11 Fan-Favorite Kevin Moments On The Backstreet Boys Cruise

Gearing up for the 2016 Backstreet Boys Cruise, there will be a series of posts geared toward the cruise to either let you relive the past or get you pumped and ready for the next cruise! I will be taking to social media (watch for it!) to ask you about some of your favorite moments with each of the Boys. It doesn’t have to be a personal connection, it can be just something you really loved watching!

What Has Been Your Favorite Kevin Richardson Moment From Past BSB Cruises? You answered.

1.My cabin was 5 doors down from the Boys in 2014. The guard would warn us when anyone was coming and we would stand in the doorways and talk to the Boys. The night of the ABC Party, I captured this video with Kevin and Keith.Kevin asked what I’d be wearing. I didn’t have anything still. He told me to wear a bedsheet. I asked if a scarf would work. His and Keith’s reactions were priceless! – @lauramariefu

2. On the first cruise Kevin did, just after I took my picture with him the only way to get out of the crowd was to pass behind him between him and a security guy from rose tour. Out of nowhere, Kevin stopped and started dancing, shaking his ass on me while the security guy was caressing my arms.” – @girlygirlstefie

3. Kevin talking about STMH here in the beginning is my favorite cruise moment. – @yahtzee27

4. It wasn’t very long but it’s still special to me. – @andieyammine

5. My favorite Kevin cruise moment was him staying out on the main deck for like, 2 hours while all of the other boys had gone to sleep, and he’s out there signing autographs at maybe 2 or 3 am. There weren’t many of us out there, but he was just gladly going for it until he had signed for all of us. He’s absolutely incredible. I adore him. – @nickysangelbaby

6.  Kevin will take a picture with everyone, from the second the cruise begins, to the second the cruise ends. – @miry_iam

7. My fave Kevin moment on a cruise was last year at the Halloween deck party. He was busy taking pictures with fans when it started pouring down with rain. Instead of going inside and out of the rain, he carried on like nothing had happened! Poor Keith got soaked too and Mike tried to convince Kevin to go in but he was having none of it! I just watched him, thinking what a legend! He totally became my fave for the rest of the cruise after that moment! (Cos you know usually your fave changes every 5 mins on that boat) – @PriyaRaja263

8. Well, one of the coolest moments on cruise with Mr. Richardson when he was the witch at the Halloween night last year. Walking around with long black hair and white suspenders. He was so Green and when it began to rain it looked like He was melting. Great Party night I so enjoyed just watching him. – @julierich81


9. I didn’t really get much interaction with Kevin on the 2013 cruise because everyone was SO excited to see him.
My favorite memories happened on the 2014 cruise. At the meet and greet Kevin asked me if I was having a good time. I told that of course I was. I’m on a Backstreet cruise. Later that night, I got a selfie with him as the Wicked Witch of the the West, and told him happy belated birthday. I said something about how it was our birthday month. He told me Libras were the best. The moment to top off all moments was on ABC night. My costume was inspired by the outfit Ariel wore when she first got her legs in the Little Mermaid. He asked me if I was the sand in the sea. I told him I can be anything he wanted me to be. – @sushi_flower
10. Me and Kevin Richardson from the BSB Cruise 2014, which the best trip. I love it and I can’t wait to see him again. – Jennifer Blackwell

11. My favorite Kevin Richardson moment is probably when they were on the cruise and they were playing the 90’s trivia game and AJ was telling everyone about his encounter with Leo DiCaprio and Kevin was going full gangster. It was like my favorite thing ever. – Brooklyn Conn

Share YOUR favorite Kevin moments with us on Twitter at @WHOTheBackstreet!


One thought on “11 Fan-Favorite Kevin Moments On The Backstreet Boys Cruise

  1. I wish I’d seen this call for entries!

    I have been lucky enough for a few interactions with Kevin on cruises because he makes himself so available, he’s a trooper and really does go all out to make everyone happy.

    My favourite moment was being rescued by Kevin. We were all in the water at the Bahamas Beach party on the 2014 cruise, and a large circle had gathered around Kevin for photos. As it was in the water it was quite hard to hold your balance and space, so we all kept getting shoved around.

    Finally I was at the front right in Kevin’s view line waiting for my turn, when a girl behind me tried to barge me out of the way. She climbed over the top of me, pushing me down into the water with her elbow in my neck! I couldn’t move and was trying not to go down in the water and hold my camera up so it didn’t get wet, but then Kevin spotted what was happening, and as we know, Kevin likes people to play nicely.

    He was like “Hey! What are you doing?! You’re elbowing her in the head!!!” Him and Keith started to move the girl off of me, and Kevin took both my hands in his, looked me in the eyes and said to me “Are you ok?” and I said I was fine, if a little flustered! I got to have a photo with him which I adore (shirtless Kevin in the Bahamas, perfection!!) and I was so chuffed he stepped in to help me out 🙂


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