What’s Happening On The Backstreet: December 2018

What a month, right?

One would think after the Backstreet Boys announced their album release and upcoming tour, they would take the rest of the year off and a well deserved break. As we all know though, we’re fans of the five hardest working men in the music industry and this month was full of a few more year-end successes!

If you think you’ve missed anything (or even if you haven’t), we’ve recapped it all below for an end of the year catch-up.

  • AJ and Howie attended Wales Comic Con at the beginning of the month. Our friend Janneke shared their Q&A panel with us — watch below!
  • Baylee Littrell released a single on country music radio, “Don’t Knock It”. If you haven’t bought it yet, you can do so here. Check out the release party festivities and all of Brian’s proudest dad moments here.
  • There’s a ton of new merch! Whether it’s a holiday or your birthday, you can find a gift guide here.
  • Shawn Mendes spoke about co-writing the Backstreet Boys’ new single, “Chances”. Watch him talk about not being able “to wrap his head around it” here.
  • The Boys were nominated for a GRAMMY! We’re still not over that sentence. We’re so so proud and will be watching excitedly in February.
  • Pentatonix had the Backstreet Boys on their annual Christmas special for a eargasmic “Winter Wonderland” duetWe *need* them to record this for a studio version.
  • Under The Tree With BSB in Boston was an entirely acoustic concert that fans had to win their way into. Listen here to hear the Mix 104.1 DJs discuss behind the scene with the “delightful” Backstreet Boys, here for a brief portion of the BSB Q&A, and see photos here. Oh, and you **MIGHT** want to hear this beautiful performance of “Chances”.
  • The Boys headed to Connecticut to take part in 96.5 TIC’s All Star Christmas. Listen to their pre-show interview here.
  • In their last performance of the year, the Backstreet Boys headed to Texas for the Merry Mix Show in Austin. Find Meet and Greet photos here and watch their backstage interview and game here.

Now you’re all caught up!

This will likely be our last post before Christmas. We’d like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday – wherever and whoever you are. ❤


4 Years Of What Happens On The Backstreet

On December 17, 2014, What Happens On The Backstreet officially began.

4 years…

Hundreds of thousands of clicks…

7800+ Twitter followers and 8300+ Facebook likes…

Multiple BSB events…

Countless memories later….


I started WHOTB anonymously to keep it “for fans, by fans”, which has been our tagline from the beginning. The majority of us are thinking the things written here – I’m just putting them into words. Usually, this is the only time of year I write personally, but if you’ve been following us this year, you know it’s been quite a ride and there were a few other personal notes here and there. I’m so immensely grateful for each and every one of you still reading this.

This year, I only want to say THANK YOU.

If it weren’t for EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of you who read WHOTB on the regular or interact on our social pages, this would be the end. In fact, everytime I thought about throwing in the towel on this “venture”, for lack of a better term, this year, one of you unknowingly said something kind, suggested a subject for a post that I couldn’t turn down, told us how you found the information you needed for an upcoming Backstreet event by finding WHOTB, etc. It seemed like everytime I was done, you guys knew where to fill in the spaces.

For Fans. By Fans.

What Happens has never been more by the fans than it has this year. From numerous posts that included your input and helpful information to the sweetest fans who have shared info, tips, photos and videos with us while attending events all over the world to holding up your BSB 25 hearts at the Sail Away Party on the cruise, I absolutely could not have kept this site going without you.

Oh, and banding together to create and fund the EPIC 25th anniversary Billboard ad for the Boys with enough money left over to donate to St. Jude?? YOU GUYS DID THAT.

2018 has been a year of highs and a few challenges for Backstreet Boys and fans alike but when the going has gotten tough, we’ve had each other. This year, having a fan-mily that has your back has never meant more. This year, loving a band that moves forward in the face of adversity has never been more inspiring. This has been a year of learning and I hope to move forward into the next year with a renewed spirit.

Thank you to everyone who has supported WHOTB from the beginning. Thank you to everyone who reads, shares, likes, and comments on our posts – even if we agree to disagree. Thank you for all of your kindest words (and even the not so kind – it makes for a thicker skin). Thank you for laughing with us at the dumb stuff and crying with us at the emotional. Thank you for understanding when we’ve had to take a break.

