The Curious Case of Nick Carter and Melissa Schuman: Everything We Have Questions About

In the past week, a lot of things have been posted and a lot of arguments have been thrown back and forth via social media in regards to Melissa Schuman’s allegations against Nick Carter in 2002. If you haven’t read about it, google it – we’re not going to link it in this post.

Numerous fans (and non-fans) have taken to Twitter, Facebook, etc. to post their opinions about the story and to be honest, none of us know exactly what transpired the night that Melissa has brought into question. That much is true. That is why we can only go off of what we know and that is where it gets confusing.

Before we lay out what we know and why we’re confused, let’s get one thing straight – we are not “victim shaming” and we know the whole “this is why victims don’t come forward” psychology. We get it. Just as Nick is innocent until proven guilty, we, personally, can not 100% refer to Melissa as a victim.

We’re not posting this to get into a he-said / she-said, but we’re posting it to give everyone a layout of WHY we’re all confused about these allegations (and to right a few things). If we’re going to talk about it, let’s talk about all of it. We are always welcoming of anyone who can dispute the items and clear things up for us as well.

Here we go:

– Probably the most questionable fact regarding Melissa and Nick has been the fact that Melissa Schuman follows Nick Carter on Twitter. Even after many fans pointed this out, she has not unfollowed him. Melissa joined Twitter in April 2008 and Nick didn’t join until March 2009. This was 6 and 7 years after the alleged incident and it isn’t a case of “follow back” since Nick does not follow her.

We understand that it’s good to keep friendly relations in “the industry”, but if Melissa wanted nothing to do with Nick past the incident and the duet where he supposedly snubbed her for having a boyfriend, why is she following him on social media?


– Melissa tweeted Nick her condolences after his sister Leslie passed away in 2012.

– Melissa’s husband of 11 years (who she met in 2003), Brandon Henschel, is a dancer on Lip Sync Battle and danced on stage with Nick Carter, AJ McLean, and Gigi Hadid in 2016. Melissa liked this tweet about Nick and her husband being “DILFs”.

– In 2012, Melissa retweeted a tweet about the song that she and Nick recorded together.

– In a video on her YouTube page from September 2017, Melissa states that “music from BSB and NSYNC “gives her the “warm and fuzzies”.

– This Summer, Melissa added a video of Nick in The Hollow to her YouTube playlist, posted by a Backstreet fan account.


– It’s apparent across all social media channels that Melissa is trying to gain notoriety. She and her husband have applied to be on The Amazing Race and she has tweeted Celebrity Big Brother to be on as well. Her first YouTube video from 2014 is titled “I Need To Become Important On The Internet”, in which she talks about how much she wants to be back in the spotlight. See video here. This has been said to be an improv piece, but we have no proof. She has also tweeted multiple times over the years that she is looking to be on Dancing With The Stars. She was also active on social media (liking tweets / retweeting) about wanting to be a judge on Boy Band – which Nick Carter was already cast on.

– Melissa name drops Nick in a 2015 interview about what she has been up to since Dream ended.

– At 1:45 into this video, Melissa and Ashley (also from Dream) name NSYNC as their favorite boyband, but agree that they love the Backstreet Boys as well.

– Perhaps the oddest is that Melissa did an Instagram Live with fans in May and at 2:30m, she states “that poor guy (Nick) has gone through so much. He’s been through it, I tell you. So sad” before going on to talk about how excited she is to watch Boy Band and mentioning that Aaron Carter is a “hoot”, signaling that her and Nick’s relationship went past one night. Watch here.

– Speaking of Aaron, she also tweeted him (Nick’s brother) in 2013 in good spirits.dpvo6lfxuaix61h

– We also find it odd that, before posting this piece on Harvey Weinstein and the #MeToo movement and how Maxim wanted her to show more skin against her wants, Melissa erased all traces of attending the Maxim Halloween party in 2015 from her Instagram….but not her Twitter (here, here, here, and here). There are multiple instagram posts that have been deleted actually, and upon posting her Nick Carter themed blog post, there were multiple fans that asked her where her Instagram post went that was praising him. Obviously, we can not retrieve deleted posts, but with so many alluding to them and a history of deleting things, we have reason to believe that they existed, just like people believe that these events actually happened.

– Also…

I absolutely love this song by @nickcarter and @melissaaschuman. 💚💚💚

A post shared by 💟Brittany Nicole 💟 (@brittanynicole929) on


While Melissa changed her Instagram handle and deleted the above IG post, a fan shared the post before it was deleted. Melissa posted this photo of Nick with their song playing in December 2016 with words of praise for Nick — which has since been deleted.

