5 Lessons We’ve Learned From Kevin Richardson

Everybody loves Kevin Richardson. Even your mom — literally. Everyone has a piece of Kevin that they love the most and those pieces make up one of the best men that we’ve ever had a chance of “knowing”.

And today just happens to be his birthday (unless you’re not reading this on October 3rd — then it’s just a regular day that we appreciate Kevin and stuff).

So, here’s a few things of the many things we’ve learned from the eldest Backstreet Boy…

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All The Things You Need To See From AJ’s 40th Prom Birthday

Last Tuesday, AJ McLean turned 40, joining 4/5 of the Backstreet Boys in the Forty Club.

Friday, he changed his Instagram handle in preparation for coming solo projects and excitedly told everyone that his wife and best friend have been working hard on a surprise party for him.

Saturday…OUR MINDS WERE BLOWN. Rochelle had put together a 80s prom birthday party to remember for her husband who had never had a prom of his own to go to.

Photo after photo, instagram story and instagram story, and video after video flooded in as the party continued on through late Saturday night. With celebrities (Jeff Timmons, Carrie Keegan, Erik-Michael Estrada, and Lance Bass to name a few) and familiar faces (A LOT of the Backstreet team, Nick, Brian, Lauren, Leighanne, Madonna Mark and Tom, Denise Solis, JoJo Wright, etc.) in attendance, it seemed to be the party of the year… so far.

With that being said, we didn’t want everyone to miss out on anything and we’ve done a sweep on social media for the best photos and videos that you might have missed from AJ’s 40th birthday party (NOTE: Not our photos). That includes the sweet speeches from Brian and Nick and the birthday boy himself!

WARNING: You’re definitely going to want Rochelle McLean to plan your party after you see these photos. I mean, there was Taco Bell AND In N Out Burger…



 The Speeches

We LOVE seeing AJ so happy and so celebrated! We hope that this year is an amazing one for you, Mr. McLean. 

Happy Birthday, AJ McLean: Watch Some Of Our Favorite AJ Moments

Another Backstreet Boy has joined the 40 party! Age really is just a number when it comes to AJ McLean though because the man performs onstage just like he did when he was in his 20s and we were in our teens. With his big heart and his knack for conversation about anything under the sun, we’re so thrilled that we get to celebrate another year of Mr. McLean

We’ve asked for your reasons why you love him and reflected on everything that he has been for us, but this year – we wanted visuals! We asked you to send in your favorite Kevin moment captured in a video or GIF and that’s exactly what you sent us.

Enjoy all of the best and sweetest moments below as we celebrate AJ’s latest trip around the sun!

“This is my favorite because it is with Ava. You can see every time he talks about his girls how much he loves them. He was meant to be these sweet girls daddy!! He is an example everyday of what a little girls daddy should be.” – Shannon Link

“My favorite AJ moments are two GIFs I created from my last concert in Toronto at the Jingle Ball North. Why is this my fave? It basically sums up how AJ hits every damn mark with so much swag. Ugh. He’s literally my kryptonite.” – Michelle Johnson

“This was at the NKOTBSB show in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on the 5/23/2012. I had never been sung to by a Backstreet Boy before let alone been given anything from them (apart from their music). AJ sang to me during my favourite song, kissed his handkerchief and gave it too me. As you can hear I was very excited lol. Thanks AJ and happy birthday to you!” – Rebecca McAdam


“Because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” – Mayte


“Because it was the first BSB concert I ever watched and he was amazing.” – Priscila Santos

“These are my favourite AJ moments and my biggest dream is that AJ one day will recognise me and know me by name. AJ, I hope you have THE best birthday possible with your friends and family, and please, please, pretty please leak some solo material soon. Your voice is too wonderful to have studio stuff not released. 😉 Much birthday love from Maria Flygare in Sweden.”

“Love his moves! Love his carefree attitude!! Love him!!” – Victoria Pilgrim

“From 0:12-1:09. This goes beyond the Backstreet Boys as stage personalities and shows us how much they care about one another as people. This was one of the most vulnerable pieces of AJ’s life, which he shared with us, and we got to live that emotional moment with them. There are so many people who love and care about him– and we are so proud of him for continuing to fight the good fight every single day.” – Brittany

“While I love seeing AJ on stage, malin us fans scream, my fave AJ moment comes from a moment with his family that he was kind enough to share with us. Seeing him with his daughters makes my heart melt completely. This moment of them dancing and singing during the Holidays is absolutely adorable. Our “bad boy” has become the most loving father in the world to his baby girls. As a fan, there is nothing better than seeing him happy with his family :)” – Anne

“This is my favorite moment because AJ was hilariously messing up the ‘Larger Than Life’ dance with Brian, while wearing a kilt on the 2010 BSB Cruise.”

“AJ’s solo on the 2016 cruise is my favorite moment because it was done with only acoustic music and you can really hear his amazing voice. Plus, the story was hilarious and him getting on the floor was awesome! AJ is perfect every time he opens his mouth – lol – but I can’t get enough of this performance! And at the end he exclaims “I still got it!” well, yes you do AJ. Yes, you do. :)” – Jennifer Varnum

“This YouTube-video from BSB Cruise 2016 became very special to me last summer. I watched it all day long and it gave me the strength to take the long overdue step to separate me. Get annother boyfriend is one of my favorite songs. I love this acoustic version. AJ’s voice is amazing.” – Antje Behlert

Happy Birthday, AJ! We ❤ you.

