5 Kind Things We Have To Say About Brian Littrell

Every now and then, we like to put a series of posts together that highlight different things about each of the Backstreet Boys. There can never be too much love, right?

This time, we wanted to share posts with kind words for each Boy because sometimes we all need a reminder about how good these five are, not only together, but individually. Not everything that lives on the internet is positive, but it’s always been our aim to add a little to the “good side” and we encourage you to share your own kind words in the comments!

Let’s start with Brian Littrell.

1. He’s Forever Putting People At Ease.


We can bet that most of the people who have been nervous at Meet and Greets or crying during a performance have a story about Brian. Perhaps one of the most endearing (and slightly overlooked) things about him is that he has the ability to put people at ease in a snap. He’s not afraid to get one on one to ask someone if they’re okay, he’ll do something silly to put a smile on your face, and most importantly, he genuinely cares.

2. He’s Honest (And A Good Sport).


Love it or hate it, Brian definitely stands up for what he believes and is quick to tell you if something isn’t quite the whole truth with an explanation behind it. You never have to question that what he says is 100% what he believes without persuasion. The world needs more of that, right?

He’s also REALLY great about taking one for the team.

3. We Don’t Know Someone Who Is More The Definition Of A Fighter.


I think we’ve mentioned it in every Brian-centric post we’ve ever written, but how do you talk about him and his spirit without talking about every trial he’s faced in his life time and came out on the other side without giving up. He’s been up against everything from health issues to social issues to backlash from living exactly as he wants to live and he still keeps the faith and faces everything head on, working tirelessly – for himself, for his family, for the group, for the fans. We will never stop being inspired by him.

4. He Tries To Make Sure Everyone Feels Acknowledged.


Similar to #1, Brian tries to make sure you know he knows that he sees you. He’s laid down on the stage to take selfies with fans, he’ll pose for photos if he sees you with a camera, and he’ll make faces or do a dance if he sees you looking his way. It’s a little personal touch that makes you feel seen in a crowd of faces where you can easily be lost and it means everything, everytime.

5. At The End Of The Day, He’s Just A Regular Good Guy.


More than any other Backstreet Boy perhaps, Brian has made it clear that at the end of the day, a Backstreet Boy is just one of the things he is. He’s a husband and a father and a son and a brother who likes to go home and fix things on his own, take out the trash, drive his own car and clean out his own pool. Not only that, but he’s forever doing things for other people and his community. If you can’t love that, what can you love?

Share your kind words for Brian in the comments below or via our social media posts so we can share as well!

Keep your eyes peeled for more kind words for the other Boys COMING SOON.


(Thanks to Amber for our featured photo)

9 thoughts on “5 Kind Things We Have To Say About Brian Littrell

  1. There have been so many memories of Brian making me feel special, but the most recent was at a Vegas after party. He came by taking selfies. I was so excited I couldn’t take the damn picture lol. So he took my phone and stayed until I got a clear picture. He really is a sweetheart.


  2. Oh yes he made sure i knew he had seen me. During IAWLT-tour in Rotterdam I had a sign asking for his guitar pick. During QPG he saw my sign and helt the pick up. After the accoustic set was done he came to the audience and gave me his guitar pick. There were lots of girls wanting to take it from him but he said: ‘hey hey hey, she’s got a sign’ pointing at me. ❤
    The next week in amsterdam we did the same thing for my friend and she also got it.


  3. At Friday night’s concert, when Brian came down through the crowd, he was shaking hands of course. But missed mine. My husband caught his attention, he purposely came back to me and stood on the ledge. He said “Hey, how are you?” and held mine hand. And then shook my husband’s. I met Brian at a Meet & Greet in February and he recognized me in the pit the next night again. I’m not sure if he recognized me again, but he definitely made my night and made me feel special!


  4. I’ve said this before many time but I just love him! When I met for the first time I was soooo nervous, I had a million thoughts going through my mind. I didn’t know what to do I was excited. I had a shirt on that said “I was supposed to marry a BSB” he looked at me and asked “oh yeah which one?” I said “guess….” he joked around asking about each guy…( I love Brian…it was him lol) I said no you! He jumped and screamed me lol he came up to me and hugged me and asked for a kiss of course I gave him a kiss on his cheek. He looked at his ring and said I’m married already I said I know(tear) he asked me my name and joked some more, he kept hugging me! I was in heaven lol I love how at tentative, genuine, caring super nice he is. My nervousness was gone and I was able to greet the guys at ease.
    Sorry it’s long.


  5. Every time I have had an encounter with Brian he makes me feel at ease. The first time I met him and the boys in 2013. Brian was seeing me jumping up and down and mimicked what I was doing. And was just making me smile and laugh. He always tries to find me in the crowd and points at me and just does his funny faces. I am glad I have had the many interactions with Brian and can’t wait to have more. Grateful for him and the most humble man he is.


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