15 Fans Share Kind Things The Backstreet Boys Have Done For Them

Over two years ago, we asked you guys to tell us some of the kindest things that Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ, and Nick had done for you, the fans. We loved reading all of the stories, from small things that made a huge difference to big things that made dreams come true – you can read them here.

Since then, we’ve heard so many MORE great stories about things between the Boys and fans and since it’s the season for heartwarming tales, we asked for more! Of course, you guys did not disappoint. Just when we think that being a Backstreet Boys fan couldn’t get any better, these Boys keep topping themselves… for us. If that doesn’t give you the feels, we don’t know what will.

Ready for your heart to be warmed?

“Every November, I post about my struggles with depression and how thankful I am to be here and being alive today. I’ve mentioned it a few times that a lot of the reason I’m still here is because of the boys. Now one thing is that I’ve never actually told them in person ‘thank you for inadvertently saving my life’.

 One November, I believe it was last year or the year before, I took a crazy chance. I DMed Nick on Twitter and wrote him a novel thanking him. I never expected him to answer because I’m sure he gets hundreds of DMs daily.
For some reason though, twenty minutes later he replied. He answered my message and said he was happy I was still here and doing better.
I cried. He didn’t have to read it.. It was LONG. so for him to just take time out of his day to respond made my day. I’ll never forget about how kind he was in that moment.” – Tracy

“It was August 10, 1997 – my friends and I were in New York City when BSB released their first album in the USA. One of my friends couldn’t come and she was a HUGE AJ girl . I had brought a birthday card just in case at the autograph session I could get AJ to sign it. August 11th, we went all over NYC hoping to find the guys. Now we were having supper on Broadway, thought it now would be a great idea to head back to our hotel as we still had to get ready for the autograph session the next day  so headed out of the restaurant when I turned to my left. “Lisa look it’s AJ!” He was so nice asked us where we were from (Montreal/Toronto) and thanked us for coming. He took photos with us. He was talking to my friends and I was looking in my purse “oh no!” AJ asked me “Hun, did you lose something?” “No it’s just that I left the birthday card at my hotel for my friend who I hoping to surprise with a autographed birthday card!” Before I could finish what I was saying, AJ said “are you coming tomorrow?” Yes – the autograph session. AJ said, “great so tomorrow make sure to give me the card and I’ll get all the guys to sign it!” When I saw AJ the next day, he was like “hi sweetie, where’s the birthday card and what’s your friend’s name?” He then signed it , gave it to Nick and said signed this birthday card for Natalie, Debbie’s friend then pass to Kevin. Howie was next and last but not least was Brian. AJ got the card back said “there ya go darling signed sealed and delivered!” Couldn’t thank him enough, thought my friend was going to die when she got her card.” – Debra Gordon

“My son was diagnosed with cancer on May 2nd 2012 8 months old. I got on twitter to kind of get my mind off of things for a minute, and saw that Brian was tweeting fans. I decided to tweet him and ask for some cheering up and he replied.  He said “Everything has a purpose and every moment should be savored. I’m so very sorry my family will Pray for your son.”
He will never know how much that meant to me. 

A couple months later I decided to write Brian a letter updating him on my son. I sent him pictures of my son getting chemo and a picture of my husband and I at a meet and greet in 2010.

I told Brian that my son loves BSB and something about their voices puts him to sleep during his cancer treatments. At the end of the letter I asked Brian if he could send my son a signed photo and if he couldn’t I completely understood. I checked the mail about maybe a month later and to my surprise there was a large envelope in my mailbox. I opened it and there was a signed photo from Brian for my son. When I showed my son the photo his eyes lit up and he smiled even though he was only 10 months old at the time. The cancer took my sons vision months after that so he cant see it anymore but it sits on the mantle above the fire place in a frame. Its one of our most treasured things in our house. Brian didn’t have to sign a photo, he didn’t have to reply to my tweet, but he did and I appreciate it so very much.” – Melissa Lamb