Happy Birthday, Kevin: Some Of Our Favorite Kevin Richardson Moments On Video

Another October 3rd, another birthday for Kevin Richardson! As always, we love celebrating this amazing man.

We’ve asked for your reasons why you love him and reflected on everything that he has been for us, but this year – we wanted visuals! We asked you to send in your favorite Kevin moment captured in a video or GIF and that’s exactly what you sent us.

Enjoy all of the best and sweetest moments below as we celebrate another trip around the sun for the one and only Mr. Richardson!

20170624_215544“Here’s the photo of Kevin I took from Vegas. I like this picture because Kevin and AJ were actually having a mini dance off on the catwalk, each showcasing their best moves! And we all know that Kevin has some great moves! The man feels the groove.” – Erin Henderson

“Everytime he says ‘sexy time’ in that accent!” – Hilda Puente

“This my most favorite Kevin moment because after he left the group for a while, this was the very first time that he was seen with the boys singing again, and the year after this tour they have announced that Kevin was back in the group. Bsb will never be the same without Kevin so I’m very happy that he came back where his heart and passion belongs to.” – Mikay Ganaden

“My BSB part of my soul came back to life because Kevin was returning! My wish came true! I had been really sad, and I thought they would never be together again…And, now, the boys could make more music together. AND my second wish came true in 2013. Right now, I’m waiting for my third wish: to meet them and go see them in Vegas (that’s my fourth wish XD.” – Carmen Puentes

” Kevin’s return!!!! ️I don’t think this needs description, and I’m sure it’s what many of the fans picked for their favorite ‘Kevin moment’- but when I saw this video, I cried. Absolutely sobbed. So thankful he is back- as a Kevin girl, it wasn’t BSB without him. I got emotional just watching this again to make sure it was the right video!” – Allison Chickering

“Kevin and Brian speaking with the helium.” – Hilda Puente

“I don’t know if this is my favorite Kev moment, but is one of the most important on my mind. This GIF is from Viña del Mar Festival, when the boys sang on February 14th, 1998. That was the first time they played in my country, Chile, and I can remember everything of that occasion: since I heard the news and I started to scream and cry with my older sister, until we saw them on TV with our best friend, also a BSB fan. My parents couldn’t afford the travel to another city to see them live or buy tickets for my sister and me, so we stayed at home and watched on TV. We even recorded on a VCR!

Until this day, that show is one of the most remembered presentation in the festival, because the boys came when they were BIG and that’s a difficult thing to our country. Next year will be 20 years since that night! We wanted to bring them back to celebrate. So… that’s why I chose this memory! Happy Bday, Kev! :)” – Karina Mondaca

“My first time in a BSB show! I’m a huge fan since 1998 but only in 2015 I had my chance! He’s the best person, my fav! And his eyes can easily break my heart bahaha NAILED AND COMPLETELY FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM!” – Isis Galbiatti

“Because I will never forget the amazing experience of being on stage with Kevin on the cruise in 2016. He was also very sweet during rehearsals. When I bumped into him 10 minutes after boarding the ship and when I was on stage during game night, he recognized me from the video I entered for the singing contest. What a great guy with endless love for all fans!” – Suzanne Rhebergen


“This is my fave Kev moment cause this is when BSB filmed their first music video, Kevin was acting so cute and smooth while playing to the camera. Happy Birthday Kevin!” – Kyanna

Watch video here – It is blocked in some countries.

“It started at around 1:20 something when this fan showed up near the stage with a huge bouquet of flowers for Kevin. Others would probably just take it, thank the fan or wave a bit and leave, but this guy right here he knelt, hugged and even kissed the girl’s cheek. It wasn’t even a brief hug, it was a bear hug that lasted a few seconds. I’m sure he teared up a bit because we all know how emotional he is. He’s amazing, this guy.”  – Sasa

giphy (4)

“I love everything about Kevin!! Knowing how he likes to get it perfect at rehearsals, and for him to just be goofy like this, it’s my (one of my many) fave moment!! Thanks for being you!! Hope to meet you someday! Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy your day! Love you!” – Kristin Luna

“I mean come on……can you ever get enough of Kevin dancing? Especially like that.” – Kyleigh

“1:47 to 1:56. That smirk makes me melt.” – Andie

“So this performance is hands down my favorite performance of all the guys. They are absolute perfection!  When I think of things I like about Kevin, I always think of how emotional he gets. That part of him touches me so much. When his part comes at 2:57 and he holds back tears, and can barely get through the lyrics, I lose it and start crying everytime!” – Anne

“On the 2014 cruise my room was in their hall,about 5 doors down. We saw them pass by all the time. Before the ABC party, he offered some memorable wardrobe advice, which I of course followed!” – Laura Fu

 Our favorite moment with Kevin wasn’t captured on video, but in real life. Read about it here.

Happy Birthday, Kevin Richardson – you’re a classic.

We Need Your Help For Kevin’s Birthday!

Another year of Backstreet birthdays.

For some reason, we always start with Kevin. We don’t know how that happened, but that’s how it is.

SO, another year and here we are, with another idea for spreading love, birthday wishes and appreciation for our five. We’ve done words of appreciation from everyone, favorite moments with each of the boys, and simply writing about them.

This year, we want to relive our favorite moments by watching them. Send us your favorite Kevin moment in a video or GIF. 

This can be anything from a music video, behind the scenes moment, tour, cruise, interview, etc. We only ask that it be a YouTube link. If your favorite Kevin moment can be summed up in a GIF, send it our way! (If it’s a GIF and you don’t have the link, send via email to whothebackstreet@gmail.com)

Oh, and tell us why.