CaptureMelissa also left the comment above in Summer 2017 on a Backstreet Boys fan’s video of the Boys from a Vegas show.

Melissa also claimed she didn’t tell anyone about it for a long time. However, in a story to Life & Style magazine in early 2018, where she changed the incident from 2002 to 2003 after it had been published, claimed that multiple people knew, including her fellow Dream members.


It is also confusing as to why Melissa said she avoided Nick after the alleged incident in her blog post detailing the night in question and that he was seemingly harassing her to talk to him, but then during her appearance on Dr. Oz, claimed that they continued to film scenes together for The Hollow.

“Shortly after he called me. He called me over and over and over again and I wouldn’t pick up. I didn’t want to hear his voice. He jammed my phone with calls for weeks, leaving me messages demanding I speak with him. Then he finally left me one last nasty, angry message and he never called me again. It was over, at least I thought it was. I thought I’d never have to see or hear from him ever again.” – Melissa’s Blog, November 2018

“We filmed scenes together and he acted like nothing even happened. I brought my friend to set. My dad came to set.” – Melissa during her appearance on Dr. Oz, November 2018

There is also a few more conflicting statements about the aftermath of the alleged events.

This was reported in Life and Style in February 2018:


This comment left on her own Instagram, which was deleted after the Life and Style article was published, suggests otherwise.


Nick has always been very open and honest with fans and the general public, detailing events he isn’t proud of in hopes that someone else will learn from his mistakes. So, in addition to the above facts about why we find Melissa’s claims hard to believe, we can’t just take her word for it.

Again, we are not shaming Melissa Schuman, but the above pieces are what they are and we don’t have any reason to not believe Nick when he says that everything was consensual and that he’s shocked by these accusations… because we are too. If we had any reason to believe that Nick is guilty of sexual misconduct, we wouldn’t be writing this. We are reasonable human beings and we definitely don’t believe that Nick Carter can do no wrong… because he has….and he has taken complete ownership of it. He has given us EVERY reason to believe him, without having to convince us.

So, we leave you to draw your own conclusions, but get all the pieces of the puzzle before you do. We owe it to everyone involved.

(For those finding this post since initial claims were made, this is Nick’s statement: “I am shocked and saddened by Ms. Schuman’s accusations. Melissa never expressed to me while we were together or at any time since that anything we did was not consensual. We went on to record a song and perform together, and I was always respectful and supportive of Melissa both personally and professionally. This is the first that I am hearing about these accusations, nearly two decades later. It is contrary to my nature and everything I hold dear to intentionally cause someone discomfort or harm.”)

[DISCLAIMER: Since this post was published, it has been assumed that I have some sort of paid association with Nick. That is a wrong assumption. I am a regular person with a job that has absolutely nothing to do with Nick Carter and this site has been my own with my own thoughts and opinions since 2014. We also do not condone ANY harassment toward Melissa. This post was specifically written about questions we had — which she answered in a blog of her own. In the blog Melissa wrote, there are many untruths made about me personally, but our response feels unnecessary.]

UPDATE (March 2019): It’s been a year and a half since I wrote this blog and never did I think that this blog would still be making the rounds today. I definitely didn’t think that I would still trolled because of it. As I stated above, this post was written in defense of Nick, not for the sake of condemning Melissa. We will continue to rally around Nick because that is our prerogative. People are free to have a different opinion, but ours is not going to change and we will not be shamed or harassed or fear mongered into doing so.

It has been apparently brought up recently that I have kept this situation going, that I’ve pushed it on others and that I have not tried to explain myself – that this was all out of hatred – and that could not be further from the truth. In fact, there are things we haven’t included in this post because we felt they were too nitpicky and harsh.

I have deactivated this post (because this case is closed, because Nick is doing ok, and because there is no reason to keep using this post to insist that I harassed others) but people continued to use to push their own agenda. So, if they’re going to draw attention to it, I may as well defend myself.

So, I am posting these tweets here. These are all of the things that I have tweeted since I published the post (which I only tweeted out twice and tagged neither Nick or Melissa) trying to be as kind as I possibly could be, trying to settle people down and explaining what we’ve been explaining all along. Not that we owe it to anyone.

If you’re reading this, feel free to draw your own conclusions.



18 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Nick Carter and Melissa Schuman: Everything We Have Questions About

  1. I don’t think it should ever be considered “victim shaming” to try to gather all of the facts. I don’t want to live in a society where allegations are all you need to convict. That’s a scary place to be. I think its wise to investigate and pursue as much evidence as possible. It unfortunately is very possible to have false allegations.