“It was at the Backstreet Walk of Fame ceremony. We all stayed behind after it was over in hopes of meeting our favorites. It was like trying to get through a brick wall. I had just about given up trying to get Brian’s attention, Nick had somehow noticed me. I was in tears, happy of couse, and he must have recognized the Wylee shirt I was wearing. He automatically went to Brian and I froze as he pointed my way. Nick smiled before turning towards another fan. Brian was coming towards us but security held him back. He was not pleased, LOL! Sadly, didn’t get to met him. It was a small thing but it meant the world to me.” – Becca XO

This happened during the This Is Us tour. I had given Howie a Father’s Day card that I had made for him during meet and greet being that it was a few days from the date of my show. He did an interview with E! news a few days later and had a tour of his bus. I remember him calling it the “King James bus since there was baby stuff all over. Towards the end of the interview he stops and grabs something off the window of the bus and says “and this here is James and Dada from the cruise. It was a little dark so I didn’t notice at first, but then I saw the border of the picture and realized it was the card I had given him. He put my card in the window of his bus. When we give guys gifts we often think of what they do with them, if they keep them and it just touched me so much that not only did he keep it but had it on display. The guys really do appreciate everything we give them and they do keep at least some of them. Just another reason why Howie is Sweet D.” – Ashley Darpino

“A Backstreet Boy that did something I felt was above and beyond for me was AJ.

On September 22, 2017 I had my second back surgery in four and a half years. A friend of mine tweeted all the boys asking if they would send me a good luck message in preparation for the surgery. Well AJ saw the tweet and instead of sending well wishes via a tweet he took the time to send me a personal message wishing me good luck.
To me that was a big deal, I wasn’t expecting a tweet but was blown away that he took the time to send a personal message, for that I will forever be grateful.”  – Erin

“So, two separate encounters.

The first one was August 10th-11th 2013 in Cleveland, OH afterparty. I wound up being the last person to get my pic with Kev, Howie & Nick. They had ushered my friend to a table in the back of the room far away from the stage they were going to be dancing & spinning tunes with fans. (We are both wheelchair users)
After the pic, they were going to take me where my friend was. Kevin grabs my shoulder & tells the guy, “I want her up front on the side so she can see everything!” (When Kev speaks, people listen!) I said “What about Terra? They got her & we sat right where Kevin wanted us!! They pulled all the fans up to dance with them a few at a time. At the end of the night, Howie whispers to his security guy & Nick whips off his headphones (he was spinning the tunes). Howie & Nick jumped off the stage & danced with Terra & I for a few minutes!! Terra & I were on cloud 9!!

The second one – I was on the BSB Mediterranean cruise & AJ told me I looked fantastic at one of the theme nights! I also got selfies with every single one of the Boys!!” – Cindy Cuchna

“Well, I have many things about BSB that I will never forget.

My first time meeting them in at Calypso in Limoges in 2011. Then Meeting Howie for the first time, I stood beside him, my hands were shaking, I asked him if I could give him a hug and he said yes. I was in heaven. My friends and I followed the BSB all over Calypso. Howie kept looking at me smiling,winking.
Then I got to meet him again at my first after party of theirs that I attended in Ottawa Ontario . While waiting for them to enter to do their meet and greet, Howie stopped held my hand looked at me and said sorry and apologized for not singing to me at the concert. I was like “Omg, that’s ok.”
In 2013, I met them again but this time in Montreal. That was an awesome after party. Nick was dancing with random girls, I was just watching and all of a sudden he turned around and he ended up standing in front of me so him and I did some sexy dancing.  Anyway, Howie said that he loved my poster. I wrote 100 Kisses 4 Howie. Then 2014 I met AGAIN. Lucky me. In Kingston Ontario. That was also fun. At the after party, Howie touched my hand and held it for awhile. I was in heaven once again. Never would have thought since I was a teenager that I would meet them. Now I am 36 years old and I still love them.” – Gail Archambault

“As one of the million die-hard Backstreet fans, it’s always been easy for me to find whatever the Backstreet Boys do to be beyond nice. It’s like I easily so greatly appreciate whatever it is that they offer their fans. New records, announcement of their new show schedule, collaborations. Even the littlest of things like their cute social media posts, an Instagram story of their Vegas Residency shows, their randomest tweets, whatever it is.