Thank you to those who I’ve bounced ideas off of, especially Kristie, who also writes posts for WHOTB, but mostly tells me what sounds good and what sounds bad. 🙂

I can’t tell you that What Happens On The Backstreet will be around forever, but I can tell you that because of this “hobby” I started 4 years ago, I have gotten to know some of the best people that I would otherwise not have known, I have gotten to chat with some of the sweetest souls and I have enjoyed Backstreet experiences on another level because we all got to share them together.

Shout out to Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick for staying together long enough for all of us to become a fan-mily and for finally releasing a new album so I have a new reason to stick around these parts. Just kidding! (Kind of.) In all seriousness, those five make it so easy to get behind them, right? Forever a fan. Forever shouting to the world that these are our Boys!

Soooo… if you’ll have us, let’s head into year five together. 2019 is already looking bright with a Grammy nomination, a new album, a new tour, a few Las Vegas shows and who knows what else! The future is looking bright and we’ll be here to talk ALLLL about it. Can’t wait to meet even more of you.

Wishing everyone peace and wellness, hope and happiness, and all of your wildest Backstreet dreams to come true.





30 Gifts For The Backstreet Boys Fan In Your Life

If you have a Backstreet Boys fan in your life, ‘CHANCES’ (heh, heh) are that you will be receiving a pre-ordered copy of the upcoming DNA album for Christmas (or Hanukkah), whether you like it or not (but you better like it) (and actually you won’t be getting it until January 25th).

Chances are they will already have it for themselves so obviously, you need help in picking out the perfect gift to repay them for the wonderful gift that they have given you. We are here to help!

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54 Thoughts We Had Watching The Backstreet Boys “Chances” Music Video

1. How many BSB fans first saw the departure board and paused to see if there was some hidden meaning aka tour dates?

2. We LOVE that they did use the board to put the song title and who directed it. We see you, AJ!

3. Yo, this train station is CLEAN.

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A New Era of Backstreet: Everything You Might Have Missed About ‘DNA’ Album + World Tour (So Far)

It’s finally here!!

While we LOVE the Vegas residency, collabs, solo work and whatnot, we have been waited for years (literally) for a new Backstreet Boys album and tour. We’ve heard songs that “may or may not be” on the album on the 2018 cruise, we’ve been promised for a while, and we’ve gotten two singles and now…. THE TIME HAS COME.

And boy has it come!

**Scroll to bottom for latest updates**

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#WhatAreTheChances That The Backstreet Boys Know How Much They’ve Changed Our Lives?

With the release of the Backstreet Boys’ second new single in 2018 on the horizon (“Chances” drops November 9th) and their use of  #WhatAreTheChances via social media to invite fans to share stories about the chance they got to meet best friends, significant others, and other sweet memories, we started reflecting. Join us, won’t you?

What Are The Chances…

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What’s Happening On The Backstreet: November 3, 2018


It’s been a while. In fact, it’s been nearly a month! We’ve never left you guys hanging that long and if that kept you out of the loop, we apologize and thank YOU for sticking with us. The easiest way to come back was with an update post of ALL THE THINGS going on right now that you need to know about.

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Everything You Need To See (And Hear) From The Backstreet Boys 2018 UK Promo

It’s no secret that the Backstreet Boys are spending a few days in London after filming the new music video (we don’t know when we’ll see it) for their second soon-to-be released single (we don’t officially know the title) from their upcoming album (which we currently have no details about — but when we do…).

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50 Thoughts We Had Watching The Backstreet Boys “Get Down” Music Video

Back by popular demand, we’re bringing  you more “Thoughts We Had…” posts! Since the beginning, we’ve had multiple people to ask us to do one for “Get Down” and honestly, it just seems like the mecca of Backstreet Boys music videos in terms of having thoughts. Why? Because there’s SO many thoughts to be had about it and none at all.

I thought about making this post “one thought we had” and capitalizing a BIG WTF… but I rewatched and well, here you go! Enjoy!

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