4 Tweets That Prove Nick Carter and Devon Sawa Might Be The New Taylor Swift and Katy Perry


90s fangirls everywhere are losing their minds over the recent Twitter exchange between Nick Carter and Devon Sawa. It’s always a good day when you see two heartthrobs chatting with each other…. but could they be the new Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry-esque scandal rocking pop culture?

….Ok, maybe not. They probably don’t even have Bad Blood, but let’s take a look.

1. The Original Tweet.

This all started last week with JUSTIN BIEBER (that’s right…The Biebs started all of this) decided to rock the Devon the Nick. What’s “The Nick”? The split down the middle ’90s haircut that everyone attributes to Mr. Carter at the rise of the Backstreet Boys’ fame. You may also remember a similar hairstyle from earlier this year when Nick tried to resurrect the look for a little throwback that drove some fans wild.

Nick tweeted this:

First of all, why hasn’t Justin Bieber tweeted in response? Nick just approved your “banana cut” (which is what Brian referred to it as when it made the comeback) and you ignore it?! Whatever. Back to the hair feud…

2. Devon Gets In On The Action.

Stop everything. Devon. Just. Tweeted. Nick.

For those of you that don’t know, Devon Sawa became big on the scene about the same time as Nick, but as an actor. You might have seen him in Casper, Wild America, or Final Destination (I know, big difference). Because he rose to fame in the 90s, he, too, shared the split down the middle curtain hair…. and apparently he is prepared to battle it OUT for I-Had-The-Hair-First title.

SIDE NOTE: Nick has not publicly tweeted Devon to appear in Dead 7, but we have an inkling that it may already be in the works. A report online had previously reported that Devon was signed on to already have a part in the zombie western, which could clue us in to why the two are sharing such banter. But, I digress…

3. Nick Replies…. And Claims The Crown.

In typical Nick Carter fashion, he is polite, but he is calling it like he sees it. Basically, he’s saying, “Hey Devon! I’m going to let you finish…but IIII, Nick Carter, had the greatest hair of all time!” (Only he says “a little more golden”… Read between the lines, everyone.)

He Kanye-d Devon Sawa and even linked an article as proof. No one comes between Nick and his hairdos! He practically controls an entire fandom with it.

4. Devon. Fired. Shots.

We thought the “hair feud” was over, and then Devon took it to a WHOLE new level.

Just for the record, this is the OPPOSITE of what every good Backstreet Boys’ fan milling around Best Buy does (Also, please note that BSB is $21.99 compared to NSync’s $5.99).

Devon, Devon, Devon… what have you done? This means war. (But, we’re sure Joey Fatone appreciated it!)

The ball is in your court, Nick… Unless we have to wait for your upcoming solo album to hear a shady track about Devon and his hair, followed by a brilliant video directed by Joseph Kahn.

Or, maybe just Dead 7 produced by The Asylum. With cameos from boybanders and 90s icons.

Stay Tuned…

NickBB (2)


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