10 Ways Fans Display Their Backstreet Memorabilia

We wanted to see how other Backstreet fans displayed their VIP laminates, concert tickets, autographed items, or any special BSB memorabilia now that we are grown (and know what our parents were mad about when we taped things to paint).

….And you guys answered! We loved seeing everyone’s creative differences.

Enjoy (and become inspired)!

“I have created photo collages that are displayed in my lounge room, I have often been told “wow you have more backstreet boy photos on your wall then wedding photos”. My book case proudly displays some of my keepsakes.” – Ree


Elia Esther Jaimes Jimenez, fan since 1997, has QUITE a collection down in Mexico!

“Since the past years, well since I had my first VIP photo with the boys I started to put the photos instead of posters. So this happen in 2008 when I had my first VIP photo.

Today my room has photos with each boy and 3 with all of them. My favorite is the big one, the VIP I shared with my sister in Las Vegas.
I also have the laminates hanging in the cover of my guitar hero’s guitar (Yes the one from the video game Guitar Hero). The first to signed it were Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick in the Unbreakable tour here in my city Puebla. Kevin signed it for me, even he wrote my name, he did it on the BSB Cruise 2016.” – @fabysc

“I have been a huge Backstreet Boys fan for as long as I can remember. Love these five guys so much! Will always be a Nick girl! Here’s how I show off all these amazing memories!” – Shanna

“I display mine proudly at my desk at work. It is my mini shrine complete with tickets, lanyards, autographs, my photos with the boys and friends and family. Some stories from my BSB shrine include the last thing I did with my mom. In July, 2011, we went on a 3 day, 3 city adventure seeing NKOTBSB in LA, San Jose and Las Vegas. The LA show was my first time meeting the boys. It was fitting that my mom came with me because she was my biggest Fangirl supporter and knew how much it meant to me. When they did their Millennium tour, the best tickets I could get were the very back row. The day of the show she surprised me with 5th row tickets and my teenage heart almost exploded. Anyways, about 4 weeks after we returned from our NKOTBSB trip, she passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. It was tragic but I am so grateful I was able to have that adventure with her. First time meeting the boys, 3 shows, front row in Vegas and they pulled me up on stage and sang to me. All these amazing memories with my biggest supporter. It will always be a precious memory. On a lighter note, you’ll notice pictures with my bestie, Sable. BSB and fate brought us together. We are both from the same city, both went to the first round of IAWLT in Vegas (concert and soundcheck party) alone. We ended up in line next to each other and chatted. 4 years later, we are besties, always have a buddy to travel anywhere, anytime, as many times as we need to see the boys. We’ve also traveled Europe together and are the best of friends, all thanks to our love of BSB.. I love the boys, their music, the fans and all the love and support that comes along with being a proud member of the BSB Army. I’m so excited for everything to come and for all the new tickets and lanyards I plan on adding to the shrine. KTBSPA!” – Taryn


“I made this shadow box after IAWLT. I wanted to somehow display the poster with my name on it. So…what better way. This tour holds some amazing memories for me. I can’t wait to do the same with my Vegas poster and passes when it gets here.” – Melly

image1 (2)

“This is my latest display for my VIP stuff.” – Carrie Graham


“I only have some M&G photos and posters, but in the past few weeks, I found a way to display a few of the special items I have.

 I have a baseball signed by all 5 guys from the 2016 cruise. My roommates and I dressed as members of the Rockford Peaches from A League of Their Own, so we happened to have baseballs on us. Long story short, we ran into one of the Boys’ friends, who liked my roommate’s outfit and commented on the baseball. We said how we’d love to have them autographed, and she said she’d make it happen. And she did! I placed this in a baseball display box.
I also got some playing cards, one of them signed by Howie. I found a backless frame and put 2 cards in their to display it.
And when I saw the Boys in Vegas for my birthday in March, I brought a sign that read, “May I have a rose for my birthday?” I was front row on the side, and Howie saw me (though I almost didn’t!) and tossed me his rose. It landed in the pit and a bunch of girls grabbed for it. A guy got it, and I remember him explained to what must’ve been his girlfriend or wife that the rose was meant for me. Much to her dismay, he gave me to rose, which by then was in 2 pieces. I dried it out and mounted it in a shadowbox.
Now I just need to figure out what to do with this bottle of water that Nick left on my table when I saw his final All American tour show in Nashville last year.” -Laura Fu

Kelli Marie Acord’s Collection


“I have my VIP passes and wrist bands and stuff in a cool thing I made for them. I have a ticket photo album for my ticket stubs. My favorite memorabilia that I have displayed are the custom kicks that Brian made me and gave me on the 2013 cruise.” -Amber America


Thank you to everyone who submitted their pictures/stories!


