28 Of The Most Common Backstreet Boys Fan Problems

After 22 years, Backstreet Boys fans all have common problems and these are just the surface…

1. You’re in shock when another artist says there is going to be an announcement soon, and it actually happens within a few days.

2. You’re in even more shock when other artists you like start everything on time.

3. You’ve called out of work to see the Boys…. On TV.

4. You are iffy about starting a new job that won’t give you vacation time until after a Backstreet Boys tour season.

5. The brain-Brian mixup problem is VERY real.

6. Everytime you see an actor cast in a sexy role, you automatically have your own opinions about which Backstreet Boy SHOULD have played in the role. (We all had our picks for Christian Grey)

7. You automatically follow any celebrity that has shown affection for the Backstreet Boys and love everything they do from there on out.

8. Who needs to pay rent? I HAVE TO BE ON THAT CRUISE.

9. You’ve almost wrecked taking a picture of a license plate that says BSB.

10. You’ve gotten into fights with radio stations over their “contests” that are completely “fair” but the Backstreet Boys didn’t win. EVERYONE WAS VOTING!

11. You’re excited about going to a concert, then halfway through it, you realize it isn’t the Backstreet Boys.

12. Your “normal” friends excitedly tell you about some Backstreet Boys “news” that’s 6 months old, but you pretend you didn’t know.

13. If you’re standing in the fanpit at a BSB show, you’ve made deals with girls around you. “I’ll let you get in my spot when your fave comes near, if you block my spot when I go pee.”

14. If someone asks you if you’ve ever met the Boys, you struggle to keep your face normal and not tell them the 12 stories you have at hand.

15. If you’re somewhere where you know the Boys are, you ALWAYS have to be photo ready everytime you go out.

16. WHO is tweeting from the group twitter? You contemplate it often.

17. You’ve stayed awake late before because you KNOW Kevin is going to be tweeting at 2am and it doesn’t matter how early you have to be up.

18. Whether the Backstreet Boys tweet you on your birthday or not will make or break your birthday.

19. How can you subtly force your husband-to-be to let your first dance be to a Backstreet Boys song?

20. There has been no album announcement, no tour announcement, and no event announcement, but you have 24 different hypothetical plans for next year involving the group and what they MIGHT do.

21. You genuinely worry about Nick with all the projects that he’s working on….but you genuinely want all of them ASAP.

22. You fight the urge to fangirl-out-loud when a Backstreet song comes on in the grocery store.

23. You also fight the urge to punch anyone in the face that dare utters something along the lines of “They’re still touring? Really?”

24. If you’re sick before a BSB show, you sincerely want to write a letter of apology to Nick for what he’s about to catch.

25. You’ve brought in a picture of AJ’s nails for your manicure needs.

26. Buying Backstreet Boys tickets has gotten you more drunk than any Saturday night with the girls.

27. The pain caused by Backstreet Withdrawal is worse than any other emotion you have ever experienced.

28. No matter what, you will always drop everything for the Backstreet Boys…..as long as they love you.


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