11 Reasons We Love Kevin Richardson

When we were younger, Kevin Richardson was the Backstreet Boy our mom approved of. He’s always been put together, charming, and well respected. As we got older, Kevin became the one that WE adored. He’s funny, he’s talented, and he’s stunningly handsome! Why do we love him? So. many. reasons!

1. His Talent Knows No Bounds.

His voice. His acting. His piano playing. It’s all SO GOOD. We could swim around in the sound of his voice (because it’s THAT good) and we could be terrified of the characters he’s played (ala Bloody Indulgent). Then there was that REALLY amazing time when he starred as Billy Flynn in Chicago – singing AND dancing? Man, it doesn’t get better. We admire all that he does because he does it so well.

2. He’s A Little Scary…


Out of all the Backstreet Boys in the world, Kevin will scare the shit out of you with just one look – and everyone knows it. Although Nick doesn’t seem to be phased by it anymore, we sure are. Then again, we’re also kind of turned on by it. When the man means business, he means business. Who doesn’t love a take charge man!?

3. …But He’s Also Hilarious.

200 (9)

Sometimes, when you least expect it, Kevin is also the funniest Backstreet Boy. It’s also usually when the other Boys are least expecting it either (or they’re not paying attention). We LOVE his humor and we are so glad to have it back. It adds a certain… something to the group.He’s just so comfortable, he doesn’t care. That’s the best!


4. He Has The Patience Of A Saint. 

200 (2)

22 years, and he still hasn’t punched one of the other Boys in the face for getting on his nerves. Kevin is big on coming from a place of “peace and love” and hearing everyone out. He’s fair, he’s kind, and he’s patient. He’s a breath of fresh air.

5. He’s A Crazy Kind of Hot.

200 (7)

Like he came out of a GQ magazine, we’re certain when Kevin left in 2006 that he went on a voyage to find the fountain of youth. He’s undeniably beautiful inside and out. He also NEVER looks a hot mess. Just hot. Hot Hot Hot.

6. He’s Hardcore About The Things He Loves.


If you follow him on Twitter, you KNOW when football season starts because that’s when Kevin goes all kinds of fanboy for the boys in Blue — Kentucky blue, that is. He’s probably one of their biggest supporters and honestly, nothing got to our hearts more than seeing him on the field with his boys. The look of pride on his face and how much he absolutely LOVES things with passion is our favorite.

7. We’ve Made Him Our Role Model For Relationships.

download (5)

You can not NOT love Kevin and Kristin Richardson. Their love story is a fairytale, their vacation pictures are enviable… actually, every picture of them is enviable. They are a couple we all aspire to be because it’s happy and healthy. Their two sons are everything to them and it definitely shows. If you’re looking for real #relationshipgoals – look no further. The way Kevin looks at his family is the way any girl wants a man to look at her / her children.

8. He Is SO Sincere!


There’s not ONE person that’s met Kevin Richardson and wasn’t shaken to the core by how sincere he was and how intently he listens when you speak. He’s got a crazy sincerity that will make you feel like you’re the only person in the room. The shocking thing is that he does actually care about what you’re saying and wants to hear it and reply in a way that is satisfactory. We’re not sure that he knows his affect on us and how much we sincerely appreciate it, but we SO do.

9. He’s Not Afraid To Cry.

Everyone knows it. We love that he wears every emotion on his sleeve and none of us were surprised when he cried over Nick’s new single, “I Will Wait”. It’s endearing.

10. Tweeting Kevin Is Our Favorite Past Time.


Kevin’s really only taken to tweeting since he rejoined the Backstreet Boys, but oh man, Twitter would not be the same without him. We don’t even care about getting tweets from Kevin (except we do) as much as we just love reading his responses. While he’s a BIG lover of emojis, his responses (in true Kevin fashion) are sincere, hilarious, and different. If you’re not following him already, here’s why you should.

11. The Man Loves To Love.

Bottom line: Kevin is a lover. He’s a peaceful person with a whole lot of love and we have a WHOLE lot of love for him. Thank you for coming back, Kevin. Thank you for being you.

We ❤ you, Kevin – Happy Birthday!

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