8 Reasons Why We Love Howie D.

howie-d (1)

One of the first members of the Backstreet Boys, Howie has worked his way into our hearts since day one. He has been the most stealth, arguably the most reliable, and sometimes the most surprising member of the group and we couldn’t imagine the group without him. On his birthday, let’s reflect on the top reasons we love us some Howie D.

1. His Signature Wink.

Everyone knows about Howie and his wink. If you’ve never been winked at by Howie, you really haven’t made it as a fan. Howie really wouldn’t be Howie without it and we love it!

2. The Way He Sings Like He Means It.

While Howie has really just now come into his own with more solos and such, we LOVE watching / hearing him perform. There’s something about his look and his voice when he sings that makes us believe every word. It’s like every word touches his soul before coming out of his mouth.

3. His Hair That Can Do ANYTHING.

Short and curly, slicked back in a ponytail, the long hair (that fans dubbed “The Jesus Hair”), the Bon Jovi hair, and now the short and sleek hair… Howie has rocked them all. His hair has made us all jealous at one point another – perfection and NEVER out of place. What IS his secret?

4. The Way He Puts Up With…Well, Everyone Else.

Howie seems to be the unspoken unofficial guy-everyone-picks-on of the BSB. Brian or Nick usually seem to be the chronic offenders, but Howie always keeps his cool. He has some sort of inner peace that makes him not punch them right in the face (yet) and we are so very appreciative for that…and the entertainment.

5. He Can Party With The Best Of Us.

images (7)

Anyone that’s been to an afterparty or a BSB cruise knows that as long as there is a party and there is people, Howie will be there. In fact, he nearly “invented” the afterparties all by himself during the NKOTBSB tour and it’s only gotten better since then. Thank you, Howie, for never making us party alone.

6. His Stealthy Ways.

You never know when he’s going to be the voice of reason, where he’s going to pop up, or when you’re going to find yourself completely ignoring Nick to drool over Howie, but it happens. It happens all the time. Howie is STEALTH and you won’t even know it until it hits you.

7. His Style.

Think really hard – have you EVER seen Howie look a hot mess? Nope. You haven’t. Move on.

8. He’s The Yoda Of The Backstreet Boys.

Allow us to flash back to I Heart Nick Carter when (stealth) Howie kept giving loads of wisdom. From what to buy at the grocery store to love advice, MAN he’s good! He may not speak the most, but when he does, it is 100% worth listening to.

8. His Undeniably Giant Heart!

Let’s face it – no one has a bad thing to say about Sweet D. He is an incredibly nice human being who is unfaltering in his ways. We’ve loved him from the beginning and the love only continues to grow.

Here’s to another 42 years, Howie D.! ❤


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