12 Signs You Might Have Chronic Kevin Richardson Syndrome

Despite a 6 year hiatus from the Backstreet life, Chronic Kevin Richardson Syndrome lived on in the hearts of many and since he’s been back, it’s only spread. The syndrome is rampant and and it’s growing, but what a thing to be plagued with! Much like Kevin himself, CKRS will sneak up on you and is pretty permanent…. not that anyone is complaining.

1. You Know The Danger Of Looking Into His Eyes… And You’re Willing To Accept The Risks.

You have been warned by everyone that has been up close and personal with Kevin, but you still risk it. What am I referring to? If you don’t know by now, you probably don’t have CKRS. We tried to warn you before, looking directly into Kevin’s eyes is like handing your soul over for the remainder of your life the night. It’s not in a bad way either. He’s a rare person that looks directly into your eyes and says everything with meaning. If you didn’t have CKRS before meeting him, it’s likely that you might develop symptoms soon after.

2. You Pretended Kevin Was Just Sick Everytime You Saw BSB Without Him.

Kevin leaving was really too much for you to handle if you have the syndrome. How could he…just leave? So, you came up with a plan to heal your mind and everytime you saw the Kevin-less Backstreet Boys, you just pretended he was sick for this or that appearance or that he was in the bathroom for an extended amount of time. Kevin-less cruise? Clearly, he was just swimming with the dolphins because “that’s so Kevin” (that’s what CKRS-ers say). It wasn’t until he came back though, that your being felt whole again.

3. You Own (Or Have At Least Seen) Every Movie In Which He Has Acted.

Casserole Club, anyone? Everybody with Chronic Kevin Richardson Syndrome has seen the movie and/or heard about it and doesn’t think she/he can handle it. How about Bloody Indulgent? Yeah, you’re all about it. Kevin being not so Kevin is definitely everyone with the syndrome’s cup o’ tea. Oh yeah, and there’s that little thing called Show ‘Em What You Made Of …of which you will insist Kevin is really the breakout star.

4. You Firmly Believe That Any Production Of Chicago Should Have Ended After Kevin’s Run As Billy Flynn.

Out of all the people that have EVER played Billy Flynn in ANY production of Chicago, you will stand by the idea that Kevin was hands down the best (after all, you did travel across country to catch it). You, with your CKRS, for the life of you can not understand how people are even still performing after him because NO ONE will top his portrayal of Mr. Flynn.

5. Your Automatic Response To A Lot Of Things – “Aww, Kevin is going to cry!”

Everytime it is announced that the Backstreet Boys or Kevin alone have earned some sort of achievement, the instant thought of a CKRS person is “Kevin is going to cry!”… and it’s not in a bad way. The emotion that is always right at Kevin’s surface is a warm blanket for Kevinites. He’s real, he’s appreciative, he’s experiencing life and they’re all about it. Sometimes you’ve cried in front of him just to see if he would reciprocate…

6. You Have Never Wanted To Be A Denim Jacket Or A Pair Of Red Pants Until 2013.


The denim jacket that lived on Kevin from 2013-2015 was/is the aspiration of the afflicted. That, and the red pants from the IAWLT tour…who would ever want to be apparel items? You, if you have the syndrome.

7. If Kevin Ever Leaves BSB Again, You Hope It’s To Run For President.

He’s literally good at EVERYTHING and Chronic Kevin Sydrome victims cross their fingers every election year that he might just run. He’s been president of the Backstreet Boys for years, he cares about the environment, he’s a badass on social media, and he wouldn’t take shit from anyone! He’s all about changing the world and honestly, you believe he can.

Oh, and the First Family would be the best in the history of EVER.

8. You Have Compulsive Urges To Tweet Him Pictures Of Trees, Water, and Sunsets.

As I mentioned, Kevin is a badass on social media and you may never know when he’s going to pop up on the Twitter. CKRSers will absolutely take advantage of his love for nature with their own. Look at the trees, Kevin. Look at the water. Look at the sky. LOOK AT THIS MOUNTAIN I BUILT FOR YOU TO LIVE ON.

9. What Do You Mean There’s More To “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” Than The First 10 Seconds?

“Baby, I know you’re hurtin’, right now you feel like you could never love again. Now all I ask..is for a chance…to prove, that I love you.” Most CKRS-ers do not make it past that part of “I’ll Never Break Your Heart”. Forget the rest of the song, that’s it for them. If they’ve ever listened to the rest of the song, it’s probably because they were so physically affected by Kevin’s Barry White impression that they can not skip to the next song.

10. That Hair.

Syndromers drool over this hair. Kevin’s hair has gone through many changes over the years, but it has never not looked like it was the creation of angels. If you have the syndrome, you might have compulsions to touch it, sniff it, or just stare like a freak because it is actually perfection on a head. Perfect head hair, perfect face hair..It’s everything.

11. You’re Invested In The Big Blue Nation… You Really Have No Choice.

Oh please, don’t act like you don’t know!

12. The World Is A Better Place Because Kevin Richardson Is In It.

In the end, there is really no one that will not love Kevin. There is nothing but truth and positivity, peace and love that pours out of him and onto the fandom, onto his friends, onto his family, and onto the world. Kevin is single handedly starting a flood of wonderful and eventually, we will all have at least a little touch of Chronic Kevin Richardson Syndrome (the other four Backstreet Boys already do!).


3 thoughts on “12 Signs You Might Have Chronic Kevin Richardson Syndrome

  1. Its like you wrote this about me…. omg number 2 bahahaha totally did this. Kevin’s in this pic… he just bent down to tie his shoe lace.

    The if ever leaves again…. i couldn’t handle that a second time i dunno how i survived the 1st time.



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