10 Pieces of Nick Carter Merchandise That We Wish Existed


In times of no-tour, no-album, fans are literally milling about the internet, looking for anything Backstreet related to suck up into our possession. We will give anyone our money that can give us some piece of new merchandise. We already wrote about pieces of merchandise that we wished the Backstreet Boys had, so now we are lurking about the Nick Carter web store, looking for something new to purchase. Here are 10 items we wish existed so that we can snatch them up immediately.

1. Action Figures.

And we don’t mean just the one from Burger King (although we might buy that again too). There could be different Nick Carter action figures for different phases. For example:

  • Now Or Never Tour Nick: Comes with a grunge look
  • I’m Taking Off Tour Nick: Comes with astronaut helmet, removable jacket, guitar, and longish hair
  • Backstreet Boys Nick: Expandable torso allows action figure to “grow” from 13 to 30
  • Nick and Knight Tour Nick: Comes with detachable Jordan Knight and wears a wedding ring to commemorate his first tour as a married man
  • Dead 7 Nick: Dressed in character and comes with two zombies

2. Guitar Pick Jewelry.

It was a highly coveted piece of non-purchasable merch from the IAWLT tour – the guitar pick. Both Brian and Nick had them and would throw them out to an audience member on the regular, but getting Nick’s was like risking your life. If you didn’t have arms as long as a tree, you weren’t getting it. For that reason, we would LOVE them to be sold on his website. To step up the game, it would be awesome if these picks were attached to clasps and hooks that would make them into jewelry. This trend is one of the coolest understated ways to wear your support for your favorite artist!

3. Blankets.

Let’s face it, we’re getting older. We are not out partying every night with glowsticks at a club or taking shots at a bar (unless it’s on the Backstreet Boys cruise). Our perfect Friday night is snuggling under a blanket reading a book (Nick’s book, duh) or watch the BSB movie, of course. What could be more perfect than a Nick blanket? Whether it features his lyrics, his own drawings, or his giant face – we aren’t picky. We feel like a blanket with a dinosaur and an alien drawn by Mr. Carter himself would be the PERFECT conversation piece to drape over the back of our couches…for when we have to adult.

Bonus: A Nick body pillow. Yeah, we said it.

4. Tour DVDs.

This is pretty self explanatory. It the days of Nick-drought, it would be nice not to have to dig through YouTube and the endless hole of videos from different Nick Carter tours. We watch one performance, on thing leads to another, suddenly it’s 3am…and we haven’t showered in 2 days. Put simply, we need Now Or Never, I’m Taking Off, and The Nick & Knight Tour on DVD to save us from ourselves. We can be cut off.. or keep watching in a continuous loop. Whatever.

5. Nick Carter Branded Paper Bags.

You may laugh, but a some sort of reusable paper bag to breathe into would be INCREDIBLY useful. You know, for all of those time Nick Carter literally knocks the air out of us with his face…and his thrusting…and his unexpected tweets to fans. We also need the bag for any announcement we might be waiting for. There is every reason in the world for the Carter Bag to be a staple and, honestly, should come from with fanclub membership.

7. Toys.

I know what you’re thinking and no, Not THOSE kind of toys (not that any of us are against it – but I digress). One of Nick’s most well-loved characteristics is that he is, essentially, a big kid. Therefore, it makes sense that he would have some sort of brand of toys. We’re thinking zombie shooters, alien slime, and his own line of gaming console accessories. Not only will we DEFINITELY buy the products for ourselves, we can buy something for everyone in the family during the holidays. Yesss…

8. Lyric Inscribed Merch. 

Some of us love Nick’s face stretched across our top half and proudly flaunt our tour shirts wherever we go. It would be nice, however, to sometimes still parade our Nick Carter love in an inconspicuous way. We were HUGE fans of the Nick-art shirts that were fanclub exclusives a few years back and would love to see them make a comeback, but we’re also interested in his lyrics on some merch as well. “Oh you like the words on my shirt? THEY’RE FROM NICK CARTER!” Boom. Promotion and good feelings.

9. Energy Drinks.

If ever there was a promoter for energy, it could definitely be Nick. The man is CONSTANTLY busy doing 4 to 98 projects at once and we’re all jealous of the abundance of energy and ambition he possesses. He is a walking advertisement for some sort of energy concoction and hell yeah – we’d buy it. Alien Juice? Yes, please. Carter Craze? Yep. Fizz O’ Nick? JUST GIVE IT TO ME.

10. Nick Carter: The Video Game

While it may not be tangible merchandise, why is there not a Nick Carter video game and/or app in existence? KIM KARDASHIAN HAS ONE. We want to be friends with Nick, go on tour with him, get points for being the opening act, lose points forgetting to walk his dog, fly on the private planes, get him safely to the beach in Brazil – imagine the possibilities in this game! We need more reasons to tweet him incessantly beside the fact that it’s our birthdays. WE WANT HIM TO KNOW THAT WE ARE ON LEVEL 23434 OF HIS GAME AND HAVEN’T SLEPT IN DAYS (Insert the aforementioned energy drink here). Ok, maybe it’s not such a good idea….(But we still want it.)

Let’s face it though, if all of these things existed, we’d be broke…and happy. So very happy.


One thought on “10 Pieces of Nick Carter Merchandise That We Wish Existed

  1. I think you are onto something. I would so play the heck out of the game. If it’s like that. I love the Kim Kardashian game already. Dining Nick would make a game like that I would be so happy. I love the guitar pick idea too.


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