8 Questions We Have For Kevin Richardson About The Oscars


Note: I know this post is late and the Oscars were nearly a week ago, but it’s about the eternally late Kevin, so I feel that it is appropriate. Also, blame Nick Carter who kept doing things everytime I tried to write this post.

Last Sunday, Kevin Richardson reemerged from his cocoon in the woods (we imagine) after a night in Vegas with Britney, to let us know he was watching the Oscars. Not only was he watching them, he had friends on the Red Carpet….and he tweeted about it several times! This led us to thinking about Kevin watching the award show and wonder what his thoughts were. Here’s our top questions:

1. How many people DOES he know in the room?

….And if he knows enough, can we get the Backstreet Boys an Oscar since the Grammys are being A-holes? Does he know more people than AJ who seems to know EVERYONE in Hollywood right now? Does Kevin only know the behind-the-scenes people? Because that seems very Kevin.

2. Does he crush on Rachel McAdams?

….Because there is not one of us who hasn’t looked at Rachel and automatically thought Kristin. Can Kristin play Rachel’s twin in an obscure critically acclaimed film so SHE can get an Oscar? We know an amazing group who can do the entire soundtrack.

3. Would Kevin and Kristin sit with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen?

….Because they seem like they could all be friends. And Kevin loves pregnant people and piano players. And snarky tweeters. Chrissy obviously loves the Backstreet Boys, so it’s perfect. MOVE OVER, SEAT HOLDERS.

4. Can there be a movie with Kevin and Jacob Tremblay?

We couldn’t even handle it. GIVE THEM EVERY AWARD!

5. What kind of Girl Scout Cookies does he prefer?

Chris Rock infamously sold his daughters’ Girl Scout Cookies during the show and it left us wondering – which Girl Scout cookies would Kevin buy? Did watching it make him crave the cookies? We feel like he’s a Tag Along kind of guy.


They have Oscar viewing parties…with their friends ON the Oscars. They probably have fresh hummus and homemade chips and the best wine in town. They’ve probably actually SEEN all of these movies. Can they please stop being every kind of goal?! Or don’t.

7. Did Kevin cry when Leo won?

…or did he cry because Leo is trying to save the Earth too? CAN KEVIN AND LEO PLEASE JOIN FORCES AND BE EARTH BUDDIES?! We will pick up all the trash and plant all the trees. (But seriously, we admire their efforts so much.)

8. How many times DID Kevin cry?

C’mon. You know it was at least twice.






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