22 Things We Have Learned From The Backstreet Boys

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Since the Backstreet Boys formed in 1993, they have been learning. They’ve learned how to deal with fame, how to deal with highs and lows, and how to be successful in a world like this. 

Not only have these 22 years been a learning experience for the Boys themselves, but also for the fans. We have learned so much from these 5 men – some things that we may not even be aware of. Here are the top 22 things that we have the Backstreet Boys to thank for knowing.

1. We Know Which Countries Are In Which Time Zones.

As Backstreet fans, we can rattle off what time it is in any country that the Backstreet Boys have toured in. We need to know when we can find pictures, when they are performing, when they might be available for tweeting, etc. It’s a skill.

2. Bodyguards Aren’t Really That Scary After All.

When normal people think of bodyguards, they think of huge guys that will take you out if you get near your idol. When BSB fans think of bodyguards, we think of some of the best few guys we’ve met. Guys like Mike, Q, Keith, Josh and Drew are just as big of a deal to us as Kevin, Brian, AJ, Nick, and Howie. They may look tough, but they’re some of the nicest men we know and have probably held our purses for us more times than our significant others. We also probably have just as many pictures with them as we do with our Boys. Losing one of them is like losing a member of our Backstreet family as well, and there will not be a fan who doesn’t feel the loss of Q at every VIP. We appreciate these guys for protecting our Boys and being so good to us.

3. “Life Is More Than Just Stuff.”

This quote from Brian Littrell at the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame resonates with us. Life IS more than just stuff and no one knows it more than us. Every year, we give up materialistic items in order to experience things and create memories. Even in the years we aren’t seeing the Boys, we take roadtrips to see our friends that we’ve made because of them. We spend time doing the things we love and don’t mind the ridicule we get from our family and friends who just don’t understand.

We are also lucky that we have a band that believes in this mantra, that is more concerned with giving fans what they want that what’s going to give them the most profit in the end. We learn from them that doing what makes you happy is always the best.

4. It’s Possible To Have Best Friends Across The Country… And Across The World.

Ask any Backstreet fan and he or she will tell you that we have friends in every timezone because of the Backstreet Boys. We are more aware of what’s happening in the world, cultures, world holidays, and have created our own family of friends because of a mutual love for five guys.

5. Just How Long We Can Go Without Eating and Sleeping.

Before the Backstreet Boys, we never knew how long we could withstand not eating or sleeping. Some of us have traveled to a concert, left the concert, and traveled 4 hours to a concert the next night. Some of us have sat in line outside of NYC’s Virgin Record Store just to get a wristband to meet the Boys later in the day. Some of us have learned how to order pizza while waiting in a line and some of us couldn’t fathom eating when you’re going to a BSB concert in 6 hours!

6. We Figured Out Whether Or Not We Get Seasick.

When the Backstreet Boys launched their annual cruise, some fans had never cruised before. Would we get seasick? Would we get homesick? DOES IT MATTER?! A few days stuck on a ship with BSB? Take our money and we’ll figure out the sickness later. Seasick meds sales shot up that year.

7. How To Squeeze Every Last Penny Out Of A Paycheck.

If BSB is on tour, we will NOT go without. Of course, we’ve all whined about how we didn’t know if we could afford VIP or if we could afford going to a show at all, but we make it work. They’re not coming to you? You find a date that works and you start digging in your couch cushions for money! Some of us have even taken on second jobs just for Backstreet money. If we want something bad enough, we will find every penny to afford it.

8. Music Heals Us.

The majority of us find solace in the Backstreet Boys’ music. Whether we’ve worked through something as tough as depression or something as small as a bad day at work, their music is home to us. It soothes our souls and takes us to a happy place. It transcends the bad feelings we might have and helps us to make it through another day. They will never know how grateful we are for their gift.

9. How To Make Travel Plans Faster Than Any Of Our Non-Fan Friends.

We know how to plan a trip across country faster than any non-fan friend because we’re used to last minute BSB events. We have more hotel rewards, more airline miles, and the people at the rental car place know us by name. More than likely, we also know where the celebrities stay in each city.

10. How To Be A Top-Notch Detective.

What do you mean you don’t know where the Backstreet Boys are or when they’re flying in or what flight they’re on or what they had for breakfast? Please. We all know. The Backstreet Boys have a secret? HA! We like a challenge. We could actually put on our resumes that we’ve worked for the CIA.

11. We Can Hash (And Rehash) Details For Hours Days Weeks.

Nick’s new hair? New leaked song? AJ’s cryptic instagram caption? We’re on it. We will have 32 different meanings for it, 444 opinions about, and ask continuous questions about it until we get answers.

12. How To Be Opinionated.

See above. When there is a drought in Backstreet land, we all have even stronger opinions about EVERYTHING they do. We don’t like Brian’s shoes? You’re gonna hear about it!

13. We Know How Real Men Should Act.

Our standards have been raised when it comes to the men in our lives. We know five men who are kind, respectful, and talented and we expect no less from every guy we meet. Poor dudes.

14. When, Where, and Who Wins/Loses In A UK and/or Tampa Bucs Game.

Thanks to Kevin, Brian, and Nick, we will always know when these teams are playing and who is winning or losing and some of us have even started to care.

15. What Real Harmony Sounds Like.

Boyband? Please. Vocal harmony group is more appropriate. Let me hear One Direction sing acapella. That’s what I thought. The Backstreet Boys are so good at harmonizing, you WILL want to slap yo’ mama!

16. To Keep Our Standards High.

As we said, they have raised our standards for men, but they have also reminded us not to settle. They have pushed throughout their career to get what they want and be successful. They didn’t settle for low quality and they didn’t stop when they world told them they should. They’ve been an example of what you can achieve if you just keep going and that you never have to lower your standards because the world says you should.

17. We Know Every Way To Soothe A Sore Throat.

We’ve all been there – weekend at a BSB concert, work on Monday morning. We still scream like 14 year olds everytime and when we’re with our friends, we talk and laugh all night. We’re aware that by Monday, we will need cough drops and hot tea because we are, in fact, NOT 14 anymore.

18. You Should Always Use Hand Sanitizer. 

Really, because Nick Carter and his ongoing bout of illness. Not so much that we’re worried about getting sick from him, but moreso if Nick (or the others) get sick after we went to a show, your friends blame you. If you get sick FROM one of the Boys, it’s almost like you’ve really made it as a fan.

19. Once You Go VIP, You Never Go Back.

Everyone knows what we’re talking out. If you pay for the VIP experience once, you will be paying for it everytime. There is nothing like it. Kevin’s eyes and Nick’s hugs. Brian’s smile, AJ’s chatter, and Howie’s sweetness. NO ONE can stop once they start.

20. Ain’t No Party, Like A Backstreet Party.

Enough said.

21. What It Means To Be A Fan.

We have a real passion for these Boys. We care for them like they’re our family and we root for them every chance we get. How sad is the life of any person who has never loved a band they way we love them. How sad is it to have loved a band that never cared about their fans the way the Backstreet Boys do? We have no doubt that every word they’ve ever spoken about their fans is true and sincere because they’re still around because we are. Wow.

22. Dreams Do Come True.

Just as the Backstreet Boys believed in their dreams in 1993 and made them come true, we have been inspired by them to do the same. They’ve inspired us to try, to succeed, and to try again even if you fail. They’ve taught us that you have to work hard for your dreams to come true and you can do anything you set your mind to.

They’ve also taught 12-year-old us that you can eventually meet the five guys that changed your life and that they are as great as you always thought they were.

❤ Thank You, Backstreet Boys. For Everything. ❤

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