    What I think is interesting…is there has been NO follow up to the initial rash of news stories who published the initial accusation. I think they did the same research as shown on here and found her to be not credible. I just wish someone would be “brave” enough (which it shouldn’t be brave to report facts) to report what this site did. It is not “victim shaming” to list all the inconsistencies surrounding this story, and I would say that it is supposed to be good journalism to cover everything. It would also be nice if the news outlets that were so quick to shame Nick would be as quick to point out he may in fact be innocent of this charge. But I’m sure that those reporters are scared to be labeled as women-bashers. But I also believe that, should a man be found innocent, or an accuser found to be non credible, the guy deserves his name to be publicly cleared.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more mud sticks and once people get accused of something like this there will always be people who believe they are guilty even if proven innocent or cleared. Let’s hope the Truth comes out sooner than later so everyone can move on and carry on living there lives.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. There’s also the fact that her dad is saying she went crying to him when this happened and yet he did NOTHING about it. Strange, since he was her personal manager and people have said VERY protective of her. Lots of things not right with this allegation.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I agree with this 100% as the inconsistencies are glaring. From the fact Ms. Shuman still follows Nick on Twitter to the fact that she had several opportunities to leave the situation that she alleges was so traumatic, to spending the night next to her alleged rapist. The behavior she displayed is not consistent with how rape victims react after being raped, to how they react later.
    I agree that there appears to be a constant need to stay relevant by Ms. Shuman by posting on the internet and her need to try and be on current TV shows. I think her time would be better served by concentrating on her child and her husband.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have been a baby fan for like god knows how long I even stayed in the same hotel ,I have meet them all and have all their autographs.if the supposed incident happened in 2002 why did she wait this long to come forward. Melissa needs to the laws the statue of limitations for alleged rape is only 5 years after it happened anything later and the internal evidence is no longer viabal . I believe she is is stalking him and Lauren because she wants money she is clearly following him over social media and through media that’s bad she can do him or Lauren or god forbid Odin serious harm. Nick should get a restraining order against her and an order of protection against her cause she is not stable I feel bad for nick and his wife

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  5. I’m totaly agree with this post, I’m from Chile and I didn’t know this Ms. Schuman until this event. For me there’s one question, what crazy woman is fan and follower of her rapist in social media? Only a psychopath. What father does not do anything to hear that his daughter was abused? If so, I feel sorry for this woman for the family she has.

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  6. Along with everything you said I also find it odd that her friend was there in another room yet she mentions nothing about screaming out for help. She says he forced her but doesn’t say he put his hand over my mouth so I couldn’t scream while forcing me. I don’t see where she fought and kicked and screamed anywhere. This all reads more like fan fiction to me. It also sounds more like regret than assault. And I hate to not believe the alleged victim but I’m having a tough time believing this one.

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  7. I have felt so so conflicted about this. As a woman, I want all women to feel safe coming forward with their pain. As a fan of Nick’s I know he has gone through some rough patches, which he is very open about.

    Nobody wants to believe that someone who has touched their lives so deeply could be capable of something like this.

    All of these details, and the fact that she went on TV and said she wishes him the best and forgives me really makes me feel a lot of doubt. A lot. Also, we haven’t heard anything from anyone associated with Nick that they will not work with him anymore. In this political climate I believe people would do that if they thought it was a credible claim.

    It’s a very unfortunate episode. Either it’s true or false and either way is sad for me as a fan.

    The other thing I have to say is that I bought her album. I loved the first single, but unfortunately the rest of the songs all sorta sounded the same. I don’t know who decided the album was ready to be released, but that is what killed her career. I was ready to be a fan, and was disappointed that I spent my hard earned money on the album I really didn’t listen to more than a handful of times. This is not an attack on her, because obviously she wouldn’t have had very much creative control at that point. I’m just disclosing that I was a fan of hers for a while, and I still feel like the details of her behavior are very odd for what she claims happened to her.

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  8. I know this blog post is old but her actions with Aaron Carter lately have brought all these things back to the forefront. My question is this….in her original blog about her alleged rape she says she didn’t have the money or power to go against someone with Nick’s resources (or something to that affect)….why would she need $$ to go against him if she was raped and wanted to press charges? Doesn’t the state where she filed the charges pay to prosecute? Why would she need money or power? That didn’t ring true to me. If I’m mistaken, please enlighten me.


    1. Good point. I imagine that she thought there would be no point in trying to “go after him” because he had a “powerful” lawyer and I suppose that she wanted to “win”…not sure. It was either bad advice or not even a thought in the first place. Or the fact that she didn’t want to cut ties because of her career benefits… who knows? It’s a wild situation we have a lot of questions about.


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