That’s why I couldn’t have been more overwhelmed with sheer delight the day I had my first ever meet and greet with the Boys during their In a World Like This concert tour here in Manila, Philippines back in May 2015.

It’s been two years, and yet each time I look at this photo of mine with my idols, it’s still almost unbelievable that this day happened.

People who aren’t BSB fans don’t probably know this – but I am just proud to say that the Backstreet Boys are the awesomest kinds of idols/role models you will ever meet, because they always, always, make sure that they give back to the fans by making them feel special whenever they have a chance. I’d had this experience during that day and indeed, my favorite Boys made me feel special, which truly overwhelmed me.

Before the meet and greet, they held a soundcheck party (they usually do this before their shows) where we got the chance to ask them questions and bond with them more. It was a given that fans would be yelling for them, shouting all their names, asking for a wave, a hi, a flying kiss, a wink, everything. I mean, how often does a Backstreet fan get a chance to hang with their favorite boys, right? There were a bunch of us, screaming fans in there. But it was all so clear to see how all five of them were just too genuine on greeting back every single one of the fans at soundcheck. It was heart-melting to see. I knew they all couldn’t glance in each of our directions to return the attention, but I shouted a delighted “Hi, Nick!” of my own anyway — and amidst all the fans’ joyful voices and the noise from the sound system around the venue, Nickolas Gene Carter, actually acknowledged this amused, screaming voice of mine, glanced my way, his oceanic gaze beneath his nice cap meeting mine; Nick gave me a nod and that sweetest smile, followed by a soft wave.

He said hi back to me WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPENING! Neither Nick nor the rest of the Boys knew how I couldn’t have been more shaken to the foundation of my soul by that simple gesture, but that was just the beginning of my unbelievably awesome, unforgettable night.

During meet and greet, it just all dawned on me – all the stories I’d been reading from fans around the world about their beautiful and memorable meet and greet experiences with BSB – I was able to experience them all that night.

When my turn came for the picture-taking, I truly got too excited and ran with so much energy, I almost knocked Howie off where he stood. Nervously laughing, I apologized repeatedly, but Howie calmed me down by sweetly laughing it off. AJ asked me how I was to which I simply responded by saying how happy I was to finally see his awesome tattoos in person. He laughed and hugged me. Next was my favorite Nicky C., whom I greeted so joyfully with a “Nickolas!”. “Hey sweetheart,” he said softly as he enveloped me into the tightest hug I have ever received in my entire life. Kevin locked me in a world of our own with his hypnotizing stare before embracing me into his arms. After that, I asked him if he could say “Sexy Time” in Borat accent, which he did twice and I laughed with the rest of the Boys. Brian also asked how I was, but the glint of his blue gaze made me lose all sense of sensibility to say something sensible back – so “I love you B-Rok” was my only response as I got his warm hug.

Why Howie’s called Sweet D, AJ’s certain way of talking to a fan that will make you feel like you two have been close for years, Nick’s sweet words and tight embraces, Kevin’s melting, overpowering gaze and genuine interest in your stories, the twinkle in Brian’s eyes when he casts you a smile as he welcomes you into a hug – THEY ALL GOT TOO REAL FOR ME THAT NIGHT AND I JUST COULDN’T EVEN BEGIN TO EXPLAIN HOW AWESOME THESE GUYS WERE TO THEIR FANS. SUCH DOWN-TO-EARTH, SINCERELY KINDHEARTED MEN WHO HAPPENED TO HAVE SUPERSTAR-LEVEL-TALENTS!

One of a kind.

The sincerity of their thank you’s, their warm gestures, their words of affirmation. They’re all just too real. I can’t believe how a group of talented, larger-than-life celebrities can actually keep a beautiful bond with their fans by never failing to give them appreciation in any way they can. It is very rare. The Backstreet Boys – they’re rare, and I am so darn blessed and just super proud that I belong to the Backstreet Army.

I don’t think the Boys have any idea how they fulfill one’s hopes and dreams every single time they do a meet and greet. I don’t think they have any idea that they are capable of delivering immeasurable amount of joy to someone for every meet and greet they do with the fans.

