17 Fans Share Their Favorite Memories With Brian Littrell


41 years ago (WHAT?! He’s like 20!), Brian Littrell was born and the world changed. Maybe not immediately, but one by one, since he was 18, Brian has been touching peoples hearts – fans, strangers, and fellow celebrities alike. He’s a role model, an inspiration, a fighter of sorts and kind of our superhero.

When I asked people to send in their favorite memories with him, people responded with a fierceness and most were “How do I pick my favorite?”. When you’ve been so kind to so many that people don’t know which interaction has been their favorite, you know you’re living life right. The common denominator in everyone’s favorite memory is that Brian made every person comfortable, that he takes the time to try and get to know everyone who is excited to meet him, that he cares and that he’s listening. If you’ve ever met Mr. Littrell, you know that he is one of the most sincere “celebrities” you will ever have the chance to meet. I say “celebrity” because it’s always been clear that the fame that has been bestowed upon him isn’t his thing, but man, are we lucky it happened. We’re lucky.

Continue reading for the favorite memories that fans shared with me, but beware, you’re going to get some feels!


Wow, there’s so many memories with Brian that I have! My favorite ones are randomly running into him at Disneyland and getting a pic with his family, and the numerous times he’s seen me during a concert or soundcheck and makes me feel special! Wishing Brian a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Thank you for everything you do for me personally! Love you always and forever!!! – @btl2345


I have many special memories with Brian but my favorite absolutely is the first VIP which happened in February 2014. I remember that I was very anxious but he found the way to make me feel comfortable, he hugged me once and I gave to him a personalized necklace. I remember that I looked at him trying to understand his reaction: he opened his eyes a little more and he said: “wow it’s so beautiful, thank you so much”. He hugged me a second time and then we took the picture for the VIP while he held it in his hands. After, he went away to put the necklace with other gifts and I was starting to say goodbye to the other guys. I was near to do the same with Howie, when he went back and hugged me a third time and told me: “I’m really happy to have met you.” So then, I forgot to say bye to Howie but it’s okay. He is a very special person, human being, who is able to make you happy with little things. Happy Birthday Brian. I wish you all the best on your way now and forever, you really deserve it, you are an extraordinary man. – @bsbmyonlylove



I want to share with you my favorite memories with Brian for his birthday. I’m a big fan of BSB. My fave is Brian and My Birthday is the 20th too! It is an honor to me to have the same Birthday! – @alys_littrell





This photo was taken in NYC August 97 at a autograph session when Bsb released their 1st CD in the USA. Brian was the first I would talk to. I was so nervous, I walked up and in his amazing Kentucky accent, he said “Hi darling , what your name?”

I said, “I’m DEBBBBIE!”

He smiled and said “Nice to meet you I’m BRIANNN!”


“Awesome. I like MONTREALLL.”  Finally I felt a little better and told him,”Brian, I just want to say my friends and I stood outside for 11 1/2 hrs to meet you.”

He said, “OMG really?????” He turned to Howie, “HEY did you hear that? 11 1/2 hours plus All the way from Montreal Canada!!” I’ll never forget that. Thanks, Brian. – @Donniesdeva


It was hard to pick one favorite Brian memory but I went with….the time I photobombed him and he shared the picture on his Instagram. I mean it’s not every day you get to photobomb a Backstreet Boy and end up on his Instagram page. – @Yahtzee27


During the Backstreet Anniversary Cruise at the beach party, me and my friends were waiting for him and LeighAnne. On their way to take a selfie with us, someone behind me/us tried to cut through to ask Brian for an autograph. Brian was talking to us, so he asked my friend what is her name, the girl behind us said her name, Brian said ‘ I’m sorry! I’m having a conversation with this ladies. Please wait.’ I love how he takes time with each and everyone of us fans. Even if some are rude and tries to interupt one’s moment with the Boys or one of the Boys. We all had a turn taking pics and talking to both Brian and LeighAnne. I’ll never forget that moment. – @Jhie0730


Sadly, haven’t met him yet… But my favorite memory would have to be seeing him in person for the first time. It was 4/22/13 for the Walk of Fame. He saw me but I don’t know if he knew who it was. He was walking towards me but one of the guards held him back. I know it’s not that big but he was coming towards me and that meant a lot. Also got a hug from Leighanne. – @LoveinLeighBri