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Happy Birthday, Howie D.

At the end of Summer, when kids are going back to school and Fall is upon us, Howie D. gives us one more reason to celebrate before the season’s end.

It’s been 44 trips around the sun for the spiciest (and arguably the quietest) of the Backstreet Boys and each year he just keeps getting better. While Howie keeps a pretty low profile when offstage, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t continually made a huge impact on us. The man gets better with age – google his photos RIGHT NOW! We can’t wait for at least 44 more years with Howie. What a fox!

Happy Birthday… to the stealthiest Backstreet Boy we know.

Happy Birthday… to the man who has proven that he can sleep literally anywhere.

Happy Birthday… to the man who stays low key but makes huge contributions.

Happy Birthday… to the man who made winking cool.

Happy Birthday… to the best party crasher.

Happy Birthday… to the man who taught us how to party all night.

Happy Birthday… to the man who apparently created the beat for “The Call”.

Happy Birthday… to the man who is always willing to stop for a fan and live up to his “Sweet D.” name.

Happy Birthday… to the man who puts up with Nick’s antics the most.

Happy Birthday… to the man who shows up to nearly every event, whether it be a BSB event, a wedding, a vow renewal, or a red carpet premiere.

Happy Birthday to the husband, the father, the brother, the son, the giver, the Latin lover, the hip shaker, the Backstreet Boy — our Howie Dorough!

We couldn’t imagine the Backstreet Boys without you. Thank you for giving us your all 110% of the time. We appreciate you more than you know.


Happy Birthday, Brian Littrell

We’ve celebrated February 20th every year as another year we’re blessed to have Brian Littrell in our lives. As everyone knows, his life has been one small miracle after another from the very beginning and we’re insanely lucky to be celebrating his birthday. For many of us, his being alive has changed our lives in one way or another, if even just for a small moment.

Now, we celebrate Brian turning 42 (what?!) and we can only hope that we’re lucky enough to have 42 more years with him.

Happy Birthday… to the man whose life has been a miracle.

Happy Birthday… to the man who is living proof that when life knocks you down, it’s best to get back up and carry on.

Happy Birthday… to the man who taught us that faith is everything.

Happy Birthday… to the man who showed us it’s possible to be someone important and remain down to earth.

Happy Birthday… to the man who makes us want to learn how to do handstands.

Happy Birthday… to the man who is always willing to be kind to fans.

Happy Birthday… to the man who took the time to hug every fan onstage during Platinum VIP during the IAWLT tour.

Happy Birthday… to the man who is always putting others first.

Happy Birthday… to the family man.

Happy Birthday… to man who has inspired us to be who we are and make no apologies.

Happy Birthday… to the man who is always ready to make someone laugh.

Happy Birthday… to the man who gives us a heart attack every time he jumps from heights.

Happy Birthday… to the reason we can’t say things like “gotta go” or “alright” like a normal person.

Happy Birthday… to one hell of a fighter.

Happy Birthday… to the Backstreet Boy, the father, the husband, the singer, the performer, the friend, the giver, the brother, the cousin, the son, the human.

Happy Birthday, Brian

We are beyond thankful that you answered the call in 1993 and that we’ve been able to share 24 of your 42 years on earth. We couldn’t imagine the Backstreet Boys (or life) without you.

Thank you for continuing to inspire us.

Happy Birthday, AJ McLean

January 9th.

For as long as we can remember, AJ McLean has kicked off a new year of Backstreet birthdays and a new year that we are so incredibly lucky and blessed to have these men in our lives.

And boy, do we appreciate every year we’ve been able to spend with Alexander James McLean. Why? Keep reading.

Happy Birthday… to the man whose insanely good voice never lets us down.

Happy Birthday… to the man who has never let us down at all.

Happy Birthday… to the man who has never made any of us feel like strangers.

Happy Birthday… to the man who taught us all the things we probably didn’t need to know at the time we learned them from AJ.

Happy Birthday… to the man who wears his heart on his sleeve and we see it in every interaction with his wife and daughter.

Happy Birthday… to the man who keeps us hype (even if it’s because he says something he isn’t supposed to say yet).

Happy Birthday… to the man who taught us that it’s okay to admit your faults and it’s even better to seek help.

Happy Birthday… to the man who taught us that getting better takes time.

Happy Birthday… to the man who has always been so open about what he believes and what he supports.

Happy Birthday… to the man who taught us that tattoos and “hard” exterior don’t reflect what’s on the inside.

Happy Birthday… to a man who has an incredibly huge heart that would and does share it with anyone he can.

Happy Birthday, AJ. 

The world is a stage and it’s so lucky to have you here.

6 Fans Share Their Favorite Moments With AJ McLean

8 Reasons Why We Love AJ McLean


17 Fans Share Their Favorite Memories With Brian Littrell


41 years ago (WHAT?! He’s like 20!), Brian Littrell was born and the world changed. Maybe not immediately, but one by one, since he was 18, Brian has been touching peoples hearts – fans, strangers, and fellow celebrities alike. He’s a role model, an inspiration, a fighter of sorts and kind of our superhero.

When I asked people to send in their favorite memories with him, people responded with a fierceness and most were “How do I pick my favorite?”. When you’ve been so kind to so many that people don’t know which interaction has been their favorite, you know you’re living life right. The common denominator in everyone’s favorite memory is that Brian made every person comfortable, that he takes the time to try and get to know everyone who is excited to meet him, that he cares and that he’s listening. If you’ve ever met Mr. Littrell, you know that he is one of the most sincere “celebrities” you will ever have the chance to meet. I say “celebrity” because it’s always been clear that the fame that has been bestowed upon him isn’t his thing, but man, are we lucky it happened. We’re lucky.