Have You Been To 5+ Backstreet Boys VIP Meet and Greets? Talk To Us!

For Backstreet Boys fans, there is almost nothing as exciting as up close and personal time with our fave five. For many fans, 2017 will be their first time attending a VIP meet and greet and for others, it will be the 10th. Whatever time it may be, it’s sure to be a good time!

If you’re BSB VIP addiction is strong and you’ve attended 5 or more VIP meet and greets, we definitely want to hear from you! Fill out the form below to be included in an upcoming post to get us all hype about upcoming events and ready for another round. Let’s go!

14 Things That Prove BSB World is Actually Disney World

Do you love Backstreet Boys and Disney just as much as I do? Sometimes I literally cannot decide which one I like more (or which one is Hot, Hot, Hot-er). Upon returning from my recent trip to Disney World, and hopeful for upcoming BSB events, I was inspired to write this post. There are obvious correlations between BSB and Disney, such as when the guys performed at multiple Disney events (including Disney World Christmas Parade 1997 and Disneyland Christmas Parade 2012) and, let’s not forget, how Nick Carter auditioned for the Mickey Mouse club in 1989 (when I was… hmmm zero years old). Luckily, he also auditioned for the Backstreet Boys, and took that life road instead. For those of you who have never been to Disney World/Land, do not worry– because Backstreet World is basically the same thing:

1. Backstreet World and Disney World are both the most magical places on earth.

In a [Disney] World Like This, Backstreet Boys got you. Oh, and did we mention that they are both from Orlando, FL? You know you want to go watch the Homecoming: Live in Orlando VHS right now. While in Backstreet World (AKA attending one of their concerts), you may turn into each of the Seven Dwarfs or the Inside Out characters during the various points of your experience. You are always in a crowd full of people and your body hurts from standing and waiting in lines for hours for a 5 second experience… but you mostly will experience/inhabit “Joy”, and it is always worth it. It really is an emotional “ride”, and both worlds are sure to give you memories that will last a lifetime.


2. Backstreet Boys Go To Disney.

Two of my favorite things together?! Mind. Blown. AJ just loves going to Disneyland with his family, and tells people where he is all the time because he loves the attention, apparently? Tell us something we don’t know.

Screenshot (495)

3. Backstreet Boys are Disney characters.

Have you ever been walking around Disney parks and catch a glimpse of Aladdin, and have to stare at him because you could swear it is Kevin? Or have you gone to a Backstreet Boys event and see Kevin, but picture Aladdin? Either way, the feeling is mutual, and this is just too precious not to relive.


Just look at that stud. You know you’re picturing him belting out “A Whole New World” [DONT YOU DARE CLOSE YOUR EYESSSSS]. For those of you who have not yet seen Kevin and Lalie singing this together on BSB Cruise 2016, here it is.


4. Backstreet Boys orrrrr… Dapper Dans?

The Dapper Dans are an old time acapella group, and apparently the “original boyband”, at least as far as Disney is concerned. You can catch them covering “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” here. Who knew you can listen to Backstreet Boys music on Main Street USA?


5. Magic Kingdom.

In your own Fantasyland, you can only make believe that you are a Disney princess and your favorite Backstreet Boy is your Prince Charming.


I don’t know… $350? $600? Which VIP package do you want?

6. Epcot.

We’ve been all around, all around the world… Showcase. Epcot World Showcase is where you travel around the world to different countries, just like you do when you travel to see different shows of the tour. Or like when you play the Backstreet Boys “Around the World: game or watching the VHS/DVD. Totes the same thing.


7. Hollywood Studios.

Your life is like a movie: the Backstreet Boys movie, that is.


8. Animal Kingdom

You know what happens to you when the Backstreet Boys come out on stage. The noises that come out of you sound nothing like humans, and we love it.


9. Bring your wallet.

In both Backstreet World and Disney World, you buy expensive tickets and wear expensive merch with the Backstreet Boys/characters’ faces on it, and as much as you try, you just can’t say no to buying all of it. The boys’ names might as well be Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie and Daisy (sorry Nick and Howie).


10. Backstreet Time.

Need we say more?


11. Helpless When We SMILE.

In both worlds, you’re always taking pictures with the boys/characters. Well, this looks oddly similar to VIP.


