennium CD, which came out May 18th, 1999. I also asked him for The Hits–Chapter One Cd which was released on October 23rd, 2001. He happily purchased both CDs for me knowing how much I liked the Backstreet Boys. Another time, knowing how much I loved this band, he came home one day and surprised me with the For the Fans VHS Tape which was only distributed by Burger King and was from like 2000. Even now as a grown adult knowing how much I still love Backstreet Boys my dad is so excited for me to be able to see them in concert next summer in July 2021. He is the best Dad in the world supporting my Backstreet Boy Habit and knowing how happy they make me! Thank you, Dad, for always supporting my Backstreet Boy Habit. <3” – Andreina Camejo

“I’m from Atlanta so when I was still living there my dad took me to both the Millennium tour and the Black and Blue tour! He may try to take me to the DNA tour next summer if there is any tickets left! Thanks dad, love you!” – Abby Mullilin

“My dad is the possibly the biggest not-so-secret/secret BSB fan. He’s a massive music fan anyway (seriously, he has like thousands of CDs) so he appreciates a well written pop song sang well. Being a BSB fan in my house growing up was inevitable and certainly both parents took a ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’ attitude (my older brother not so much). Dad always maintained Brian was his favourite as he reckoned he’d be the best one to go for a pint with. He chose “Don’t Wanna Lose You Now” as one of his ten songs for Desert Island Discs and even gave them a shout out in his father of the bride speech.

My favourite dad story when it comes to my dad though is when he managed to source Millennium for me 2 days before it actually went on sale. He was really good friends with the guy who owned the local independent record shop and between the two of us, we were in there quite often. The album was due to be released on the Monday and he’d been in on the Saturday going about his usual music buying business. From his recollection the conversation went something like this:

Dad: I imagine I’ll be back in Monday morning
John: How come?
Dad: Little ‘un will be after the new Backstreet Boys album
John: I’ve got it now if you want it?
Dad: But it’s not out until Monday…
John: Yeah but I’ll just ring it through the till on Monday morning
Dad: Serious dad points for me, sold!

I mean, not overly ethical, but this was over 20 years ago and that shop isn’t there anymore so I don’t think we’re in much risk of anyone getting in any trouble! What was even nicer was that I was out at the time so he just left it on the mantelpiece for me to finally notice. And of course, me being me and wouldn’t notice something if it came a snack me in the face, it took me a good hour or so. When i did see it though I think I made a sound only audible to dogs and probably knew all the words to every song by the Sunday morning. It may seem like a little thing, but back then, before stuff got leaked on the internet or you could stream stuff instantly, having an album two days before everyone else felt really, really special. And, without meaning to get too sappy (although it is father’s day after all), I think because music is something we’ve always bonded over so he got what it felt like to be really excited about new music form your absolute favourite band or artist. He knew how happy it would make me so was worth sticking his neck out for me.” – Helen Newman

“I was so lucky to have an amazing dad and many amazing memories with him. My dad was a computer programmer and I never had a lot of interest in it, but one day I asked him to help me learn how to make a website for the Backstreet Boys. The site helped my dad and I become closer and while the site never really went anywhere, it gave us something to really bond over.

He also always made sure we had the ability to go to shows and that my friends could go as well. (This was the early days of eBay) he bought tickets off eBay and paid for the hotels. He fully supported our BSB obsession (as long as he didn’t have to go lol).
I was very very lucky and I miss my dad a lot but I know he would be happy I’m out living my best life! 💖 Happy father’s day in heaven dad.” – Carrie Graham

“There was a store he used to buy lottery tickets from on his way home from work. And whenever he saw there were magazines with BSB on the cover, he would call to say he’s picking me up to take me to that store so I could pick out the magazines I wanted!” – Diana Jeanne

“Everyone knows I am super close to my dad but back in the Black and Blue Era he brought me to my first Backstreet Boys concert for the Black and Blue Tour. He didn’t watch the show with me but he stayed in the parents area the arena had at the time. He used to bring me to all my concerts and stuff. My dad is super supportive of my BSB travels. I love my dad and I have been very glad to have at least one parent that understands what the guys mean to me.” – Tracy

“I don’t have one about my dad but my husband and father of my two girls who LOVE BSB almost as much as I do!

We were in pit in Vegas for the very first time and I asked my husband to lift up our youngest who was 6 at the time of any of the boys came to like touch hands or what not! I kid you not, HE PUSHED HER OUT OF THE WAY to fist bump Kevin! LOL. He later said he got caught up in the moment because he didn’t realize they were that cool or awesome live!

*she also got fist bump* Haha!” – Zaria

“One day my dad was watching MTV and they where playing “Get Down”. He asked me who that band was, and I didn’t know so I investigated with my cousin and she told me they are the Backstreet Boys!! So my dad is the reason that I’m a fan of them and I’m grateful.” – FaBy

“My dad accompanied me to every BSB concert I visited in the 90s and early 00s. My best memory is of the Millennium tour. There was a competition to meet the boys if you had a blue outfit. So my dad matched my smurfette outfit with a Papa smurf outfit. We didn’t win but I love the dedication!” – Janneke

Thank you to all who shared and Happy Father’s Day to these cool dads and beyond!

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Join Us In Giving Back This Backstreet Tour Season! // #TheBackstreetGiveBack

While many of us planned to be seeing the Backstreet Boys on tour this Summer, the world had other plans. We’ve since found ourselves with some extra time on our hands, some of us with extra funds that we had set aside for tour, and all of us with a lot of love to give to people who are hurting.

There’s a lot going on in the world today, so we wanted to band together as a Backstreet fan-mily and show ’em what we’re made of! We’re turning our mindset from “Give back tour season!” to “This tour season, we’re giving back!”


The charities and organizations listed vary by cause and have been suggested by fellow fans. Some will ask for your donation of time and some will ask for your monetary donations. All of them are just asking you to put a little more love into the world.

We are always open to suggestions! If there is a charity / organization / petition we are missing, please email me at whothebackstreet@gmail.com. We will TRY to fit it in!

Share this project on your socials by using the hashtag #TheBackstreetGiveBack

**Once you decide where to donate your time or money, please fill out this form so we can announce all that has been accomplished at the end of the season (October 2020).**

We are thinking about summarizing all listed organizations here. If that is something you’d like, let us know.

What 2020 Has Been Like For Backstreet Boys Fans (Using GIFs From Schitt’s Creek)

When the Backstreet Boys sang “I got mixed emotions”, they were ahead of their time. 2020 has been nothing but a rollercoaster of mixed emotions so far for fans around the world.

Some of our favorite WHOTB posts have involved combining our love for some of our favorite TV shows. While we’ve done plenty of Friends and a Golden Girls theme, we’re bringing a new one in to describe our feelings this year — Schitt’s Creek! A family who lived a high life and had it swiped out from underneath them seems appropriate for this year, no?

So this is what how it all went down…

After the DNA tour ended last October, we were all ready for more. Luckily, the Backstreet Boys swiftly announced dates in Australia, New Zealand, South America ANNNDD North America!

We were like…

giphy (16)

giphy (29)

Then we saw the dates and HOLY COW…there were so many and so perfect!

giphy (6)

giphy (14)

giphy (30)

So we immediately renewed our fanclub memberships because…

giphy (36)

Everything was lining up for the perfect concert summer / tour season with friends! We were hitting up Ticketmaster like…

giphy (19)

giphy (20)

giphy (22)

giphy (31)

Then… the COVID-19 pandemic hit and things were being shut down left and right. Including live performances… and DEFINITELY no meet and greets allowed..

giphy (23)

So we waited for any kind of announcement about what would happen to our DNA tour plans and the range of feelings was WILD. We tried to remain positive, but also, realistic.

giphy (3)

giphy (24)

giphy (15)

Then it happened. For the benefit of everyone involved, the Backstreet Boys postponed the remainder of their 2020 dates to 2021.

