3 Things Each Backstreet Boy Does At Every Concert

Sure, there are certain songs that the Backstreet Boys perform at every show that make every performance complete, but for the fans, there are certain things that each Boy does that a concert wouldn’t be complete without. We think you’ll agree.

Here are 5 things each Backstreet Boy does at every concert (or it’s not a real show).

Kevin Richardson

1. Reaching into the audience to touch everyone he can. If you were in the pit at the IAWLT concert, there were perhaps a few times that you thought he was going to fall onto you trying to reach everyone.

2. Holding his mic with both hands. As displayed in the photo above, Kevin has the habit of putting both hands on a microphone when he REALLY wants you to listen.

3. Closing his eyes and raising his eyebrows. That’s when you know he’s into it, y’all.

Bonus: Sometimes he stops to have conversations when we scream things at him… like he can hear us.

Howie D.

1. That mini Salsa dance. You know the one. It comes out of nowhere when you’re least expecting it and it really doesn’t matter what song it is. “Show Me The Meaning”? Salsa. “Quit Playing Games”? Salsa. Nick Carter talking? SALSA.

2. Winking. What would our lives be without Howie winking? How else would we know he loves us?

3. Every other Boy annoying him. It’s like if any of the other Backstreet Boys get bored, they pick on Howie. Actually, it’s just Nick. And sometimes Brian.

Brian Littrell

1. Lifting a leg. The louder Brian gets, the higher his leg. The more into it he gets, he basically curls into himself. One day, he will pull a total Sonic The Hedgehog whilst singing.

2. Tricks. He will jump 12 feet and he will be upside down almost more than he is right side up. Much like Howie’s random spurts of salsa, if Brian feels the need, he will be backflipping across the stage, jumping over your head, and walking on his hands. Basically, he’s a monkey in human skin.

3. Waving. We may never know if Brian ACTUALLY sees someone in the audience that he’s acknowledging or he’s just pretending to make us fight with our friends over who he actually waved to. Which is it, Brian?!

Bonus: He will also act out any lyric that he can.

AJ McLean

1. When he gets so into it, he starts yelling. AJ’s singing, AJ sounds so good…oh my God, he’s coming at us and he’s yelling the lyrics. “Creepin’ up on your left, straight up funky when I get WIT YA…” This is usually followed by out of control thrusting. (There was also the time he started making up lyrics while yelling. “With bacon and eggs and ham..” – Raise your hand if you still hear it!)

2. Removing his sunglasses for effect. AJ doesn’t always wear sunglasses on stage anymore, but when he does, he will whip them off slowly while singing something soulful and looking directly at you. Suddenly, you will feel like you’re floating and you may have the urge to give him all of your money. And your bra.

3. Dancing like he has no bones. He’s bendy. He flops around in a beautiful AJ way.

Nick Carter

1. Drop Down. Nick starts the show choreographed, but as soon as he’s on his own, the boy is down on the ground. The more passionate he gets, the lower he gets. Think a guitar will keep him up? Oh no – it just gives his downward move some flair. Look at him!

2. The Dance. When Nick gets up, he’s up and he’s feeling it. We’re not sure WHAT he’s doing but it’s his own funky little Nick dance and we love it. Feel that music, Nick! Move, boy!

3. Stopping and Staring. If there is one thing he hates, it’s not getting attention. There is a point in every concert where Nick will stop. Nick will stare. And Nick won’t talk until you give him the cheering and applause that he wants (Like a male Tinkerbell). And we cheer everytime because OMG, it’s Nick Carter.


2 thoughts on “3 Things Each Backstreet Boy Does At Every Concert

  1. You’ve nailed it! That’s each Boy down to a T. Found myself shouting inside my head “He really DOES do that!!” like an over-excited puppy in a pit of squeaky toys. Especially when thinking of AJ’s slow reveal with the sunglasses… *quiver*. That’s soft porn, right there.


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