12. There Is Something For Everyone.

In both Backstreet and Disney Worlds, there is good entertainment and plenty of shows with singing and catchy tunes, including the Country Bear Jamboree.

Nick… Is that you on the banjo?


13. #Stuckinthe90s.

We always live by Peter Pan’s mantra, and we “never grow up”.  We might break down and… spend all of our money on BSB events so that we can fangirl?… just like a child. But it’s okay, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.



14. When You Wish Upon a [Shining] Star

You know you used to, and maybe still do, wish for Backstreet Boys life events to happen (e.g one day maybe you’ll get to meet them or be front row). Anddd then your dreams come true and fireworks burst as you stare into your favorite Backstreet Boys’ eyes as he’s singing to you. Yeah, it’s like that.



**And remember…**

Always let your conscience be your guide.

As in: Do you really need to go to another BSB show?

We know the answer is ALWAYS yes.



5 Positives (And Suggestions) About BSB Cruise 2016

So, Kristie’s Korner has been on a slight hiatus, due to me, Kristie, cruising with BSB. I can’t believe it’s been a week since we boarded the boat with BSB, but I’m back, and ready to share with everyone about the cruise! I’m sure you’ve heard the good, the bad, and the ugly. However, I am here to focus on the positives, and to bring you the main pros and suggestions that I’ve come to realize. I mean, we were on VACATION with the Backstreet Boys; how bad could it be?!


1. The concert.

Holy smokes. For those of you who have seen the concert either live or in videos, I bet you cried at least seven times. AT LEAST. For those of you who have not seen it, do yourselves a favor, and search it on YouTube immediately. I really don’t think there was a dry eye in the room; and Brian, just wow. So. Many. Emotions. This concert was probably one of my favorites, ever; and definitely, surprisingly upbeat for an acoustic concert.

Hey BSB: Keep bringing back the “oldies” and classics that do not usually get performed. There is a reason why so many of us voted for them! They definitely brought us back in time, and we thank you for that. It was a special moment felt by all as to why we became fans many moons ago.


2. Free time.

Points for free time to get to explore in the ports (and/or sleep, eat, spa, etc). However, call me old fashioned, but I still missed the beach party. So if that could be brought back next year, I know I would be extremely happy (as I’m sure others will, as well). The 4 nights worked out really well, too. I feel like it was plenty of time to fit everything in, while also getting our Backstreet fill. Whether it is a cruise, or a land event, I am sure we will be there, and ready to party!


3. The preferred event.

This year, the boys wanted to do a little something extra special for those fans who got the higher end cabins. The event was complete with free champagne, and was supposed to be a chill event for these fans to get to hang out with the boys, and for some of the time, it was. Note to boys: this was an amazing idea, and we appreciate the thought SO much. However, this event would be GREAT to do in the future if it was handled slightly differently (e.g. maybe everyone would have to be sitting down at a table in order to get a picture with the boys).


4. Solo events.

YES, yes and more yes. The more personal and intimate they can be while incorporating fans; the better. Kevin’s was my personal favorite; how AMAZING were those duets?! BSB has a lot of talented fans, that’s for sure! And Kevin wasn’t so bad, himself. Again, for those of you who have not seen videos, I strongly urge you to do so.


5. Deck parties.

Well, let’s start with the positives. The way these boys dressed up for theme nights still makes me laugh. Nick was once again the woman of the group– Anyone else starting to get a little concerned…? LOL. The costumes were so creative, and they really went all out this year. The boys really tried to have fun with their time to make it worthwhile for the fans; and we are SO appreciative of that.


To the fans: You have GOT to stop pushing, chasing, “stalking”, etc. In the wise words of BSB, “I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did, as long as you…” just stop being aggressive. I know there were a lot of first timers on this cruise, but let me tell you, on past cruises, the guys hung out around the ship ALL the time. This cruise, they were forced to hide and take back hallways to get back to their room just to avoid getting followed by mass amounts of people. If they see that you are calm, they WILL hang out with you, and you WILL get the attention you want from them; because that’s what they are on the boat for. They are on the cruise for YOU. They WANT to hang out with you, as a calm and civil adult fan; not someone they have to risk their personal safety to be around.