They were like…

giphy (12)

And we were like…

giphy (38)

We couldn’t help but be a little bit like…

But also, we understand… because it truly is for the safety of everyone.

giphy (5)

But still…

giphy (25)

Then we realized that the only logical thing to do is to look forward to 2021. Those of us in North America (and Sao Paulo) will be like this until we get those dates…

Us, to anyone who asks us to do something in 2021 before we get those dates:

giphy (21)

In fact, we’re going to add MORE dates to our plans (if possible) and no one is going to change our minds!

giphy (8)

giphy (26)

giphy (37)

Us, to anyone who tries to stop us:

giphy (2)

So for the rest of this Summer, we’re going to be something like this:

But next Summer…well…we can only hope that it’s something like this:

giphy (9)

giphy (10)

Until then, we’ll be here to commiserate and lift each other up – together ❤

giphy (4)

The Perfect Fan(s): 14 Backstreet Boys Fans And Their BSB Loving Moms

Mother’s Day holds a lot of different meanings for different people all over the world. Whatever, however, and whoever you are celebrating today, we wish you a wonderful day!

For a large majority of us, our moms had some sort of hand in helping us become the Backstreet Boys fans we are today and some of our moms even became fans themselves! We asked you to share stories about your fanmoms behind the fangirls and you all proved that moms really ARE the perfect fans!

Continue reading “The Perfect Fan(s): 14 Backstreet Boys Fans And Their BSB Loving Moms”

Fan Feature: 18 Questions With Backstreet Boys Fan Artist – Kimmie Moekotte

One of our favorite things to do on WHOTB is getting to know fans with BSB-themed projects, talents, stories, etc. and giving them the opportunity to tell us more about their ventures!

A few months ago, we brought you the first Fan Feature when we asked questions to the girls of the podcast, Boyband Break.

Now, we bring you a post about another fan whose work you might have seen in recent months. Kimmie has been drawing the Backstreet Boys and posting her work for other fans to enjoy. Her art and her talent is truly something to admire. The pieces are so lifelike that they’ve even garnered the attention of the Backstreet Boys themselves!

Kimmie has also recently taken part in paying it forward by giving away a piece of art for free to another BSB fan for her own birthday. We love it!

Keep reading to get know a little more about our fellow fan and check out her amazing work.

1. Where are you from?

I’m from The Netherlands (or Holland as the Boys like to call it :))

2. How long have you been a BSB fan?

I’ve been a fan for over 23 years now. I was 14 when I saw them on TV for the very first time. Their video from “We’ve Got It Going On” was playing and I was hooked.

3. How long have you been drawing?

I started at a young age. I think I was about 5 when I started drawing. I always had my drawing pad and my pencils with me, even on holidays. I drew everything from shells to the cottage we were staying at.


4. What inspired you to combine the two, being a fan and an artist?

Well, combining two things that you love isn’t that hard. I found an old drawing of Nick that I did when I was 15 and that inspired me to start drawing the Backstreet Boys.

5. What has been your favorite BSB memory so far and why? 

Oh my goodness, there are so many great memories. But I think my best memory was when Kevin returned. I cried my eyes out! The group was whole again and it made me so happy.

6. Your drawings have garnered some major attention, even from the Boys themselves. What’s been the most “wow” moment for you?

I’ve got two actually. The first one was when I woke up one day and my phone had exploded with messages from other fans and friends. The Boys had featured a group drawing I had made on their Instagram page and their Twitter. I couldn’t believe they had featured me, I was so grateful.

And my second wow moment was when I finally could give Nick my two family drawings I made for him. I had waited 22 years to meet him and it was amazing, he’s such a sweetheart. He really loved them.


7. Were you surprised by how many people love your work?

Yes, I didn’t see myself as a big artist, I still don’t. But the comments I got on my drawings were amazing! I loved to read how I made people happy with my drawings. (Smiles)

8. Your favorite drawing so far?

My favorite drawing by far has to be the colored one I did of Nick. It was the first time I used colored pencils and it turned out amazing.

9. Do you draw other things / take commissions?

Yes, I do take commissions. I do draw other people than Backstreet Boys. I’ve done some flowers and animals but I soon realized that my interest goes to people. I love drawing people, especially eyes. I love it when I can put emotion into their eyes.


10. What’s one thing you haven’t drawn yet that you want to?

That’s a good question. I would really like to do all the Backstreet families. The wives and kids. That would be awesome to do.

11. Favorite Backstreet Boy?

Always has been and always will be Nick Carter. He has become my drawing muse. His facial features are amazing to draw.


12. Your favorite thing about being a BSB fan?

That I’ve met so many people because of them. Some people turned into really great friends. And of course their music. Whatever mood you’re in they always have a song that fits your mood.

13. Your least favorite thing about being a BSB fan?

To be honest, money. Everything costs money, and that’s hard sometimes especially with a family. So I try to save as much as I can so I can spend it on these guys that I love so much.

14. What’s an item on your BSB “bucket list”?

There are two actually. Doing a meet & greet, because I met 1/5th and now I need to meet them all!

And a BSB cruise, I would love to go on one!

15. What is something the Backstreet Boys haven’t done that you wish they would?

I really got to think about that because they have done so much! I would love to see them go more acapella, those harmonies are one of a kind. That’s the Backstreet sound.


16. What’s a piece of advice you have for other fans?

Never lose hope if you haven’t met any of them. They know you’re there and they appreciate you. Please be kind to your fellow fans because great friendships can blossom from it and makes this world, and this fandom, a better place.

17. Piece of advice for other artists?

Always believe in the work your creating. Put your heart and soul into it because it shows in your work when you do. Always keep believing in yourself.

18. Any last words?

Hopefully I can continue to make people happy with my drawings. And if someone is interested feel free to message me on Twitter or Instagram / Instagram.

Thank you for sharing your talents with us, Kimmie!! You’re incredible!

The One Where We Remembered To Count Our Backstreet Blessings

Let’s just be real – this is a scary, insane, wild, unprecedented time.

There are numbers of sick and dying people being thrown in our faces everyday. Chances are most of you reading this know somebody or are somebody who has been affected, in one way or another, by the coronavirus pandemic. Whether it be your job, your sudden new found skill of being a homeschool teacher, being ill, knowing someone who is, etc., a lot of things have changed in a few short weeks.

A lot is up in the air. The things that give us joy are things we’re unsure about. In terms of being Backstreet Boys fans, we went from booking flights and hotels and buying front row seats to not knowing if we would actually be able to attend a concert on the scheduled date or if we could even afford it now.

Obviously this pandemic is affecting so much more than tour dates and travel, but in the midst of the heaviest things, we, as humans, tend to focus on the smaller, more manageable things, so I thought, in writing this, someone out there might feel relieved that they’re not alone in thinking about the small stuff.

For many of us, “tour season”, as we affectionately call it, is an escape. It’s our indulgence, our me time, our chance to see friends, part of some of our greatest memories, and, of course, a time to see our favorite band as much as we want for the time that they allow. We’ve been doing this for 27 years. Without fail, whether you can make it in person or live vicariously through others and the internet, the Backstreet Boys have been there. Before the internet, it was television and magazines. We’ve been spoiled to the comfort of being able to rely on Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick to make things better with the presence, with their music, and with their sharing of their time with us.

And now we’re living in a time where that comfort is threatened. We are being asked to stay home, as well as the Boys themselves, for the health and safety of everyone. No announcement about the changing of tour dates has been made, but even the possibility is making us uneasy….because we’ve had it so good…for 27 years.

