30 Gifts For The Backstreet Boys Fan In Your Life

If you have a Backstreet Boys fan in your life, ‘CHANCES’ (heh, heh) are that you will be receiving a pre-ordered copy of the upcoming¬†DNA album for Christmas (or Hanukkah), whether you like it or not (but you better like it) (and actually you won’t be getting it until January 25th).

Chances are they will already have it for themselves so obviously, you need help in picking out the perfect gift to repay them for the wonderful gift that they have given you. We are here to help!

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4ish Backstreet Boys Themed Gifts You Can Find On Etsy


It might be a little too late to order gifts in times for the holidays, but there are some Backstreet Boys themed items on Etsy (and more) that would make great gifts into the new year! Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day… it’s ALWAYS a good time for BSB presents, right?

1. For Your Friends With A Birthday.


Umm, you definitely might want to order these cards in bulk for EVERYONE with a birthday in your life, which is, well, everybody. After you order the cards, you’re going to need some tasty treats as an actual gift. That’s when you order this!


I mean, a Backstreet card and cookies?! Best birthday EVER!!

2. For The Friend With A Baby.


Whether it’s for a baby shower or for your friend’s new baby boy, of COURSE they need this ‘Backstreet Boy’ onesie. While it’s not only a nod to the greatest band on earth, it’s also a gift for your friend with the husband that would normally object to BSB apparel on his child. “But it’s a GIFT!”, she’ll say. Gifts are made to be worn…. and passed down when the baby grows up. It’s can be the traveling onesie among your friends.

3. For The Beer Drinking Friend (Or A Sneaky Present For Your Man Friend)


Really though, you can put anything you want IN it because the freaking Backstreet Boys are ON it! You’ll want to take this glass everywhere!

4. For The Friend Who Likes To Be Discrete


The Backstreet Boys faces on things aren’t for everyone. In that case, you have lyrical gifts, like the bracelet above! There’s also the joy that fills any fan when you slide the Backstreet Boys inconspicuously into a gift for a relative and we’ve found the perfect one for the Perfect Fan….you know, your mom.

There’s also always our favorite Etsy shop from fellow fangirl, Made With Love Jewelry! ¬†You may remember the giveaway we ran with her a few months ago. She has amazing things in her shop but also takes custom orders as well… and yes, that includes Backstreet Boys themes. Check it out!