10 Reasons Why We Love Kevin And Kristin Richardson

It’s been 15 years since Kevin and Kristin were married, but you really wouldn’t know it. Why, you ask? Because this couple still looks like newlyweds! The Richardsons are setting an example for all couples and we’re obsessed. Here are just a FEW of the reasons why:

1. They’re Literally A Fairytale Come True.


These two met at Disney World then she became a Rockette and he became a Backstreet Boy. Their story is a magical one and even more magical? They were dating before the celebrity and are still together 20+ years later. That is such a rarity in today’s world, much less in the life of fame. They may have had their ups and downs, but they’ve taught us that sticking it out is key and there is truly such a thing as soulmates.

2. We’ve Never Seen Two People So Happy Together.

images (21)

images (25)

images (26)

Kevin and Kristin tend to glow when they’re together. It’s not a fake kind of happy either. From the first time we saw them together, they both have looked a perfect kind of happy. That’s the happiness that only comes from being in love and we see it everytime. (P.S. They don’t age either.)

3. They Inspire The Rest Of Us.

26676 images (22) images (23)


There’s not a lot of couples in today’s time that make us believe that true love exists, but the Richardsons are one of those couples that make us believe in happy endings. We’re sure they have their flaws just like every other couple, but the important thing is, that we see that everything can be fixed when you truly love one another. Marriage can work out and love can be kept alive after being committed to it for 15 years.

4. Have You SEEN Their Babies?

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images (27)

As we mentioned in the last post, fans rejoiced when an announcement was made that Kevin would be a father. We were just as excited to see the couple be parents together and what their children would look like because, let’s be real, Kevin and Kristin are GORGEOUS. Then we melted again when they announced their second pregnancy. The joy radiating from both of them was contagious and beautiful. Also, we were right, their sons, Mason and Maxwell, are ADORABLE. Now, the Richardsons aren’t only the couple we want to be, but the parents we want to be as well. Everything from dressing up for Halloween to being normal cool parents, they make it look like the best thing ever. We can almost guarantee they’re going to be the cool parents to Mason and Maxwell’s friends growing up.

5. They Support Each Other.

images (24)

We love a couple that supports each other and lets each other do their own thing. Kristin has her own ventures in acting and photography while Kevin, obviously, has been recording and on tour since his return in 2012. They’ve always been so outwardly supportive of each other’s projects, whether it be environmental projects, film endeavors, or touring. Our hearts are warmed everytime we see them together on tour. Despite a long time on the road or Kevin’s being away from home, we also love that she enjoys the show just like a fan and hangs out at afterparties to, indeed, party. We dig it.

6. Tweets Like This.


Enough said. This may be the cutest thing EVER.

7. They Vacation Like The Normies.

images (14)

When not on tour, there’s usually a few vacation photos that pop up from the favored couple and we always love that they look just like our vacations with friends. Fun and fuss free, no private beaches. And might we add, Kristin has had two children fairly recently and looks like THAT! She’s a goddess. Which makes sense since Kevin is pretty close to perfection.

They’re perfect, okay?!

8. This Is What Perfection Looks Like.

download (5)

Like we just said, they’re perfect. Okay, maybe not perfect, because who is? But we are certainly in love with them. You’d think they were just married yesterday.Nope, 15 years ago, folks. And they still look like this. What. Is. Their. Secret.

9. The Nicest People You’ll Ever Meet.

To our knowledge, we have never heard anyone have a bad experience with Kevin and Kristin. They are genuinely the sweetest people you could ever meet, together or separate. Kevin is notorious for how good he is to fans, but SURPRISE! So is his better half. Recently, at Kevin’s induction to the Kentucky Music Hall Of Fame, fans returned with nothing but kind words about the two.

10. Everyone Is Rooting For Them.

Kevin and Kristin are full of the love and light that we need more of in the world. They’re the couple that we love to love. The peace, trust, and happiness that their relationship is built upon is pretty apparent and the beauty of it shines through everytime you see them. Plus, they are two of the coolest people you will ever meet!

Happy 15th Anniversary, Kevin and Kristin – We love seeing your Happily Ever After! ❤


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