Know these things…

Worrying about things like tour dates is not selfish and is not silly. We’re all looking for something to focus on, something to look forward to, and in the comfort we usually find in concerts themselves, we’re just looking to be given some kind of sense that everything in our worlds is going to be okay. As fans, planning is in our nature. As humans, looking forward to something keeps us going. There are absolutely huge things going on in the world, but that doesn’t mean your feelings on ANYTHING aren’t valid. Don’t let people make you feel bad for how you feel.

Use this time to reflect on how very lucky we’ve been. This is only a possible pause. Obviously, everyday that we wake up breathing and healthy is a day that we’re lucky, but in terms of being fans… how lucky are we that in 27 years, this is one of very few times that we’ve been unsure? In the early 90s, the Backstreet Boys sang the line “as long as there’ll be music, we’ll be coming back again” and they’ve kept that promise, year after year. It may not always look the same, but they’ve always done everything in their power to keep going for us. To provide that escape, to give us a space to celebrate our occasions, to sing along with our friends, to thank them in person… and they won’t stop now.

Take a breath and be patient. If being a Backstreet Boys fan has taught us anything, it’s patience. Waiting years for things that were supposed to happen in months and waiting hours for things that were supposed to happen in minutes has served us well in this time. When we know, we’ll know. And there may not be anything to know (fingers crossed). Everything works out for a reason – trust timing. Trust the Boys. Stop reading rumors on the internet – they’re really bad for you!

We’ll all see each other again soon. This period of time is not going to last forever, even though it seems like it right now. We’re all going to see each other again soon. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. We’re all going to hug each other tighter, scream a little louder, and be so much more aware of what the world could be like without each other… because now we know. If nothing else, we’re going to come out of this more grateful. For now, we have the music… and the music heals all, ya know?

Right now, we hope that you are all safe and well. To our fan-mily who are working hard right now from healthcare workers to grocery associates to delivery drivers to teachers to parents and beyond, we see you and we appreciate you and all of your hard work. To everyone holding it together at home, we’re sending you good vibes. Praying for everyone’s sanity, health, and so much more of the good stuff.



Music + Medicine: How The Backstreet Boys’ Music Has Helped To Heal Fans All Over The World

Some say laughter is the best medicine, but we have to believe that music is tied for the #1 spot. As Backstreet Boys fans, so many of us know firsthand how powerful and healing music can be, how one lyric can change your perspective and how one band can inspire you to keep going.

Daily, we see so many fans posting and tweeting about what the Backstreet Boys and their music have gotten them through. We also see so many of these people saying that they wanted to tell Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick, but when it came time to meet them, they completely forgot what they were going to say besides “thank you”.

So, we invited you guys to share your stories of the best of times, the worst of times, and how the Backstreet Boys got you through it. We were blown away by the response and want to thank everyone who trusted us to share your deeply personal stories here and thereby sharing them with others all over the world. You guys are brave and your stories of overcoming, coping, and so much more are beautiful.

“It’s a day I’ll never forget – May 10, 2016. When the doctor told me, “I’m sorry but you have stage one breast cancer” – this just had to be a very bad dream, right???

The next day, after my bff went home after spending the night with me, I remember putting on “Try”, and as I sat there, I really started to cry as to me it felt like as if AJ was talking to me. “I know that your hurting now seems like it’s all gone wrong, keep slipping till you can’t go on. Don’t worry, I’m right by your side, my shoulder is yours if you need to cry. Feels the times when life is just too much. I know you want to but don’t give up”.

That song really gave me hope.

Everytime I’d have chemotherapy I’d put one earbud in and put my iPod on and play “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of” and that song became my battle song for 6 months. This part of the song became my battle cry – “gloves are off ready
To fight like a lion I will survive” – and when listening to the song during chemotherapy, when I’d hear Kevin sing “don’t be afraid it’s gonna be alright”, made it easier to tolerate the pain. Also, I remember my first day of chemotherapy (May 31, 2016}, I was so scared and since my veins are hard to find took the nurse 9 tries before they found one on the top of my right hand. My left arm was all bruised from them trying to insert the needle for chemotherapy. Anyway, I turned my phone and saw Nick was on twitter. I tweeted him saying this BSB Girl is in chemotherapy 😩 he tweeted back a heart ❤️ and I then found out he followed me. OMG!!!

Finally, I had to have everyday for 5 weeks radiation. while I was doing my treatment was told don’t move or we will have to start over treatment was about 30 mins inside this tunnel with right arm up over my head. So I would sing BSB songs and it helped so much!! So the boys have helped me through one of toughest battles of my life, and now I believe anything is possible and I’ll be a BSB solider till I die. Ktbsbpa.” – Debra

“It all started when a babysitter back in about ’97 introduced me to Backstreet Boys. As my mother didn’t feel comfortable with a teenager handling, giving me, a little kid, my pain medicine. So how did I discover BSB? When Amanda (my babysitter) would play their music to distract me and hopefully not need the medicine. I immediately realized as a young child, the healing power of their music. They calmed down a raging headache. Also, they helped calm my nerves before going into the operating room. Hydrocephalus has caused me too endure over 100 operations in my nearly 26 years. A shunt is basically what’s kept me alive. Living with chronic pain, they’ve been so inspiring and healing in my life that all my doctors knew all to well too never tell me no when it came to seeing them. They even thought them too be better lifesavers!! With all the obstacles my disease has held up, they’ve helped me take it day by day and find ways on how too get through. Most importantly, what makes me eternally thankful is how over the past near nine years? They got me through a time, I didn’t think I could get through successfully. Living with chronic pain 24/7, I used to be on A LOT of fentanyl. Thanks to them, I don’t think I would’ve been able to survive the wean or being off nearly nine years. Being that brain surgery is my only treatment? Enduring well over 100? Living with chronic pain? My vision and memory not being too where I’d like, so I’m not on my own. I don’t drive. Not stable enough to work a full time job. Though I volunteer and gain experience in special education. My doctors have expected me to “throw in the towel” with everything I’ve gone through in life. Though, just watching Brian, Nick, AJ, Howie and Kevin over the years? Seeing all the ups and downs, whether it be personal or as a group? They have more than they could ever know helped me SURVIVE. They helped me get through the hard times. Even Dr. Ben Carson, throughout the years he cared for me, was really thankful for them. Called them better lifesaver than himself. That he a couple of times allowed me too put my health second just to see the boys.

Now lets get to one time, they are more than anything the BEST MEDICINE/LIFESAVERS in my life. It’s NOT easy keeping a positive attitude. I am in no way shape or form perfect. I came very close too taking my own life in 2014. Who really wants to be in constant pain, memory issues, feeling like a burden not able to tolerate a full-time job, not live on my own, and brain surgery after brain surgery? I swear more than anything, you don’t need any medical degree/doctorate to save someones life. If it weren’t for the boys, I would’ve NEVER gotten through the aftermath of my suicide attempt in 2014. It was a result of my shunt in total failure. Along feeling like a failure because my brain couldn’t tolerate college. As time went on, I was listening to them more than ever. They really helped me pick back up the pieces. So to me, they’re not just the most successful boy band, with incredible music. What I’ve loved most, is watching them grow as people. Seeing all the ups and downs they’ve had and how they’ve grown from it all. I’ve learned from it and try too demonstrate it in my own life from all that they’ve taught me. Heck, I ended in the ICU 1/25/19. THE DAY DNA RELEASED. That one week in the hospital? They got me through it. The 6 weeks after, on IV antibiotic at home? They kept me sane. So what do they mean to me in my life? They help me keep going. They help me continue. For that, I’m eternally thankful!!” – Emily

“My name is Kristine and I’m 35 years old. I’ve been a fan of the Backstreet Boys for 23 years. I’ve seen them many times in concert and luckily have even met them in person. This summer with their DNA tour coming to Canada. July 17th, the Toronto show, I had tickets. Tragically, the night before, my dad died. Well, on the phone with my mom, the first thing I said was tomorrow is the Backstreet Boy concert. We both instantly agreed that my dad would want me to go. In my heart, I know he did. So I went. Throughout these twenty-three years, BSB has always been my go-to. They had helped me through many other situations, but this, by far, was the worst one. Honestly, I don’t remember much of the concert, but what I do remember is that they were there for me when I needed them. For that hour and a half, in my hour of need, that band had my back. There are no words to sum up how much I truly love this band. And while my family slowly heals, I can always find moments of peace and calm with the Backstreet Boys.”

