26 Thoughts We Had While Watching Nick and Sharna’s Backstreet Jazz


This week, before I begin, I would just like to say, on behalf of the fandom, this performance gave us SERIOUS feels. Not just because we will suck up ANYTHING Backstreet related right now, but because these Boys are a family. Not only did Nick feel like his bandmates saved HIM, the majority of us feel like they saved us in some way or another. We are so thankful for the Backstreet Boys. We are so thankful for Nick Carter. We are so VERY thankful for Sharna Burgess. I’m pretty sure the best of our memorable years involve the Backstreet Boys too.

Now, onto to what you came here for….

  1. Who is Nick talking to?! (It was Joey Fatone)
  2. AJ has the perfect REAR view. He is in prime fangirl position.
  3. The music starts and immediately, we can’t breathe. Severe withdrawal kicks in. And pride. WITHDRAWALS AND PRIDE.
  4. This whole “controlling the backdrop with my hands” thing NEEDS to be incorporated into tour somewhere. We love powerful Backstreet Boys.
  5. Is Sharna even coming out for this? Is she somewhere losing her fan-mind?!
  6. Nick’s arm movements are SHARP! He should have been a cheerleader.
  7. HE DID IT AGAIN! The backdrop was controlled by Nick Carter.
  8. At this point, we’re all screaming and like, 10 inches from the screen in full fan-mode.
  9. Sharna! Oh my God! There you are! You were missing this!
  11. Wonder if it was weird to Nick that Sharna isn’t Brian, Kevin, Howie, or AJ…
  12. Is it weird that he can see AJ where fans normally are?? Don’t thrust in AJ’s face, Nick!
  13. I could actually watch Nick and Sharna do this for days…
  14. They’re so in sync (no pun intended).
  15. Can Sharna choreograph the next Backstreet tour? PLEASE.
  16. I feel like a see a smidge of “Larger Than Life” in this. Is that just me?
  18. This is the second dance that Nick has popped himself off the floor. When did he learn how to do that?! Not going to lie, I thought he was going to hump for a sec. He has a perpetual floor humping habit.
  20. There he goes…that’s what we’ve been waiting 4 weeks for. Typical Nick Carter Am-I-Sexual-Because-I’ll-Show-You-I-Am move. Hope you’re enjoying this, AJ!
  21. Sharna, never wash your hand again.
  22. They owned the Backstreet dance. OWNED. IT. I want to CRY.
  23. Not sure if that hip drop was intentional for Sharna but she worked it. We’re obsessed.
  24. Think Howie would let Nick toss him around like this?
  25. Maybe AJ would let Nick dip him…
  26. Pretty sure Sharna just had a conversation with Joey Fatone with her head upside down. And we ADORE how long it took her to come offstage.

30 out of 30 from the Backstreet Army – We can’t even.

Tune in next week for Switch Up week. Nick WON’T be dancing with Sharna (sigh!), but it’s just for one week and we’ll still be cheering everyone on. Same time, same place!


2 thoughts on “26 Thoughts We Had While Watching Nick and Sharna’s Backstreet Jazz

  1. When you watch the video if you look in the upper right corner you can see her (Sharna) cheering and clapping along with everyone else when it first starts as well as giving direction to make sure Nick turns on time (it’s the third screen control he does).


  2. The hip drop (isolations as you call it in dance) you’re talking about (#23) was intentional. She used the beat of the song. All the isolations they did were just incredible!! The control and the placement on the musical beat. She really is an amazing dancer/teacher and versatile as all get out!!! And then before getting off the stage hugging on all the boy band members (only 6 of them!!). She is so humble!


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