Continue reading for the favorite memories that fans shared with me, but beware, you’re going to get some feels!


Wow, there’s so many memories with Brian that I have! My favorite ones are randomly running into him at Disneyland and getting a pic with his family, and the numerous times he’s seen me during a concert or soundcheck and makes me feel special! Wishing Brian a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Thank you for everything you do for me personally! Love you always and forever!!! – @btl2345


I have many special memories with Brian but my favorite absolutely is the first VIP which happened in February 2014. I remember that I was very anxious but he found the way to make me feel comfortable, he hugged me once and I gave to him a personalized necklace. I remember that I looked at him trying to understand his reaction: he opened his eyes a little more and he said: “wow it’s so beautiful, thank you so much”. He hugged me a second time and then we took the picture for the VIP while he held it in his hands. After, he went away to put the necklace with other gifts and I was starting to say goodbye to the other guys. I was near to do the same with Howie, when he went back and hugged me a third time and told me: “I’m really happy to have met you.” So then, I forgot to say bye to Howie but it’s okay. He is a very special person, human being, who is able to make you happy with little things. Happy Birthday Brian. I wish you all the best on your way now and forever, you really deserve it, you are an extraordinary man. – @bsbmyonlylove



I want to share with you my favorite memories with Brian for his birthday. I’m a big fan of BSB. My fave is Brian and My Birthday is the 20th too! It is an honor to me to have the same Birthday! – @alys_littrell





This photo was taken in NYC August 97 at a autograph session when Bsb released their 1st CD in the USA. Brian was the first I would talk to. I was so nervous, I walked up and in his amazing Kentucky accent, he said “Hi darling , what your name?”

I said, “I’m DEBBBBIE!”

He smiled and said “Nice to meet you I’m BRIANNN!”


“Awesome. I like MONTREALLL.”  Finally I felt a little better and told him,”Brian, I just want to say my friends and I stood outside for 11 1/2 hrs to meet you.”

He said, “OMG really?????” He turned to Howie, “HEY did you hear that? 11 1/2 hours plus All the way from Montreal Canada!!” I’ll never forget that. Thanks, Brian. – @Donniesdeva


It was hard to pick one favorite Brian memory but I went with….the time I photobombed him and he shared the picture on his Instagram. I mean it’s not every day you get to photobomb a Backstreet Boy and end up on his Instagram page. – @Yahtzee27


During the Backstreet Anniversary Cruise at the beach party, me and my friends were waiting for him and LeighAnne. On their way to take a selfie with us, someone behind me/us tried to cut through to ask Brian for an autograph. Brian was talking to us, so he asked my friend what is her name, the girl behind us said her name, Brian said ‘ I’m sorry! I’m having a conversation with this ladies. Please wait.’ I love how he takes time with each and everyone of us fans. Even if some are rude and tries to interupt one’s moment with the Boys or one of the Boys. We all had a turn taking pics and talking to both Brian and LeighAnne. I’ll never forget that moment. – @Jhie0730


Sadly, haven’t met him yet… But my favorite memory would have to be seeing him in person for the first time. It was 4/22/13 for the Walk of Fame. He saw me but I don’t know if he knew who it was. He was walking towards me but one of the guards held him back. I know it’s not that big but he was coming towards me and that meant a lot. Also got a hug from Leighanne. – @LoveinLeighBri


The best moment I have with Brian is when he jump the barricade in TIU Tour in Chile, back in 2011, he hugged me and looked really emotional with my story. That was the first meet & greet I had with them . I have problems to walk so Q told me to wait till the final. At that time the photos were with barricades..I was waiting with my brother and the first who jumped was Brian, then Nick, AJ and Howie. Really I still can’t believe it yet..we talked, specially with Brian, I gave him a letter..he was really really cute. – @Cotecita_Carter



I have so many memories with Brian. From the first time I met him at my very first bsb meet and greet to going to the first annual opening of the Wylee store in Atlanta Georgia. But the memory that sticks out the most to me was having my first interaction with him by himself in Kentucky. I remember I was so nervous and excited to try and get a solo picture with my favourite bsb. I thought it would not happen because of the amount of people that were there. But I had two of my friends Stephanie and Heather make it happen for me by pushing me a bit closer so I can get my opportunity of a photo with him. When I was there he looked at me and smiled. I froze for a second and told him it was great to see you again Brian. He said “it is great to see you as well.” Gave me a big hug and we took our picture. From that moment on I knew that I was truly blessed and lucky to have met the one guy that has been part of my life already for 18 years. That small interaction with him was the best moment and feeling in the world. So thanks to Brian for taking his few seconds and minutes of his time to interact with a fan . It means the world to me and so glad I had all of the chances I did in seeing you. – @Brok_Vanessa21