“I’ve been a fan since the mid 1990s and they have already helped me growing up and moving across country. My love for them continued into adulthood. In 2017, my mom had a heart transplant and she spent close to 6 weeks in the hospital. She almost died. I was a complete wreck. On top of all the things happening at the hospital, I was running the household of 4 dogs and paying both of our bills. Once she was able to recover enough to come home, I knew I needed the perfect thing so I treated myself to a weekend of their Vegas residency. I splurged on a pit ticket and waited for 3 hours to get the perfect spot. It was the closest I had ever been able to be during their concert and it was the best medicine I could have ever hoped for.” – Erin

“When I was 23 years old I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I was in the hospital for a week. I was going through a divorce at the same time and my parents had to take care of my child while I sat in the hospital. I didn’t have anyone. I was scared and alone all I had was my music. At that time there was no Spotify, no smart phones, and all I had was an iPod. Backstreet Boys was all I had on my iPod and they are what kept me going in the hospital.

The day I found out it was a brain tumor I was given two options – one was surgery to remove it and the other was continue to live with it in and it would continue to grow. Where my tumor was located, it was sitting on my nerve that affected my right hand and arm. My daughter at the time was 2 1/2 years old, and I was told I could lose all feeling in my arm and hand if I left the tumor in so I made the decision to remove it. The very next day I was undergoing major surgery.

I came out okay. Thankfully, the tumor was benign and I had minor side effects. I did lose function in my right hand, but after physical therapy, I got some motion back.

Fast forward to about 2013, I started to have side effects again. They were the same side effects that rushed me to the hospital in the first place. I went to my primary care doctor and she told me I should have a cat scan. I refused to do it, I didn’t want to know my tumor was back. I was scared and couldn’t put my now more grown up daughter through that. She was at an age that she would understand more. It wasn’t until I heard “Show Em What You’re Made Of” that I had the courage to go and have the cat scan. The lyric that Kevin sings – “gloves are off ready to fight like a lion I will survive” – really gave me hope that I would be okay. If not for that song, I would not have gone and would not know today that I’m still ok and that I’m going to continue to watch my daughter grow up. As of January 2nd, I made 11 years that I’ve been clear. I consider myself lucky everyday to be apart of this fandom and to be able to tell my daughter that I’m here for her because of the Backstreet Boys.” – Nina

“I am a person with mental illness and am one of the people who learned a lot from the Backstreet Boys and at the same time gained confidence and courage.” – 松岡里奈

“I have a couple of struggles in my life that the Backstreet Boys music and personal struggles have helped me heal and look into brighter times. I’ve been a fan since I was in 6th grade 1996 thanks to my older sister! But I was never allowed to go to a concert because my father was strict and I was young and couldn’t afford it.

My first struggle that the Backstreet Boys have helped me happened in 2003. I was at my first college frat party and I regret going because I was drugged and raped. After this I hate all guys but I remember the only boys I loved and admired were the Backstreet Boys so with therapy and music that got me through that time.

One of my biggest two struggles was when I started dating my boyfriend in January 2015, throughout the years we had struggles but one of the biggest struggles was dealing with his psychosis and the behavior that followed. I discovered he was addicted to crystal meth and cocaine. All because of the mental illness induced by being in the navy seals. He was honorably discharged but I can’t even relate to what he has been through. I remembered one day seeing him at his lowest point in the hospital held on a psychiatric hold because he had an episode mixed with drugs and was convinced I was someone else that tried to hurt him and pushed me( he never laid a finger on me ever this was his first and last) and I ended up just falling nothing happened and I wasn’t harmed but that was the breaking point for him and for me being strong trying to get him through this because I am a psychology major so it helped me. But when all this was happening I kept playing the episode of Oprah when AJ was on it because he literally went through everything my boyfriend was with the drinking and drugs it was like I was living in the part of the backstreets and he was AJ. I remember the interview clearly and how AJ has been open to his struggles and Nick as well. Seeing them and how far they have come made me not give up. Their music and and inspiration helped me not give up on him and we are celebrating our 5th anniversary together and he is clean sober and will start chiropractor school soon!

The biggest by far biggest struggle was losing my dad because I didn’t know what was going to happen and in August 2018 he actually agreed to let me go to Vegas and see the Backstreet Boys on Halloween. My dad didn’t like any music and would call it noise in Arabic but he allowed me to listen to just the Backstreet Boys. I was so beyond excited and couldn’t wait but my dad was admitted to the hospital on September 19th because he couldn’t walk or eat, my world forever changed on September 23, 2018 when we got the call from my brother who said the doctor called him and dad passed away. I just fell to the floor and was overcome with grief and my phone started playing try by the Backstreet Boys by its self and I just remember crying and listening to it over and over again till I was able to sleep. I had to go back to work two days after and my phone connected to my car and started playing all my favorite Backstreet Boys songs and I saw a rainbow and it was like my dad was showing me he was watching over me. I got to go to my first concert and I was in the VIP section Halloween night with my boyfriend by my side and I got to shake hands with all of them and be up close by them it was beyond amazing. One thing that has helped me is being able to create memories seeing them in so many concerts now and their music just fills my heart with joy and honestly if it weren’t for any of the boys I don’t think I would of made it through the hardest times in my life to be where I am. I have contemplated ending my life and giving up mad at the world for putting me in situations that were not fair but having them be an inspiration seeing they have all conquered their fears and demons gave me the strength and will to be greater and get past the bad. The Backstreet Boys are the reason I’m with the love of my life, have the strength and try to heal from losing my father( I still can’t sleep throughout the night without listening to my favorite songs) and the strength to graduate in December of 2019 with my masters in business management which was hard because I wished my dad would of seen me. Ever since my dad passed I have to listen to Backstreet Boys on the way to work at lunch on the way back home and before bed. I am just beyond grateful to them and so blessed to have met them and hug each of them which I wish I could do again and say thank you for being the reason my family isn’t heartbroken because they honestly have given me life when I was in a deep dark spot. For that I am eternally grateful.” – Mary

“My name is Andrea and I am from Colombia. As many people have shared, the Backstreet boys are more than a vocal harmony group for me, they are my escape from bad times.

I’ve been a fan since 1998, and God they have helped me a lot. I’ve been overweight since I was 12 years old, and as it’s usual, with the weight excess came the bullying.

I’ve dealt with this issue for a long time, but it was just while I was crying listening for the first time “Show ’em what you’re made of” that I realized no matter the bullying, the bad comments and the rejection, it was my decision to let people hurt me.

“When walls start to close in, your heart is frozen over, just show ’em what your made of” is what I sing to myself when I feel defeated. This song has kind of become my self love anthem.”

“My name is Ana, I am 30 years old and still a happy Backstreet Boys fan! I’ve listened to them since I was about 6 or 7 years old. I didn’t know it then but their music would give me hope in my most darkest of times. When I was 10 years old, I began to be abused by the man I grew up with. For years, I endured this pain in silence because he was the only father figure I knew. While his abuse was a very soul shattering experience, I never gave up hope that someday things would change. The light melodies and songs of always having someone out there that will love you and treat you better combined into a warm embrace when I needed it most. Thankfully, today, I am in a much better place but I will always remember moments when, “I’ll be the one” was my only reason to smile.
Thank you Backstreet Boys.”