I will leave it at that as to not dwell on the past, because we cannot change it. We can only make positive change for the future. So, as a collective fandom– “I don’t care where you’re from”, but let’s vow to make this change for the better… so that next cruise can be better… because WE, as a whole, made it that way. #BackstreetArmy

28 Of The Most Common Backstreet Boys Fan Problems

After 22 years, Backstreet Boys fans all have common problems and these are just the surface…

1. You’re in shock when another artist says there is going to be an announcement soon, and it actually happens within a few days.

2. You’re in even more shock when other artists you like start everything on time.

3. You’ve called out of work to see the Boys…. On TV.

4. You are iffy about starting a new job that won’t give you vacation time until after a Backstreet Boys tour season.

5. The brain-Brian mixup problem is VERY real.

6. Everytime you see an actor cast in a sexy role, you automatically have your own opinions about which Backstreet Boy SHOULD have played in the role. (We all had our picks for Christian Grey)

7. You automatically follow any celebrity that has shown affection for the Backstreet Boys and love everything they do from there on out.

8. Who needs to pay rent? I HAVE TO BE ON THAT CRUISE.

9. You’ve almost wrecked taking a picture of a license plate that says BSB.

10. You’ve gotten into fights with radio stations over their “contests” that are completely “fair” but the Backstreet Boys didn’t win. EVERYONE WAS VOTING!

11. You’re excited about going to a concert, then halfway through it, you realize it isn’t the Backstreet Boys.

12. Your “normal” friends excitedly tell you about some Backstreet Boys “news” that’s 6 months old, but you pretend you didn’t know.

13. If you’re standing in the fanpit at a BSB show, you’ve made deals with girls around you. “I’ll let you get in my spot when your fave comes near, if you block my spot when I go pee.”

14. If someone asks you if you’ve ever met the Boys, you struggle to keep your face normal and not tell them the 12 stories you have at hand.

15. If you’re somewhere where you know the Boys are, you ALWAYS have to be photo ready everytime you go out.

16. WHO is tweeting from the group twitter? You contemplate it often.

17. You’ve stayed awake late before because you KNOW Kevin is going to be tweeting at 2am and it doesn’t matter how early you have to be up.

18. Whether the Backstreet Boys tweet you on your birthday or not will make or break your birthday.

19. How can you subtly force your husband-to-be to let your first dance be to a Backstreet Boys song?

20. There has been no album announcement, no tour announcement, and no event announcement, but you have 24 different hypothetical plans for next year involving the group and what they MIGHT do.

21. You genuinely worry about Nick with all the projects that he’s working on….but you genuinely want all of them ASAP.

22. You fight the urge to fangirl-out-loud when a Backstreet song comes on in the grocery store.

23. You also fight the urge to punch anyone in the face that dare utters something along the lines of “They’re still touring? Really?”

24. If you’re sick before a BSB show, you sincerely want to write a letter of apology to Nick for what he’s about to catch.

25. You’ve brought in a picture of AJ’s nails for your manicure needs.

26. Buying Backstreet Boys tickets has gotten you more drunk than any Saturday night with the girls.

27. The pain caused by Backstreet Withdrawal is worse than any other emotion you have ever experienced.

28. No matter what, you will always drop everything for the Backstreet Boys…..as long as they love you.

8 Emotions Only Backstreet Boys Fans Understand

Sometimes as a Backstreet Boys fan, you feel things. You feel things that no one outside of the fandom understands. Okay, maybe the younger generation of fangirls and fanboys might to a certain degree, but when you’ve been going through these emotions for 22 years, it’s different. You’re going to read this, and you’re going to feel relief that you are not alone in your wide range of extreme emotions as a BSB fan. You’re also going to realize that we really do need that Backstreet Wine suggestion to be real life.

1. The Irrational Anger From People Asking The Wrong Questions.

There is nothing worse than fielding questions from non-fans:

“You’re going to see them AGAIN?” Yes, yes I am. My money, my happiness, my life. Shut up.

“Which boyband is it again? New Kids?” Stop it.

“Woaaahh, they’re still around?!” SERIOUSLY?!

We never ask sports fans “Oh you’re watching that game again this week? Really?” We try so hard to nicely answer. We even try to spread the love and recruit new people to the fandom. At some point though, we’re answering through gritted teeth, hitting the computer keys with purpose, and look completely unreasonable in our responses. Geez, they say, I was just asking. Yes, you were just asking….for the 4th time. This week.

2. Deep Sadness Brought On By Withdrawal.

This starts almost immediately after the last concert you attend and is worse if you don’t have any other plans of seeing the Boys anytime soon. As you leave a concert, you will hear people muttering Ok, I still have the cruise, other people pulling out their phones to check the next tour date and mapquest how far away it is, and still other people sitting in their seats, refusing to leave. We all know what’s coming.


