5 Times Brian Littrell Proved He Has A Huge Heart


A few weeks ago, Brian’s wife, Leighanne, posted the above photo on Instagram. The Littrells, who are living in NYC for the time being, were in the city when a blizzard hit. When we posted the picture on the WHOTB Facebook, comments poured in – people were inspired to do good. People proclaimed that this is a giant reason they look up to Mr.Littrell, and we couldn’t agree more. We said everything we were thinking above, but it’s not the first time we’ve seen Brian go out of his way to be kind to strangers, to be giving of his time, and to be selfless.

1. That Time He Helped A Man With His Mailbox.


“Husband stopped to help a man having a hard time lifting his mailbox back up! What an awesome husband! GratefulChirp!”

2. That Time He Volunteered Time To “Perform” At A School For The Principal’s Retirement.


3. That Time He Visited Children In The Hospital.


4. That Time He Helped The Crew Tear Down After A Show And Gave Them Credit.



And not just for BSB….


5. That Time He Took Part In A 9-11 Memorial And Held A Flag For Danny Lee, A BSB Crew Member Who Was Killed on 9-11.




Brian Littrell never toots his own horn, so we’ll do it for him. Of course he’s not perfect – who is? However, he is continually inspiring people with his actions, with his heart, and with his words. He reminds us that life is short and you should appreciate the things you have. He reminds us that it never hurts anyone to be a kind human being and these are only a few examples. Thank you, Brian, for going above and beyond for us and for others. There are endless stories from fans alone about what an inspiration you’ve been, kind things you’ve done, and more. You’re a blessing.

We’re beyond lucky that the five men that make up the Backstreet Boys are five men that we can be proud of for one reason or another.

Be inspired. Be kind. Pay it forward.

++ Special Thanks To @erikalynnexrok For Helping Me Find These Tweets! ++


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