“When I was 12 years old, depression had almost gotten the best of me and I almost committed suicide. I had turned on my favorite CD (BSB MILLENNIUM) to cover my cries. But before I could do anything to hurt myself, my CD started to skip. It had never done that before. But when I fixed it, it was of all songs, “I Want It That Way”. But instead of the words encouraging me to go ahead and do it, my head interpreted it as reverse psychology. It was A.J.’s verse that caught my attention. It had always been my one dream and desire to meet them and it was like he was telling me now that I was about to kill myself it’s too late and I would never get to meet them. As the song continued to play, the chorus had touched me as well. Like they were all telling me that they never want to hear me say I want to kill myself again.

Still to this day, every time I would be upset and need a friend, I just play BSB music or watch a video on YouTube. I especially admire A.J.’s videos about anti-bullying, self esteem, just be yourself and love yourself. Alex has always been more of a big brother to me than my own brothers. I just wish that one day I will be able to afford to meet him and thank him for everything he has helped me with over the years. Oh and p.s. After that day, my Millennium CD never skipped again.” – Megan

“My lovely mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2017. She went into hospital on my birthday. I was 4 months pregnant me and my family was in so much shock. I would cry myself to sleep each night, throughout my whole pregnancy. I would keep fearing the worst and she wouldn’t live to see her third grandchild born. It was a really an emotional hard time as her cancer is terminal. I listened to a lot of my favourite Backstreet Boys songs to help ease the pain. My mum has been through rounds after rounds of chemotherapy and she has just recently been told that the chemotherapy isn’t working any longer and she might have a longer life on a drug that she has to buy herself and have at a private hospital (this drug costs £3000!!…every three weeks!!). Her husband  has paid the first two she needs at least 6 rounds to get her scanned to see if this new drug has helped her.

I’m trying to think of fundraisers to do for my mum to get her the treatments she needs. My mum has always been there for me and she’s so amazing and strong. She is always asking how everyone is and never complaining about herself. I have been to quite a lot of Backstreet Boys concerts and my mum has brought me quite a few tickets for their shows. She knows my love for them as I’ve been a devoted fan since I was 15. I’m now 38. I still play their songs to help me through my down days and help me to be strong for my mum. I’m praying this drug works and we can help fund it for her. Thank you Backstreet Boys for the music and for being in my life even though you don’t know me.” – Leanne

“I’m Rebeca from Brazil (Porto Alegre). I was just 10 years old when I first listen to BSB. They are the reason I really learned English, because of their music. When I was 16, I found out I was born with Turner syndrome mosaic, which means my DNA is broken at last chromosome. From being the girl who only saw the boys in my hometown to being the one who travels and meet them in Las Vegas and Cruise, a lot of hard study and work paid off. I have had so many dreams come true and found so much love from the boys and from the friends I got because of them. I feel so grateful for everything, and now I’m not afraid to face who I am and that’s when things started to happen.”

“Three years ago, I was raped. It was really shocking for me, and I started to suffer from anxiety, panick attack, eating disorder, etc.

I couldn’t laugh. Nobody could make me laugh at that time. Nothing moved my heart. Nothing reached to my soul. I couldn’t feel any emotion at that time. It was the lowest time in my life.

However, I tried to watch some Backstreet Boys’ videos on youtube. Because they’re my favorite boyband.

Then, there was a man who made me laugh so easily.
That was Brian Littrell.

I knew he’s a goofy guy and has a sense of humor, but trust me, his natural talent of being goofy is genuine! But I thought he’s not just a funny man. I mean, I realized that he knows how to make people happy. He tries to make us feel better any time any place. That’s not easy and that’s amazing. I think his jokes and funny faces and silly moves are kind of “love”. That’s his way of giving us love. I feel it, so I feel really better when he does these things. Brian could make me laugh and make me feel better when I was at the lowest time in my life. That was almost a miracle thing.

Plus, his voice also healed my heart. His voice reached to my soul, and it gave me a power to live. I don’t know how to explain it, but his voice is something special to me. It soothed me so much. To be honest, I was thinking about suicide because of mental disorder after that rape, but Brian Littrell saved me. I think his character, jokes and voices have saving lots of people like me.

After Brian stole my heart, every time I saw him I recovered so much. Now my life is full of smiles and energy just like him. I’m healthy now and I enjoy working. I became a positive girl who can love my life. I also went to DNA world tour last year!
I’m so thankful for him.

Anyways, I can say that he’s my hero.
Thank you Brian for saving my life.” – Millie

“The Backstreet Boys music is always my go to if I am having a bad day. During the last year and a bit, it is has helped me through a surgery and separation from my husband. I have been a fan for 26 years and would be lost without my Boys.” – Michelle

“How can I ever really describe how much impact the boys have had on my life? After I lost my mom on December 18th 2013, I was very depressed and I ate my feelings. I was not in a good place but the boys did a show for in a world like this in Omaha and after the show my dad asked me how it was and I said it was everything that I remember their shows being. I cried, smiled, screamed and just had an amazing time. I told my dad how there were cruises and meet and greets and how I really wanted to do one as I wanted to thank them for giving me amazing memories with my mom. He said we would have to do that and he promised to help me make it happen. 3 months later, my dad passed away and I continued to eat my feelings and my health declined. They announced the European cruise and I knew I had promised my dad that I would go meet them and thank them for what amazing memories they had given me with my mom, and now my dad. My only issue was I’d gained a lot of weight and was now extremely unhealthy and at didn’t know if I could handle the flight to Europe. So in December 2014, I made a drastic decision to undergo gastric sleeve surgery. On January 5th 2015, I underwent the surgery which was scary, nerve-wracking, and exciting all at the same time. I was dedicated and by the time the cruise rolled around, I had lost 77 lb of the hundred and ten that I needed to lose and was feeling better every day. I was able to easily fly to Europe with no complications and meet the boys for the first time. The whole experience was a dream come true and led me to become addicted again to BSB but mostly it gave me the joy in my life that I had been missing. It gave me something other than food to help me feel happy and loved. The bottom line is it’s saved my life, without that cruise I would not have pushed myself to undergo surgery and to change my entire life back around. I look back now and I realize how much the boys have given me throughout my entire life. They gave me amazing memories of my mom at concerts where she was rocking out and loving Kevin! They also gave me amazing memories with my dad, he didn’t go to the concerts, but him and I worked a lot of hours together on a website and it caused us to get a lot closer. Now I have a family of friends that I honestly do not know what I would do without. I have traveled the world and continue to do so and even though I miss my parents so very much I’m able to get through it because of all that AJ, Brian, Kevin, Howie and Nick have given me. They not only saved my life they brought joy, friendship and love back into my life. Honestly I now go to shows to see my fan-imily!” – Carrie

“The boys have clearly helped millions of fans all over the world fight issues in their personal life, or relationships, whatever it might be. For me personally, the boys have helped me get through some pretty crazy times in my life. Dealing with confidence issues (which is a whole other story), stupid boyfriends, and just overall to step back and just breathe (haha no pun intended). I listened to the boys while I was pregnant with my daughter and they helped me get through the entire pregnancy. Thankfully it was smooth and now she’s turning one next week! I’ve never met the boys, but I would love to say thank you for getting me through life.” – Tracy

“I lost my husband at a young age to cancer. I’ve always been a BSB fan from day 1. My late husband was not a fan of their music but I would secretly sneak off to listen whenever I could. After my loss and having 3 small children, I was devastated. Didn’t want to eat or go to work but then, after cleaning out some of my husband’s things, I found a BSB DVD that I had hidden. I started listening and immediately found myself feeling better. No lie… Their music saved my life so to speak and brought me back to being a normal person and better mom.” – Laurie

“My name is Lauren and this is my story about how the Backstreet Boys have helped me:

About a year ago, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I was so depressed I could not leave my house without having an anxiety attack. Then DNA came out and it re-ignited my love for the Backstreet Boys. I would spend my days listening to them for hours and it was the only thing that comforted me and made me feel like I would be ok. I started being able to go on walks while listening to them until eventually I didn’t have panic attacks anymore. It’s comforting to me that they have been around for me my entire life – it’s rare to have such a constant like that. A few months later I met AJ and Howie for the first time at an after party and got to tell them my story and it was honestly one of the coolest moments of my life. I would be so lost without them and I’m thankful for them every day.”

