BSB Anniversary Project: Dear AJ… – Love, The Fans

As the Backstreet Boys are celebrating their 22nd year together in April, we came up with the idea to write each Boy a letter from the fans. We will post a letter to each Boy every week in April, going in age order, from oldest to youngest, and we’ll be asking you every week to contribute ideas so that it truly is from the fans to them. Follow us on Twitter @WHOTheBckstreet or find us on Facebook so that you can tell us your thoughts as well. ūüôā

Dear AJ,

To the man we feel like we’ve known our whole lives (because some of us have), to the man who has literally transformed before our eyes, to the man with a huge heart, Thank you. Probably more than any other Backstreet Boy, we have watched you grow inside and out and we have loved you through it all. Thank you for sticking with us as we have with you.

We appreciate you sharing your entire journey with us. Not only have you been open and honest with your struggle with addiction, you have helped numerous people recognize their own problems and seek help. We couldn’t be more proud of you for living the life you deserve to have, for continuing to strive for a healthy life, and for finally being happy. Your kind heart has always shown through in everything you do and we are so glad that you’re getting the chance to use it to it’s fullest ability.

Thank you for always being approachable, sincere, and loving to us when you don’t really have to be. Your way of putting us at ease when we’re nervous and talking to us like we’re your best friend is a gift and has not gone unnoticed. Across the board, fans would name you as the friendliest at any time of day. You don’t know how much your kindness has meant to us. We’re sorry if we bug you too much, but you’re a little addicting.

Not only have we watched you kick a few addictions, we have watched you become an amazing husband and an even more incredible dad. Never would we have pegged you in 1999 to be the father you are today, but we were wrong. The love you have for Ava has been apparent since we first saw you with her. Just when we thought your heart couldn’t get any bigger, that our soft spot for you couldn’t be any softer, you had a beautiful daughter and became an even better man and human being. We hope that she knows (we’re sure that does) how incredibly lucky she is to have you as her dad. You’re everything a father should be and we love that you share that part of you with us.

Thank you for being the showman that you are. Thank you for being on top of your game everytime you hit the stage and blessing us with your amazing talent. Your vocals are unmatched and your energy infuses into each of us everytime you perform. Whether you’re thrusting around everywhere or kneeling down to look into our eyes, the show you put on with the other four is an essential part of a Backstreet Boys show. Thank you for sticking around – through trials and tribulations, good times and bad, we’ll be there for you, cause you’re there for us too (What would a letter to AJ be without a FRIENDS reference?).¬†

Thank you for loving what you do and never making any bones about it. Thank you for never being afraid to rock a funky look no matter what anyone thinks. Thanks for giving us something to look at on your arms if we get bored. Thank you for bettering yourself and staying alive. Thank you for growing up with us and thank you for wearing your heart on your sleeve and sharing it with us. You’re a blessing in our lives and we wouldn’t be (and BSB wouldn’t be) the same without you.

Love, Fans All Over The World

A Few Words From Fans:

“I¬†love the power of his voice!!! I love A.J!!! ;)” –¬†¬†

“To be honest,¬†he’s not always my fave, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like or hate him. No. To me, Alexander James Mclean is a big¬†teddy bear in trapped in a bad boy form. He seems so cuddly and warm, and when he smiles with teeth, the whole world stops¬†and stare for a while. Maybe forever. The way he fought with his drug addiction and how he keeps on trying to be better¬†shows us how strong he is, and how Ava changed him.. that’s just the best part of him who didn’t have a nice childhood.¬†PLUS HIS VOICE. ESPECIALLY IN NO ONE ELSE COMES CLOSE. PANTY-DROPPING.” –¬†

“He carries on conversations with fans like we are long lost friends! Love it.” –¬†¬†

“Because AJ & the songs he wrote in rehab eventually helped myself get over my own drug addiction.” –¬†

“He is just so sweet! I’m happy he’s fighting his demons and coming out on top. A great guy!! <3” –¬†¬†

“His voice, he’s an amazing husband and father, is really down to earth, and gives great hugs!!” –¬†

“His voice, his eyes. He’s natural. He’s great. I love him.” –¬†

“AJ – he loves all his fans but last year in Glasgow he showed more because he has Scottish roots it was emotional.” –¬†

“He’s been through hell and back but has come back stronger. He’s an amazing husband and father. He’s super sweet…His tattoos, his humor, his smile, his eyes (that will be the death of me some day) and THAT DAMN VOICE!¬†He’s just a beautiful man. I’m so proud of the man he’s become.” –¬†¬†

“AJ is one of the most humble and kindest men I’ve ever met. The love he has for his family and fans is awe-inspiring. It has been an¬†honour to watch him overcome his battles and do it all with humility and honesty. He has inspired me to live my life as openly as I can.¬†Only he can pull off the rap in We’ve Got it Goin’ On and Get Down and always make it seem current and fresh; and we cannot forget the¬†..screams in a whole host of other songs. He makes everything he does a party, a party I plan on enjoying for the rest of my life. <3” –¬†@amanda_ea

“After watching BSB movie, he’s a fighter.Thank God for Kevin for looking out 4 him.” –¬†

“I love @skulleeroz because he is genuine and he goes above and beyond to make fans happy. He is the sweetest “bad boy” that has ever existed, and I am so proud of the man, husband and father he has become.” –¬†@Blu3y3dBalla

“He’s a true fighter! He’s such an amazing man and he’s shown everyone that you can change your life for the better. I love that he’s such a great father and damn, I love his voice! He could sing the ABCs and sound perfect. I love the amazing man he’s become.” –¬†

“His honesty about addiction and overcoming it. His love for his daughter, his voice, his kindness and his passion.” –¬†¬†

“Turning his life around. sharing his battle with his addiction. the way he is with Ava. the man he became.” –¬†


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