The best moment I have with Brian is when he jump the barricade in TIU Tour in Chile, back in 2011, he hugged me and looked really emotional with my story. That was the first meet & greet I had with them . I have problems to walk so Q told me to wait till the final. At that time the photos were with barricades..I was waiting with my brother and the first who jumped was Brian, then Nick, AJ and Howie. Really I still can’t believe it yet..we talked, specially with Brian, I gave him a letter..he was really really cute. – @Cotecita_Carter



I have so many memories with Brian. From the first time I met him at my very first bsb meet and greet to going to the first annual opening of the Wylee store in Atlanta Georgia. But the memory that sticks out the most to me was having my first interaction with him by himself in Kentucky. I remember I was so nervous and excited to try and get a solo picture with my favourite bsb. I thought it would not happen because of the amount of people that were there. But I had two of my friends Stephanie and Heather make it happen for me by pushing me a bit closer so I can get my opportunity of a photo with him. When I was there he looked at me and smiled. I froze for a second and told him it was great to see you again Brian. He said “it is great to see you as well.” Gave me a big hug and we took our picture. From that moment on I knew that I was truly blessed and lucky to have met the one guy that has been part of my life already for 18 years. That small interaction with him was the best moment and feeling in the world. So thanks to Brian for taking his few seconds and minutes of his time to interact with a fan . It means the world to me and so glad I had all of the chances I did in seeing you. – @Brok_Vanessa21


So I only have one Brian memory…for now. It’s the only time I’ve ever met him. I just wanna point that I had a teeny thing for Brian before meeting him but I went to that concert a Nick girl. But yeah, I remember after I was done hugging Kevin, it was Brian. His eyes are soooo pretty in person. His eyes are life. I was just like “Hey boo” And he’s just so nice and he gives the best hugs. I know everyone says Kevin does and his hugs are awesome too but there was just something about Brian. I remember having to remind myself to break the hug. I remember him saying something about “Good to see ya” and “Enjoy the show” I just wanted to say something else to him and the first thing I could think of was “Next time you guys should come to Barclay’s Center. You could have the after party a my house. Its right there.” …I don’t know – I was being funny. But I remember his face. He was just smiling and he raised his eyebrows like “oh really” And then he said “yeah son” and made like a gesture with his hand. That made me laugh. It was hilarious to me cause number one…how does he know to use that word like that and number two, I know that I sound really “hood” when I get nervous. I guess it’s a defensive thing and he was like mimicking me. He’s so silly. But yeah it’s safe to say I’m officially a Brian girl now (Sorry Nick) and it pretty much started that day. – Alicia