“I’ve been a fan of the boys ever since the first time I saw quit playing games. I won’t lie I love them all but nick has definitely had a place in my heart since the start. I was born in 87, but grew up in the 90’s and BSB were everywhere. I never had the chance when I was younger to see a concert, but that didn’t stop my love of BSB. With growing up in the 90’s I loved all the pop bands that were around, as I grew I still liked the same music but didn’t really keep listening to them. With one big exception and that’s BSB, I had quite a few albums and the greatest hits I always listened to. Fast forward a few years and the in a world like this tour came to England, I was desperate to go. I had the money there were plenty of tickets available but couldn’t find anyone to go with so I chickened out and I was gutted.

At the start of 2018 I was a bit I’ll nothing serious but had to go for a scan at the hospital. Out of the blue I was told I had cancer and it had spread to my spine. This was the worse moment of my life, and for the next couple of months lots of scan followed. And whenever I had a MRI my CD of choice is always a BSB album. Having to lay in a tube completely still for half hour or more wasn’t the best experience but I always had BSB to listen to. It made me forget for a bit and enjoy lying there listening to all the great songs was the only thing that gave me some happiness during the worse time of my life. When the boys announced a new tour I couldn’t believe it. I was determined I WAS going to see them this time. From the moment the tour was announced I kept asking friends if they wanted to go and searching for a way to get to London, on my own if I had to. But by February, I was losing hope it was going to happen, then I just asked my cousin. We’re the same age and grew up down the street from each other, our music tastes were always the same. She just came straight out and said yes, I couldn’t quite believe it and from there all o thought about for 5 months was I would finally see the I’m concert. We couldn’t afford to do meet and greet which would be the ultimate dream but I was still over the moon I would see them. I won’t lie after the concert which was amazing I had BSB blues for ages. But I was determined I would save enough to do a meet and greet and pay for my cousin to do it as well as a surprise, I’ve never been good at saving until now. I might have gone a little obsessed. I’m researching all the tours they have done since the start to see where they have played before, researching transport to and from each venue and hotels around same venues so that when they announce another UK tour I’ll know straight away where to stay how to get there and how to get to the venue. I hope they come back this year but unsure whether I could save enough for meet and greets but then I kinda don’t want them to come back this year as I would definitely go but wouldn’t be able to meet them.

Through all of this they have been my medicine, I live in fear of the cancer every day but even just listening to one of their songs gives my hope and happiness of what I have seen and what I hope to see next time. Throughout my life I’ve had favourite TV programs, films and music but there are not many I can honestly say I have liked constantly since I was a child. BSB are one, through all the highs and lows of my life there are a few constants and I couldn’t of asked for anything better. I don’t know what the future holds for me now, but my hope is that I can see another BSB concert and that I can finally meet them. What better medicine in life could I want, just singing my all-time favourite song The One can make me smile.” – Kerry

“My name is Dan. Backstreet Boys have helped me through so much! May of 2005, a friend committed suicide. Around that time, Never Gone was released. The song, Never Gone, helped and continues to help me cope with her death.

They’ve also helped me through countless broken hearts and depression. I’ve been single my whole life. When I’ve been down due to situations in life, their songs have helped me to power through. The chorus for Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of has such a positive impact for me. I am so thankful for Backstreet Boys!!!”

“As I was growing up, I knew something was wrong with me. I had been bullied ever since I was a little girl because my weight goes up and down all the time and when I first heard the Backstreet Boys, I felt instantly better. I still struggle to this day with my weight, my mental illness and everything from my past especially when I was raped as a 16yo. I thought of so many ways to end my life and I had all the BSB albums thus far and as I say crying I had the radio blasting and certain songs like “Darlin” “All I Have To Give” “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” helped me so much and I always pictured it daydreamed they were singing only to me and with that, well I’m here today because of them, their music, and how much they love us as we love them. I’ve never got to see a BSB concert, but their music kept me alive and by the Grace of God he isn’t done with me yet either.” – Chelsea

“I was the goth teenager, I hated all pop until my friend made me listen to and perform a bsb song for a talent show.
She convinced me with pics of Aj.
He was tatted and didn’t look like your typical boy band member.
I was hooked.
It’s like he gave me permission to be different.
It was ok not to fit in with everybody.
It was ok to just be me then.
I followed their music for years, I ended up getting married and losing track for a bit.
I got hooked on meth.
It was ugly but true.
Then I saw the interview Aj did on Oprah.
He inspired me to get clean.
If he could mess up and get right, so could I.
I have been clean for a number of years and owe it all to them.
I started following them again.
I had cervical cancer and their music pulled me through, I lost a child from an abusive relationship, I was 7 months pregnant.
Their music pulled me through.

I was fortunate to meet them this year.
I had a panic attack because as soon as I turned the corner, Howie had me in a hug.
I can’t handle being touched if I’m not expecting it.
I started to flip out.
AJ was there, he talked me down.
He kept telling me it’s ok and just held me for a few.
I can’t adequately describe in words what they have done for me.
All I know is they have always been my constant.
The only regret I have is that I wasn’t able to tell them when I met them.
Because I was mid anxiety attack.” – Donna

“I got diagnosed with breast cancer May 2019. I listened to BSB music during my chemo treatments to pass the long hours and cheer me up! And as silly as it sounds, I brought a little picture of them to each treatment to keep me positive and happy!” – Kristen

“When I was trying to have a baby…way back almost 16yrs ago now…BSB would always be playing. When I walked into Dr’s offices for appointments, anything baby related there they were. The morning of my second round of IUI…Shape of My Heart was playing as I walked back for the procedure…6 months later, yup she’s a premie…Madison was born. So now…if I’m headed for anything big…I hear a BSB song, I know it’s gonna be ok. They’re like my good luck charm. ” – Melly

So I guess I should start where all good stories do, at the beginning, and I apologise for it going way back but but I do feel it is important to get the real understanding.

Some 20+ years ago in a sleepy village in the South West of England, Two young girls became friends for life, mutually bonded with their love for a certain boy band. Yep, you guessed it, The Backstreet Boys.

Days,nights,weeks,months,years,were spent reading every interview, researching every fact, watching and re watching every concert, copying all the dance routines, adorning every inch of our bedrooms with their posters and photos, making up stories about how one day we would meet them, and  making sure even our parents knew every word to their songs. To be honest I think even now my dad and Danielle’s mum could belt out “ Everybody” word perfect, and probably the dance routine to boot. We were simply nothing less than besotted!

So we skip forward to 2015, the years had been kind to us, still best friends, still as besotted with the boys, but now with beautiful families to call our own. I was 28, married with 3 sons, and Danielle was 29, in a relationship with 1 daughter and expecting their next when she got some unexpected and unwelcome news. At 29 weeks pregnant on the 2nd September she was told both her kidneys were failing. Badly. At first they were unsure whether it could be pregnancy related so decided to induce early,  But first she spent 4 weeks on 6 days a week dialysis, 3 hours at a time. At 33 weeks Danielle’s daughter was born, weighing a tiny 3lbs 14oz, and had a 3 week stay in the special care unit.  She was indeed a ray of sunshine in uncertain times. 

