11 Reasons To Appreciate The Backstreet Boys’ Millennium Album

Admit it, you can still remember where you were the day the Backstreet Boys released Millennium. You can still feel the feelings. You can still hear your mom yelling at you to that music down. You can still remember the way your heart pounded as they took over MTV on May 18, 1999. Today, the epic Backstreet Boys album, the one that changed their whole career, is turning 16 and is still one of the highest selling albums of all times. This album was the epitome of everything that we ever loved about the Boys and with it’s release, pop culture was changed forever.

1. Millennium Gave Us Songs Like These:

Without these songs, people would have been left believing that boybands were just 5 guys attached to strings or dressed like dolls, looking pretty. The singles from Millennium are songs that will be forever remembered as some of the greatest of that decade. Some were deep, some were different, and they still looked good singing them.

2. The Release of Millennium Marked The First Time The Backstreet Boys (or ANYONE) Shut Down Times Square.

Who does that?! The Backstreet Boys. End of story. The Backstreet Army has ALWAYS been strong. BEHOLD, the power of fans.

3. The Iconic TRL Appearance / Performances.

If you were a BSB fan anywhere New York City when Millennium dropped, you were in the crowd outside of MTV Studios waiting for a glimpse of our Boys. Before social media, before selfies, BSB fans learned how to do it the hard way!

4. The Millennium Tour Was EPIC.

They FLEW in. No one was doing that at the time and this made our fangirling hearts flutter with glee as you realized, even in the 84th row, that MAYBE Nick Carter would see you. Maybe Brian would wave at you. Maybe Howie would wink at you. The possibilities were endless really IF you were lucky enough to snag a ticket. The Millennium tour sold out faster than most tours going on at the time and these tickets were GOLD if your parents were quick enough to get them.

5. The Promotional Commercials.

The countdown is on! Don’t act like you weren’t keeping a close watch on the calendar, marking down the days until Millennium would be YOURS.

6. You Learned The Elements Because Of The Millennium Booklet.

Most people learned their elements in school – We learned them from the BSB Millennium album.

7. We Learned That Not Only Could The Backstreet Boys Sing, They Could Write Too!

What’s the first thing we did when we got our hands on the album? Read the booklet inside the case to learn all the lyrics and drool over the photos. What was new this time? Writing credits! With Kevin penning “Back To Your Heart” (the song we wished he had written for us) and Brian penning multiple songs but most notably “The Perfect Fan” (the song that won our moms over), the BSB proved with this album that they were more than vocal talent and pretty faces.

8. It Brought Us The Disney Concert Special.

… That played repeatedly (to our delight) on the Disney channel for most of 1999. Suddenly, we all wanted to ride horses, play basketball on Houston St, shop at The Gap, and thought bowling was cool. Oh, and don’t forget AJ’s butterfly hair clips.

9. Our Moms Approved.

Millennium was / is an album that our moms turned up even louder when we got out the car to go into school. Sure, there were a few corny songs, but overall, it’s an album that everyone could tolerate and even enjoy. Your mom eventually even had a favorite (and probably still does to this day). Now, as we are having kids of our own, Millennium will be passed down for the ages as good quality music.

10. It Won HOW MANY Awards?!

4 Billboard Music Awards. 2 VMAs. Teen Choice Award. 4 World Music Awards. Multiple Grammy nominations. Many more..

And all of our hearts.

11. It Solidified What We Already Knew – The Backstreet Boys Are The Best. 

Millennium broke records. It showed the world what the Backstreet Boys could do. Ask the fans if they’re surprised and they will tell you no. Being a Backstreet Boys fan has been a blessing and for a lot of us, it started with Millennium. It has been 16 years since the release and while we’ve all grown, that album will always take us back. It will take us back to the hysteria, the excitement, the deep-rooted love that we share for five Boys in a band from Orlando. The feelings we had at on the release day of Millennium are the same feelings when we see the Backstreet Boys 16 years later.

How many fans get to say that? 16 years later…

Thank you, Boys, for Millennium. It changed our lives.

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