9 Reasons Everyone Wants Howie D. At Their Party


It’s well known that Backstreet Boys parties are some of the greatest parties out there. What’s perhaps not well known is that the Boys possess a secret to their party flair: Howie D. While he may seem reserved on stage, Howie is actually the one stop shop if you need a party guest! He’s got it all and if you didn’t know before, you’re about to find out.

1. He Doesn’t Care Who You Are, Where You’re From, What You Did, As Long As There’s A Party.

download images (8) images (5)

If there is a party to go to, Howie D. will be there. You can guarantee that he will show up and that he will look his best, no matter the occasion. Basically, if you’re looking for the perfect wingman, here he is!

images (9)

That’s right folks, he even parties with Vanilla Ice. He literally does not care who you are… or if you steal pool heaters for fun.

2. He Loves The Swag. 

images (2)

You never have to worry about missing out on the freebies a party has to offer ever again. Sweet D. with his unassuming, boyish charm will move in stealthily and swipe all the swag you want.

4. He’s Got Those Moves Like, Well, Ricky Martin.


We’d like to say moves like Jagger, but let’s be honest, Howie has shaking his bon-bon DOWN. We were treated to this sight quite often on the IAWLT tour and we just added it to our mental list of why we want Howie at every party we go to! Who doesn’t love a man with moves?!

4. The Party Is A Wedding Party? Have No Fear, Howie Is Here!

e70cfe01158506cd39548422f0282c77 HowieNickWedding images (1)

Whether it’s hitting the dance floor, being in your wedding party, or having a wedding of his own, a wedding might be the best environment for all of Howie’s party features. The man looks fantastic in a suit, can easily gather a few party favors, dance in the wee hours, and make sure everyone has a good time. He’ll even crash your wedding if you ask!


That’s right ladies and gentlemen! This couple asked for a Backstreet Boy at their wedding and a Backstreet Boy at their wedding they did have. Of course it was Howie! We hope they know how lucky they were. They had the ultimate party guest and now, we all want to have fake weddings so Howie will show up.

5. If You Get A Little Out Of Hand, You Won’t Even Annoy Him.


Why? Because he lives with Nick Carter and Brian Littrell 300 days out of the year. Howie has grown an alarmingly high tolerance for things like the above. And things like this…


Get as absurdly drunk as you want, Howie isn’t going to even hold it against you. He might not even notice. But being the nice guy that he is, he’ll make sure you get home safely…because he’s SWEET D.

6. That Doesn’t Mean That He Doesn’t Know How To Have Fun.

images (7)

Howie has been known to hold his own at parties. He will keep the drinks coming for you and him both and he will have fun doing it.

7. He’s Obviously Going To Be A Great Karaoke Choice.


While all your other friends at the party are belting out off-key versions of “I Got You, Babe”, you’ve got Howie. Howie, who may not remember the words to songs, but will sing the wrong words perfectly. Plus, another good reason to show off those salsa moves. Song choice #1: Livin’ La Vida Loca, please.

8. He’s Willing To Travel.

images (4)

Land or sea, call Howie D. If this whole Backstreet Boys thing goes down the drain, that should be the tagline for Howie’s professional party guest service. Right?

9. If You’re Hungover The Next Morning, No Worries. Howie Is A Pro.


Have you EVER seen Howie not look put together or look like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about? No. You haven’t. Because Howie has got that swag. While your hungover ass is struggling to put socks on, Howie will be sharply dressed, talking to people in words that you won’t even be able to comprehend. You will stand and watch in awe. You will literally want to be Howie D.

images (6)

We can’t wait to party with you again soon, Mr. Dorough!


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