The joy however was short lived as Danielle’s kidneys showed no sign of improvement and she began a grueling Hemo Dialysis schedule. With a premature baby and a 10 year old daughter to care for. This meant travelling to hospital 3 times a week for 4 hours at a time. This was incredibly had for everyone around her and Danielle battled like a warrior. Close family and friends were tested to see if they could become living donors but sadly none of us could donate. So she, along with many others, joined the transplant list. Eventually after biopsy’s and a surgery to insert a PD line, Danielle was allowed to dialysise at home, saving her quite so many trips to the hospital. She was still under close watch from doctors and consultants.

Being more tied to home where all her equipment and drugs lived, I would visits as often as I could  and we would spend hours listening to our favourite BSB songs, watching the old concerts, reminding ourselves of what wonderful memories we had and reminiscing on the old times of which the boys were very much a part of. We felt they has lived through the years with us, endured love, heartbreak, and happiness. We had watched them grow up and become husbands and fathers, their stories and music just seemed to always be able to help with whatever obstacles we had faced and blimey, this was a big one!

The thing is, over time, it became harder to believe there was going to be a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s hard to make plans when you don’t know how long you have. The dialysis kept Danielle well enough to get through the day, but exhausted and all of us just prayed this would keep working. It was in our heads that the dialysis one day might not work as well, then not so well again. Then what would we do. With no suitable donors in the horizon, everyday became a battle, not only physically but now mentally. But every day she soldiered on, confining to be the most amazing mum and friend. Oh how I wanted to take her to Vegas to see the residency, but to leave the house for one night was almost an impossibility let alone the Country. 

3 years after diagnosis in November 2018 they released “ Chances” and announced a tour. Of course I went straight to Danielle’s so we could listen to the new song together for the first time and discuss the excitement of the tour!

Chances is an incredible song and as soon as we heard it we fell in love and again the lyrics are so relatable, to love, to life and to friendship. “ Two in a Million, once in a life” Those words, right there made us decide, we were going to this tour, we weren’t just going to talk about the memories we had anymore, we were going to make damn sure however much time we had, we were going to make new memories to cherish. 

This gave Danielle a boost she so desperately needed. Once again those 5 boys stepping in, and they had no idea. 

The night before the fan club pre sale, we were on the phone, going over and over our well penned plans for the next morning. We laughed and giggled and shrieked and for me that was the sound of pure joy and happiness. So the morning came, neither of us having slept too well and I arrived at Danielle’s armed with my laptop, iPad and phone.  Not forgetting my credit card! This was to be precision buying at its finest. 9 am arrived, the tickets released, we had decided on June 15th 2019 Birmingham, as it just felt right. Two VIP meet and greet tickets were purchased and we reverted to pair of teenagers! First things first we rang Danielle’s mum and my dad! They thought they best warn the boys about us!

Danielle promptly informed her nurse she now couldn’t even think about a transplant until after June as it was a 6 month recovery, and she of course was going to this concert come hell or high water! They agreed that she could have one night off the dialysis, as we would have to stay away, and were going to make her dormant on the register the weekend of the concert. 

We joked about showing them her line, how we were going to glitter it, she was going to tell them she was missing a night of dialysis and their concert better be good. A different mood came over us both and we counted down every day, excited was not the word, It’s a feeling even now I still am mot describe. I could finally see by best friend re emerging out of this cloud that had hung over her and it was amazing. 

But on the 14th December 2018, late at night she had a phone call that would change everything. 

“We have found you a match “

And so they drove over an hour to Bristol to begin the wait.  I will never forget the feeling I had when I got the news, I cried, tears of joy, sadness, thinking someone had sadly lost their life, of fear as this wasn’t going to be without risk, and hope, hope this would be the start or new beginnings. 

So this is where I truly believe something called fate stepped in……..I wrote a line earlier about it being a 6 month recovery, The transplant took place on December 15th 2018, our concert date was exactly 6 months away, the date we had picked because it felt right, June 15th 2019. You cannot tell me that that somewhere, somehow this was not divine intervention. 

The transplant went as well as could be expected, the kidney too a while to “ wake up” and we were all on tenterhooks for the first few days. I visited on the 18th and could not believe the happy face I saw. We knew there was a long road ahead, but we would face it together and we had a really important date!  Danielle was allowed home on Christmas Eve 2018 to begin the nest part of her journey. 

Her recovery went well, nothing short of inspirational, Every milestone smashed, and my best friend was back, with a vengeance I hasten to add!!

We had waited over 20 years for this opportunity, to see and meet the, all and she was not letting anything stand in her way. Having released the DNA album we soon settled that “ No Place” was our favourite, our anthem, if you will. It was so beautiful and once again related to our lives. 

Soon we were talking outfits and plans for our weekend to see the boys in concert. We even arranged pens in my office of how we would stand for our photos, trawled other meet and greets for inspiration, rehearsed what we were going to say. Bearing in mind we were now 32 and 33 but we loved every second. Our dream was coming true and and it was so special as we were celebrating so much more. We were celebrating second chances.

The tour kicked off and we were gathering every bit of info we could from fan sites, making a playlist of the tour set list. Our 12 year old selves would have been proud. 

So the day arrived, and we had packed enough to sink a small ship, on the train we hopped, listening to the playlist and getting more and more excited the closer we got. We raised a glass to the new kidney as we passed through Bristol, where exactly 6 months before the transplant had taken place. 

That afternoon and evening was surreal, the tour and VIP lounge made us feel like royalty. Before we knew it we were queuing, at the front of the queue behind a screen, were 5 guys who unknowingly had helped us through the darkest and hardest times, brought us closer than ever before, and genuinely I know helped Danielle not to give up. 

Of course I planned to tell them all of this, as we stood there just staring at each other that we were finally there, we had made it. 

Our turn came and of course we chose to meet them together, Now I had a little script all rehearsed in my head and of course the second I rounded that corner I managed to forget everything, including my own name, and Danielle did too, Now boys if you’re somehow still reading this incredibly long story, then firstly I applaud you and secondly I apologise for the red head and the blonde who incoherently babbled their way through their meet and greet and hung off you like a couple of cats! Oh and then screamed from behind the screen, yeah that was us! 

The concert itself was the most amazing night of our lives. I caught Kevin’s signed pants and we cracked out the old dances. Nothing will ever come close to the sheer euphoria we felt that night. We hugged and teared up through  “ No Place” life had come full circle, and as we stood there we had never been so grateful. Without doubt they SO still have it going on.

So there we have it, A story of how The Backstreet boys really did save the day, and a life. And they didn’t even know. But you know if there’s even the smallest chance they do read this, then now they do know. And maybe if they come back to the UK and we manage to secure meet and greet tickets again then I might just keep my cool long enough to tell them?? Ohhh please who am I trying to kid! I will never be able to keep my cool around them. And as for Danielle, well the steroids she is on can make her a bit make her a bit feisty…….

I hope you have enjoyed our story, as with all of the fans our stories all cross paths somewhere and they all have the same 5 heroes. 

Anyway I’ve stayed up until midnight writing about them again…….it’s been a few years since I’ve done that! But this one doesn’t end with their tour bus breaking down in a remote Devon village, instead it’s a much more unbelievable ending. That against all odds, 20 years later, those two young girls really did meet The Backstreet Boys.

