How To Be A Backstreet Boy For Halloween


The month of October is HERE! Tired of being the same thing every year? Ever think about being your idol? Ever think about your boyfriend/husband dressing up as your idol? (Don’t lie, you so have!) We have your very specific Halloween how-to for everything you need to be your favorite Backstreet Boy come Halloween time!

If You Want To Be Nick Carter…


What You’ll Need:

  • Camo Pants / Shorts : This is a Carter staple on tour, at home, in life, etc.
  • Red Sweatpants: This option should be used if you can not find it in your heart to actually wear camo shorts/pants
  • A Towel: At some point during your Halloween extravaganza, you must sweat and throw your towel at someone
  • A Bottle of Water: In case you can’t sweat on command, you’ll need to pour this over your head while people watch
  • Teeth Whitener: His teeth are BLINDING – You will have to step up your game.
  • Black or White Wifebeater: Nick really feels himself in those.
  • Tampa Bay T-Shirt: Too cold for a wifebeater? Here’s your other option. For added effect, wear it for months beforehand so it looks worn and well-loved.
  • Detachable Hair: Nick’s hair rocks the world everytime it changes. For Carter perfection, change your hair throughout the night.

If You Want To Be Brian Littrell…


What You’ll Need:

  • Bright Tennis Shoes: Don’t even TRY to be Brian without an assortment of tennis shoes that make people say WOAH!
  • Tricks: He never makes it an hour without flipping upside down, jumping over objects, photobombing, etc.
  • Cross Necklace: Because it’s so Brian.
  • A Wylee Sweater: Particularly that grey cowl neck one. You know exactly what I’m talking about
  • Layers: Brian always looks warm and cozy.
  • The Arms of A God: BULK UP before you take on a Brian persona. Those arms are NO joke.
  • Gum: He chews it. A lot. 
  • 3 Energy Drinks: Because that’s how much it takes to match his energy. You must go from quiet to life of the party in 10 seconds.

If You Want To Be Kevin Richardson…


  • Eyebrows: Please. Don’t act like you don’t know why.
  • UK Gear: Kevin is walking advertisement for The University of Kentucky. You must also punch anyone who goes against the belief that UK is the end all be all of the sporting industry. 
  • Hair That Looks Perfect: Has anyone ever seen Kevin with a hair out of place? Also, don’t let that facial hair look scrappy either.
  • Tissues: You’re going to have to cry off and on throughout the night.
  • Eyes That Hypnotize: If you don’t understand, you’ve obviously never met Kevin. 
  • Perfectionism: If you’re at a party, go around straightening things and picking the lint off of pillows and people.
  • A Very Zen Demeanor: He’s always the one that you don’t know if he’s listening intently or judging you. Use it to your advantage.
  • Model Pose: Kevin has that knee-bend-lean-back pose DOWN. 

If You Want To Be AJ McLean…

  • Tattoos: If you’re not going to have tattoos, why are you being AJ? DO NOT try to be TATTOOLESS AJ. No one remembers that.
  • Skulls and Chains: Really, what is AJ without skulls and chains? We don’t even know.
  • Perfectly Sculpted Facial Hair: Fill that in with some mascara! 
  • Wifebeater: You know, to show off the tattoos.
  • Painted Nails: AJ really IS a grab bag of things. Who wears chains and has perfectly manicured nails? Mr.McLean.
  • Cell Phone and A Selfie Stick: KING OF SELFIES. You must take a pic with everyone you see.
  • Sunglasses: Another AJ staple – you’ll want to lower them and stare at people you want to pay attention to you.
  • A Little Girl: (Uhh, preferably one you know) Dad AJ is the BEST AJ. 

If You Want To Be Howie D. …

  • Wink: Every now and then, wink. People won’t know if it’s just your thing or if you’re flirting, but they’ll know who you are.
  • Look Expensive: Howie looks like he’s dressed for a magazine and smells like a department store at all times.
  • BYOB: Always the life of the party with a drink (or two) in your hand.
  • Have a High Tolerance For Annoying Things: The man has spent 22 years with Nick and Brian and still hasn’t punched one of them.
  • Latin Hips: Get your salsa moves down!
  • Will Power: You will have to stay until the party is over if you want to be Howie.

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