No, not the Pussycat Dolls. Post Concert Depression. It’s real and it’s the #1 problem in the Backstreet Boys fandom. The depression gets so bad that, if we go months without something from the Boys, we will snatch up anything they provide. Oh you want us to pay $523 for a single song download of something we’ve already heard part of? Ok, let me get my credit card. We can’t take it. The depression HURTS.

3. High Anxiety From Ticket Purchasing Day.

There is nothing scarier and more anxiety-inducing than the day tickets go on sale. What’s the local venue time? How do we buy decent tickets to both (or all 6) concerts we’re going to?! CALL IN THE REINFORCEMENTS! Why won’t Stephanie/Kim/Amanda answer her phone?! DO WE WANT FANPIT?! Which VIP?! Platinum is ONLY a few $100 more. Why isn’t WonderfulUnion ANSWERING MY QUESSTIIOONN?! Left side of stage? Can someone tell me which side Nick favors? I want Brian to literally jump over my head.

This is why we need the BSB wine.

4. An Unusually High Amount of Skepticism About Any “Special Announcement”.

Anytime the Backstreet Boys say they’re going to make a special announcement, we’re usually already aware of what the announcement is. There are few times when they actually surprise us (Kevin is coming back?! AJ is going to be a dad?! Ok. You got us there, Boys), but we always have that little speck of doubt in ourselves that they’ll actually tell us something we don’t know. God love them, they try to surprise us, but we’re usually so thirsty that we suck up any bit of information before they can tell us. Maybe our skepticism is a shield. If we remain skeptic, we can remain calm…because as soon as something is confirmed, we’re going to LOSE. OUR. MINDS.

5. Containing Our Hope Brought On By Rumors.

In the midst of a Backstreet drought, we scour the internet for anything that might allude to future BSB plans. If someone posts something new, we approach it with gloves, discuss it in secret, have our qualms about it, and research the HELL out of it (Example: That mysterious Backstreet Project in NYC that sounded like it was going to Vegas). We act very reserved about any rumor. We act like Psshhh, there’s no way it’s going to happen. But the rumors keep us going, keep us secretly going, until we get mad that nothing is being said about it and mention it to the actual Boys themselves who can not figure out how we know things. Sloppy work, Boys. We’ve been doing this for years. You do you, we’ll do us.

6. Unreasonable Joy From 140 Characters or Less.

Do not act like any favorite/tweet/retweet from a Backstreet Boy isn’t your personal drug. Everyone knows that the insanity that ensues when a Backstreet Boy tweets is beyond anything (and the easiest thing) you’ve witnessed since becoming a fan. It’s a game. It’s a challenge. Your fingers fall off, your brain overheats from creating any attention-catching tweet you can think of, and any kind of acknowledgement sends you into a frenzy. Kevin sent you a heart! Brian sent you a chicken emoji! Howie FOLLOWED you! Call your friends, call your granny, hug your dog… THIS is the GREATEST moment in your LIFE.

7. Emotional Explosions.

This can happen when you’re least expecting it, but most notably in the first few minutes of a Backstreet Boys concert. You’re fine, you’re chatting with your friends, you’re checking Instagram….Then, the lights go out.

Oh my God. Oh. MY. God. OH MY GOD.

Once the music starts, your body literally doesn’t know what is happening. You want to run, you want to jump up and down, you’re most likely already screaming like Charles Manson has claimed you as his next victim, and you might be crying. You will remember this song playing for the rest of your life and it will never be the same.

Then you see them. You see them…and there’s not a TV screen separating you. You’re breathing the same air as the Backstreet Boys. Your brain is so confused that you’ve forgotten to breathe. And you’re still screaming. You look to your friend for help, but she seems to also be exploding into pieces of fangirl confetti.

BSB Concerts: Abandon all hope of emotional control ye who dare to enter.

8. Incredible Sass In High Intensity Situations (Like VIP).

We fret and fret and fret about situations we’ll be in with the BSB until the day comes, and then we are so badass. Let’s use VIP as an example. You bought the VIP months ago, you have been planning what to wear, what to say, and what you want to look like in the pic for months before that. You may be nervous but the minute it’s your turn in line, you are sassy. You are fierce. And DAMMIT, you’re going to stand between AJ and Kevin and NO ONE is going to stop you (not even Nick Carter who wants everyone to stand with him).

