The Backstreet Boys Are Going To Change Your Life: A Letter To My Younger Fangirl Self

Most Backstreet Boys fans have a history. They can tell you where they were when they first heard them or how old they were when they became a fan. Some can tell you exactly how many concerts they’ve been to and some have lost count.

One thing remains the same – we never gave up on the Backstreet Boys and they never gave up on us. Being a fan has had it’s highs and lows for everyone, but hasn’t it been worth it? We think so.

This post is dedicated to the BSB fans who grew up (and are currently growing up) with a love for the Backstreet Boys, despite it being the “uncool” thing to do. No matter who you are or where you’re from, every one of you reading this are here because of the same band. How cool is that?

To my younger self, 

You have recently discovered a band of five young men and while a lot of your friends will move on in a few years, you’re going to feel a deeper connection and your loyalty will know no bounds. It started with five attractive guys who could really sing and dance, but it’ll turn into a love for the music, it’ll turn into a part of you, and then it’ll turn into a lot of memories, adventures, and a family.

Today, you might be sitting in class, excited for a new album release or to get home to watch the Backstreet Boys on TRL. Today, you might get made fun of because you are a huge fan of a boyband while everyone else has “moved on” to the next trend. You know what’s funny? Those who make fun of you today are going to be messaging you 15 years later, asking if you have an “in” to get them into the concert. Everything comes back around. You’re going to be so happy that you loved what you love without apology.

Because loving the Backstreet Boys and their music will turn into so much more than the Backstreet Boys and their music. 

It’s going to turn into adventures. It’s going to turn into the reason you apply for a passport and take your first cruise. It’s going to turn into flying across country for memories you won’t soon forget.

The Backstreet Boys’ music will get you through your first break up and other tough times. It will keep you up while you drive home after a late night out and when you drive to work early the next morning. It will be in the background of some of the best roadtrips you’ll ever take. It will become the soundtrack of your life.

Mostly, because you are a Backstreet Boys fan, you’re going to make some of the best friends that you wouldn’t have otherwise connected with and somewhere along the way, you’re going to realize that you have a whole other family. They’re going to understand you in the oddest ways and they’re going to have conversations that you can’t have with anyone else. Eventually, you’ll find a tribe of people who know everything about you and it’s all because you happened to be at the same concert together once upon a time.

And the Backstreet Boys themselves? They’re going to stick around, they’re going to continue to make good music, and you’ll even meet them (although it takes a few times before you can actually make sense). You may not continue to think they can do no wrong, but you do realize that they are all very much the kind, talented men you always thought they were. And the feeling you get right before they come out onstage? That’s not going to go away. You will ALWAYS scream like you do right now.

In short, Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick are going to change your life inadvertently. You may not be aware of it happening, but at some point, you’re going to sit back and think about it. You’ll think about the people who thought you were crazy and the times you thought maybe you WERE to old to be a fan. Mostly though, you’ll think about all of the amazing things, the incredible relationships, and the times you wouldn’t give back for anything. 

It’s going to be a good life. No matter what the NSYNC fans say. 


Your 2018 World-Traveling, Backstreet-Singing, Never-Lonely Self



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