So I only have one Brian memory…for now. It’s the only time I’ve ever met him. I just wanna point that I had a teeny thing for Brian before meeting him but I went to that concert a Nick girl. But yeah, I remember after I was done hugging Kevin, it was Brian. His eyes are soooo pretty in person. His eyes are life. I was just like “Hey boo” And he’s just so nice and he gives the best hugs. I know everyone says Kevin does and his hugs are awesome too but there was just something about Brian. I remember having to remind myself to break the hug. I remember him saying something about “Good to see ya” and “Enjoy the show” I just wanted to say something else to him and the first thing I could think of was “Next time you guys should come to Barclay’s Center. You could have the after party a my house. Its right there.” …I don’t know – I was being funny. But I remember his face. He was just smiling and he raised his eyebrows like “oh really” And then he said “yeah son” and made like a gesture with his hand. That made me laugh. It was hilarious to me cause number one…how does he know to use that word like that and number two, I know that I sound really “hood” when I get nervous. I guess it’s a defensive thing and he was like mimicking me. He’s so silly. But yeah it’s safe to say I’m officially a Brian girl now (Sorry Nick) and it pretty much started that day. – Alicia


Oh, my dear and wonderful Brian.  I know a lot of people have some amazing memories with him, because he truly is one of the most wonderful people I have ever had the chance to meet.
I have two memories, if you don’t mind my sharing both.
The first one is from the London VIP experience during the Unbreakable Tour.  My first backstage event, and it was at a Backstreet Boys concert.  As Brian said: “Are you all right?  You look like you’re in shock.”  I was in shock.  I still am, all these years later.  My memory might be small compared to others’ but it shows that Brian is a diamond in the sea of people out there.
A fan, who became one of my Facebook friends after the VIP, was in a wheelchair that day.  Brian was going to take us onstage so that we could see what they see.  But then he realized that this girl in a wheelchair might not be able to get up there.  He asked her if she would be able to get onto the stage, and I casually said, “She will if you hold her hand.”  Now, I didn’t mean anything by it, I just said that cause, you know, everyone feels great when Brian holds their hand (don’t they?).  And, to our complete astonishment, he held her hand and helped her climb onto the stage!  A small gesture, but just recounting that is bringing tears to my eyes.
The second memory was at another VIP, in Belfast this time, for the NKOTBSB tour.  He was perfect during that VIP.  First, he did a Q & A, which I inadvertantly monopolized.  It was April 20th, and I started telling him, on behalf of the fans, happy anniversary, and thanking him for everything.  It was a little speech that I hadn’t even planned on saying, and Brian listened to me with his eyes wide and a smile on his face (is it warm in here or is it just me?).  He thanked me, and looked over at Eddie, who was busy fidgeting with his camera, and asked him whether he had caught all that (what I had said).  When Eddie said no, Brian turned to me and asked me to repeat it.  Repeat?  Me?  I could barely breathe, let alone remember what I had said to him, but I tried, and he still listened with that smile on his face.
After that, he took us backstage to their changing area, and that’s when Q came over to tell us that the concert doors had been opened, and the fans were already coming in.  This concert had a pit, so there were no assigned seats on the floor, which meant that if we wanted to have front row for the concert, well, it was going to be difficult.  The look on Brian’s face when Q told him about the doors, I’ll never forget.  He looked crestfallen, and immediately offered to let us go so that we could try and get good spots for the show.  But we decided to stay with him to finish the backstage tour and take the pictures with him.
It was quite an experience, to see him care so much about us.  Because I know he cares about the fans.  And we care about him.  He’s Brian, how can we not?
– Vanessa Court-Payen
My memory with Brian happened last year while IAWLT tour was here in Brazil. I had VIP tickets and brought him gifts. I also took a very flashy sign saying I wanted a funny selfie with him. It turns out that at the soundcheck party I couldn’t get close enough but he read my poster up from the stage and made faces for me to take pictures. Not satisfied, at one time when the madness stabilized and the screaming decreased I called for him and he replied and sent me a kiss. When the time for the VIP photo came, I talked to everyone but when I looked at him I choked and he hugged me very hard like squeezed me and made the funny face that I asked. Let’s say he remembered me hahahaha. It was my second BSB concert but it was the show of my life! A few days later my love and admiration only increased when I saw pictures of him wearing my gifts – two shirts. I can’t wait for the next tour stop by so I can give more presentes to our beautiful angel who is always so attentive to fans. – @caroolrizzi
My first time meeting Brian was on the Backstreet Boys cruise 2014. It was the day of group photos. And he was the last one on line (of course we saved the best for last). So I gave all the guys a hug but once I got to Brian It was like the longest yet best hug ever. By the way, he smelled so good! After the photo was taken, Brian looks at me and tells me he loves my curls so of course this left a huge smile on my face and is something I would never forget. Why? Because I love my curls and I grew up hearing I should always straighten my hair. Brian loving my curls was the only confirmation I needed lol! So for that reason I’ll stick to my curls. Brian also signed my BSB hat that I got custom made & it’s something I will cherish forever! He’s just that awesome! I love me some B-Rok! Happy Birthday love! – Taisha Lopez-Cintron
This actually happened for the Boys’ 20th anniversary, which was the very first time I had ever seen them in person. So the ceremony ends, they all greeted us fans.  I got to take pictures of all of them, but Brian was literally posing for me and when I asked him for one last picture. He took my camera and snapped a selfie (pic on the right). He was so nice and patient with all of us. Coincidentally I posted that same pic of him for his birthday two years ago on twitter and that’s when the Boys official account started following me lol! Brian – if you read this you are compassionate, selfless, caring and talented, a beautiful human being inside and outside, an exemplary father, husband and friend. Happy Birthday may God bless you ALWAYS. – @kaoticbsb_love
It was always at that concert in Lucca. I was completely desperate and sad because I couldn’t do the meet and greet, so the only thing I could do was seeing the concert. I looked at the guys, once they were out. And during one moment of silence (strange right?), I screamed Brian’s name. He looked around, then he saw me waving. What happened? He waved back! – Gaia Ugoletti
Well my girls Jennifer, Stephanie, and Tiffany could probably tell the story better then me since I actually didn’t see it… So during BSB Takes New York, the night before they were on GMA, the boys did a few songs. We were all sitting on the floor there was no chairs or standing. I was sitting on the end of the row and there was a bit of space in front me. So they begin Larger Then Life and suddenly I see AJ run into the audience past us I turn around to look to see where he was going, not realizing the other guys ran into the crowd as well. So I’m looking behind me and suddenly I head my name being called and I don’t think anything of it. But they keep calling me name and started to shake me. Finally I whip my head back around and shout “what!!” Imagine my surprise when I’m staring into the eyes of one Brian Thomas Litrrell!!! Lucky I was sitting down or I would have fallen over. He apparently ran behind AJ and pretty much slid into my lap still singing and I had no clue. Brian had serenaded the back of my head!! I wonder if he still remembers that….i know I’ll never live it down. – Ashley Darpino
Thank you, Brian, for everything you’ve done for us, for the memories you don’t even know you’re making with us, and for blessing us with your talent, your words, and more. You’re a super human. Happy Birthday!

