7 Reasons You Need To See Nick Carter On The ‘All American’ Tour


Since January 2015, we’ve been waiting (kind of) patiently for new solo music from Nick Carter. More importantly, we’ve been waiting for a new solo tour. Now that we have the album, All American, we’re even more excited for a tour! If you haven’t bought the album yet, check out all the reasons you need it. After you buy the album, you NEED to find the closest All American tour date and buy those as well. Solo Nick concerts are totally different from Backstreet Nick…and we’re going to tell you why.

1. The Tour Is Intimate. 


Low on theatrics and wardrobe pizzazz, Nick’s past tours have always been what we wish the Backstreet Boys would do at least once. The tour is limited on dates and the venues are smaller, but it provides an up close and personal experience for every fan whether you’re in front or in the back. You can literally feel the music flowing into your ears and taking over your body. If that isn’t something you want to feel, you’re lying.

2. VIP Is Everything You’ve Ever Wanted.


I know, I know… VIP is expensive and it’s just one guy, but DAMN, Nick genuinely wants it to be worth it. Speaking from experience, I was skeptical. What are you going to do with one guy when you’re used to five? Ummm, have an awesome time is the answer! People that aren’t even necessarily solo-BSB fans totally dig the Nick VIP experience. Why? Because he’s completely present, incredibly appreciative, and so nice you’ll want to take him home (but don’t, because that’s frowned upon. Although his security said we could if we had him back in 24 hours, but I digress…). If you didn’t love him before, you will after VIP – trust me. You’ll actually want to squeeze his face off.

3. This Album Is Bomb…So The Tour Won’t Let You Down!


All American is exactly what we’ve always wanted from Nick. An album that sounds like him. Tropical and chill. Crazy and gentle at once. It’s been less than a month since the tracks have been ours and we’re already dying to hear them live. It’s a new era for Nick Carter and you definitely won’t want to miss it. Plus, he always does the best songs from previous albums and maybe a few covers of other artists’ songs. The point is, the show is his to do what he wants and what Nick Carter wants is always a good ride for the audience.

4. There’s Always A Backstreet Song or Two.


Because we want it that way. He wants it that way. Everyone wants it that way. And we’re in a severe Backstreet drought. Do it for the Backstreet songs! (If you do it for the BSB songs, you’re going to leave looking for more dates you can go to though…because you’re going to LOVE the whole thing.)

5. Nick Performs For The Fans.


You might be thinking, ummm, doesn’t every artist? Well, kind of. It’s clear though that in putting together his tour, from the set to the venues to the VIP, Nick has listened to what the fans want. He takes critiques of the first few shows and changes it up in the next few. It’s why we love him and why you’ll love the show.

6. This Is His First Tour As A Near-DILF.


This isn’t a really real reason to go see Nick on the All American tour other than if you’re in the gift giving mood, baby things are totally appropriate. Plus, who doesn’t love a dad glow?! Dad glows are hot. This tour is basically a Dad Baby Shower (that’s how you can sell it to your significant other who is jealous of your Nick affections…we got you covered.)

7. Because WHY NOT?!


What are you doing that is sooooo important that you’d miss this tour? Just listen to the album. Listen to all the albums. Can you admit that you wouldn’t want to see them sung live? Can you admit that you don’t want to sing along with 3 or 4 of your best friends? It’s guaranteed fun or your money back.

Ok, not really money back. But you can comment on here and tell me how wrong I was.

But you won’t.


Check out all of Nick’s upcoming tour dates HERE and keep checking @WHOTheBckstreet on Twitter for added dates, updates from nickcarter.net, and more!

One thought on “7 Reasons You Need To See Nick Carter On The ‘All American’ Tour

  1. I agree with the entirety of this list and I’m sending it to a friend who is on the fence about going. 🙂

    One tiny thing though, the boys did do an intimate tour! Remember the Up Close and Personal Tour a few months before Never Gone came out? 🙂


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