Hey Backstreet Boys, We Miss You. (Seriously.)


Hey Backstreet Boys –

We say it a lot, but we miss you all. We miss Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick. We know you’ve heard us say it over and over. We know you think we mean it lightly, but the truth is… it’s serious.

The In A World Like This album release and tour was amazing. It was everything we wanted from the group we’ve loved for years. It was Backstreet, it felt personal, it felt like you all REALLY wanted it. The feelings we got watching the five of you in the London house together, watching the documentary in general, affected us in the biggest way because it confirmed what we all wanted to believe – that the Backstreet Boys are still a family and that you weren’t going anywhere.

Except now you have.

Of course we completely understand breaks. The five of you have families, friends, and lives outside of work. We’re humans too, so we get it. We’re all adults with families, friends and lives of our own.

However, we’re tired of feeling guilty for asking what’s in the works. We’re not trying to be selfish, we’re simply trying to plan our own breaks. We’re trying to spread the word and help you out. If the Backstreet Boys aren’t planning on recording until the end of the year and not touring for another two years, tell us. Keep us in the loop. We’re not asking for constant tour, for another album tomorrow, for three cruises per year – we just want to know you still want it. 

The general fan morale is lower than ever and it is, perhaps, because for the first time in a few years, we’re not sure what’s going on. We can’t hype what we don’t know. We can’t get behind something that isn’t there. We can’t get mad at the media for saying Backstreet’s Back when, really, our fab five disappear for months at a time. We can only fight alone so much and we’ll gladly go to war for you if we have something to go to war for.

We’re only asking for the truth. If something has been delayed, tell us. We’ll understand. If something is coming up, tease us – we like getting excited. We are absolutely always here for each of you – individually or group. We’re asking (pleading) for the Backstreet Boys, the band we defend to the end, show up for, root for, to be here for us.

Kevin. Howie. Brian. AJ. Nick. We love each of you, we’ve grown with each of you, we’ve had good times and made great memories with each of you. For some of us, you’ve been the ones to save us. Don’t let us go so easily… because we’re losing touch.

S.O.S, Boys. We’re only trying to hold on.

– The Backstreet Army


For these reasons, I will be slowing down on the amount of WHOTB posts. When not much is happening on the Backstreet, it’s much more difficult to write about it. In recent posts I’ve made, while they were happy and lighthearted, it seems as though they have sometimes made fans a sort of sad, made the unknown worse, and I can’t risk that anymore. I can’t post things we’re hearing that MIGHT happen when they’re, in fact, NOT happening. The Twitter will still be active and of course, there WILL be posts – I’m not going away – but they will be less. I am committed to keeping the Backstreet fans informed, entertained, and hyping the Backstreet Boys as much as I can. I am hopeful and positive that Backstreet will be back….soon. ❤ Sara


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