30 Fans Share Their Favorite Moments With Nick Carter


36 years ago today, Nick Carter popped out into the world and it was never the same. He’s been stealing hearts and taking names since he was 12 and he’s only gotten better with age. Beyond his good looks and charm, Mr. Carter has proven time and time again that he is one of the most hard working musicians in the industry, but his talents don’t stop there. He’s an artist, an actor, a creator, a husband, an almost-dad, and a wonderful human.

We’ve been rooting for him for nearly 23 years and he’s sent the love straight back to us. When I asked you to send in your favorite memories with Nick, they immediately came in from all ends of the Earth. From encounters, to hugs, to tweets, to moments mid-concert, everyone had a moment that Nick made them feel on top of the world.


“In 2006, on their first Australian tour, I was in their hotel in the foyer talking to my friends and he was actually standing behind me for like 5 mins while my friends kept a straight face, he laughed when I turned and said a few non G-rated words.” – Solly Latty


“My favorite memory was when I got to meet him and the other guys on August 30th 2013 and when he gave me a hug.” – Brianne Phelps


Meeting him for the first time last year after being a hardcore never stopping fan of 20 years. I remember my niece saying to him (this was on the Nick and Knight tour), she went up to him and said happy belated backstreet day because it was the day after. I loved meeting him. He was and is very sincere to his fans…. made me feel like a teeny bopper all over again.” – Candice Vincente


My favorite memory was in Nashville, TN when he flashed his ass for his fans during the Black and Blue tour.” – Robert Wood


When Nick sang to me in The Marilyn Denis Show during the Nick & Knight tour in Toronto October 6, 2014. He touched my face and kind of played with my hair a little too. My profile photo has not changed since that day in 2014.” – Lenore Crowder


When the boys were in Melbourne last year at the meet and greet, I told Nick I would see him at the after party, he tried to say party in an Australian accent and my response in an exaggerated Aussie accent was…. Wait for it….. ‘party party party!!!’ Why oh why does my brain turn to mush in the presence of Nick Carter?” – Ree Hall


I was at their concert in Lucca. Italy. I was waiting to get over the gates with my family. We got in, and I ran to take the perfect place, but I bumped into someone. A very very big man, who I realised was Mike, Nick’s Bodyguard. I was “Oh my god, if there is Mike, there is Nick.” A voice told me “Excuse me girl, but I need to go down there. And you’re stopping me. Can you walk a bit left? Thank you.” Mike turned his head and bang, Nick was staring at me. It was him who told me those words. I almost fainted, but nevermind.” – Gaia Rok Ugoletti


“When the first time I saw him in their music video (Get Down) with that long blond hair and that angelic smile wow!! Till now I love him so much.” – Atienza Ynel


My favorite memory with him when I saw him first time with the boys on 2010 with my dad in This Is Us Tour Philippines. I love when he took off his jacket during ‘She’s A Dream’ song intro. He stared at me suddenly later for twice during on stage that I kept smiling and I’m happy, I screamed to the boys when there names were called then I love he showed his sexy arms for ‘Straight Through My Heart’ song. I love this man.” – Sapna Tina Sajnani


I didn’t actually meet him till the Nick and Knight tour where I bought a VIP to make sure that I did. My special moment was during the In A World Like This tour in Dallas. I bought a ticket for the After Party. They were bringing girls up on stage to dance and take pictures. I was almost at the stage when Kevin announced that they had to go. I was devastated. DJ Nick cued up a song and picked up the mike to sing with the other guys. He stood right in front of me and I reached out my hand to him not expecting anything. Lo and behold he grabbed my hand and held it while he sang Don’t stop Believin. Which happens to be my favorite song by Journey. It was ironic and a dream come true. I was pushed by another girl, forcing me to let go. I will cherish that memory forever.”  – Sheila Torres Carter


This might sound really lame, but I have never met them before never had front row to concerts…..but one day my 9 year old daughter drew a pictures of a pug for me to tweet to nick…I told her he’d probably never see it. but I told her id give it a try. tried and tried with no such luck….one day he was on a tweeting spree…..so I thought id give it a shot…..well he saw it….I was sooooo very happy….he saw it…my daughter was even more happy……so that is mine……when he tweeted me for the first time.” – Kelly D. Perrier