But our dearest Backstreet Boys, if you’re reading this, please do know that the five of you are such big blessings to millions around the world. Keep doing what you love, keep enjoying the life you have, may you keep inspiring us. You are the best people in the world, and we will be supporting and loving you forever.

I love you Backstreet Boys, thank you for being a source of light in my life since I was 5.”

– Janica Catabay

“Kevin (my all time favorite one!) on the first day of European cruise, he came out of his cabin and we were just two waiting for him. He told us to be quiet and let us come towards him. We chat a couple of minutes and took some pics! This made my cruise worth it since Kevin has been my love since ‘96/‘97.

And I must say also July 8th 1999, because of this I fell in love with them (I used to like them but not as the fan I am today!). I’ll make it very short. I was at Pisa with my Dad and AJ and Howie were there too. I was leaving when I saw them! We went to eat on the same restaurant on purpose and luckily the waiter sat us on the table next to them. They were very nice to us, interacting and joking with us. I got Howie’s autograph in the bathroom and AJ’s before he left, telling me “bye sweetheart” I was 11 y.o. so this was very like “Woah” to me!” – Manoela

“On February 17th, 2017, I broke my ankle. I was so damn sad, I cried all day. I wrote a tweet to Nick, saying: “Nicky Love, I broke my leg today… that means I can’t dance my fav songs of my fav singer. I’m so sad.”

And he replied within a few seconds:
“How did you break it??”

This was the best thing Nick has done to me. I love you, Carter. Thank you for being you.” – Gaia

“Something I thought was really nice is 1 time on Twitter I joked with Brian about him calling me(because of a contest to win a phone call from Howie) and eventually he really did, but he did it randomly just one day while at home before getting ready to have movie night with Leighanne and Baylee. But I just thought it was so cool of him to take time out of his day (on an off day) and call me.” – Amber

“One of my favorite moments in life is because the Backstreet Boys went out of their way to do something special for me, and it meant the world. In 2013, at the 2nd tour date for the “In A World Like This” tour, I was finally going to meet all 5 boys at the same time. I’ve been a diehard fan since 1998 and had met each separately a few times, but this was the moment I had been waiting for since I was 12!  And when it was my meet and greet turn (I got the gold package so I was able to have a solo pic with them) I thanked them for their song “Never Gone” along with their mere existence and the rest of their music. And I told them that how after I lost my mom to Pancreatic Cancer, my family and I had the lyrics to “Never Gone” printed on her funeral pamphlet, since the words are just so beautiful and perfect if you lose someone. I asked if they could autograph the pamphlet, but of course the security guard freaked out because of the “no autographs rule,” but Nick stepped up, told the security guard to chill out, and that they’re going to do it because “it’s a memory thing.” And then they all signed it! It was just such an amazing experience. I started balling. It was so emotional on SO many different levels. It not only made my day, my year, but also is definitely one of my greatest memories ever. 🙂 They are truly such amazing, kind hearted, wonderful men! KTBSPA!” – Angeleena Marie

“In 2013, I won tickets to a private acoustic session with the Boys in Raleigh, NC on the day of their IAWLT concert. After the meet and greet was over, the Boys all left. My cousin and I were leaving too when we noticed a few girls running around the corner. We followed because hey— When the Boys are in town and you see girls running…you go, too! It was Howie running to grab his tour bus. He had stopped to take a few pics but was being motioned to get on the bus so they could go. I guess he saw my disappointed face because he told them to hang on and called me over to take a picture. My first one on one BSB selfie. Totally made my day! Howie is a total sweetheart and all my BSB interactions with him have always been wonderful. Love our Boys.” – Diana

“AJ saved my life when he caught me after my heel got stuck in the platform of the barricade. I totally would’ve smashed my face if he wasn’t right there.” – Allie


One thought on “15 Fans Share Kind Things The Backstreet Boys Have Done For Them

  1. I attended my 2nd meet and greet at a the forum in Los Angeles CA and to my surprise Kevin stated he saw me in the audience during the concert which made me feel special. He did not have to say anything plus after pucture was taken and I walked away they called me back up for another picture because first one was terrible. They are thoughtful guys. Never Change! When life is tough I listen to BSB and their voices always lifts my mood.

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