If VIP isn’t your thing, you still know what we’re talking about. Oh that girl thinks she’s going to push me out of the way of Brian’s hand? NOPE! But, we really didn’t mean to shove her to the ground and stand on her. Behold, the power of Backstreet.

The BSB fan life is tough, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

CALLING ALL BSB FANS: Tell Us About Your First Time With The Backstreet Boys


We all remember our first time – especially our first time with the Backstreet Boys. As a project for their 22nd anniversary on April 20th, we want to hear about YOUR first time at a Backstreet Boys concert or a cool story from your first VIP experience! Make sure you read all the details to be included in our BSB anniversary post.

Send all stories to whothebackstreet@gmail.com and include the following:

– Your Name

– The age you were at the first concert and/or VIP and the year

– The story of your first time! (Be sure to include the things that stood out to you, even if it sounds silly)

– You may include a photo from the concert or VIP (NO MORE THAN ONE PHOTO, please)

Please submit by April 15th as we will be posting the following week.

We can’t wait to hear from everyone!

You Might Be A Backstreets Boys Fan If….


If you’ve been in the Backstreet fandom long enough, you know a thing or two about spotting another fan. You also understand things that none of the “outsiders” will understand and these are the things that bond us as a fandom unit. This list serves as the first edition in some of the markers of a true Backstreet Boys fan. Here we go….

You Might Be A Backstreet Boys Fan If…

– You run late for everything because you’re used to Backstreet Time. Nothing will ever be on time when it comes to the Backstreet Boys and as a side effect, fans now run late as well. “This [Non-BSB] concert ticket says it starts at 7 – Clearly we shouldn’t even be there until 7:30.”

– You are fully aware of Backstreet Time and still get mad that you have to wait for all things Backstreet. It’s been 22 years, guys. Let’s all just be okay with soon meaning 2 years later.

– You own 2+ copies of every album. You know, just in case.

– You own copies of the early albums on cassette and CD. Cross generational, guys.

– If you’re listening to NSync, you do it in secret. This is a repercussion of being a 90s fangirl. However okay you are with listening to Justin Timberlake and NSync songs now, you are not completely comfortable with admitting it. If you are caught, you blame it on being drunk.

– You don’t date guys named Nick, Brian, Howie, Kevin or AJ. Other than the fact that it’s a little blasphemous, it can get confusing. You will also more than likely hold them to a completely unacceptable high standard. “What do you mean you don’t play guitar, Brian? What are you DOING with your life?!”

– Your name is Stephanie, Jennifer, or Kim. If you’re in the Backstreet fandom, you know at least two people by each name. Weird, but true.

– You have a second job just to pay for your fan luxuries. “Why yes, I do HAVE to be on this cruise, that VIP and fly to London to see their last show of this tour that I’ve already seen twice.”

– You sneakily name your children and/or pets after one of the Boys. Everyone thinks your puppy’s name is Chaos, but it’s really Kaos and of course your child’s middle name is Carter because of a dead family member…….from the 1700s.

– On the no-tour, no-album years, you are constantly making something out of ANYTHING one of the Boys posts on social media. “Oh, Nick is eating a donut. There’s a donut place beside that studio in Nashville. BRIAN WAS EATING A CROISSANT TODAY! GUYS! They were together and they’re recording and it’ll probably be released in like 4 months and tour dates, OMG!”

– Complain about every bad decision you think the group has made… but find a way to attend the complained-about event anyway.

– You want things to be instant. Despite knowing things take time, despite knowing things take Backstreet Time, despite any common sense and reason, it all goes out the window the minute BSB posts about/hints at anything new. They post about a new song, we need it within 24 hours or we hate it without even hearing it. Basically, we’re zombies and they’re brains…NEED. IT. NOWWWW.

– You’ve traveled 4+ hours just for a concert. We don’t play. We are NOT missing a tour.

– You know where they are at all times. And if you’re in the same place, you have a silent debate about being “accidentally” in the same place at the same time.

– You think the strangest things are cute about each Boy. I mean, Kevin and that pinky ring…or Nick and his eyebrows…

– You’ve met your best friends through the fandom. Whether it was on purpose or not, that bond is Unbreakable. (See what I did there?)

– Despite everything, you don’t let ANYONE talk about your Boys. Not that girl beside you at the NKOTBSB concert, not Joey Fatone. NO ONE talks about our Boys and gets away with it.

Have suggestions for more? Comment here or tweet our account and yours could be in our next post of “You might be a BSB Fan…”!