9 Thoughts We All Had About Mud Covered Backstreet Boys


Usually Mondays are a drag, but this Monday was a great one for Backstreet Boys fans. Why? Because our Boys visited the Dead Sea in Israel. What does that mean for us? Shirtless, mud covered Backstreet Boys first thing in the morning. No one was complaining. In fact, we were all very appreciative. As we stared a little longer, thoughts started to cross our mind. Here are just a few:

1. Where Do We Sign Up For This Job?

You know..the job of official mudslinger onto people, onto Backstreet people.


2. Is It An Actual Job? How Did They Get Covered In Mud?

What does this entail? Did someone use their hands? Did they use a kitchen utensil? Did they put it on each other? Did they roll around in the mud? WE NEED ANSWERS. (Sidenote: We’re pretty upset there aren’t any photos surfacing of this process with Kevin, Brian and Howie. Uggghhh. Someone dropped the ball there!)


3. Ummm, So Why Are The Backstreet Boys Covered In Mud?

As it turns out, the mud from the Dead Sea is chock full of health benefits for your skin. The therapeutic benefits are endless, but most importantly, it makes your skin soft and glowing. That’s right, everyone-not-in-Israel, we’re missing out on baby soft Backstreet Boys. Where do we get our hands on that mud, guys?! We need VIP pics with them like this shirtless smooth and such.

4. Why Is Brian’s Face Uncovered?

We’re not complaining. We love seeing his face and we love seeing him shirtless. However, we couldn’t help but feel as though he was a floating head. (If you got that Friends reference, you’re the bomb!) Was he scared of sucking mud up his nose? Did he think his blues eyes would look weird in a brown mask? Was it simply because he shaved and we read that the mud might hurt? Probably, but we may never know!

5. Did Kevin Actually Sprout From The Ground?

Seriously, he looks like something organic (coincidentally one of his favorite words). There is not a spot on Kevin that wasn’t covered with mud, but suspiciously, his shorts were more pristine than any of the other boys. Did he roll around naked in the mud to become one with nature or is he JUST that good?

6. Nick REALLY Enjoyed The Process.

Look at him.


After he was done, he even got AJ. So, was it Nick’s job to mud everyone? In that case, we understand why Brian left his face out of it.

7. Their Choices In Swim Trunks Suits Them.

You have Brian and Howie being the basic men in their black attire, Nick in camo because of course he is, AJ in white because AJ would absolutely wear white in a dirty situation, and then Kevin. Kevin pretends he’s basic then BOOM! Pink. Black and pink. And, again, clean. He’s all about that razzle dazzle.

8. Not Only Are There Shirtless Boys, There Is Alcohol.


Our rinky dink day at the spa will never compare. If the Backstreet Boys ever decided to have their own brand of wine, THESE photos should be the promotional shot for it. Not only are they selling it well, seeing this makes us want to drink a little.

9. Does Kevin Ever NOT Look Like A Model?


“Oh excuse me, we’re taking photos now? Let me strike my signature pose.”

Thanks for the magical Monday, Boys. Let’s do it again sometime!


3 thoughts on “9 Thoughts We All Had About Mud Covered Backstreet Boys

  1. And not forgetting #10: Where do we sign up to REMOVE the mud?? All crevices must be clean of the stuff, for hygiene reasons, obvs. And I mean ALL crevices. I’ll go warm my hands in preparation… 😉


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