9 Backstreet Boys Fans Share Stories About Their Dads For Father’s Day

A few months ago, for Mother’s Day, we asked you to share stories about your moms as it relates to your Backstreet Boys experiences and we loved reading them all!

Naturally, with Father’s Day, we wanted to do the sames. We asked for stories about your dads and the dads to your babies and, as always, you sent them in. We laughed, we felt your feels, and we thank you for trusting WHOTB to share your stories!

To all of you celebrating Father’s Day with a loved one today, we hope it’s a good one. To those of you who have suffered loss, an absence, or are celebrating this day in a different way (or just surviving a regular Sunday), we see you and we’re wishing you all the comfort one can stand. ❤

“When I was younger and the Backstreet Boys were just getting started in their career, I was very into their music. One day, I went up to my dad and I asked him for the Millennium CD, which came out May 18th, 1999. I also asked him for The Hits–Chapter One Cd which was released on October 23rd, 2001. He happily purchased both CDs for me knowing how much I liked the Backstreet Boys. Another time, knowing how much I loved this band, he came home one day and surprised me with the For the Fans VHS Tape which was only distributed by Burger King and was from like 2000. Even now as a grown adult knowing how much I still love Backstreet Boys my dad is so excited for me to be able to see them in concert next summer in July 2021. He is the best Dad in the world supporting my Backstreet Boy Habit and knowing how happy they make me! Thank you, Dad, for always supporting my Backstreet Boy Habit. <3” – Andreina Camejo

“I’m from Atlanta so when I was still living there my dad took me to both the Millennium tour and the Black and Blue tour! He may try to take me to the DNA tour next summer if there is any tickets left! Thanks dad, love you!” – Abby Mullilin

“My dad is the possibly the biggest not-so-secret/secret BSB fan. He’s a massive music fan anyway (seriously, he has like thousands of CDs) so he appreciates a well written pop song sang well. Being a BSB fan in my house growing up was inevitable and certainly both parents took a ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’ attitude (my older brother not so much). Dad always maintained Brian was his favourite as he reckoned he’d be the best one to go for a pint with. He chose “Don’t Wanna Lose You Now” as one of his ten songs for Desert Island Discs and even gave them a shout out in his father of the bride speech.

My favourite dad story when it comes to my dad though is when he managed to source Millennium for me 2 days before it actually went on sale. He was really good friends with the guy who owned the local independent record shop and between the two of us, we were in there quite often. The album was due to be released on the Monday and he’d been in on the Saturday going about his usual music buying business. From his recollection the conversation went something like this:

Dad: I imagine I’ll be back in Monday morning
John: How come?
Dad: Little ‘un will be after the new Backstreet Boys album
John: I’ve got it now if you want it?
Dad: But it’s not out until Monday…
John: Yeah but I’ll just ring it through the till on Monday morning
Dad: Serious dad points for me, sold!

I mean, not overly ethical, but this was over 20 years ago and that shop isn’t there anymore so I don’t think we’re in much risk of anyone getting in any trouble! What was even nicer was that I was out at the time so he just left it on the mantelpiece for me to finally notice. And of course, me being me and wouldn’t notice something if it came a snack me in the face, it took me a good hour or so. When i did see it though I think I made a sound only audible to dogs and probably knew all the words to every song by the Sunday morning. It may seem like a little thing, but back then, before stuff got leaked on the internet or you could stream stuff instantly, having an album two days before everyone else felt really, really special. And, without meaning to get too sappy (although it is father’s day after all), I think because music is something we’ve always bonded over so he got what it felt like to be really excited about new music form your absolute favourite band or artist. He knew how happy it would make me so was worth sticking his neck out for me.” – Helen Newman

“I was so lucky to have an amazing dad and many amazing memories with him. My dad was a computer programmer and I never had a lot of interest in it, but one day I asked him to help me learn how to make a website for the Backstreet Boys. The site helped my dad and I become closer and while the site never really went anywhere, it gave us something to really bond over.

He also always made sure we had the ability to go to shows and that my friends could go as well. (This was the early days of eBay) he bought tickets off eBay and paid for the hotels. He fully supported our BSB obsession (as long as he didn’t have to go lol).
I was very very lucky and I miss my dad a lot but I know he would be happy I’m out living my best life! 💖 Happy father’s day in heaven dad.” – Carrie Graham

“There was a store he used to buy lottery tickets from on his way home from work. And whenever he saw there were magazines with BSB on the cover, he would call to say he’s picking me up to take me to that store so I could pick out the magazines I wanted!” – Diana Jeanne

“Everyone knows I am super close to my dad but back in the Black and Blue Era he brought me to my first Backstreet Boys concert for the Black and Blue Tour. He didn’t watch the show with me but he stayed in the parents area the arena had at the time. He used to bring me to all my concerts and stuff. My dad is super supportive of my BSB travels. I love my dad and I have been very glad to have at least one parent that understands what the guys mean to me.” – Tracy

“I don’t have one about my dad but my husband and father of my two girls who LOVE BSB almost as much as I do!

