6 Dream Experiences For Backstreet Boys Fans


When things hit a small lull in the world of Backstreet, fans start talking. What do we talk about? A bunch of “What If” situations. Recently, there’s been a lot of “What if they did _____?” and “OMG I would pay GOOD money for that!”

So, what are some of the dream experiences we’d pay an arm and a leg for? (Backstreet Boys, if you’re reading this, an auction is a brilliant idea.)

1. Watching Friends With AJ McLean.


Anyone who is a fan of the Backstreet Boys and Friends ….needs to read this post. Then, you need to think about how FUN it would be to watch the 90s show with AJ McLean, who seems to rival some of us as biggest fan ever! Maybe don’t even watch the show, maybe just play the Friends trivia game. How awesome would it be to say you beat AJ in Friends trivia?! Or that you let him win…

Either way, we NEED to know where AJ stands on the whole “we were on a break” debate. We also need to know what he thinks the Friends are doing now. This really just needs to be an all-night deal.

2. Going To A Football Game With Nick Carter.


Long time fans of Nick Carter know there’s nothing better than when he gets worked up about his team. A passionate Nick is the best kind of Nick and there’s at least half of us that are kind of dying to experience all of the drama up close and personal. Getting accidentally punched in the eye because Nick got excited that the Bucs won would be the greatest honor! That’s one black eye we’d instagram all over the place.

3. Having Kevin Richardson As Your Tour Guide… Anywhere In The World. 


I mean, do you even follow Kevin on Twitter? If you do, you know why this would be the best experience of. your. huge. fangirling. life. Kevin is the master of making the most of his travels and thoroughly enjoys all of his adventures. The way he posts and speaks about the places he’s been, we have no doubt that traveling with him as your tour guide would be nothing short of amazing. Is he ever even really home? The Richardsons are ALWAYS somewhere, it seems. The Travel Channel is really missing out not tapping this guy to work with them on something.

4. Playing A Game Of Basketball With Brian Littrell.


We don’t want to just watch the game with B-Rok (although we wouldn’t turn it down), we want to play! If you’ve been a fan long enough, you instantly flashed back to the Backstreet Boys Disney Concert with Brian and Nick playing basketball on Houston Street in NYC. Nothing is more fun than seeing this speedy Gonzalez in action! Let’s face it, he’d beat you the second he jumps over your head to score, but whatever. The only game we’re willing to lose is to Air Brian himself.

5. A Day With Howie D.


Honestly, our first thought is Howie = party. When you think about it though, we want to just spend a whole day with him! He’s chill. He’s wise. He’s damn good looking and we want tips! Whether we go grocery shopping ala I Heart Nick Carter or we hit all the hot spots, we just want to hang with Howie and pick his brain. He’s also AMAZING arm candy.

6. A Backstreet Boys Party Plane (BONUS: It Flies To An Acoustic Show).


I know, I know… the NKOTB have already done this. It doesn’t mean the Backstreet Boys can’t do it BETTER. They don’t even need a 100-hour-around-the-world plane! All they have to do is team up with an airline and fly with us from one location to another. It’s 4 hours that would absolutely change our lives. Admit it, just thinking about it makes you feel squiggly inside, right? We don’t even care if Kevin, Brian, AJ, Nick and Howie flee the minute the plane lands. We don’t care if we’re flying to a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. We just want the party plane experience.

But, if it flies to an acoustic show or an on-land-cruise-like event, we wouldn’t hate it. 😉




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