When BSB came came to Phoenix for IAWLT it was the year my dad passed away and when I was going to take my photo with them I was planning on telling them thank you for ‘Never Gone’ but before I even got up to them I had tears in my eyes (I get emotional when I talk about my daddy). As soon as Nick saw me he said ‘sweetie what’s wrong’, walked up and gave me a big hug. During this hug, I accidentally stepped on his flip-flopped foot with my heels I was wearing. I felt really bad but he was so sweet about it. I was able to thank them and get my group hug pic with them.” – Robin Jensen Stucks


Getting to touch his hand and looking into those beautiful eyes of his during the NKOTBSB tour.” – Michele Thompson


A favorite memory, have seen first time my friend Karen Miska in the past Nick&Knight tour, thanks to Nick we are friends since 2007.” – Jessi Dii


“Well it’s very hard to choose just one best moment with Nick, but if I have to, I pick my first VIP with him and the guys. It was amazing and my emotion went beyond words. For the occasion I gave him a present, a necklace with a plectrum where it was written NGC, his genuine smile looking at it, his sweet way of talking with me, made me feel on cloud 9. Everyone knows Nick gives the best hugs, I was trembling like a leaf, but he made me feel comfortable, he hugged me, he talked with me and all the tension went away. He made me feel that I was exactly where I wanted to be. Nick makes moments with fans fantastic, moments which you treasure forever, every time I’ve met him, he always made me feel loved and special, he has a special way to interact with fans and he is such an humble man, this is a fact. I’ll never forget my first VIP with him, I still have all the memories so vivid, like it was yesterday. There are no words to explain how much he was amazing, I’m so glad to have an idol like Nick, with him I feel I can be myself 100% every time!!” – @CiapCarter


“My favorite Nick moment was when I DMed him because I was struggling with my depression and he took time to write back saying he was praying for me that I was strong and I could get through it and that he was there for me. He’s so sweet to care about a fan whom he’s never met. It made my day and honestly saved me.” – @caringangel88



“So I have a couple favorite memories with Nick. First the top two happened at the Nick and Knight album release party. Someone had given me a vip outside of the venue after the show and I got to meet him. His hugs are seriously the best. Then the one on the bottom, I had told him via DM that he saved my life through music by stopping me from committing suicide by me listening to I Got You. I told him he inspired me to be happy no matter what I am faced with and he continues to do that. He’s made me so happy and I am beyond thankful that he is here because without him I wouldn’t be.” – @frickingkaos



“My favorite memory with Nick has to be hands down the first time I ever went to LA. I really loved that I was able to do all access. It was nice to be able to just casually hang out with him before and after the show. My favorite pictures definitely came from that day. I didn’t even realize the picture of Nick singing to me was being taken.” – @sushi_flower


“My favorite memory with Nick was when we were supposed to give him our custom band shirt with the boys as comic wolves at the M&G in Antwerp 2014 and my bracelet got stuck in his jacket when I hugged him. It’s a charm bracelet with symbols for Nick that I love to wear, so it has the letter N on it, which was the one that got tangled up. I couldn’t move my arm anymore so I just stood there and felt embarrassed. Kevin on the left side gave me the weirdest look ever while AJ on the right side found it really funny. I think everyone else just didn’t get why the heck I didn’t move, so the bodyguards were already telling me to go while I was saying I’m sorry for a thousand times. Nick just grinned and watched me fumbling around his jacket to free myself. At that moment, it was really embarrassing, but afterwards we laughed so hard at that accident. It’s something that I will never forget and one of my favorite memories now.”- @LadyLouveamour



“It was May 17th 2015, and BSB finally came to Israel. A clothes store posted online that the boys will be there at noon, so I told my boss I had to go and rushed over to the mall. I was standing outside with the other fans, when Nick came out to say hi. I reacted like I was 15 again. The first thing I told him was ”OMG, you’re HOT!” how lame, right?! He smiled and went back to the store. A few minutes later he came back out, and agreed to take pictures with us. I thought I had a selfie, but found out my phone wasn’t working. I told him ”Nick, please come back, my phone didn’t work!”- and he did! He was so kind and lovely. This was my first time seeing him, and it’s my favorite memory of him.” – @yael1983s



“My favorite memory with Nick was in London. Never had met him besides the VIP moments. Me and my friends were in London a couple of days before the screening of BSB The Movie. And there was Nick tweeting that he was at a sushi restaurant.So we rushed to that restaurant. We were seated and scoping for the guys. One of my friends suddenly said there is another site of this restaurant. So we concluded that’s why it’s so quiet here and rushed to that other site. This site was fully booked. So now we knew we had to wait. And a couple of minutes later (after AJ came out of the restaurant for a smoke and gave me a hug) Nick came out of the restaurant. And I finally had my first photo with him (besides the VIP photos).” – @belovesmatt


“I was on the 2014 BSB cruise (my first BSB Cruise EVER!!!) I was watching Nick play poker. IAWLT book in my hand. Time was ticking and Mike was telling fans that he had to take him up because the Q&A was gonna start. (I haven’t spoken to him yet!!!!) I choose to stand there anyway after mouthing “pleaseeee” to Mike a few times with no success. Then I look back at Nick who was looking right at me. He goes “I got you right now. Just let me finish this game, okay?” So I smile say okay and watch him finish his game, Then he takes a few pics, signs a few autographs. Then he looks at me and goes “You want me to sign that?” Yes Please!!!