I just hope it’s not another 20 years until we meet again.” – Jenna

“It probably doesn’t seem like a big deal now that I’m on the other side but 2018 was the worst year for me in many ways. One blessing it gave me was my son, Carter, who was born in October 2018, but I had a high risk pregnancy because of high blood pressure. A month after Carter was born, I was in the hospital for 4 days and ended up having my gallbladder removed. While in the hospital, I had to have an MRI and I was very nervous about it because I had never had one done. The technician allowed me to pick music to listen to during the test and of course I picked BSB. That was the only thing that kept me calm through it. Two weeks after having my gallbladder out, I had my six week postpartum checkup and the OB found a nodule on my thyroid, which I ended up having an ultrasound and needing a biopsy. When I was leaving the hospital after my biopsy, I heard “I Want It That Way” playing on the hospital sound system. I just knew that was my sign that everything would be ok (and my nodule was benign after all). At the end of 2018, I ended up being one of the lucky ones that got an autographed BSB Christmas card in the mail. BSB honestly got me through the hardest year of my life so far and I’m so thankful for their music!” – Clair

“BSB is my medicine, because they helped me through the depression and anxiety due to past relationships.The Shape of my Heart pulled me from a dark space.”

“My summer did not go as planned. I was to have surgery, recover and see the Backstreet Boys. I did have surgery. My surgeon almost guaranteed I would be recovered enough to see the boys on August 12 – the Detroit, MI stop for the DNA Tour. Unfortunately I was admitted to the hospital on August 7th and was discharged late evening on August 12th. Yes, I missed my show.

I was devastated. I was going to have DNA Circle with M&G. I was meeting a few new friends as well. But what kept my spirits going and helped me get through the trauma I had gone through was I could listen to their music. I could talk or text a friend that I had made through this fandom I now call “Fanmily”. I could read a blog on What Happens On The Backstreet and feel good about how being a fan lead me to a group of friends that I can lean on day or night.

I did recover and I DID see the Backstreet Boys in Pittsburgh on September 14, 2019 with friends. It wasn’t the summer I expected … but with help from my FANMILY and the Boys, I made it through.” – Stephanie

Farewell To The 2010s Era of Backstreet

10 years doesn’t seem like a long time…

Until you think about all of the things the Backstreet Boys achieved and everything that we’ve been present to witness in that time.

While the 90s and early 2000s might have been the most prolific era for the Backstreet Boys to many and is factually so based on numbers, for us, the period from 2010 to 2020 holds a significant place in the hearts of the most dedicated of fans.

The Backstreet Boys started this decade as a foursome, with a new album freshly released and a tour on the horizon. While the rest of the world had largely counted the Boys out, they pressed on…and so did we, showing up to amphitheaters all over the U.S. that Summer and concert venues in Europe, Asia and South America throughout the year for the This Is Us tour.

It could be argued that this was the time that the BSB and the fans formed a deeper bond. It was us and it was them and suddenly, we all seemed to be in this time of transition. Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick were finding their groove as a quartet and the majority of us were finding our way in life as adults. 2010 was the beginning of something we could only imagine.

The rest of the decade saw the return of Kevin to the group, multiple Backstreet Boys cruises, a major arena tour with the New Kids On The Block that included a performance at Fenway, their first collaboration and single on a Country chart with Florida Georgia Line, a documentary, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, an album on their own label, an album that went #1, a Grammy nomination, a record breaking Vegas residency and so. much. more.

Most importantly, there are all the memories we’ve shared in between. As we mentioned before, while this past decade may not have been the “peak” of Backstreet’s career commercially, it has been nothing short of defining in so many other ways.

We watched them rise back to a level of stardom they’ve deserved all along. We watched them exemplify hard work and determination over and over again.

We. Watched. Them.

For many of us, the years between 2010 and 2020 were the first years that we got to experience the Backstreet Boys on our own terms – as adults. We learned work-life-tour-event balance, we made friends all over the world with the rise of social media, we built trips around Backstreet adventures, we passed their music along to our children, and we’ve had experiences that we wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. To say that these years have made us proud is an understatement… because these men did it for themselves. Because despite the ups and downs, they recreate themselves, they learn, and the carry on. And if that doesn’t inspire you, what will?

So, while we could go on and on about everything Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick have achieved together and separately in this decade, we won’t…. because we were all there. And we were all together. And the memories that are flooding in as you read this are more than words could ever explain.

Here’s to more of that feeling when the lights go down, more confetti, more of hearing your favorite song performed, more friends and trips you never planned on, more begging for the things we want and making it work when we don’t get our way exactly. We may not have all shared the same feelings about things for the past decade but I think we can all agree that we can come together for these Boys.

Here’s to the Backstreet Boys and another 10 years…may we be lucky enough to be able to share in another decade of success, memories, and feelings that we’ll never fully be able to put into words. Together.

May we also be able to afford the Ticketmaster fees that come with loving a band.


(Looking forward, we’ve written about what we hope to see in the next 10 years — coming soon!)

8 Tips For Having A Backstreet Boys Fan In Your Home For The Holidays

Happy Holidays, friends! We realize that this should have been written a hair earlier, but the truth is that this list applies for all times of the year for anyone with a Backstreet Boys loving guest in their house.

While we normally writing FOR Backstreet fans, this one is for the friends, family, and anyone who doesn’t know what to do with one of us for an extended periods of time. If a fan has shared this with you, take a hint and read it for your own safety…we mean, pleasure.

If you find yourself needing a few guidelines, here’s a few tips…

1. DON’T ask us when we’re seeing the Backstreet Boys next.


If you haven’t seen us post about it on social media, chances are we don’t know. If we don’t know, it’s really a toss up of what reaction you’ll get when you ask. While you are no doubt well-meaning in your question, our response could range anywhere from reasonable (because thank God our bank account is getting a break) to anger (because they’re doing things but NOWHERE near us) to a big mopey mope answer (because IT’S BEEN TWO MONTHS AND TWO MONTHS IS TOO LONG, OKAY?). You’ve been warned. It’s best to let us hint before you ask.

2. DO ask us about the album, the tour, etc.


This is a pretty safe question for the BSB fan in your home. We will talk for days about the events we have been to recently, the album (and all of the stats), and all of the like (while trying not to sound crazy). It’s not that we have nothing else to talk about, we just know a lot and we’re excited about all of it! We appreciate your interest (or at least an interest in talking about what we like before talking about what you like), but be warned – we’ll smell it if you’re only asking to lead into our #3 tip.

3. DON’T be condescending about the amount of money or time you think we’ve spent on the band this year. 


We didn’t ask how much you spent on your knitting material or your ugly shoes you insist on wear everywhere, Susan. This question is the fangirl / fanboy equivalent of “when are you getting married / having children?”

4. DO gift us anything we can use while we’re on tour…er…traveling.


From bags to comfy plane clothes to travel size anything, we will definitely put it to good use! And if you’re really down to make some brownie points, head to the BSB merch store.

5. DON’T make too many jokes about the other boyband. 


We’ve heard it allllll and while we’ll laugh politely for a few jokes and maybe even joke back, please, we beg of you – balance your “jokes” with intelligence and know when to stop. Also, please know the difference between Justin Timberlake and NSYNC because if you want to battle, we will battle and you will lose.

6. DO know that we do have a sense of humor though.


While we might not find the unoriginal “Bye, Bye, Bye” jokes funny, we can definitely find the humor in some / most things and we have some pretty ridiculous stories – trust.

7. DON’T worry — we know love for a band is hard to understand for some.


It’s a Backstreet thing – you wouldn’t understand. Just kidding! In all seriousness, the love someone has for a band is something that we would love everyone to understand, but sometimes it’s personal and sometimes it’s just something that we don’t expect anyone else to “get”. It’s tough out here! When in doubt, just pass us the mashed potatoes and alcohol!

8. DO feel free to join in! 


We’d love for you to want the new album (we all have 14 extra copies thanks to concerts) or come with us to the next concert — just ask! We’re always looking to recruit….if you can handle it.