We were in pit in Vegas for the very first time and I asked my husband to lift up our youngest who was 6 at the time of any of the boys came to like touch hands or what not! I kid you not, HE PUSHED HER OUT OF THE WAY to fist bump Kevin! LOL. He later said he got caught up in the moment because he didn’t realize they were that cool or awesome live!

*she also got fist bump* Haha!” – Zaria

“One day my dad was watching MTV and they where playing “Get Down”. He asked me who that band was, and I didn’t know so I investigated with my cousin and she told me they are the Backstreet Boys!! So my dad is the reason that I’m a fan of them and I’m grateful.” – FaBy

“My dad accompanied me to every BSB concert I visited in the 90s and early 00s. My best memory is of the Millennium tour. There was a competition to meet the boys if you had a blue outfit. So my dad matched my smurfette outfit with a Papa smurf outfit. We didn’t win but I love the dedication!” – Janneke

Thank you to all who shared and Happy Father’s Day to these cool dads and beyond!

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8 Tips For Having A Backstreet Boys Fan In Your Home For The Holidays

Happy Holidays, friends! We realize that this should have been written a hair earlier, but the truth is that this list applies for all times of the year for anyone with a Backstreet Boys loving guest in their house.

While we normally writing FOR Backstreet fans, this one is for the friends, family, and anyone who doesn’t know what to do with one of us for an extended periods of time. If a fan has shared this with you, take a hint and read it for your own safety…we mean, pleasure.

If you find yourself needing a few guidelines, here’s a few tips…

1. DON’T ask us when we’re seeing the Backstreet Boys next.


If you haven’t seen us post about it on social media, chances are we don’t know. If we don’t know, it’s really a toss up of what reaction you’ll get when you ask. While you are no doubt well-meaning in your question, our response could range anywhere from reasonable (because thank God our bank account is getting a break) to anger (because they’re doing things but NOWHERE near us) to a big mopey mope answer (because IT’S BEEN TWO MONTHS AND TWO MONTHS IS TOO LONG, OKAY?). You’ve been warned. It’s best to let us hint before you ask.

2. DO ask us about the album, the tour, etc.


This is a pretty safe question for the BSB fan in your home. We will talk for days about the events we have been to recently, the album (and all of the stats), and all of the like (while trying not to sound crazy). It’s not that we have nothing else to talk about, we just know a lot and we’re excited about all of it! We appreciate your interest (or at least an interest in talking about what we like before talking about what you like), but be warned – we’ll smell it if you’re only asking to lead into our #3 tip.

3. DON’T be condescending about the amount of money or time you think we’ve spent on the band this year. 


We didn’t ask how much you spent on your knitting material or your ugly shoes you insist on wear everywhere, Susan. This question is the fangirl / fanboy equivalent of “when are you getting married / having children?”

4. DO gift us anything we can use while we’re on tour…er…traveling.


From bags to comfy plane clothes to travel size anything, we will definitely put it to good use! And if you’re really down to make some brownie points, head to the BSB merch store.

5. DON’T make too many jokes about the other boyband. 


We’ve heard it allllll and while we’ll laugh politely for a few jokes and maybe even joke back, please, we beg of you – balance your “jokes” with intelligence and know when to stop. Also, please know the difference between Justin Timberlake and NSYNC because if you want to battle, we will battle and you will lose.

6. DO know that we do have a sense of humor though.


While we might not find the unoriginal “Bye, Bye, Bye” jokes funny, we can definitely find the humor in some / most things and we have some pretty ridiculous stories – trust.

7. DON’T worry — we know love for a band is hard to understand for some.


It’s a Backstreet thing – you wouldn’t understand. Just kidding! In all seriousness, the love someone has for a band is something that we would love everyone to understand, but sometimes it’s personal and sometimes it’s just something that we don’t expect anyone else to “get”. It’s tough out here! When in doubt, just pass us the mashed potatoes and alcohol!

8. DO feel free to join in! 


We’d love for you to want the new album (we all have 14 extra copies thanks to concerts) or come with us to the next concert — just ask! We’re always looking to recruit….if you can handle it.