Thank you Nick! (It might not seem like it) but that was a BIG deal for me …. You made me EXTREMELY happy that night. You’re amazing and I hope you have the best bday! You’re gonna have a spectacular year, so don’t mind the bumps in the road. (They happen to the best of us) I mean you wrote a whole book on facing obstacles head on and kicking their asses! You got this! All American is AWESOME! Can’t wait to see you in March ❤️

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” – Deyanira Santana


“It was Valentine’s Day Weekend in 2003, I drove down to Tampa w/ my parents to see Nick helping out his friend Tony do a show in Tampa. Backstreet was of course, on hiatus. But, Nick being my favorite I had to go! During an intermission, I was outside with a few other girls talking. Nick drove up, got out of his car. There was honestly like 2 other girls with me and I about cried the moment I saw him. But i held my cool! The minute he walked up, he looked down at me and smiled and I rambled out how i’d been waiting  for 6 years to meet him. I was nervous, so nervous. I’d heard horror stories about him being mean to girls. But that moment, he wasn’t the least bit. He slung his arm around me and yanked me in quick and told me 6 years was way to long for such a meeting! Took a picture with me and gave me the biggest hug. After he walked away, I cried… no joke full on ugly girl cry! And called my best friend to share my excitement!” – @jadorelemusic


“The first night show of IAWLT tours in HK, I was stand in the first row. During they were singing “Breathe”, Nick gazed at me while singing. He was holding a towel on his hand, when he swiping his sweat on his face, I waved to tell him that I want his towel, then he threw it straight to me!That is my first towel from Nick, it was shock, ’cause it smell really NICE! His towel sleep with me every night till now.” – @carayeung426


“I have so many great memories involving Nick that it’s hard to pick a favorite, but one that really comes to mind is the concert during the 2011 BSB cruise.  I was front row for that show, able to actually rest my elbows on the stage (that in itself was an experience!), and Nick gave me a lot of attention that night.  From holding my hand to just staring down at me while he sang, it remains one of the most momentous concerts of my time as a Backstreet fan.” – @silvermoon28



“When Nick Carter sings to you, it’s a complete fangirl moment… At the Dinner and Show with Nick, I asked him if his voice was OK. He’d been touring with Jordan and I was concerned coz it sounded a bit hoarse. His response “Do you want me to prove it to you?” and he started singing Help Me. When he leaned in I couldn’t look at him and stood there grinning ear to ear and looking at the floor. What was happening?!

When he finished, I looked around our table and everyone was just as shocked. No one had ever had Nick sing so close to them before, it was unbelievable! And that was just the beginning before he was happy to have a chat and take some photos.

I could never have imagined I’d have Nick sing to me up close and on his own accord. He keeps surprising us and creating the most amazing memories for his fans and that’s one of the many reasons we love him.” – @tippitty



“I met Nick the first time in 2012 in Antwerp. I was so nervous seeing him. It was my childhood dream.  When it was time for the meet and great picture, I kinda ran straight past security and straight to him lol. People were calling me but I didn’t hear anyone and Brian looked kinda nervous like ‘what’s going on?!’ but I was determined to give him my present.  I gave him a guardian angel in a box because my mother, who was also a big fan, died in 2001 and I  wanted him to know someone watches over him.  He was very nice and for the picture he grabbed my shoulder..  Which I never wanted to wash again..  But i had to, ha.

Nick – I want to let you know about a very special fan,  a loyal fan that unfortunately never got the chance to meet you. That fan was my mother Judith. She died in 2001 of cancer.  From the moment you guys became famous she was a number one fan.  We had your posters up in our living room next to the couch were she slept (she couldn’t do stairs anymore). She was crazy about you.  She used to come home from chemo and put herself in the couch.  I had to put on the song ‘Anywhere For You’, her favorite song. I would kneel down with her and we would sing along and cry and sing the pain away.  She would have loved to meet you but unfortunately..  In 2012, when I met you in Antwerp and gave you the guardian angel in a box, I forgot to add a letter that my mom hand wrote for you when she had a better day.  She wanted to thank you for being there from across the ocean and not even knowing her. She wanted you to realize how special and important you are. The guardian angel I gave you represents my mom in heaven watching over you.  I love you Nick – for making the tough times easier without you even knowing you did. I hope one day I can meet you again and have the guts and time to tell you in person.  And know that whatever you go through, I will always be by your side and you are being watched over.  Lots of love” – @tachieeee



“It was October 31st 2002 at Mall of America. I was 20 years old and 15 weeks pregnant. I waited in line from 5am until 7:30pm to meet Nick Carter. He sang a few songs from the Now or Never album, even though he had a cold. The whole time I was in line I kept telling myself to breathe, because I didn’t want to pass out. So, when it got to be my turn to meet him, I instantly started tearing up and physically shaking. The very 1st thing he did was give me a big hug and asked me what my name was. As he signed my CD, I told him I was 3 months pregnant. He put down his marker and lightly rubbed my tummy for a second or two, then signed my shirt, and gave me 1 last hug, said “take care of yourself and your little one”. He handed me my CD and as I was walking away I just bawled like a baby. His shirt was so soft and smelled like Gain detergent, and his cheek was smooth like he just shaved before leaving the hotel.

The Now or Never album got me through a lot bittersweet situations during that pregnancy. I am doing my damnedest to meet him in again March because it’s been way too long since the only time I got to meet him. I am a loyal BSB/Nick Carter fan because they are human, they make mistakes, they are not fake, and they are certainly not 2 faced.
Happy Birthday Nick!!” – April
Happy Birthday, Nick! Thank you for making some of our wildest dreams come true. We hope all of yours do too. Thanks for being you! ❤