Oh, my dear and wonderful Brian.  I know a lot of people have some amazing memories with him, because he truly is one of the most wonderful people I have ever had the chance to meet.
I have two memories, if you don’t mind my sharing both.
The first one is from the London VIP experience during the Unbreakable Tour.  My first backstage event, and it was at a Backstreet Boys concert.  As Brian said: “Are you all right?  You look like you’re in shock.”  I was in shock.  I still am, all these years later.  My memory might be small compared to others’ but it shows that Brian is a diamond in the sea of people out there.
A fan, who became one of my Facebook friends after the VIP, was in a wheelchair that day.  Brian was going to take us onstage so that we could see what they see.  But then he realized that this girl in a wheelchair might not be able to get up there.  He asked her if she would be able to get onto the stage, and I casually said, “She will if you hold her hand.”  Now, I didn’t mean anything by it, I just said that cause, you know, everyone feels great when Brian holds their hand (don’t they?).  And, to our complete astonishment, he held her hand and helped her climb onto the stage!  A small gesture, but just recounting that is bringing tears to my eyes.
The second memory was at another VIP, in Belfast this time, for the NKOTBSB tour.  He was perfect during that VIP.  First, he did a Q & A, which I inadvertantly monopolized.  It was April 20th, and I started telling him, on behalf of the fans, happy anniversary, and thanking him for everything.  It was a little speech that I hadn’t even planned on saying, and Brian listened to me with his eyes wide and a smile on his face (is it warm in here or is it just me?).  He thanked me, and looked over at Eddie, who was busy fidgeting with his camera, and asked him whether he had caught all that (what I had said).  When Eddie said no, Brian turned to me and asked me to repeat it.  Repeat?  Me?  I could barely breathe, let alone remember what I had said to him, but I tried, and he still listened with that smile on his face.
After that, he took us backstage to their changing area, and that’s when Q came over to tell us that the concert doors had been opened, and the fans were already coming in.  This concert had a pit, so there were no assigned seats on the floor, which meant that if we wanted to have front row for the concert, well, it was going to be difficult.  The look on Brian’s face when Q told him about the doors, I’ll never forget.  He looked crestfallen, and immediately offered to let us go so that we could try and get good spots for the show.  But we decided to stay with him to finish the backstage tour and take the pictures with him.
It was quite an experience, to see him care so much about us.  Because I know he cares about the fans.  And we care about him.  He’s Brian, how can we not?
– Vanessa Court-Payen
My memory with Brian happened last year while IAWLT tour was here in Brazil. I had VIP tickets and brought him gifts. I also took a very flashy sign saying I wanted a funny selfie with him. It turns out that at the soundcheck party I couldn’t get close enough but he read my poster up from the stage and made faces for me to take pictures. Not satisfied, at one time when the madness stabilized and the screaming decreased I called for him and he replied and sent me a kiss. When the time for the VIP photo came, I talked to everyone but when I looked at him I choked and he hugged me very hard like squeezed me and made the funny face that I asked. Let’s say he remembered me hahahaha. It was my second BSB concert but it was the show of my life! A few days later my love and admiration only increased when I saw pictures of him wearing my gifts – two shirts. I can’t wait for the next tour stop by so I can give more presentes to our beautiful angel who is always so attentive to fans. – @caroolrizzi
My first time meeting Brian was on the Backstreet Boys cruise 2014. It was the day of group photos. And he was the last one on line (of course we saved the best for last). So I gave all the guys a hug but once I got to Brian It was like the longest yet best hug ever. By the way, he smelled so good! After the photo was taken, Brian looks at me and tells me he loves my curls so of course this left a huge smile on my face and is something I would never forget. Why? Because I love my curls and I grew up hearing I should always straighten my hair. Brian loving my curls was the only confirmation I needed lol! So for that reason I’ll stick to my curls. Brian also signed my BSB hat that I got custom made & it’s something I will cherish forever! He’s just that awesome! I love me some B-Rok! Happy Birthday love! – Taisha Lopez-Cintron
This actually happened for the Boys’ 20th anniversary, which was the very first time I had ever seen them in person. So the ceremony ends, they all greeted us fans.  I got to take pictures of all of them, but Brian was literally posing for me and when I asked him for one last picture. He took my camera and snapped a selfie (pic on the right). He was so nice and patient with all of us. Coincidentally I posted that same pic of him for his birthday two years ago on twitter and that’s when the Boys official account started following me lol! Brian – if you read this you are compassionate, selfless, caring and talented, a beautiful human being inside and outside, an exemplary father, husband and friend. Happy Birthday may God bless you ALWAYS. – @kaoticbsb_love
It was always at that concert in Lucca. I was completely desperate and sad because I couldn’t do the meet and greet, so the only thing I could do was seeing the concert. I looked at the guys, once they were out. And during one moment of silence (strange right?), I screamed Brian’s name. He looked around, then he saw me waving. What happened? He waved back! – Gaia Ugoletti
Well my girls Jennifer, Stephanie, and Tiffany could probably tell the story better then me since I actually didn’t see it… So during BSB Takes New York, the night before they were on GMA, the boys did a few songs. We were all sitting on the floor there was no chairs or standing. I was sitting on the end of the row and there was a bit of space in front me. So they begin Larger Then Life and suddenly I see AJ run into the audience past us I turn around to look to see where he was going, not realizing the other guys ran into the crowd as well. So I’m looking behind me and suddenly I head my name being called and I don’t think anything of it. But they keep calling me name and started to shake me. Finally I whip my head back around and shout “what!!” Imagine my surprise when I’m staring into the eyes of one Brian Thomas Litrrell!!! Lucky I was sitting down or I would have fallen over. He apparently ran behind AJ and pretty much slid into my lap still singing and I had no clue. Brian had serenaded the back of my head!! I wonder if he still remembers that….i know I’ll never live it down. – Ashley Darpino
Thank you, Brian, for everything you’ve done for us, for the memories you don’t even know you’re making with us, and for blessing us with your talent, your words, and more. You’re a super human. Happy Birthday!

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